The Complete Guide to Employee Retention

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The post The Complete Guide to Employee Retention appeared first on The Daily Egg. Hiring top-performing employees is only half the battle—the other half is knowing how to retain them long term. Many companies struggle with.

What’s a Good Net Retention Rate in SaaS?


119% net revenue retention. Asana, 130% net revenue retention. Fastly, 130% net revenue retention. PagerDuty, 139% net revenue retention. Zoom, 140% net revenue retention. Slack, 143% net revenue retention. 146% net revenue retention at IPO.


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Dear SaaStr: Do Salary Increases Help With Retention?


Dear SaaStr: Do Salary Increases Help With Retention? Moderate overpaying does not appear to create any stronger retention. Year-end and time-based bonuses lead to some retention, but maybe not the right kind. Massive overpaying increases retention of the so-so and mediocre.

Top 10 B2B Customer Retention Strategies?


Customer retention is a particularly important concept where businesses use different strategies to retain their existing customers. B2B companies will have to bank on customer retention as a key strategy to achieve long-term growth. Top 10 B2B customer retention strategies.

Why Product Led Growth is a Customer Success Responsibility

Product Led Growth is fast become a leading business driver in the SaaS world. Find out why your organization should be implementing a product-led growth strategy today, and why customer success should lead it. Download this eBook to learn more!

10 Customer Retention Books CSMs Must Read in 2022


“If your retention is poor, then nothing else matters.” – Brain Balfour (HubSpot). We have stressed it time and again – customer retention is key to the growth of a business! Good customer retention rate = product/market fit. But what can you do to perfect customer retention?

Gross Retention vs. Net Retention: What’s the Difference?


Distinguishing gross retention vs. net retention can provide deeper insights into your success metrics. What Is Gross Retention? Let’s start with gross retention. However, in this context, we’re focused on revenue retention. What Is Net Retention?

10 Customer Retention Strategies to Up Your Retention Game


Once you have a solid customer base, then starts the next challenge — customer retention. Customer retention is the scale on which your customers’ value for your products and services is […

How to Calculate and Improve Your Customer Retention Rate


Customer retention is the lifeblood of any savvy enterprise. As such, you will need to keep a close eye on your customers as they progress along the customer journey to avoid churn and gather the data needed to calculate your retention rate. Calculating Your Customer Retention Rate.

How do You Calculate Retention Rate?


Retention rate is the percentage of customers you retain over a given period. A high retention rate suggests you have a low churn rate , which is good news for your business. But how do you calculate your retention rate? 1 2 What is Retention Rate? What is Retention Rate?

Building Product to Enhance Customer Support: The Key to Customer Retention in an E-commerce Business

Speaker: Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch (Demand & Growth) | Former Product Manager at Bigbasket

Join Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch, as she details the best way to increase customer retention.

The Seven ‘’R’’s of Customer Retention


Here’s a guide on boosting your customer retention rates through the use of positive habit creating techniques. Not only will these questions help you boost overall customer retention, they will show whether you’re losing your highly valuable Ideal Customer Profiles.

A Guide to Retention Marketing


The answer is simple — retention marketing. Retention marketing is so effective that SEMRush states that a loyal customer usually spends 67 percent in their 31st-36th month on a brand rather than in the first six months of use. But, First, What is Retention Marketing?

Cohort Retention Analysis To Reduce Customer Churn


Cohort retention analysis is a strategy aimed at improving retention and reducing customer attrition. Customer retention is essential for the long-term stability of any SaaS company. 2 How Can You Use Behavioral Cohorts to Improve Retention?

Churn 83

Pulse 2021 Slides: Net Dollar Retention (NDR) Benchmarks and Thoughts


This is a quick post to share the slides I presented today at the GainSight Pulse Everywhere 2021 conference in a session entitled Net Dollar Retention, Key Benchmarks at $50M, $200M, and $1B in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention

Why do your users churn? In this guide you'll learn common product pitfalls and how to fix them.

Guide to Customer Retention (Definition, Rates, Strategies & More)

Groove HQ

It's cheaper to keep an old customer than to acquire a new one—with that in mind, we'll walk you through customer retention strategies and ideas. The post Guide to Customer Retention (Definition, Rates, Strategies & More) appeared first on Groove Blog.

What is Customer Retention Cost?


Then while considering customer acquisition cost (CAC) why miss out on customer retention cost (CRC)? About customer retention cost. It is the cost spent on the retention of customers by the total active customers. The reason for calculating customer retention cost.

The Playbook to Boosting Net Retention Quickly with Terminus


Tim Kopp, Terminus CEO and Executive Chairman, recently shared with the SaaStr community how they’ve fueled sustainable business by prioritizing Net Revenue Retention. Why Net Retention? Tim swears by the power of net retention. Three Pillars of Net Retention Growth.

Top Customer Retention Rate Mistakes


This is true for most businesses, although good customer retention may look different depending on your industry. However, most people focus their marketing on attracting new clients, forgetting that client retention also contributes to sales growth.

Scaling Your Startup and Getting Funded: Key Lessons from Seasoned Pros

Speaker: Brian Chang, Managing Director of Warburg Pincus & Scott Schwan, Chief Product Officer of A-LIGN

Scaling your SaaS business to the growth stage requires a strong product/market-fit, an optimized marketing funnel with repeatable sales processes, and a strategy for customer retention. But how do you truly get to that coveted phase of continued growth and profitability?

Churn is Dead. Long Live Net Dollar Retention Rate


SaaStr speaker favorite Dave Kellogg recently shared with us his thoughts on why churn is dead, and what’s driving many companies to turn to net dollar retention. Having a good net dollar retention is crucial, and the average good NDR rate falls around 115%.

Churn 202

Why Conducting Customer Retention Analysis is Important


The result of your customer retention efforts depends on how well you can analyze your efforts. A free trial from Baremetrics can help you discover the specific metrics you should be tracking for customer retention tactics. 1 What is Customer Retention Analysis?

Customer Retention Rate: How to Calculate Subscription Retention Rate


Customer retention is king for any subscription business. That's why understanding your retention rate is so important. Your retention rate—and by retention rate I'm specifically referring to the percentage of customers retained over tim e—gives you a benchmark for consistently improving your product and business, provides early warning of potential problems, and simplifies revenue forecasting. What is retention rate? Why is retention rate so important?

Proactive Churn Prevention Promotes Customer Retention


What Is Churn Rate and How Does It Relate to Customer Retention? Churn and retention are flip sides of the same coin so that you can reduce one by raising the other. Retention rate represents how many of the same group of customers you kept over the same time frame.

Churn 79

Combat the Great Resignation - How to Retain Your Team

The red-hot job market is driving millions to leave their jobs - and competition for talent is fierce (and expensive.) Get tactical advice you can use immediately to improve employee retention, morale and motivation - plus tips for attracting new talent.

What’s More Important, New Customers or Retention? It’s a Trick Question


Q: What is more important, getting new customers or customer retention? It’s a trick question, of course — the crazy high net negative churn of top SaaS companies means that of course retention matters more than new customers. So in the early days, retention alone only gets you so far.

How to Build a Super High-Retention Sales Team with Twilio SVP & GM of North America Sales, Alice Katwan


Alice Katwan , SVP at Twilio , discusses how you can build a high-retention sales team while being remote. The post How to Build a Super High-Retention Sales Team with Twilio SVP & GM of North America Sales, Alice Katwan appeared first on SaaStr.

Customer Retention Metrics: The Metrics That Matter


Customer retention is the keystone in any customer success strategy. There are many different types of customer retention metrics that one can track. Which customer retention metrics have the biggest impact on your business? Customer Retention Rate.

Customer retention strategies for turbulent times


Customer retention is more important than ever during these uncertain times. Here are some strategies based on basic customer retention principles to help you get through this challenging time. customer retention

Stop Investing in Forgettable Learning Events

Learning isn’t an event, it’s a process. One-time training events deliver low retention and poor results. Providing continuous learning with an online presence boosts sales rep readiness and shortens sales cycles. Learn best practices to upgrade learning and improve ROI.

70+ Experts Reveal the Best Customer Retention Strategies During COVID-19


Customer retention is very challenging for businesses especially in 2020. The existing customer retention strategies may not work best in these testing times. On customer retention strategies, his response was as follows. Building trust is essential for customer retention.

How to Calculate SaaS Revenue Retention

The SaaS CFO

We use gross dollar retention (GDR) and net dollar retention (NDR). The post How to Calculate SaaS Revenue Retention appeared first on The SaaS CFO. Revenue RetentionRecurring revenue businesses have become the stars of the investment world.

Net Revenue Retention vs. Gross Revenue Retention: Explained


Choosing between Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Gross Revenue Retention (GRR) as your north-star growth metric isn’t an either-or question. Net Revenue Retention Defined. Gross Revenue Retention Defined. Customer Retention Defined.

Customer Retention Optimization Strategies to Keep Customers Long-Term


Apply a few key customer retention optimization strategies to build deep, lasting customer relationships. Why Retention Matters. Retention is a result of the customer experience. When practicing customer retention optimization, keep in mind that the success of your clients is the success of your company. The Best Customer Retention Optimization Strategies . Don’t just think about retention when renewal rolls around; this should be a continuous effort. .

Tech Talent Ranks the Most Innovative Companies They'd Love to Work for and Why

Hired surveyed more than 4,000 tech workers to find out which companies rank as their most desirable employers and how other organizations can compete for their attention. Download this report to learn what tech talent values most in a potential employer and how to improve your employer brand.

6 SaaS Customer Retention Best Practices


In customer retention, every engagement counts. Rather, customer retention for SaaS enterprises is a result of the customer experience. Why Customer Retention Matters. The digitization of business has made customer retention the lifeblood of the Software-as-a-Service industry.