Importance of Marketing Research to an Organization


If you are a marketer and you don’t know market research, then you are missing out one of the most significant aspects in business. As a marketer, it is your accountability to research market for appropriate actions in the company. The responsibility of a marketer is to ensure getting the right product at its place with the right cost and to the right person. What is market research? The competition in the market is harsh.

Bob Moesta on unpacking customer motivations with Jobs-to-be-Done

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In short, JTBD is a research process that helps uncover a customer’s motivation for buying your product – the “job” your product is“hired” to complete. The way you package and market your product will change over time, but the jobs your product is hired to do should be timeless. Well, you have a backlog with customer support, but also our marketing products are more popular on a Monday because people are checking reports to fill in their spreadsheets.


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How to tell if your SaaS business idea has market potential


Who is the target market? Step two: Market Research. Next up, you have to do some basic market research. Find a segment of your target market (reach out to friends, colleagues, online groups, events, anyone else you can) and collect a set of people who are willing to listen to you and answer some questions. The following articles also have some good suggestions on doing basic market research. Calculate total addressable market.

Four Ways IP Rotation Improves Web Scraping Performance

SaaS Metrics

Scraping is useful for purposes such as price comparison, SEO, market research, brand comparison, and others. Are you a web scraper who extracts data from websites and content platforms? Then, you should use rotating proxies for the purpose.

4 Differences Between Creative and Marketing Agencies

Neil Patel

Do you need a creative agency or a marketing agency? Apple’s marketing believes that “ design and utility are just two of the reasons behind Apple’s success and certainly give it a competitive advantage.”. Marketing is just as important. What is a Marketing Agency?

What is your advice for startup CEOs?


Do more market research and especially customer interviews in the early days. Market research can only take you so far with a live product to share, but it still helps. Even if you’d worked in that market. Q: What is your advice for startup CEOs? For first-time CEOs, here’s my top list: Budget 24 months to get to initial traction. It always takes longer than you’d ever think, especially in B2B / SaaS.

How To Create A Customer Journey Map That Works

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Traditional polls that just recently accompanied most every marketing research have become obsolete nowadays. They can seldom boast objectiveness; moreover, current competitive market environment dictates that the time spent analyzing each such polling also seldom compensates. One of the principally new approaches to analyzing the behavior and motivational points of potential buyers is mapping […].

The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


We conducted intensive market research with SaaS practitioners across LatAm to dig into the reasons behind the region’s hypergrowth, and worked with the progressive global VCs who are fuelling the SaaS boom to understand the key players and the scope of the opportunity. Patrick continued as a Mid-Market Strategist at Google, and then managed strategic initiatives at Gemvara. He served as National Director for Marketing in both places.

SaaS Spend is Here to Stay: How Sellers Can Survive the Shift to Remote Selling by Looking to Their Buyers


By Kara Kennedy, G2 Director of Market Research. G2’s research team wanted to better understand how the pandemic is impacting software spend and usage, so we conducted a survey to find out. In our research, we found certain characteristics that the highest performers demonstrate that help them conquer dynamic deals, such as personalizing documents, building trust with prospects, and turning deals around quickly.

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What are the biggest mistakes new founders make when they start a business?


Not doing enough real market research. Not just Google research. If you haven’t, that’s the bare minimum to learn about a market. Q: What are the biggest mistakes new founders make when they start a business? My list: Not budgeting 24 months to get to a viable business. Most founders assume 6–8–12 months is enough. It almost never is, especially in B2B/SaaS. It almost always takes 24 months from “go”, or longer, to build a real business in SaaS.

Gartner: Cloud, enterprise software to drive global IT spending increase

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That's according to a report from market research and consultancy firm Gartner, released today, that forecasts a 3.2 If you have any doubts that digital transformation is top of mind for IT executives, just take a look at what they're buying. Spending on enterprise software, particularly cloud services and applications, is expected to grow faster than any other category of IT this year, fueling an overall increase in global spending on technology.

How SEO Backlinks Are Actually Built

SaaS Growth Strategy

By Geoff Roberts Every month I mentor a few students that are going through Springboard’s Digital Marketing Career Track —most of whom are either in the process of switching careers or learning digital marketing for the first time. But in the real world, and in my day to day life as both a start-up founder and marketing consultant, I see the best backlinks built in a non-automated fashion. Publishing any sort of original data or market research is a great way to do this.

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Gartner: Cloud, enterprise software to drive global IT spending increase

IT World

That's according to a report from market research and consultancy firm Gartner, released today, that forecasts a 3.2 If you have any doubts that digital transformation is top of mind for IT executives, just take a look at what they're buying. Spending on enterprise software, particularly cloud services and applications, is expected to grow faster than any other category of IT this year, fueling an overall increase in global spending on technology.

Can You Still Make Money Starting a SaaS Company?

Tomasz Tunguz

Assuming a $10k SaaS budget per year for those workers, we obtain a theoretical market size of about $720b annually. How does that compare to market research? Gartner’s research contends aaS spending in 2019 totaled $228B. 32% of the potential market has migrated to as-a-Service. How much value has that $228B generated in terms of market cap? in market cap. in market cap. Where is the SaaS world relative to how far it can go?

How to Start a Business

Neil Patel

After chalking out your business’s entire framework, do market research, and collect feedback from friends, mentors, and family. Researching ideas online is another excellent way to come up with business ideas. Step 2: Conduct Market Research.

How to Build a Minimum Viable Audience That Grows Your Small Business


Doing market research and coming up with more or less of a viable product will mean almost nothing if you do not have the attention of your target audience, along with a minimum market interested in your product, from the get-go.

How to Personalize Your Outbound Approach According to Your Market and Persona

Sales Hacker

Combining market research and your customer personas to personalize from the ground up is the blueprint for powerful prospect and customer outreach. Market and Persona. Any business owner worth their salt will have two assets at the ready: their market research and their customer personas. Your market research is ideally done while your business is in the planning stage. 59% of B2B marketers list email as most effective for generating revenue.

Do you know why your customers buy?

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

If they’re doing their job, SaaS marketers can tell you how many leads they’re attracting, how many convert into paying customers, where the leads are coming from, and even how much they’re paying for them. You can’t run an effective SaaS marketing program without it. Answers to these questions won’t be found in your CRM or marketing automation solution. The marketing team: Someone from marketing can gather useful insights from customers if they ask as a market researcher.

Eliminate data entry by your sales team


If product and marketing analysts had their way, your accounts and opportunities would have hundreds of fields. Although sales reps have valuable prospect data at their fingertips, remember that time spent on market research is time away from selling. Data services and inbound marketing will provide the contact info. Guest blog by Mike George, Business Systems Analyst at Toast, Inc.

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The 6 Best Digital Strategy Companies of 2020

Neil Patel

Neil Patel Digital — Best For Content Marketing & Digital Strategy. I’ve created millions of words and I’ve used content marketing to build three companies of my own. When it comes to digital strategy and content marketing I’ve shown it can work. Online Marketing

The Missed Opportunity of Agile SaaS

Chaotic Flow

IMHO, adopting and mastering agile software development, agile marketing and pretty much agile everything should be a priority of every SaaS business. The roots of agile software development and agile marketing lie in agile manufacturing , lean manufacturing and total quality methodologies. Agile software development and agile marketing have followed similar, but unique paths. Today, we are seeing a similar groundswell around agile marketing.

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What is a pricing sheet? How to make one + price sheet examples


Once you have your prices set on value, you need to pitch a pricing strategy to your sales and marketing team members. It feels a bit tedious, but after conducting the hard work of market research and setting prices, it’s an important step to make sure those efforts don’t go to waste. Perform market research. Here at ProfitWell, we wholeheartedly believe in value-based pricing, which is extremely customer-centric.

Forrester Research Publishes Best Practices Report on SaaS Operations


Last week Forrester Research published its market research report titled “Best Practices For Software-As-A-Service Operations.” The post Forrester Research Publishes Best Practices Report on SaaS Operations appeared first on BetterCloud Monitor.

Competitor Intelligence: Accelerate Your Growth by Staying Informed


The barrier to entering the market today has never been lower. Superior marketing strategies and next-level sales techniques fueled by more funding. start-ups with venture funding, ready to spend a lot of money on their marketing. And I did this using SEO – the exact tool so many marketers will tell you is a “slow” marketing channel. All because I applied the principles of product marketing and copywriting to the field of SEO. Doing market research.

The 11 Best Dropshipping Tools

Neil Patel

Using the dropshipping model, your store markets a third-party’s (a wholesaler or manufacturer) products. Oberlo is a Shopify app that links you to a large market of suppliers, allowing you to choose from a huge range of products and sync them to your website in seconds.

The Lazy Copywriter’s Way to Find Niches

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

Unlike so many who start with a product, he thought it was important to start with the market. They’re also a very effective way for any entrepreneur to research the market for new products. When it comes to direct marketing, the most profitable habit you can cultivate is the habit of constantly being on the lookout for groups of people (markets) who have demonstrated that they are starving (or, at least hungry) for some particular product or service.?—?Gary

Transforming customer support with automation: Key trends and challenges for support leaders

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To understand the way support leaders are thinking about automation, we worked with an independent market research firm to survey a random sample of 404 customer support leaders across both B2B and B2C industries in several sectors, including retail, healthcare, and technology.

SaaS Operations and the Road Ahead for Enterprise IT


In a recent report by Forrester Research titled “ Best Practices for Software-As-A-Service Operations ,” Politis’ notion was confirmed—again. Bill Martorelli, Forrester Research.

What’s In My Stack? (A Look at Bloobirds’s Go-To Sales)

Sales Hacker

We land your go-to-market strategy and playbook into a user-friendly interface. I think robotic email sequences can burn your target market and produce dismal response rates. We also have a market researcher who finds target accounts for us. The best part of our tech stack and team structure is that it allows me to focus purely on prospecting and understanding the needs of the market. Our Market Researcher created a qualified company and assigned it to me.

How to Incorporate More Diversity Into Your Digital Marketing

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Image courtesy: Pixabay It’s okay when your brand is small to have a very focused marketing persona, but as it grows, you need to evolve to appeal to the full range of customers you want to attract. While changing to a more diverse approach to marketing can be difficult, not doing so, especially when your competition is, can be difficult to explain. The time for talking about diversity in digital marketing is over; it is time for brands to take action.

How to Create an Engaging Value Proposition

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A good value proposition includes three primary elements: relevancy, value, and uniqueness in the market. Your job is to find the exact words that describe your business and marketing strategy and unique selling proposition, so they appeal most to the customer segment you’re targeting.

The Good and Bad of Deadstock Products for E-commerce

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Take into account the latest market trends. This is why market research and surveys are crucial to your success. To get started, create a marketing persona for your online store. Survey Monkey recommends asking these questions to evaluate the product/market fit.

Pricing Insights from 2,200 SaaS Companies

OpenView Labs

To achieve an Excellent score of 80 or above, companies needed to hone their target market and buyer, conduct pricing research and/or testing, and have a process for revisiting pricing over time.

Are We Investing Enough in Our Managers?

Tomasz Tunguz

Especially in such an expensive and competitive talent market. Research shows employees leave their jobs because of poor leadership and poor management. I met a seasoned executive recently. He made a bold claim. “Management is an art, and one that is overwhelmingly undervalued in Silicon Valley.” ” I wondered, are we investing enough in our managers? Talent is the largest investment of an early stage company. 80%+ of startup operating expense flows to compensation.

Spend less, earn more


CAC: or customer acquisition cost, is the total cost of sales and marketing efforts that are needed to acquire a new customer. CAC = total cost of sales and marketing/ total # of customers acquired. How is the B2B SaaS market trending? ??7

10 eBay SEO Tips to Drive Sales

Neil Patel

That’s a vast untapped market if you’re not on the site yet. This is why you need to do keyword research, including discovering what people are looking for in general and on eBay specifically.

Your Product Development: What Are the Most Crucial Product Marketing Activities?

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Editor’s Note: This article is Part One of a four-part series that covers the most crucial product marketing activities. . I recently presented at Venture Lane , a curated startup hub for early-stage startups, to share more about Product Marketing and how it relates to an early-stage startup. As we know, Product Marketing spans such a wide variety of programs. Really understand the market you are in. Really understand the market you are in.

How to Find Specialized Marketing Agencies

Neil Patel

More so, marketing. While you’ll find several end-to-end marketing agencies, it’s nearly impossible to get results without specialized knowledge – something that specialized or “niche“ marketing agencies offer. How Specialized Marketing Agencies Guarantee Success?

Let Your Prospective Customers Know "This Solution is for You"

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Maybe you figured it out through market research, your own personal experience and frustration, or a flash of inspiration. The people in your target market should know, without any doubt, that you're talking to them. Be specific, not generic Believe me, I know that it's difficult to narrow your target market. There's always a nagging fear that you're leaving out a lucrative potential market. customer acquisition SaaS marketing value proposition

Add Vision to Voice of the Customer (VOC)


Specifically, the Voice of the Customer is a market research technique that produces a detailed set of customer wants and needs" via Wikipedia. This made the marketing team think "Ok, we should double down on that and create more ads for that search term as it works". You can have 90% customer satisfaction scores on individual interactions but have an overall low NPS. They loved the effort you made in supporting them but not if it took 5 support requests.