Sun.Jan 26, 2020

Should Your Free Edition … Be Even Free-er?


Aaron Levie and Karen Appelton, his ex-head of partnerships came to the 2018 to talk partnerships and one point on “free” deeply resonated with me. Aaron said he wished his API could be 100% free for everyone , for everything.

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Why Every Startup Needs an Inverted Demand Generation Funnel, Part III


In part I of this three-part series I introduced the idea of an inverted funnel whereby marketing can derive a required demand generation budget using the sales target and historical conversion rates.

We grew our email list by 4000 subscribers using one lead magnet. Here’s how


What would you do to get 4000 new subscribers who want what you’ve got? Who are genuinely interested in your content. Who open your emails and forward them to friends and colleagues. At GetUplift, it all starts with the lead magnet. . To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the term “lead magnet.” .