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Orcanos Review

The Daily Egg

Orcanos is a requirements management tool that delivers a unified solution with end-to-end traceability, collaboration features, and test management. With one click, The post Orcanos Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Impact Analysis: What Is It and How to Conduct One?

User Pilot

Business impact analysis types include: Traceability, understanding how changes in one area affect others. Here’s a look at some key types: Traceability Impact Analysis : This approach traces connections across a project or system, showing how changes in one area can affect others for a comprehensive understanding.


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Why sustainable tech is becoming a top initiative for execs

IT World

Sustainable technologies can increase the efficiency of IT services (and boost overall enterprise efficiency) using technologies such as traceability, analytics, artificial intelligence and renewable energy — and the issue is now a top 10 initiative for CEOs, CIOs, and other top executives, according to a new report by research firm Gartner.

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Different Types of Logs in a SaaS Application


You should keep the logs for as long as you would want quick access to them for matters of traceability. Personas & Use Cases — Developers, for traceability. Retention — Medium. Developer Logs are usually kept for 3 months and then either moved to cold storage or deleted. Type 3: Audit Logs. Classification Examples.

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From coffee bean to cup: Starbucks brews a blockchain-based supply chain with Microsoft

IT World

However, digital real-time traceability will allow customers to know more about their coffee beans, the company said. In March, Starbucks announced a " digital transparency plan " that would let it verify their coffee beans as 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. To read this article in full, please click here

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User Model: What SaaS platform builders need to know to prepare for growth, Part 1


Tenant identity is the unique, traceable, and secure mechanism for distinguishing tenants from one another. Or just drop us a line. Who does what, where and when Let’s examine this user model perspective of the “who does what” in your SaaS application in more detail.

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Boost Accounts-management with the Square Integration with QuickBooks

Subscription Flow

Moreover, the availability of easily traceable payment records facilitates inspections and compliance checks, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements.