Sun.Aug 01, 2021

Dear SaaStr: What Happens After You Raise Venture Capital for the First Time?


Q: Dear SaaStr: What Happens and Changes After You Raise Venture Capital for the First Time? A few thoughts if you haven’t raised venture capital before: 1. Remember you have to prove yourself, still.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit for Employees

The Daily Egg

Gone are the days when direct deposit was just a perk. Today, it’s the default payment method for most workers—and not without reason. Direct deposit makes your payroll process more fluid, allowing you to pay your employees and contractors accurately and on time.


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Why are Online Casinos Popular and Easier to use?

SaaS Metrics

In comparison to land casinos, online casinos have grown quite popular nowadays. Many players worldwide are starting to play at online casinos to satisfy their wishes for the game.

How to Screen Resumes

The Daily Egg

Screening resumes is an unenviable but necessary recruiting function. With challenges such as high volume, time constraints, limited personnel, and human error, a little help from automation is often a welcome relief.


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