Techstars and Innovation Leader Reveal Best Practices for Leveraging Startups in Corporate Innovation


BOSTON & BOULDER, CO – Innovation Leader today released a new survey sponsored by Techstars , the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, which shares how executives at large corporations are approaching engagements with startups and other disruptors to fuel corporate growth.

11 Frameworks for Product Innovation


Who doesn’t want to be innovative? But what is product innovation in the first place? The Wikipedia contributors define product innovation as “the creation and subsequent introduction of a good or service that is either new, or an improved version of previous goods or services.”.

Why Product Innovation Slows After the Series A

Tom Tunguz

And then, right then, product innovation decelerates to zero. Every innovation requires a Herculean effort to achieve. Without someone driving the product roadmap, product innovation decelerates. You’ve found product market fit. You’ve hired a team, including some managers. Your initial, small customer base is very happy. You’ve discovered an initial channel of customer acquisition that’s working. You’ve raised a meaningful round of capital.

The Architecture of Crypto Innovation

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Some of the biggest questions in technology today opportunities for crypto center around issues of privacy and security.

Design Hacks for Non-Designers: Ask Expert Laura Klein

Speaker: Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and Author of UX for Lean Startups

a16z Podcast: Innovating in Bets

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Every organization, whether small or big, early or late stage — and every individual, whether for themselves or others — makes countless decisions every day, under conditions of uncertainty. The question is, are we allowing that uncertainty to bubble to … Uncategorized book launches ethics judgment decision making risk

a16z Podcast: Incenting Innovation Inside

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A “moonshot” is a destination ( like going to the moon, quite literally) — but nurturing “loonshots” (which often involves a number of stumbles along the way) is how we get there. This goes beyond the trite mantra of failing … bio book launches history

On Startups, Platforms, and Innovation

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Editor’s Note: This testimony was delivered by managing partner (and former chairman of the board of the National Venture Capital Association) Scott Kupor to the FTC as part of their hearings — with various professors, policymakers, industry representatives, and other … cryptocurrencies & blockchains policy field notes M&A

Interview with Captain Steve Lauver, Director of Technology Accelerators, AFWERX


This interview originally appeared in a report from Innovation Leader , sponsored by Techstars, “Startup Engagement: Best Practices for Large Organizations.” In order for an innovation cell to exist within any organization, there need to be a couple of stakeholders aligned.

A Formula For Innovation

Tom Tunguz

On the first day of class, our professor wrote on the board this equation: Innovation = Invention + Go To Market. Only when the customer base has adopted the invention at scale have we truly innovated.

What To Expect From Your Corporate Accelerator


Partnering with startups is a great way to accelerate the entire corporate innovation journey. In fact, Techstars and Innovation Leader recently partnered to r eveal best practices for leveraging startups to drive corporate innovation.

Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Top 5 Most Innovative Schools in the World

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Blog innovative schoolsOne of the crucial fabrics of our modern society is education. It is what enables us to develop our minds by gaining knowledge of some aspects of the world. For millennia, it has played an indispensable role in the progress we have made collectively.

Three Big Ideas on Technology Innovation Cycles

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Recently, New York seed investor Jerry Neumann spoke on the show and talked about three key ideas on the technology innovation cycle. Invest Like the Best is one of my favorite podcasts. Hosted by Patrick O’Shaugnessy, Invest Like the Best profiles investors from many different disciplines. First, he discussed reading Carlota Perez Technological Surge Cycle. I first read Perez’ book after Fred Wilson wrote about it. Jerry describes the theory very well in about 10 minutes.

When to Innovate With Your Sales Process

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Other startups prefer to combine a product innovation with a reinvention of the sales process. The four key innovations in SaaS sales strategies I’ve observed so far are: Bottoms-up. When startups can combine product innovations with sales innovations, they can certainly create enduring companies. Most startups go to market with the intent to differentiate their product.

Agents of Change: How Do You Innovate from the Inside?

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It’s the oldest rule of disruption. People inside the company see the new thing coming, but have a hard time being heard or driving actual change. At a recent event hosted by a16z, co-founder Marc Andreessen was asked the following … Uncategorized healthcare

Building an Entrepreneurial Culture


By Carley Jacobson, Techstars Innovation Coach. As an Innovation Coach at Techstars I help organizations build internal programs and processes around innovation by finding and growing their entrepreneurial talent. Accelerators Corporate Innovation SHRM

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

How Spendesk designed an innovative revenue pod structure to build more pipeline and better serve their customers: Part 2 of our conversation with Nicolas Marchais

Predictable Revenue

The post How Spendesk designed an innovative revenue pod structure to build more pipeline and better serve their customers: Part 2 of our conversation with Nicolas Marchais appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Lucky 8 Pieces of Innovation Inspiration from China

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We’ve written and talked a lot about China as a laboratory for software-based innovation … especially given it leapfrogged the PC era directly to mobile.

11 Disruptive Innovation Examples (And Why Uber and Tesla Don’t Make the Cut)

OpenView Labs

If you spend much time in the startup and tech ecosystem, you’ve probably heard the term “disruptive innovation” more times than you can count. But not all companies that are commonly known as disrupters actually fit the traditional definition of disruptive innovation.

Use exploratory research to keep innovative teams going

Inside Intercom

We use it extensively to help teams get at the heart of user problems, make product development more efficient and sustain the innovative heartbeat that’s core to our DNA. These insights will help you develop a deeper understanding of your users and whether their needs require innovative new solutions or improvements to existing ones. How exploratory research drives innovation and efficiency.

The Innovator's Dilemma for SaaS Startups

Tom Tunguz

The Innovator’s Dilemma starts all over again, leading to a new cycle of innovation. Examples of this model include SolarWinds, the place Kenny and his team pioneered the innovative high velocity inside sales model See also: Innovator’s Solution for SaaS Startups. There’s a familiar path now to SaaS companies that start in the SMB (small-to-medium business) part of the market. Over time, they seem to inevitably begin serving larger customers.

OceanX Wins 2018 Oracle Innovation Award


oracle award Business Intelligence

The Innovations Free Compute and Storage Unleash

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Access to near-unlimited computational power and storage will define many of the key technology innovations in the next decade. This transformation enables startups to challenge the first order assumptions about what can and can’t be done, and will surely lead to explosive innovation What will the world look like when cloud compute and storage are free? Cloud computing prices are hurtling to zero.

On Crypto and Its Implications for American Technology Innovation

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Editor’s Note: This testimony was delivered by a16z managing partner (and former chairman of the board of the National Venture Capital Association) Scott Kupor to the House Agriculture Committee as part of their public hearings on. Cryptocurrencies: Oversight of New … cryptocurrencies & blockchains policy field notes

A Technology Innovation Leading to a Go-To-Market Advantage

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The best way I’ve found to describe it is a technology innovation leading to a go-to-market advantage. RelateIQ machine learning to offer an innovative customer relationship management software to sales teams. Innovation = Invention + Go To Market. What do you look for in SaaS companies? It’s hard to answer this question concisely because there are so many different ways of building a great software business.

“I Learn From Startups All The Time”—Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs’ Danielle Cohn Has 4 Rules for Startup Mentors


Accelerators Comcast comcast nbcuniveral comcast nbcuniveral lift labs Corporate Innovation Lift LabsIf you spot a blur speeding through the bright, airy space occupied by Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, powered by Techstars, it’s probably Danielle Cohn.

Disruptive Innovation in SaaS by Competing with Non-Consumption

Tom Tunguz

He says, “A new-market disruption is an innovation that enables a larger population of people, who previously lacked the money or skill, now to begin buying and using a product and doing the job for themselves.”. What set of users who were not previously able to use software to satisfy a need or achieve of objective will be served with this innovation?

The consumer forces shaping enterprise innovation

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Most of the innovation flowed from the enterprise into the home. I think this force will be the major driver of innovation for enterprise software for the next while The first mobile phones were purchased by corporations and given to employees. Thirty years ago, most people used computers at work but not at home. Today, it’s very much the opposite.

Google F1 and The Cascade of Innovation New Databases Create

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The pace and breadth of innovation in databases is accelerating. These database innovations will create new opportunities for startups for years to come both in the form of new infrastructure and new applications that take advantage of these new database capabilities

An Era of Fundamental and Massive Change - The Capital Markets Innovation of the ICO

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The technology innovation catalyzed by Bitcoin and Blockchain is creating many multibillion dollar economies quickly. But in environments like the current one and with the innovation of an ICO, bold, high-capex bets are possible again. In December 2017, the amount raised in ICOs nearly equaled the amount raised by Series A investments globally. The ICO market today bears many similarities to the dotcom era. Startups can raise hundreds of millions of dollars on an idea.

Becoming the Partner of Choice for Startups


Innovation at the Desk Level. Corporations must strive to engage with startups and be innovative at the desk level, not just at the highest echelons. Accelerators Corporate Innovation QBEBy Ted Stuckey, Managing Director of QBE Ventures. For the past year, we’ve been promoting—both internally and externally—the concept of QBE becoming the “partner of choice” for startups.

How exploratory research paves the path to efficient innovation

Inside Intercom

Commonly known as strategic or formative research, exploratory research can play a pivotal role in helping your company save time in product development and keep its innovative heart beating. Here at Intercom, exploratory research is a key step in our innovation process. How exploratory research drives efficient innovation. Exploratory research can be hugely beneficial for teams that love to create, innovate and experiment all in one.

The Innovator's Solution for SaaS Startups - The Flywheel SaaS Company

Tom Tunguz

In the Innovator’s Dilemma for SaaS Startups , I outlined the path of many software companies, which disrupt incumbents by first serving the small-to-medium business and then move up-market by transitioning to serve larger enterprises with outbound sales teams. I argued this transition is largely due to the more attractive characteristics of larger customers, namely higher sales efficiency and reduced churn rates. This is the “traditional” way of disrupting.

Incumbent and Insurgent: Adding Value Together


With this accelerator, the company was looking to “improve Equinor’s ability to innovate and drive change,” said Jens.

Science, Business, and Innovation in Big Pharma: A Conversation with Novartis’ CEO

Andreessen Horowitz

Editor’s note: This article is based on an episode of the a16z Podcast, which you can listen to here. . Hi everyone welcome to the a16z Podcast, I’m Sonal. Today we have one of our special episodes live from the … bio #longreads build vs buy clinical trials digital therapeutics healthcare M&A payors pharma Q&As therapeutics

Incremental Innovation is Just As Powerful as Disruption

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Like Thiel, I think Christensen undervalues efficiency innovations. Combining efficiency innovations can lead to enabling innovations that create new industries. The text message (SMS), a trivial innovation, is the banking mechanism over which 33% of Kenyan GDP flows. And efficiency innovations will attract another. Though they pursue innovation in different ways, directly and indirectly, these entrepreneurs do change the world similarly.

Innovation and Regulation in Payments: WePay’s Week in Payments


The two constants in the Fintech and payments space are innovation and regulation. Innovation is driving the pace and is responsible for the dramatic growth in Fintech solutions. But regulators are stirring and innovation might be slowing, so the status quo could change very rapidly.

Why a Rapidly Changing World Requires Boards to Innovate and Bring Corporate Governance into the Digital Age

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As directors, we’re charged with evaluating management on their ability to innovate and leverage emerging technology for competitive advantage, yet we rarely apply any of these standards to ourselves. Ask yourself: When was the last time your board innovated around its processes and procedures? Netflix’s Boardroom Innovation. While any innovation in the board world should be welcomed, the Netflix practices are unlikely to revolutionize corporate governance.

Predictable Revenue Launches Outbound Labs Video Series: Learnings, Tips, and Trends From More Than 50 Innovative Outbound Sales Experiments

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The post Predictable Revenue Launches Outbound Labs Video Series: Learnings, Tips, and Trends From More Than 50 Innovative Outbound Sales Experiments appeared first on Predictable Revenue. We’ve run well over 50 experiments and have found some interesting, and often surprising results.

What a Sales Team From Any Industry Can Learn From Innovative SaaS Companies

Entrepreneur - SaaS

The best of these companies have experienced meteoric growth, not just because of their products, but because of the innovative strategies they incorporate into their sales processes. sales leadership

Shortcuts to superpowers: What an emerging design pattern tells us about disruption

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“We’ve always felt that Intercom has been part of driving this movement, and it’s exciting to see many others joining in” What’s more, this straight-up design innovation is happening in a somewhat-unlikely corner of the industry: business software.