Generate More Leads With These 3 White Paper Landing Page Examples


White papers are content marketing powerhouses for business-to-business (B2B) companies. We’re not just sayin’ it: 62% of the most successful B2B marketers think white papers are the most valuable type of content. What’s a White Paper?

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Payment Reconciliation Done Right

Agile Payments

White Papers ACH API IntegrationDisrupting the ACH and Credit Card settlement and funding process via a Funding Report.


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Why Every SaaS Platform Should Consider Becoming a PayFac

Agile Payments

White Papers Payment Partner hybrid payment aggregation payfacEXECUTIVE SUMMARY. SaaS platforms and Software vendors have a unique opportunity. Whether you already offer some type of payment collectionoption or have an application that has the potential to leverage payments there has never been a better time to explore your options.

Payment Aggregation

Agile Payments

White PapersBecoming a Payment Facilitator, Payment Service Provider [PSP] or Payment Aggregator. Being a Payment Facilitator can be thought of as being a Master Merchant, facilitating credit and debit card transactions for sub-merchants within your payment ecosystem. Becoming a PSP (also known as PayFac) lends itself well to some businesses that fall into the software provider classification. However, with the many advantages come some unique challenges.

How Banks Are Winning with AI and Automated Machine Learning

Banks have always relied on predictions to make their decisions. Estimating the risks or rewards of making a particular loan, for example, has traditionally fallen under the purview of bankers with deep knowledge of the industry and extensive expertise. But times are changing. Today, banks realize that data science can significantly speed up these decisions with accurate and targeted predictive analytics. By leveraging the power of automated machine learning, banks have the potential to make data-driven decisions for products, services, and operations. Read the white paper, How Banks Are Winning with AI and Automated Machine Learning, to find out more about how banks are tackling their biggest data science challenges.

Gearing Up for New Revenue Models


White Papers homeNew revenue models are emerging as advances in social media, mobile devices, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to disrupt whole industries. Companies in every industry are transitioning to or adding subscription or usage-based models, also known as recurring-business models.

The Channel Maturity Scale: How Do You Measure Up?


To help you accurately gauge your business’ channel proficiency, take a moment to download your complimentary copy of our latest white paper— The Software Vendor’s Guid e To C hannel Maturity.

Why SaaS Companies Move to Enterprise Sales as Explained by Bill and Ted


You know why SaaS companies start creating white papers and data sheets and all that stuff? Hey, our competitor has all this weird data sheet and white paper crap on their site. I don't get why all these other websites have all these weird data sheets and white papers. data sheets, white papers, ROI sheets, training material, security papers and lots more.

Secrets of Digital Leaders: How IT Contributes to Digital Success

IT World

Explore this compelling IDC White Paper which analyzes the survey results of 800+ enterprises globally, revealing their winning behaviors and best practices. In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, a high-functioning IT organization delivers significant competitive advantage. The most advanced enterprises see IT as a service-driven organization that plays a critical role in improving top-line revenue, driving innovation, and delighting customers.

A CEO’s Guide to Marketing With Dave Kellogg: Five Things Every Founder Should Know (Podcast 515 and Video)


Create a seminal, detailed white paper. Your marketing team’s task is to turn a grey reality black and white for your consumers. If your sales and marketing team is on offense, you’ll want to lean in hard to the black and white simplicity. (“We

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

The Market Education Bet and The Fundamental Tension Quadrant


We can write a white paper entitled, The Importance of AI/ML in Supply Chain Systems. Sticking with our example: We should have a superb white paper on the importance of AI/ML in supply chain systems.

The Parallel Between Cryptocurrency and Continentals

Tomasz Tunguz

Many of the states issued too much paper money, causing inflation and eventual collapse in confidence of these currencies. They each have a white paper, drafted in the font of academic papers with LaTeX equations. The white paper outlines the monetary policy of the economy. There’s a parallel between cryptoassets today and the British colonial period predating the US. In the late-1600s, colonies began to print their own money.

Going viral is over-rated

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Perhaps you invite them to a webinar, offer a white paper, show them a live demo, or entice them into a free trial. I won’t lie to you. If one of my videos went viral, I’d be excited. It would definitely be cool to see the “views” tick up into the millions… or even the thousands. But here’s the thing. I wouldn’t expect that avalanche of views to translate into an avalanche of customers. And if you’re marketing a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, neither should you.

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Four SaaS Marketing Techniques (That You Might Have Overlooked)


Gain Credibility with White Papers and Case Studies. While white papers and case studies are one type of classical passive content, they deserve special attention in SaaS marketing. White papers. White papers are used in numerous fields, but the general definition is an authoritative report that addresses certain issues and offers solutions for them. A high-quality white paper typically includes: Structure and length.

How to Choose an AI Vendor

This report explores why it is so challenging to choose an AI vendor and what you should consider as you seek a partner in AI.

How and Where To Answer Three Basic Questions on Your Website


If your product is technical and requires an in-depth explanation, then you should include links to your seminal white paper [2], an 8-12 page, high-quality paper that tells your story to your ideal technical buyer. The seminal white paper is that document. [4]

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The Four Sources of Pipeline and The Balance Across Them


For example, if an oppty is created after several people downloaded a white paper, a few attended a webinar, an SDR had been doing outreach in the account, the salesperson met a contact on the train, and a partner was trying to win business in the account, who gets the credit?

What Is the Difference Between Copywriting vs Content Writing?

Neil Patel

Some of the common types of writing content writers create include: Articles Blog posts Press releases White papers Newsletters Podcasts Print magazines Ebooks. Have you been using these two interchangeably? You’re doing your business a disservice.

Feeding the content monster

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

This beast inhales tasty blog posts for breakfast, devours hearty white papers for lunch, and feasts on entire websites for dinner. To work, though, they need a steady diet of content: white papers, webinars, video presentations, tweets, blog posts, press announcements, newsletters, presentations, comments on LinkedIn discussion groups, and whatever other bons mots that we can concoct. Marketers beware!

How Banks Are Winning with AI and Automated Machine Learning

Banks have always relied on predictions to make their decisions. Estimating the risks or rewards of making a particular loan, for example, has traditionally fallen under the purview of bankers with deep knowledge of the industry and extensive expertise. But times are changing. Today, banks realize that data science can significantly speed up these decisions with accurate and targeted predictive analytics. By leveraging the power of automated machine learning, banks have the potential to make data-driven decisions for products, services, and operations. Read the white paper, How Banks Are Winning with AI and Automated Machine Learning, to find out more about how banks are tackling their biggest data science challenges.

ICYMI: Manage Contacts, Leads, Pipeline, and Accounts in One Interface


Sound familiar: Customer ABC is interested in a product, they hit the website, check out a few things and find a white-paper that has compelling information they want to understand better.

9 Best Customer Success Communities in 2022


The Totango online community includes our blog and other resources such as white papers, reports, on-demand webinars, and a learning hub to help you get the most out of our CS platform.

Crowdsourced Marketing:  Hey, We Can Put on a Show!


Share a draft white paper to get your arguments torn apart. The plot of so-called backstage musicals usually centers around the production of a show, often created to avoid imminent financial peril, as you’d find in many of the depression-era Our Gang movies.

Tell your creation story

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

They can confine themselves to cranking out the standard array of white papers, brochures, and other marketing material. SaaS companies need to tell their creation story. Not because they’re storytellers, but because It can help them acquire customers. Yes, I know this notion of a creation story might sound like something from ancient mythology.

Why Operational Reporting is Still Critical in Modern BI

In a world full of new features, traditional reporting is still a critical requirement for businesses. Read further to understand the reasons behind its lasting relevance and why it should continue to be an integral part of modern analytics solutions.

The Role of Product Marketing—And Why Startups Need to Define It

OpenView Labs

For example: Product managers are responsible for requirements, while product marketers deliver data sheets, white papers, web content, etc.). And finally, particularly in smaller companies, product marketing often creates data sheets, white papers, copy, and other collateral.

SaaS solutions for business are not an impulse buy

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

A gung-ho marketing team posts a compelling white paper on its web site. Dozens download the paper daily, providing their email address to do so. Getting from "downloader" to buyer is not a one-step process A lot of these white paper downloaders probably are prospective customers. Emails, webinars, white papers, blogging, customer stories or events might all be part of the program.

Winning SaaS customers requires patience

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Publishing an insightful white paper, a blog post, benchmark data, or some other valuable content reinforces your credibility and makes a positive impression. Email newsletters, white papers, and blog posts, for example, are fairly inexpensive to distribute. That is, we got in front of the prospect ten times over the period: sent a white paper, invited them to a webinar, delivered a blog post, etc. "Eighty percent of success is showing up." — Woody Allen.

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MQL vs. PQL vs. SQL: What You Need to Know


Company X may choose webinar registrations as an MQL behavior while Company Y may choose an MQL as a lead that downloads multiple white papers. Before the advent of lead qualification, sales teams would spend days and months trying to convert leads generated during marketing campaigns.

Have your prospects gone missing, or just hibernating?

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

These people have visited your website, opened your emails, read your white papers, sat through a demo, even talked with your sales people about pricing. But offering them educational papers, inviting them to webinars, or showing them customer success stories can keep you on the prospect’s radar screen. Here’s a sorry fact: most of your prospective customers won’t end up buying your software-as-a- service (SaaS) solution. Lots of folks who should buy it, won’t buy it.

How to get found when prospects aren’t really looking

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

They’re not typing relevant keywords into Google, not asking their colleagues for recommendations, not downloading educational white papers, or doing anything else to actively search for a solution. I’m a long-time fan of inbound marketing, even before it got that nifty label. Why not attract prospective customers that are actively looking for a solution? That’s got to be easier than hunting for them one at a time, or indiscriminately broadcasting your message to the whole planet.

Demo? Not so fast

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

They visit our website: invite them to a demo They walk into our trade show booth: show them a demo They download a white paper, open an email, attend a webinar, whatever: schedule a demo. For lots of us software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketers, the first thing we want to do with a new prospect is show them a demo.

B2B Customer Journey Touchpoints CS Teams Need To Plan For


White papers. B2B Customer Journey Touchpoints: A Guide for CS Teams. B2B customer journey touchpoints mark the roadmap toward successful outcomes for clients and CS teams.

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Bad leads cost you money

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

But does downloading a white paper or signing up for a webinar really count as an inquiry from a qualified prospect? White papers, newsletters, webinars can all be effective cultivation tools. I know this is hard to believe, but sales people occasionally complain about marketing. And they usually moan about two things in particular: Not enough leads Poor quality leads I’ve seen this a lot, so I can tell you how lots of marketing people react.

Demo Is Not A Sales Process Stage (Sorry)


Could you imagine saying, “you can’t have that white paper until we’ve completed step 3 of our process?” I think two things are nearly universal these days and I’m not a big fan of either one: Using a demo as the primary call-to-action on a website [1].

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An Era of Fundamental and Massive Change - The Capital Markets Innovation of the ICO

Tomasz Tunguz

Today, the protocol must be detailed in a white paper. In December 2017, the amount raised in ICOs nearly equaled the amount raised by Series A investments globally. The technology innovation catalyzed by Bitcoin and Blockchain is creating many multibillion dollar economies quickly. The ICO market today bears many similarities to the dotcom era. Startups can raise hundreds of millions of dollars on an idea. Twenty years ago, the idea had to be sketched on a napkin.

Structuring the Organization and Duties of Product Marketing and Competitive Analysis


As long as we’re in movie quote mode, here’s one of my favorite quotes from James Mason’s character in The Verdict [9]: I’d prepared a case and old man White said to me, “How did you do?”

A Missive to Marketing: Impose Simplicity


Here’s our white paper on The Five Things You Should Look For in a Schmumble. In so doing, black-and-white is infinitely superior to gray. The successful product marketer takes a complex, gray world and transforms it into a simple, black-and-white one.

Use Customer Data to Add Value to Your SaaS Solution

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Publishing it on your website, in blog posts, white papers, or by-lined articles can help you gain broader visibility. If you’re a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provider, you’ve got something that your customers want… but you may not even know it. Namely, data that you can see because you’re hosting an application for lots of users. In aggregate, this information can be very useful.

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