Do SMBs Need Customer Success? 100% For Sure If You Also Have Sales Involved


If a sales rep closed a deal, A customer success manager should take it over. An open question around smaller customers is how do you staff up Customer Success for them — if at all. Can you afford to do customer success there?

Dear SaaStr: Who Should I Hire First to Get Customer Success Going?


Q: Dear SaaStr: Who Should I Hire First to Get My Customer Success Function Going? I don’t mean a true VP of Customer Success in the early days of revenues … you’re not ready for that yet. you believe in and would trust with your hard-won customers.


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Join Team SaaStr in Customer Success!!


We’re hiring for several roles for our tiny but might team at SaaStr, but our top priority is really professionalizing customer and account success by bringing on a great seasoned customer success leader. Experience: 2-10 years making customers happier in some role.

SaaS Customer Success Tips

SaaS Metrics

Today’s SaaS companies need to consider many aspects of their business when creating and measuring success. As a result, SaaS Operations customer success 2021 customer success saas saas customer success software customer success

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

To survive and thrive, intelligence needs to be pervasively integrated into the entire customer journey, operations, products, and. Customer success, not field sales, drove the most revenue. Of course, growth isn’t the only important measure of company success.

Why I Usually (Not Always) Prefer Customer Success to Report to the CEO


Ah, who should Customer Success report to? So usually, she can easily also manage Customer Success as well as all her reps. And Sales and Customer Success are of course connected. Your VP of Sales may know better how to manage customer success than you do.

9 Questions To Ask Candidates for Your First Head of Customer Success


The good news today, is there are tons of customer success veterans out there. Even just a few years ago, there weren’t enough folks when enough experience to be your first “head of customer success.” Tell me about the top 3 customers you lost.

What Is Customer Success?


An enterprise cannot survive without satisfied customers to support it. This has always been true, but never has it been more true than in the era of customer-centricity that we now live in. The question is, what is customer success? What Is Customer Success?

The 1 Simple Test to Know if You’ve Hired a Real VP of Product or Customer Success … Or Not


The first thing he did was meet in person or on a web conference with our Top 20 customers. I thought I knew what they all thought (our top 20 customers) anyway. Later I realized it’s what all the great product leaders, and customer success leaders, do as Job #1 when they join.

Understanding the Customer Success Team Structure


The success of an enterprise depends more than ever on the Customer Success (CS) team. A CS team’s primary purpose is to build, maintain, and optimize lasting customer relationships by helping them fulfill and even exceed their own business goals. Head of Customer Success.

The Employee Factor - Perfecting Your CX From Within

Speaker: Dennis Snow, President, Snow & Associates

Too often, organizations and their CX experts only look at the company's relationship with the customer to look for improvement. While it's essential to creating the perfect customer journey, it's only one aspect. It's time to look within: your employees' relationships with each other, and with the company. This webinar will provide you with strategic tools that can be used to raise the bar of service throughout your organization.

6 Essentials when Selecting Customer Success Tools


Customer success tools can help you increase your revenue by promoting client satisfaction and retention. Here are six essential features to look when selecting customer success tools. Customer success tools don’t work in isolation. Customer Health Scoring.

Customer Success Capacity Planning

Customer Success-Driven Growth

How many Customer Success Managers (CSMs) do we need to give our customers their Appropriate Experience (AX)? What happens if a bunch of customers upgrade? Is our Customer Success Management team too big? CSM Customer-facing Hours. Number of Customers.

Customer Success Plans Promote Client Satisfaction


Customer success plans provide you with a powerful tool to help clients achieve their goals. With your product, they feel more satisfied with your brand, positioning your own business for success as well. What Is a Customer Success Plan? Customer Success

Customer Success: Roles Within a B2B Enterprise


When customers succeed using your product, your enterprise succeeds. To accomplish that, you need a well-structured customer success team with clearly defined roles within the company. Thinking Critically About Customer Success Roles.

Find the Right Customer Success Platform with our Scorecard Template


Choosing a Customer Success platform for your business is also a major decision and one that should not be taken lightly. How to Use the Customer Success Platform Evaluation Scorecard Template. Customer 360. Customer Retention. Customer Journey Orchestration.

Playbooks for Customer Success Promote Satisfied Clients


When your product directly helps your customers achieve their goals, your brand wins their loyalty. Playbooks for customer success managers help drive processes that promote winning client outcomes. What Is a Customer Success Playbook? Customer Success Automation

How to Create a Customer Success Adoption Plan


This experience of value is critical to the health of your customer relationship, so you need a customer success adoption plan. Breaking down the customer journey into modular stages sta helps to operationalize customer success strategies.

Customer Success Operations: Top Takeaways from ChurnZero Virtual RYG


How to Define, Measure, and Advocate for Customer Success Operations. Have you ever wondered: What’s the difference between Customer Success Management and Operations? When should I add Customer Success Operations and how do I advocate for the role?

Getting Started with a Customer Success Program at Lucid


As part of the roll-out of their new customer success program, Lucid wanted to focus on how to manage and engage their key stakeholders. However, an important aspect of any new customer success program is managing your internal stakeholders. .

Aligning SaaS Customer Success

Chaotic Flow

SaaS businesses develop intimate, long term relationships with their SaaS customers. If they don’t keep their customers around for years, then all that capital invested in customer acquisition will have gone to waste. This is the third post in a series that explores the importance of SaaS customer alignment across the SaaS customer lifecycle. It is typical in B2B software for customer acquisition to eat up 50% or more of total costs.

7 Customer Success Team Goals for Your Enterprise in 2019-2020


Realizing lifetime value from your customers is about generating lifetime value for your customers. That’s the central tenant of the customer success approach to business. It represents a shift away from thinking of customers as point-of-sale pursuits and toward regarding them as ongoing relationships that require continuous nurturing. . So, what customer success team goals can help your enterprise generate real results?

The Top 5 Customer Success Manager Best Practices


Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work hard to provide the best customer experience possible by prioritizing customer needs and helping them throughout the customer journey. They monitor the customer experience and their achievement of value.

Achieving Customer Success Maturity: Focus Areas, Pitfalls, and Warning Signs


When you build a Customer Success organization from the ground up, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of doing the wrong things well. That’s why it’s essential to invest in the people, processes, and technologies that create the most value for your customers and your organization.

Solving the number-one blind spot in customer success


The promise at the heart of the SaaS business model has always been that by sacrificing relatively large one-time payments, you’d maximize revenue over the long-term lifetime of the customer. In four letters, the promise of the SaaS model is CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value). But baked into that promise is a catch: your revenue needs to actually recur in order to make servicing and supporting your customers worthwhile. The Customer Success Paradox.

Digital Customer Success vs COVID – One Year Anniversary Recap


No one knew what the “new normal” meant for the market, industry, businesses, or customers. In this webinar , Christine Vienna Knific, VP of Customer Success, walks us through their journey and the tactical steps she took to operationalize success for Wisr.

10 Scalable Ways to Improve SaaS Customer Success


“Do customer success” is the startup equivalent of “eat less and exercise.” Of course, you’d like to talk to each individual customer and make them successful. But dedicated customer success teams are a privilege of bigger SaaS companies.

What’s the Difference Between Customer Success and Customer Experience?


The rise of the customer-centered economy has created an urgency among enterprises to keep customers happy at all costs. It has never been easier for unhappy customers to churn. Value leads to sustainable growth for both you and your customers.

How to Build the Business Case for Customer Success


Our increasingly customer-centric economy has established Customer Success as critical to every business’s overall strategy. Demonstrating the value of Customer Success to executives is crucial. So how do you do build the business case for customer success?

Low-Touch Vs. High-Touch Customer Success Models


The same theory applies to good customer success. That knowledge gives you the power to settle the low-touch vs. high-touch debate in favor of whichever method better leverages your resources toward generating growth for your customer and yourself.

Customer Success vs. Customer Support: What Are the Differences?


Customer success vs. customer support: although these two terms appear similar, they actually refer to two different, yet complementary, functions within a company. Customer Success vs. Customer Support: How They Differ and How They Intersect.

Customer Success and Marketing: How These Teams Collaborate


Talk of customer success (CS) abounds in today’s customer-centered economy. It’s vital, as it is the CS team that works with customers after that critical first sale and keeps them coming back for more. The Intersection of Customer Success and Marketing.

How Customer Success Technology Tackles the Top 7 CS Challenges


Ongoing market volatility created by the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a greater emphasis on the revenue potential of existing customers. In uncertain times, however, it is difficult to predict customer behavior or anticipate future needs. Customer Success Challenges.

Five Tips for Building a Customer Success Team


In the customer-centered economy, your customer success (CS) team is invaluable. The team’s goal is to retain your hard-won customers and help them grow by deepening the customer relationship and ensuring they are realizing value with your product every step of the way. This leads to greater customer success, which reduces churn and increases renewals. . Build Your Customer Success Team Around Key Players, Roles, and Skills.

How Should You Define Customer Success?


In customer success, your customers define their own victories. No one-size-fits-all finish line exists that clients must strive to cross, and there is no Harvard Business School concept of accomplishment you can award your customer before resting on well-earned laurels.

Why Customer Success is Important in the Modern Age


The old sales idea of courting and closing a customer in a single effort and considering their value “bagged” from a one-off transaction is as antiquated as dial-up modems. After all, the digitization of business has empowered customers to seek long-term gains from short-term investments. Customers in the B2B and SaaS markets are inclined toward subscription options where they pay on a monthly or annual basis for a service they can discontinue at any time. Times are changing.

How to Use Customer Success Analytics to Your Advantage


Using customer data to illuminate the road ahead is always going to be far more effective than winging it or blindly assuming that what has worked in the past will continue to work in the future. Tracking Data Throughout the Customer Journey. Customer Success Uncategorized

Customer Success Team Accountability Gets You Closer to Your Goals


Customer Success team accountability isn’t something you just worry about figuring out later once your CS team is up and running. In order to nurture this growth, customer success teams must have improved visibility to monitor progress and review customer insights.

Top 5 Reasons Tech-Touch Customer Success Solutions Are a Win-Win


That is the idea behind tech-touch customer success solutions: thoughtful, relevant, value-driven communication delivered only when it has a positive impact on the customer. The key ingredient in tech-touch customer success is purpose.

5 Customer Success Newsletters to Subscribe To


Customer Success is a growing industry, with more resources than ever before – but sometimes it can be hard to find the golden nuggets with the ever-increasing sea of content. The Customer Success Newsletter. Customer Success Around the Web.