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What If LLMs Change the Business Model of the Internet?

Tom Tunguz

Because the data needs to be fresh, Google & others will continue to pay for access & potentially increasingly more for exclusivity, low-latency, or data of a particular kind that improves the accuracy of their models. Data sales invert the business model of the Internet.

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SaaS Is Growing Up: 4 Business Model Changes To Adopt with Notion Capital


Many of the fundamental business models that were once engraved in the SaaS playbook are now changing thanks to a tougher macro environment and a maturing market. PST, Stephanie Opdam, Partner at Notion Capital, shares four business model changes that will allow SaaS companies to build resilience and staying power over time.


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6 Types of Ecommerce Business Models

The Daily Egg

The post 6 Types of Ecommerce Business Models appeared first on The Daily Egg. You can get almost anything online—from clothes and shoes to food and cars. But even though people shop in similar ways, ecommerce.

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The Evolution of Open Source Business Models

Tom Tunguz

Open source software has evolved from a movement into a big business. Gitlab, Confluent, Databricks, MongoDB, Elastic, Snyk, Hashicorp, Mulesoft, have become huge companies using open source software. Across, just these they have generated about $100b in market cap. Elastic Public 7 Mulesoft Acquired 6.5 Hashicorp Public 5.5

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Leading the Development of Profitable and Sustainable Products

Speaker: Jason Tanner

A sustainable business model contains a system of interrelated choices made not once but over time. Takeaways: Learn how to increase profits, enhance customer satisfaction, and create sustainable business models by selecting effective pricing and licensing strategies.

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Sequencing Business Models: The Types of Marketplaces

Casey Accidental

This is part two of a three part series on sequencing business models. Casey’s first sequencing business models essay talked about the transition from a SaaS business model to marketplace business model, and why it’s so difficult. This essay is a collaboration with Gilad Horev. We’re not sure.

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Mastering the Enterprise SaaS Business Model


Imagine owning a business with high-profit margins, monthly reoccurring revenue, and the ability to expand rapidly—sounds like a dream, right? The post Mastering the Enterprise SaaS Business Model appeared first on Chargify. Some of the greatest companies.

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6 Reasons Why Your Integrated Payments Strategy Could Fail

If you're in the software industry grappling with integrating payments into your business model, understanding where others have stumbled can be a game-changer for your revenue goals. Discover 6 key reasons behind the struggles many face.

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Success in SaaS

The SaaS business model, which runs on recurring revenue, needs Customer Success to survive. As such, people are looking for answers on how to nail their Customer Success initiatives. Whether you’re finding yourself asking “what is Customer Success?” or you’re a seasoned practitioner, this resource is for you.

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Zeroing in on Cloud Technical Risk for Targeted Customer Impact

The best proof of the power of cloud tools and business models? Yet keeping all the moving parts of cloud running right – especially in a fast-moving, competitive market – can cause conflict between technical and business objectives. Keeping your customers confident and loyal.

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Research Report: The State of Community Management

This year marks their 11th Edition, which shows that, among other things, that the industry has made considerable progress in translating the generative business model of communities into financial benchmarks.

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Retail Reimagined: What It Means To Be An Innovative Retailer

Speaker: DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist

Join DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist, for this idea-sparking session on how to reimagine and reinvigorate the retail business model. So how can we drive innovation and uncover new sources of revenue in this challenging retail environment?