Setting the Salesforce/Tableau Acquisition in Context

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Let’s put this acquisition in context. First, it’s the third business intelligence related acquisition in the past month. Google announced the Looker acquisition last week. Yesterday, Salesforce announced it would acquire Tableau for $15.7B.

Three Secrets to a Successful Acquisition


An acquisition can make or break your startup. Take IBM’s recent purchase of RedHat to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, or Salesforce’s acquisition of Mulesoft to coordinate, unlock, and integrate customer data better than any competitor. As a former M&A attorney and serial SaaS founder myself, I’ve experienced acquisitions from every point of view. Always always always check to make sure you have clean rights to an acquisition target’s technology.

The Age of the $1 Billion+ Acquisition in SaaS Has Just Begun


And their largest acquisition to date at the time was (drumroll, please) $15m. Not every company is acquisitive (see, e.g. Apple, Workday, etc). But most end up doing more and more acquisitions over time.

Aligning SaaS Customer Acquisition

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SaaS customer acquisition should focus on maximizing available market penetration, not increasing available market size, and to do that you have to have a very clear picture of your target SaaS customers. SaaS businesses can be overwhelmingly complex.

Customer Acquisition: What Everyone Gets Wrong in 2019 [Guide]


What is customer acquisition? Customer acquisition is the process of gaining new customers. Customer acquisition is one of the most popular growth levers for SaaS businesses because it is the most literal way to grow your customer base. When is customer acquisition important?

Build a sustainable customer acquisition strategy

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The best way to improve your customer acquisition is to have a set strategy – one where you know how you’re going to generate demand, what you’re spending on these efforts and how you’re going to convert visitors into paying customers. What is customer acquisition?

What do founders need to know to successfully navigate a merger/acquisition?


For most of us, especially if the acquisition is after years of doing it “our way” — that can be very frustrating. The post What do founders need to know to successfully navigate a merger/acquisition? My #1 tip: Get Zen. Once you sell it, it is not yours anymore.

SaaS Marketing | Accelerating Customer Acquisition

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SaaS marketing professionals know that customer acquisition is the name of the game. What they generally don’t know is that sustainable SaaS growth requires accelerating customer acquisition. Every buyer bottleneck removed accelerates customer acquisition.

Disrupting the Desk Phone: How and Why We Made a $50M Acquisition with Dialpad (Video + Transcript)


Thanks so much everyone for joining us for our fireside chat today, disrupting the desk phone: how and why we made a $50 million acquisition. And when I was at Google, we did a couple acquisitions. When the acquisition offer came, Craig and I were just talking about this.

What is customer acquisition cost and why does it matter?

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How to think about costs in your customer acquisition strategy. If all you care about is optimizing for customer acquisition, you might think all five ads were created equal and allocate your budget accordingly. What is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

Customer Acquisition Spending: Lessons from Workday

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Specifically, it illustrates the need for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to spend money - lots of it - on customer acquisition. times more on customer acquisition than annual revenues, and in 2007 it spent nearly 18 times more than annual revenues.

The Things Nobody Tells You About An $8B Acquisition with Ryan Smith from Qualtrics (Video + Transcript)


Join Qualtrics Co-Founder and CEO alongside SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin as Ryan reflects on the survey software maker’s acquisition by SAP this year. Ryan Smith: The backstory here is we turned down an acquisition offer for $500 million in 2012.

Tracking Customer Acquisition in SaaS

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When was the last time you invested money into Customer Acquisition? Tracking Customer Acquisition can solve all […]. Cet article Tracking Customer Acquisition in SaaS est apparu en premier sur Pierre Lechelle. Are you a CMO?

Three Observations About the Adobe/Marketo Acquisition

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trailing twelve months, the third highest multiple for large software acquisitions. In fact, relative to acquisitions of software companies growing at similar rates, at $4.75B, Third, the multiple expansion in the SaaS market continues, and it’s incredible. About two years ago, Marketo was publicly traded and valued at roughly $1.1B. Vista Equity paid $1.8B to take the company private, a 64% premium.

How Salesforce’s Tableau acquisition will impact IT

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billion bid for Tableau Software has many organizations wondering how the proposed acquisition will impact their operations.’s $15.7 According to industry analysts, it all depends on how your enterprise makes use of their respective platforms.

What Is a Platform Acquisition?


Building your business through acquisition (either as the acquiree or acquirer) is a sound strategy. Use established businesses as a platform to bolster your industry presence. This article will show you how and why

Red Hat's Acquisition - A Triumph of Open Source

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Over the weekend, IBM announced the largest software acquisition of Red Hat, an open-source software company, for $35B. It is the largest software acquisition in history, and the third largest technology acquisition (Dell/EMC at $67B and JDS/SDL for $41B were both larger hardware mergers). Three of the largest software acquisitions of the last ten years have been open source. Relative to other multiples paid this year, this acquisition price isn’t an extreme.

The future of customer acquisition with HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson

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We specifically wanted to pick her brain all about customer acquisition : just how does HubSpot do it, and what marketing tactics do they deploy? ” Emerging customer acquisition channels. And cost-per-acquisition itself is up 50% over the past five years.

SaaS acquisitions can be tricky

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Having lived through several acquisitions during my career in technology companies, I have some idea of what the folks at SuccessFactors (acquired by SAP last year) and Taleo (acquired by Oracle a few weeks ago) are going through. One reason behind the acquisitions of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies is the high cost of sales and marketing. Even well-established SaaS companies typically pay 40 percent or more of their annual revenue on customer acquisition.

5 customer acquisition strategies for winning new customers

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All future growth hinges on one thing – customer acquisition. While this may sound simple, it can be incredibly challenging to find new opportunities for growth and customer acquisition in an increasingly crowded marketplace. To help you understand and improve your customer acquisition, we asked SaaS leaders within and outside of Intercom to reveal their top customer acquisition tactics. Mobilize your influencers to drive customer acquisition.

SaaS acquisitions: It's about money and genes

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Another week, another software-as-a-service (SaaS) acquisition. To be more accurate, it's really "another week, another four SaaS acquisitions." Among the more prominent purchases, Oracle bought Vitrue, following its acquisitions of Taleo and RightNow. billion, while it's still digesting its earlier multi-billion acquisition of SuccessFactors. acquisitions customer acquisition organization SaaS marketing

Sales Hacker Doubles Down: What We’re Focusing On 1 Year After Acquisition

Sales Hacker

But more on that later… Going into the acquisition, Manny Medina (the CEO of Outreach) and I knew how important it would be to let Sales Hacker continue operating independently. 12 months ago, Sales Hacker was acquired by Outreach.

How Will DiscoverOrg’s Acquisition of ZoomInfo Affect Sellers?

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A few months ago we wrote about Zoominfo’s acquisition of Datanyze in an effort to strengthen its sales intelligence engine. In conclusion, we believe this acquisition is a healthy one for the ecosystem, despite the fact that it does produce some challenges as well.

SaaStr Podcast 215: Ryan Smith, Qualtrics Co-Founder & CEO On The Things Nobody Tells You About an $8 Billion Acquisition


Qualtrics Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Smith sits down with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin as Ryan reflects on the survey software maker’s acquisition by SAP this year. Here’s what Jason and Ryan talk about: Why did Qualtrics turn down a $500M acquisition offer in 2012?

Remind customers why they're paying you

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attrition churn customer acquisition renewals SaaS marketing

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Seven Strategic Rationales for the Microsoft/Github Acquisition

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It’s a massive acquisition at a massive price relative to other software acquisitions. The Skype acquisition was also about identity, consumer identity. This acquisition capstones the commitment. Microsoft’s acquisition of Github is a bold strategic bet that will position Microsoft at the forefront of open-source and reinforce their strength in the Cloud Wars Last week, Microsoft acquired Github for $7.5B.

Preparing For Acquisition - The Due Diligence Checklist

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Below are a few tips for operating your business so that you’re continuously ready for acquisition: 1) Have your house in order It is important that a potential buyer knows that your house is in order. Preparing to sell your company requires a lot of work.

Forrester & SiriusDecisions Acquisition: Ripple Effects for Chief Revenue Officers Everywhere

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The acquisition highlights a number of important strategic considerations for CRO’s and sales leaders everywhere. First, this acquisition highlights the need to be able to reach new verticals and new roles. Second, the acquisition highlights the increasing importance of data.

Subscription price and customer acquisition costs

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For most SaaS companies, the customer acquisition costs will be the single largest on-going expense for their business. It's useful only in relation to costs, especially customer acquisition costs.

How to Cut Customer Acquisition Costs

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Cost-effective marketing is especially important for SaaS Most SaaS companies will find that their customer acquisition costs (sales & marketing) will account for the single largest portion of their expenses. See " Hyper-Spending on Customer Acquisition: The Wile E.

How to Supercharge Customer Acquisition with 4 Unconventional Outreach Tactics

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The Latent Purchasing Power in the SaaS Acquisition Market

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The startup acquisition market is off by roughly 35% year-over-year. If it does happen, and when acquirers do decide to pursue acquisitions, I suspect we will enter a very acquisitive environment for three reasons. First, the cash available to finance acquisitions on the balance sheets of public companies has grown by 20 X over the last 10 years and now totals more than $8.5 Why the decline?

SaaS customer acquisition: Feed it or starve it?

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If you manage a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, at some point you'll be forced to make a tough decision about your customer acquisition process: Feed it or starve it? Cut sales and marketing headcount and scale back spending on customer acquisition programs.

Trends In Startup Acquisition Market in 2015

Tom Tunguz

This time last year, I analyzed the state of the startup acquisition market. First, the larger acquisitions were becoming larger. Second, that the total number of acquisitions in 2014 would achieve a 5 year high. The median acquisition price for technology companies in Crunchbase’s data set is plotted above, bucketed by size. For example, the $500M bucket marked in yellow includes all acquisitions between $100M and $500M.

Trends 100

Why Amazon's Acquisition of Whole Foods Matters for Startupland

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Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is notable for many reasons. Third, the acquisition underscores the importance of physical retail even to the largest American ecommerce giant. However, the most interesting part of this acquisition is that it marks the current apotheosis of technology’s impact in the broader economy. But, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is the reverse: a leading technology company buying a leader of a traditional industry.

How Big is a Typical Software Company Acquisition?

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Last, M&A activity seems quite brisk with more than 30 $1B+ billion acquisitions in the last nine months alone. How do all these factors commingle to influence today’s acquisition environment? 2016 is on pace to match the past three years of software acquisition trends which vary from $64B-$70B. However, in 2016 the total number of acquisitions will likely fall by 40% from an average of 150 per year to 92. Fewer acquisitions at higher prices.

Kofax acquisitions bolster Intelligent Automation platform


Top Image System and Nuance Document Imaging will enhance Kofax's SaaS and digital capture capabilities

Trends in the Startup Acquisition Market

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See an updated version of this post: Trends in the Startup Acquisition Market in 2015. I was curious how the strength of the IPO market has impacted the acquisition market. In particular, how the number and value of startup acquisitions has changed, and more specifically, whether there are any trends in the sizes of acquisitions. To get a better sense of these trends, I’ve analyzed the Crunchbase acquisition data for US tech companies over the last 4.5

Trends 100

The Relationship Between Margins and Acquisition Prices

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Over sushi, a friend explained to me that this strategy might also extend to the way the company views acquisitions. Amazon operates its businesses at very close to break-even, zero net margin, to win the greatest share and prevent competition from undercutting them.

What Does ZoomInfo’s Acquisition of Datanyze Signal to the Sales Industry?

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To many who have used both products, this was a no-brainer and a welcomed acquisition. Beyond the obvious though, this is an important acquisition which signals and reinforces other trends for the sales industry: RELATED: Artificial Intelligence: The Sales Renaissance is Here.

Exclusive: How Drift Flipped Traditional Customer Acquisition on its Head (Part One)

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Exclusive: How Drift Flipped Traditional Customer Acquisition on its Head (Part Two)

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The post Exclusive: How Drift Flipped Traditional Customer Acquisition on its Head (Part Two) appeared first on Sales Hacker. Choice Drift Partner Sales & Marketing Webinars

What is Your SaaS Startup Worth in an Acquisition?

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What is your SaaS startup worth in an acquisition? What is your SaaS startup worth in an acquisition? The chart above shows the median multiple across all software acquisitions. This figure takes into account all acquisitions, including old and slow growing software companies. To answer that question, we can analyze the data set of all software companies acquired over the last six years and benchmark them by enterprise value-to-revenue multiples.