Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

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Social media plays a crucial role in the success of any brand or business. By integrating your website with social media platforms, it helps expand your reach and drive engagement. You can even use these plugins to get more followers on social media.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

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Hiring a social media marketing consultant could be a game-changer for your business. Social media consultants have the knowledge and skills to turn your lagging social media campaigns around. Consider a social media marketing consultant your business’s Yoda.


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6 Effective Ways To Drive Sales With Social Media In 2019

The Daily Egg

It goes without saying that social media is a very powerful tool that every business and entrepreneur should use to their advantage. According to MarketingCharts, 2 out of 3 US adults use social media on a weekly basis. While there are many social media platforms, 68% of US adults use Facebook. And roughly three-quarters of […] The post 6 Effective Ways To Drive Sales With Social Media In 2019 appeared first on The Daily Egg.

How to Get Verified on Social Media

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Getting verified on social media is one of the first steps to building a successful social media marketing strategy. ’ A verified social media account provides instant social proof and credibility when anyone looks up to you or your company online.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for E-Commerce

Neil Patel

Social media for e-commerce has become a critical element in sales growth for many businesses. Using social media to boost your marketing offers many benefits to help build your business, so don’t wait to explore these valuable channels.

How to Tell if You’re Shadowbanned on Social Media

Neil Patel

Suddenly you notice that none of your social media activity seems to be showing up at all. That way, other social media users don’t suffer from spam because they can’t see it. Shadowbanning on Reddit is a bit different from shadowbanning on other social media sites.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

SaaS Metrics

Today, Blog Social Media MarketingMarketing is undoubtedly an integral function of any business. When the world was not technologically advanced, businesses focused on word of mouth marketing to stay ahead of their competitors.

The 8 Best Social Media Marketing Companies of 2020

Neil Patel

Social media marketing is essential for any business. billion social media users worldwide and, for most of us, social media is part of our everyday lives. What this means is, if you want to reach your target audience, social media is the place to do so.

5 Marketing Ethics to Follow on Social Media

Neil Patel

Consumers are attracted to brands that promote sustainability, environmental causes, and social responsibility. What Are Marketing Ethics and Why Are They Important on Social Media? There are also cultural, ethical, and social aspects marketers must consider. Social Medi

How to Choose The Right Social Media Agency

Neil Patel

The power of social media as a marketing and advertising channel is hard to deny. 42% of all Internet users use social networks to find more information about brands. Plus, 27% of UK and US users say they discovered new brands via social media ads this year. (It

5 Simple Steps to Great Social Media Content


“How do I write a good piece of content for social media posts?”. I’m going to make a second assumption for the sake of this answer: you’re posting on organic social and are looking to create social posts and blog posts to be cross-posted on social. So, here are 5 easy tips for writing a good piece of content for social media posts: Consider your audience. The post 5 Simple Steps to Great Social Media Content appeared first on Net-Results.

Do You Need Social Media Monitoring, Social Listening, or Both?

Nimble - Sales

Of course, this entails email marketing and social media. The post Do You Need Social Media Monitoring, Social Listening, or Both? Social MediaDigital marketing is one of the most promising fields in marketing and advertising, especially nowadays.

How to Increase Customer Engagement on Social Media

SaaS Metrics

For modern businesses with an online presence, having continuous engagements on social media is a sign that you’re making an impact in your industry. Before we get the pointers that can help, let’s look at what social media engagement means in the first place.

How to Do a Social Media Detox as a Marketer

Nimble - Sales

Bouncing between likes, comments, clicks, and a never-ending stream of content, it’s easy to spend countless hours on social media—especially if you’re a marketer by profession. The post How to Do a Social Media Detox as a Marketer appeared first on Nimble Blog.

How to use Subliminal Messaging Tactics in Your Paid Social Media Campaigns

Neil Patel

While subliminal messaging is mainly used in media such as music, TV ads, and radio commercials, it still works for digital media, including paid social campaigns. With the fast rise of social media, subliminal messaging has quickly found its way into social media campaigns.

Why Social Media is ‘Pay to Play’ in 2021 (And How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck)

Neil Patel

Today, we understand advertising is the lifeblood of all the big social networks. Paid social media has become a key component of many brands’ marketing strategies. 3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Pay to Play in 2021. Paid Social Media Is More Cost-Effective.

How Social Media Ads Work to Boost Your Business

SaaS Metrics

A business person knows that social media is one of the advertising opportunities they have. You have likely been to a social media site and seen advertisements on the sidebar of your screen or seen advertisements in your newsfeed. Blog Social Media Ads

How to Use the Boomerang App for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Neil Patel

In this social media age, creating shareable content is essential. If you haven’t created Boomerangs for your social media marketing campaigns, it’s never too late to start. Social Media

How to Transform Your Social Media Followers to Paying Customers (11 Steps)

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

If you’re not converting your followers into leads and paying customers, you’re leaving morning on the table Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Are you wondering how your social media followers can improve your marketing strategy and boost results?

7 Great Ways to Improve Your Content with Social Media

Nimble - Sales

Social media has become an intricate element in any given person’s life. Social media is a great platform to help people connect, keep in touch, showcase their talents and even help businesses market their products nowadays.

Assessing Your Brand’s Use of Social Media

Nimble - Sales

If you have a business, chances are you have a social media presence, and why not? Social media is a powerfully effective way to reach consumers. The post Assessing Your Brand’s Use of Social Media appeared first on Nimble Blog. Social Media

Clone: Top 10 Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2017

Adhere Creative

Welcome, friends, to Adhere Creative’s Top 10 Most Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns for 2017! Social Media MarketingT aco filters, banana solar eclipses, and pussy hats, oh my.

The Challenge of Social Media Management

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

If you are a social media marketer or manager, or if you look after the social media for your company, you’ll know that the work can be… Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking ». marketing social-media-marketing social-media business mark-growth

New Study: What 100 Social Media Followers Are Really Worth

Neil Patel

The social web is huge. But, how much time and money should you devote to each social network? How much are 100 social media followers really worth? Each company has been participating in all these social networks for at least 3 years and they have at least 100 social media followers on each platform. Now before we dive into the data, keep in mind all of the stats are broken down based on 100 social followers. Engagement by social network.

The Real Secret to My Social Media Success

Neil Patel

Eric is a great marketer as well, and when it comes to social media, he spends much more time than me on it and he even has people at his ad agency dedicated to helping him grow his personal brand online. For example, he had his team jump on an hour call with Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media team so they could learn from them and grow his brand faster. When you jump onto a social network when it’s new, it’s easier to grow and become popular. Social Media

How to Strategize Social Media Influencer Marketing for Your Brand

Nimble - Sales

Fast forward to the present day, the power of social media influencer marketing is rising beyond measures, holding immense importance in the digital age […]. The post How to Strategize Social Media Influencer Marketing for Your Brand appeared first on Nimble Blog.

5 Fundamental Social Media Marketing Strategies For eCommerce Websites

Agile Payments

What is the best social media strategy for maximum engagement?


Social strategy is often overlooked in favor of regular posting. So what is the best social media strategy to engage maximum people through content? The post What is the best social media strategy for maximum engagement?

The 7 Best Social Media Management Tools to Help Boost Your Efforts in 2020

Nimble - Sales

One way to achieve this is to maintain an active presence across the popular but relevant social media platforms. The post The 7 Best Social Media Management Tools to Help Boost Your Efforts in 2020 appeared first on Nimble Blog. Social Media

How Has Social Media Changed Marketing for E-commerce Companies?

Nimble - Sales

Without a doubt, social media platforms and e-commerce solutions are two of the most influential phenomena of the 21st century. The post How Has Social Media Changed Marketing for E-commerce Companies? Social MediaBoth have significantly changed the way we get information, buy and sell goods & services, and interact with others. Many would attest that both have altered how we see the world as a whole. Some […].

How Gen Z is Transforming the Way Brands Market on Social Media

Nimble - Sales

One of the most unique things about Generation Z is the fact that they have grown up in a world where social media has always existed. The post How Gen Z is Transforming the Way Brands Market on Social Media appeared first on Nimble Blog. Social Media

How to Find Paid Social Media Keyword Ideas From Top Hashtags

Neil Patel

When you’re setting up paid social media campaigns , keywords can help you make those critical connections and ensure your campaign’s success. Popular hashtags can be the source of inspiration that gets your paid social media campaigns off the ground.

Best Tools for Social Media Management for Sales Teams

Nimble - Sales

Social media provides one of the most powerful business promotion tools that help popularize any type of product or service with the proper approach. Social networks help to boost sales, brand and company awareness as a whole. Social Media

How Social Media Is Influencing Purchase Decision

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Social media is all about connecting people in easier ways. From how to get more Instagram followers through useful tools such as KENJI to where to eat and what to see when travelling to new places, the social media covers it all. These days, social media is probably the most reliable way for companies to influence and attract potential customers. Reviews Given by Social Influencers Influencers are everywhere now.

25 Social Media Tools That Experts Use to Streamline Their Marketing

Neil Patel

billion social media users worldwide, social media marketing cannot be ignored. Savvy marketers know social media is a vital part of every marketing campaign. For businesses, every social media platform is an opportunity to engage with their target audience.

How to Increase E-Commerce Sales Through Paid Search & Social Media Campaigns

Neil Patel

As online shopping integrates seamlessly with search and social platforms and as UX improves, more users are inclined to make their purchases online. If you’re behind in your paid search and social ad spend, don’t worry. social referral share to e-commerce sites.

Save 10 Hours Every Week With these Social Media Marketing Shortcuts

Neil Patel

Businesses of all sizes typically can’t afford to ignore social media. Every enterprise, regardless of its sector, can benefit from the massive audience you can reach with popular social platforms. This is where social media marketing shortcuts can prove useful.

Playing Guitar for Social Media (Radboud Withaar)

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

Radboud Withaar A Talk With Social Media Pros #8 For this interview, I brought one of my favorite guitarists on Instagram who has been killing it every single week. How Did You Choose Which Social Media To Post Your Content On? If You Had to Pick One Social Media Account You Look Up To, Which One Would It Be And Why? social-media art instagram mark-growth music

Optimize Your Website for Conversions with These Social Media Insights


Social media. Social platforms capture different sides of us as we go about our days – and this makes them an extraordinarily useful tool for conversion optimizers. Here’s what you don’t want to miss: How to turn social media into one of the most powerful research tools in your optimization kit, The different ways you can use social proof to help your customers convert, What data points to really pay attention to, And more.

How Social Media Influencers Can Benefit Your Subscription Box


Influencers have ascended to lofty heights in modern society thanks to the rapid spread of social media. Unsurprisingly, marketers and brands have worked hard to capitalize on the attention these internet icons command, giving rise to a whole new field of marketing.