For Healthcare, This Time Really is Different

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The challenges we face in American healthcare are so well known they almost require no introduction. Costs of American healthcare — now at nearly 18% of GDP , with estimates showing ~$3.5T spend on healthcare in 2017 alone — are … bio healthcare

a16z Podcast: So You Wanna Build a Software Company in Healthcare?

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Building a software company in healthcare is hard — and comes along with unique challenges no other entrepreneurs face. In this conversation, a16z bio general partner — and previous founder of genomics company Gnome — Jorge Conde; and a16z bio … bio Company Building 101 founder/maker stories healthcare

Authentic Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

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Image courtesy: Pexels The concept of healthcare marketing typically evokes an uncomfortable reaction from consumers. That’s not surprising; people’s well-being should not be exploited for profit, and there are many cases of this in the modern healthcare industry?—?the

The Hidden 40% to Unlock Healthcare (and Clean up our Lifestyles)

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Everything we do in the $3 trillion healthcare market today only affects 10% of outcomes to premature death. Genetic predisposition is hard … bio design healthcareYou read that right. All of that, for just 10% of outcomes. That 10% exists for a reason.

The Future of Consumer Healthcare: Philips


The post The Future of Consumer Healthcare: Philips appeared first on Zuora. As demands have changed over time, Philips has refocused it's perspective on a more customer-centric business model to meet the needs of their customers. Learn more about Philip's more integrated, connected, and customer-focused solutions from the latest Subscribed magazine. Subscription Economy

a16z Podcast: AI and Your Doctor, Today and Tomorrow

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In this episode, Dr. Eric Topol, cardiologist and chair of innovative medicine at Scripps Research, and a16z’s general partner on the Bio Fund Vijay Pande, have a conversation around Topol’s new book, … AI, machine & deep learning bio book launches healthcareArtificial intelligence is coming to the doctor’s office.

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a16z Podcast: Deep Learning for the Life Sciences

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In this episode, a16z General Partner Vijay Pande and Barath Ramsundar talk about how AI/ML is unlocking the … AI, machine & deep learning bio open source healthcareDeep learning has arrived in the life sciences: every week, it seems, a new published study comes out… with code on top.

When Your Cure Becomes A Pre-Existing Condition

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This isn’t the only … bio economics gene editing healthcare pricingNovartis recently announced what is now the most expensive medicine in history: Zolgensma, a newly-approved gene therapy to treat a devastating disease called Somatic Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, will have a price tag of $2.1 million.

a16z Podcast: Damage-free Genome Editing — What’s Next in CRISPR

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Two recent scientific journal papers show what’s possible when CRISPR moves from cutting DNA tool to a full-fledged platform — expanding its toolkit for medicine across R&D, therapeutics, and diagnostics: “ Transposon-encoded CRISPR-Cas systems direct RNA-guided DNA integration ” in … bio a16z Bytes a16z Journal Club CRISPR gene editing genomics hallway conversations healthcare


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The National Cancer Institute estimates that there are over 15 million cancer survivors living today and … AI, machine & deep learning bio announcements healthcareF**k cancer. Every year in the United States, nearly 1.75

A Practical Toolkit for Deep Learning in the Life Sciences

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Bringing AI to the life sciences … AI, machine & deep learning bio open source healthcareBharath Ramsundar, Peter Eastman, Pat Walters, and I wrote Deep Learning for the Life Sciences with one primary message in mind: you can easily now do world-class AI in Bio from your laptop.

a16z Podcast: A Mortgage for a Cure

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In this episode, MIT economist Andrew … bio economics gene editing healthcare pricingThe advent of new gene and cell therapies are beginning to approach that holy grail of medicine—that of a possible cure. But they are also more expensive than any medicines ever sold before.

a16z Podcast: What’s in the Water at the George Church Lab?

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Renowned scientist George Church is known for his groundbreaking work and methods used for the first genome sequence, and for his work in genome editing, writing & recoding — in fact, Church’s innovations have become an essential building block for … bio CRISPR healthcare

What’s the Water at the Church Lab? A Conversation Between George Church and Jorge Conde

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Renowned scientist George Church is known for his groundbreaking work and methods used for the first genome sequence, and for … bio CRISPR healthcareEditor’s note: This article is based on an episode of the a16z podcast, which you can listen to here.

Science, Business, and Innovation in Big Pharma: A Conversation with Novartis’ CEO

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Today we have one of our special episodes live from the … bio #longreads build vs buy clinical trials digital therapeutics healthcare M&A payors pharma Q&As therapeuticsEditor’s note: This article is based on an episode of the a16z Podcast, which you can listen to here. . Hi everyone welcome to the a16z Podcast, I’m Sonal.

A Guide to Making Data-Based Decisions in Health, Parenting… and Life

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There’s maybe no other arena where understanding what the evidence truly tells us is harder than in … bio book launches economics healthcareAre chia seeds actually that good for you? Will Vitamin E keep you healthy? Will breastfeeding your baby make them smarter, or skinnier?

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Ready to Disrupt Health Care? Applications open for the UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars


Accelerators Announcements Healthcare uhc unitedhealthcareThe digital health market is transforming before our eyes. Unprecedented capital is penetrating the health-tech sector, with startups seeing over $8B in funding in 2018, exceeding 2017’s $5.7B

The top SaaS companies ruling the East Coast


Verge Health provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to integrate safety, risk and quality. With Verge Health, healthcare providers can protect and defend against errors, adverse events, and policy violations and offer quality and safety.

The 18 Awesome Women of SaaS in Asia


With more than 15 years of solid experience, today she is the Chief Operations Officer at the Ping An Health Cloud, known as the most advanced AI healthcare technology. The company develops next-gen wearable healthcare devices, which can seamlessly blend into people’s lifestyles. .

Reaching Rockstar Admin Status


My large healthcare company started using InsightSquared because Salesforce did not provide us with the needed visibility into our key sales metrics. “Slowness to change usually means fear of the new.” – Philip Crosby.

18 investors fueling Latin America’s SaaS superstars


The target fields include logistics and transportation, finance, and healthcare. It invests in four sectors: consumer, financial services, healthcare and technology. ALLVP invests in the healthcare, FinTech, smart cities, and consumer internet sectors, with a strong focus on digital.

29 Latin American SaaS Superstars


Abartys Health is a SaaS solution whose mission is to help the insurance and healthcare sectors “speak the same language.” The Puerto Rican company has created three solutions: for insurers, healthcare providers, and patients.

The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


Afterward, Patrick founded several businesses in diverse sectors, including tech, healthcare, and finance. Rodrigo then worked at Centria Partners, as well as at the US-based healthcare VC fund Aurora Funds.

Who are Asia’s SaaS VCs?


The areas of interest are IT, mobile, consumer products and services, healthcare, cleantech, and financial services, among others. The VC firm invests in a wide variety of sectors, including tech, telecommunications, internet, media, education, healthcare, culture, and community.

The SaaS superstars of the East Coast


Verge Health provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to integrate safety, risk and quality. With Verge Health, healthcare providers can protect and defend against errors, adverse events, and policy violations and offer quality and safety.

#GiveFirst In Action


Her startup was setting up a pilot with a major healthcare network, and everything looked lovely. #GiveFirst is a Techstars mantra. Simply put, it means giving—advice, resources, assistance, etc.—with with no expectation of getting anything specific back.

Portfolio Update Part 4

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samedi also allows healthcare providers to optimize their practice workflow using a simple ERP solution and lets practices, health insurance companies and other players in the healthcare industry collaborate online. Bringing the healthcare industry, which at least in Germany is pretty old-school and bureaucracy-ridden, into the Cloud age is a very tough nut to crack but there's a huge reward for the company that pulls that off.

4/19: $20M enough to patch up your problems?


When Dr. Stacy Lindau, founder of healthcare startup NowPow, was selecting a CRM, it was important to her that the software behind their simplification of care was simple to use. Hello kind people. It is a good morning and a Good Friday.

38 Bright Asian SaaS Stars


It provides also a healthcare chatbot. When we announced a few weeks ago that we would be bringing our leading SaaS conference to Asia, and running it in Hong Kong, many locals thanked us for choosing the city. As we mentioned in our launch post, we couldn’t not do it there, with its international spirit, openness to everyone, relaxed atmosphere, and proximity to many other SaaS hubs around, all attracting us to Hong Kong.

What I'm Grateful For

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Their success funds education initiatives, healthcare improvements, environmental restoration, and cultural investments to improve the world in areas outside of technology. Earlier this week, Redpoint announced its 7th stage fund of $400M. Over the past 10 years that I’ve been Redpoint, I have seen our firm learn, evolve and grow in many different ways - important ways - that fill me with gratitude and pride. First, we have and will continue to plant trees we will not see.

Don’t talk techie to SaaS buyers

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

An executive selling SaaS solutions to healthcare companies told me recently that when their sales people get passed to IT, he knows the opportunity is heading toward a dead-end.

Communications Lessons from Mayor Pete


” Ditto for a conversation about healthcare where he talked about its impact on his family. Whenever I have the chance to watch a big league politician at work, I always try to study their communications skills in an effort to learn from the best.

Product Market Engagement: The Missing Step in Lean Startup Methodology

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He describes the challenges faced by healthcare institutions all over the world: despite the advances in research, the most difficult part of improving care isn’t availing doctors and nurses to these breakthroughs, but changing their behavior.

Neal Sales-Griffin Joins Techstars as Managing Director of Techstars Chicago


With the impact of Techstars and mentorship in my early college days, I jumped into the startup world as soon as I could, co-founding my first company, a healthcare media startup, during my freshman year in college.

Data, Data Everywhere, Not a Second to Think

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The main adopters of these technologies are financial services, healthcare, genomics and web companies. More and more companies realize their proprietary data contains insights that drive tremendous competitive advantage.

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Where are We in the SaaS Valuation Cycle?

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2U (education), Service Now (operations), Veeva (healthcare sales) and Workday (human resources) aren’t far behind with 9.7x+ forward multiples. Recently, people have been asking just where are we in the SaaS valuation cycle. I last updated the chart above more than six months ago. The answer is close to ten year highs. The chart above shows the median enterprise value to forward revenue multiple to multiple.

How Customer-Driven, Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Changes Everything

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Right after the switch, I called the General Counsel of a publicly-traded healthcare IT company whom I had unsuccessfully sold a subscription to for over a year.

The Most Transformational Force in US Society

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Healthcare. Taxis. Mobile phones. Communications. Banking. Entertainment. In the past ten years, is there an industry startups haven’t upheaved? Startups have been the most transformational force in US society over the past 20 years. Uber has transformed the taxi industry, reducing taxi rides in yellow cabs in San Francisco by 65% in 2 years. Hampton Creek has created an eggless mayonnaise that terrified the US egg industry.

The Secret to the Fastest Growing Sales Teams? It’s About Growth, Not Speed.

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Example #1 – SaaS healthcare company in NYC. As a recruiter, I hear from many founders and sales leaders regularly about how many salespeople they need and how quickly they need them.

Startup Investment Trends in 2015

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Sectors receiving an increasing amount of investment include biotechnology, financial technology, healthcare, and social networking. In the last six months, VCs have invested more than $57B according to Mattermark data , which puts 2015 on pace to exceed 2000 as the year the most venture capital will be deployed, ever. Which sectors are benefitting from all these venture dollars?

Trends 100

Forrester & SiriusDecisions Acquisition: Ripple Effects for Chief Revenue Officers Everywhere

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The company will bring Forrester into financial services, retail, healthcare, energy and utility verticals where they were lacking before.

Engineering Your Own “Luck”: The 3 Key Rules of Building Globally Distributed Teams with Eventbrite (Video + Transcript)


It felt like a lot of the places people were going to work were older, kind of more mature, maybe healthcare companies of that sort. Building a company made up of distributed teams presents a plethora of complex challenges that can derail productivity and impact employee retention.

On-Demand Workflows: Macros for IT (And Why Customers Love Them)


Like this director of IT from a healthcare consulting firm in Orlando, Florida says, most IT leaders run lean teams. “Realistically, our IT team could use six or seven people, but we get by with three because we have to — it’s all about doing more with less.”. When “ do more with less ” is the motto, becoming more efficient is critical; however, a constant stream of alerts, requests, and tickets seize IT professionals’ time, making it challenging to to manage a domain, let alone secure it.