Content Marketing’s “Inside Baseball” Laid Bare: If you Write It, They Still May Not Come

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(A Note from Crazy Egg’s GM, Suneet Bhatt: This is a guest post from our friends at Verblio, a community of content marketing experts for hire, who focus on creating you excellent blog content and then, getting people to read it.

What Works for Content Marketing in 2019 (and Beyond)?

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Content marketing is becoming harder. We asked Sujan Patel to walk us through the content marketing trends that will help you succeed in the rest of 2019. Sujan is a partner at Ramp Ventures and has over 14 years of marketing experience.

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Top 7 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes


You know that content is king for creating a loyal and engaged customer base. But businesses sometimes find that content marketing is just as challenging as marketing the product that the content is designed to sell.

Why opinions aren’t optional in content marketing

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There’s a stat that should strike fear in the heart of every marketer, but particularly those involved in publishing content. For content marketers, that’s a staggering amount of digital noise that you’re struggling to break through to be heard.

7 SaaS Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


When implemented in the right way, SaaS content marketing can be one of the most powerful tools to build your product’s awareness and foster a devoted customer base that will ultimately comprise enthusiastic promoters of your message.

7 Biggest Trends in Content Marketing You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2019


In digital marketing, content dominates and acts as the main selling point. Content is king in the digital world as we can't do without it. But content marketing requires proper planning, after which it will be able to provide the desired results. Other

SaaS Content Marketing: What’s Really Working In 2019 [DATA]

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What’s really working in SaaS content marketing in 2019? I wanted to go beyond best practices, and look at how the fastest growing SaaS companies are using content right now. I analyzed 15,729 pieces of content from the fastest growing SaaS start-ups and uncovered: The 12 most common content types, and which types generated the most backlinks (there was a pretty big gap here, with the most linked. Case study Content marketing SEO

Why a CRM is Critical for Your Content Marketing Strategy


Yet, with all the technologies coming up and taking over our lives, everything is changing rapidly, and marketing is included in this process. In the end, the goal of CRM is one – to improve a company-customer relationship and create useful content for anyone in need.

SaaS Content Marketing Best Practices


I know, you’re wondering what on earth composting has to do with content marketing, much less SaaS marketing, but bear with me. Are you seeing the connection to content marketing yet? Content Marketing SaaS Marketing

How to Get Personal with Content Marketing without Being Creepy


You don't need to write special content catering to various demographics and interests. From there, you can start targeting your posts to their idiosyncratic content consumption habits. Here's how to thread the needle between custom-tailored content and creepy intrusiveness.

10 Content Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid


Content marketing is a method of reaching prospective clients and spreading information about products and services a business offers. There are different techniques of content marketing followed by content marketers. Productivity Marketing

17 Companies that Are Actually Getting SaaS Content Marketing Right


The SaaS Marketing Journey -- that arduous road that sees newcomers to your business become active promoters of the products you offer -- is a complicated beast, to be sure. In fact, a number of companies have wisely leveraged SaaS content marketing to gain customers and boost awareness.

Top 7 Content Marketing Trends For 2020

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It’s easy to figure out what makes content creation such a critical marketing concept. It costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but it drives three times as many leads. The post Top 7 Content Marketing Trends For 2020 appeared first on Nimble Blog. Marketing

How Google’s Bert Update Will Affect Content Marketing

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Now if you want to not only maintain your rankings but gobble up some of the rankings of your competition, a simple solution is to get very specific with your content. So when you use tools like Ubersuggest to find new topics to go after, you need to make sure your content is super-specific.

8 Must-Have Tools and Services for Content Marketers

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Content marketing is an effective method of promoting a business on the network. The post 8 Must-Have Tools and Services for Content Marketers appeared first on Nimble Blog. Marketing

The Best Content Marketers in the World

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I once asked a VP of Marketing at a top SaaS company how she thought of content programming. What is the right type of content to create? She replied with a brilliant little insight, “I look at way the best content marketers in the world do it. The length of the shows, their cadence, and their content all match the persona. Today, Netflix has developed even more sophisticated means of matching content to personas.

Content marketers, you've made it to The Good Place


How can this NBC original teach us a ton about content marketing? I may not be the best data point here—far from an avid TV watcher, although not quite yet a cord cutter—but I figured it must come down to two sweet spots: content and price point. More content (22%).

Turn Your SaaS Leads From "Free" to "Customer" with Content Marketing


SaaS Leads Content Marketing SaaS Content MarketingYou’ve already gotten your prospects aware of your product and committed to a free trial. Now it should just be a matter of time before they become paying customers, right?

Incredo Soars to the Top of Clutch’s Ranking of Content Marketing Agencies 2019


Simply having a website or a digital marketing strategy will no longer cut it. Online competition between firms is on the rise and your marketing efforts should reflect that. SaaS Development SaaS Marketing Strategy

How To Promote Your Business In Social Networks - Content Marketing Cases


Engagement, Interesting Content Marketing Cases You have probably already acknowledged that social media presence is what every business needs. Investing in this marketing channel is popular for a reason. They provided marketers with something to look up to,” says Jessica.

How to Drive Traffic through Organic and Paid Channels

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Traffic is something we all strive for in digital marketing. Content Marketing content content marketing strategyWithout traffic, there are no leads and without leads, there won’t be any conversions.

The Compounding Returns of Content Marketing

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A few listeners to the podcast picked a line from that podcast that I think is a really important point for content marketing. I said, “Content is one of the few forms of marketing that has a compounding return.” ” Like a bank account that starts out small and earns incremental gains, but over time becomes quite large, content marketing efforts require consistent investment but ultimately can yield enormous results.

SaaS Content Marketing Case Studies: Initial State, HubSpot, Basecamp

How SaaS Works

Introduction Content marketing combined with search engine optimization (SEO) sits at the top of the list of effective ways to generate leads for today’s best SaaS companies. Anyone can create content, but not many are actually good at it. We finally had some market momentum.

Good content marketing requires good content

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Content marketing isn't just a good idea. When it's done well, content marketing can boost visibility, enhance credibility, and generate inbound leads. There's a reason it's sometimes called "inbound marketing." customer acquisition lead generation SaaS marketing

How to Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2020


Content marketing has shown incredible results for businesses. For example, content marketing results in a 62 percent lower cost than standard marketing by three times as much. The first thing you have to do is to develop a marketing plan for content.

How to Successfully Find and Vet a Content Creator for Your Agency or Business

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(A Note from Crazy Egg’s Departing GM, Suneet Bhatt: This is the second guest post from our friends at Verblio, a community of content marketing experts for hire, who focus on creating you excellent blog content and then, getting people to read it.

17 Charts That Show Where Content Marketing is Heading

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I started content marketing in the early days. Similarly, when I first started with content marketing, there were less than 30 million blogs that existed and now there are over a billion. We are at a point where you already know you need to leverage content marketing.

Sales Hacker is Seeking a Full-Time Content Marketing Manager

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We’re searching for a whip-smart, energetic, and extremely organized Content Marketing Manager to join our team and fill a crucial gap in our growing team. You will have access to a robust suite of digital marketing tools.

10 Tips To Grow Your Ecommerce Store With Content Marketing


Content marketing can work wonders in any industry. What makes content marketing so powerful is the effect it has on different aspects of your marketing campaign. This is the first question you need to answer before you start with content creation.

Using Chat in Content Marketing - Observations Several Months In

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Most notably, comments meaningfully changed readers’ perceptions of the content they read, even if the comments are not sound. I hope to use that data to reach out to founders of startups and also to optimize content over time. I imagine SaaS startups prefer chat to commenting in their content marketing efforts because the startup can exert tighter control over the prospect’s experience compared to a commenting platform.

Your Content Marketing Business Model … The Choices You Have!

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Your Content Marketing Business Model … The Choices You Have! Content Marketing Business Models are often misunderstood to be either Content Marketing strategy plans or Content Creation plans. and your Content Marketing as a whole?—?becomes

Why your content marketing should be like a rock concert

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It was during one of the songs I don’t know that I realized content marketing is kind of like a rock concert. Let’s dig in to find out: You can’t always create epic content. I think one of the most over-used lines in content marketing is ‘create great content’.

How can you explain Content Marketing to a 5-year-old?

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Leonardo da Vinci You don’t even need to be a 5-year-old to not understand what content marketing really entails. It certainly is a vast and complex branch of marketing. But it is one that has been around for as long as marketing itself. That is content marketing.

Why blogging is key to your content marketing strategy

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Can we all agree that content marketing is getting a bit out of control? At last count, a Google search of “types of formats of content marketing” yielded upwards of 105 types of content. Google likes blogging as a content marketing strategy (it’s true).

My 6-Step Content Marketing Formula That Drives 3,549 Visitors

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Well, I’ll tell you this… most people forget the “marketing” in content marketing. Most people write content but don’t do a great job of promoting it. Here’s the thing: I figured out the perfect formula to promoting content. Writing a blog post is easy.

How to be a Nimble Networker at Content Marketing World 2019

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First established in 2011, Content Marketing World is the world’s largest content marketing-focused conference. The post How to be a Nimble Networker at Content Marketing World 2019 appeared first on Nimble Blog.

Why I Often Tell SaaS Start-ups Not To Invest In Content Marketing

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By Geoff Roberts Between the customers that I work with at Outseta and the consulting work that I do at SaaS Growth Strategy, I'm talking to early stage SaaS companies about their go-to-market strategy all day, every day. But everybody invests in content marketing!

Online Marketing Steps You Can Take to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

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Content, brand stories, and social media have been dominating marketing conversations for years now. Big brands are creating whole platforms of content that may or may not even feature their products. Content Marketing content marketing Email small business

The Three Dimensions of Content Marketing Strategy for Startups

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If I were asked to create a content marketing strategy for a person or a business from scratch, I would craft a strategy with three dimensions: customer segments, customer lifecycle stage and content type. Customer Segments: **Product managers/marketers are responsible for identifying the most important customer segments a startup will pursue. Market places cater to buyers and sellers. The content a startup produces must resonate with these target segments.

The Single Best Content Marketing Channel for Your Startup

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The single best content marketing channel is email subscriptions powered by Twitter/social media distribution. Thirty days ago, I began an experiment with this blog to determine whether email, Twitter or RSS would be the better content marketing channel.