10 Tips to Avoid SaaS Burnout


Burnout is a real risk in SaaS. One piece of “evidence” — a lot of fairly successful SaaS startups all sell at about the same point in time … about 5 years in. The post 10 Tips To Avoid SaaS Burnout appeared first on SaaStr. Not usually in the early days.

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More on the SaaS Sales Playbook for Product-Led Growth


The SaaS sales playbook applied best to a product-led growth when it is adapted to be sales-assisted versus sales led

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Can Professional Services and SaaS Coexist?


My SaaS and startup DNA includes a lot of experience in running professional services organizations. HOW PROFESSIONAL SERVICES BEST FIT INTO YOUR SAAS MODEL. Using the SaaS on behalf of the customer on an ongoing basis, acting as an extension of the customer’s internal team.

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The Top SaaS Companies Have An Average of ~350 Integrations


Ok so how many integrations do SaaS companies typically end up with? It turns out: SaaS leaders like Okta, Shopify, Atlassian and Slack all have 2,000+ integrations. The average public SaaS company has about 350 integrations. Your API.

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SaaS Chart of Accounts

It’s no secret that general ledgers aren’t optimized for SaaS companies. Your QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts is no different. The following Excel template is a sample Chart of Accounts that you can download and customize to fit your business needs.

SaaS Founder’s Guide To Conversational Marketing


Conversational marketing has conquered the SaaS industry long ago. After exploring this post, you will know 1) What is conversational marketing and how it works, 2) What is making CM a successful strategy, 3) How to increase conversions through CM, 4) How your SaaS peers leverage CM so far.

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2019 SAAS Private Survey Results- Part 1

For Entrepreneurs with David Skok

For the seventh year in a row, we’re proud to work with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities) to share results from a survey of ~424 private SaaS companies. Startup Help growing SaaS revenue SaaS SaaS business SaaS metricsThank you to the readers of forEntrepreneurs who participated in taking the survey! Thank you also to David Spitz (@dspitz) and the team at KBCM Technology.

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Cloud and SaaS Are Up 1000%, Now Worth $2 Trillion


We’ve used various bits of the BVP Nasdaq Index and metrics since they launched a few years ago to highlight trends in SaaS and Cloud. This week even after a pullback, public SaaS and Cloud companies are up an eve 1000% (!) SaaS and Cloud are up +1000% since 2013.

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How to Optimize Your SaaS Pricing Page? (Best Practices + Examples)


Psychological facts about your consumers + advanced pricing page tips + real SaaS examples = your SaaS pricing page is ready to close! SaaS Sales

SaaS Freemium Model: What Works, What Doesn't?


SaaS Sales SaaS Marketing StrategyDo you love free stuff? Imagine that you can visit a sports complex for free but you are allowed to do it only twice a month, only for 3 hours in total and you have access to the swimming pool and cardio & strength classes only. That free is always available but you would like to spend more time there, have access to the wellness area as well and visit there more often.

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B2B SaaS Financial Operations Trends Report 2021

From the economy to funding to the downstream impacts of ASC-606 adoption, we explore what finance teams and founders alike are most concerned about in 2021 in our report. If you're in B2B SaaS, you don't want to miss this one.

29 Latin American SaaS Superstars


The Latin American SaaS landscape is hustling and bustling, having seen more IPOs in the last 6 months than the previous 20 years combined. We will gather 300 leading SaaS founders, executives and investors for three days packed with opportunities and rich exchange of knowledge to push the whole ecosystem forward. The Brazilian SaaS platform is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and is serving more than 50,000 customers. Articles Companies SaaS

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Meet 9,000 other SaaS Founders at the FREE SaaStr University!


Want to connect with almost 9,000 other SaaS founders? Want to take 4+ FREE courses on scaling SaaS and raising venture capital? The post Meet 9,000 other SaaS Founders at the FREE SaaStr University! Then check out the latest at SaaStr University !! Learn. Share. Scale!!

2018 SAAS Private Survey Results- Part 1

For Entrepreneurs with David Skok

For the seventh year in a row, we’re proud to work with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities) to share results from a survey of ~385 private SaaS companies. Startup Help SaaS SaaS business Sales & Marketing Machine Sales and MarketingThank you to the readers of forEntrepreneurs who participated in taking the survey! Thank you also to David Spitz (@dspitz) and the team at KBCM Technology Group for their.

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A SaaS Founder’s Guide to PR


The post A SaaS Founder’s Guide to PR appeared first on SaaStr. So as a founder, I was fired by 3 PR firms. In a row. Two actual PR firms, and the third, a solo shop. I was fired for one simple reason: I demanded results. First, I demanded we actually measure PR.

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AR Management Playbook - Secrets to Reduce AR Aging and Increase Cash Flow

If you’re like many SaaS startups, billing and payment management is a big challenge. With this playbook, we’ll show you how to implement an AR management process to handle late payments, subscription renewals, and other recurring billing functions.

The Simple Reason There Are So Many SaaS Unicorns Today


It seems every day there’s not just a new SaaS unicorn, but 2 or 3! How can there now be 100s of SaaS Unicorns (startups worth $1B or more) … vs just a handful 5-6 years ago? The combo makes for more SaaS unicorns, no doubt.

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Types of SaaS Solutions and Applications

SaaS Metrics

Demand for SaaS solutions has been growing exponentially over the past few years with both large and small businesses taking advantage of modern technologies. Understanding the common types of SaaS solutions is important in picking the right solution for a business.

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2018 Private SAAS Company Survey- Part 2

For Entrepreneurs with David Skok

We recently released Part 1 results of our private SaaS company survey in partnership with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities). This is the sixth annual survey we’ve produced together, which provides data to help SaaS companies benchmark their performance against their competition. SaaS Sales & Marketing Machine Startup Help SaaS business SaaS sales and marketing Sales and Marketing Machine

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The Top 10 Worst Pieces of SaaS Advice


But I thought I’d take a stab at the Top 10 Pieces of Classic SaaS Advice … that, in my experience at least, are usually Just Plain Wrong. SaaS compounds. That’s just SaaS math. The post The Top 10 Worst Pieces of SaaS Advice appeared first on SaaStr.

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Digital Trends Report 2020

As part of our goal to continue helping our community during these times, we wanted to share with you this critical data on the state of digital products across industries and provide context on how businesses are responding to the changing winds.

3 Key Automations to Accelerate Your SaaS Company’s Growth


Today’s SaaS apps are easy to acquire and use without IT and operations’ assistance. However, trouble arises when your company ends up with a SaaS sprawl – the overall amount of adopted applications overwhelms your tech stack.

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What is SaaS Pricing Template?


Choosing a price for your SaaS product is tough. This article will dive into SaaS pricing templates and what template options are available. 1 What Is a SaaS Pricing Template? 4 Improve Your SaaS Pricing Strategy: Use Baremetrics. What Is a SaaS Pricing Template?

Public SaaS Companies Are Now Worth $1 Trillion


No SaaS company is yet worth $1 trillion, through perhaps that is coming. What has happened though is the Top 30 SaaS companies together are now worth $1 Trillion. That’s $1 Trillion in market cap from the SaaS leaders. The Era of the SaaS Decacorn is Here.

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6 Things in SaaS That Are Only Obvious At Scale


Everything in SaaS starts to get pretty complicated around $4m-$5m. SaaS companies with super happy customers many inertia after $10m ARR. SaaS companies with somewhat happy, or many unhappy customers, start to get bogged down there.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

The company was making a shift to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model— which requires adopting new ways of thinking, changing organizational models, constantly measuring, and. Adopting a nimble SaaS mindset helps companies innovate. 2018 STATE OF. EMBEDDED. ANALYTICS.

Why You Should Kill Your Competitor in SaaS


IMHO and experience, most SaaS CEOs/founders aren’t Killers. But the thing in is, in most SaaS categories, you can and probably should try to do even better than this. But if you really want to Go Big in SaaS, ideally, you want to double down where you are losing , too.

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2020 SaaS Survey Results- COVID Edition!

For Entrepreneurs with David Skok

KBCM TECHNOLOGY GROUP SAAS SURVEY – COVID EDITION For the eighth year in a row, we’re proud to work with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities) Thank you to the readers of forEntrepreneurs who participated in taking the survey!

SaaS Pricing Pages Do Seem to Use the ‘Decoy Effect’. But Not So Much For Bundles.


Q: How is the ‘decoy effect’ used to increase add-on and bundle sales in SaaS? It’s an interesting question in SaaS. Do we see the classic ‘decoy effect’ — vs. just highlighting the most popular version — on SaaS pricing pages? Blog Posts Q&A SaaS Product Pricin

Top 18 SaaS Analytics Tools for 2020 (By Use Case)

The Daily Egg

We’re breaking down the top SaaS analytics tools into 4 key use cases—so you can mix and match the tools that meet your needs. The post Top 18 SaaS Analytics Tools for 2020 (By Use Case) appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

software vendors and SaaS companies. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 1 Customize to Monetize: The Strategic Way to Create Tiered Offerings.

61+ Companies That Are Hiring in SaaS


But there are pockets of SaaS that are growing, and in some cases, significantly faster than before. We put out a thread here you can click on for a deep dive on 100s of SaaS openings from SaaStr CEOs: Are you hiring? Things are rough out there, brutal in many cases.

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The Era of the SaaS Decacorn is Here


A very curious thing has happened during this very sad and stressful time: the Era of the SaaS Decacorn has firmly arrived.? When I started as a SaaS CEO, there was only one SaaS unicorn: Salesforce. Should SaaS and Cloud deserve these all-time high multiples?

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The “Covid Boost” for SaaS Will Last Years


Q: What impact will the effects of covid have on the SaaS industry? Many of us in SaaS are really struggling now. But on balance, Covid-19 is dramatically accelerating SaaS: During “Shelter Plus” times, in the end, we’ve worked more in the Cloud: More Zooms.

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How to effectively generate B2B SaaS leads (or skip this article and lose qualified SaaS leads)


If you are asking yourself, “Why does my business-to-business (B2B) SaaS company need leads?” SaaS Lead Generation SaaS Marketing StrategyLeads. Leads = customers = profits. then you are in the wrong industry.

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Preparing for SaaS Funding: Evaluating your Funding Options

Speaker: Jon Steinberg, Co-founder of Mountside Ventures, and Clayton Whitfield, Co-Founder and SVP of Revenue Programs at SaaSOptics

While it may seem that more and more SaaS companies are taking the bootstrap approach to financing, it’s encouraging to know that there are many other viable funding options on the market. Whether you fall into the category of “non-VC compatible,” or just prefer a more non-dilutive option, understanding what alternatives there are and how to evaluate them based on your business and operational goals will pave the way to a successful financing outcome that’ll help scale your business.

SaaS Will Hit $116 Billion Next Year. Wow.


Gartner has its latest Cloud report out , and while one can always pick at any report, it’s at least a well-resourced and reasoned source on the size of SaaS and the Cloud. The big learnings for SaaS founders and execs: Cloud overall will grow 17% next year to $266 Billion.

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5 Key SaaS Trends for 2019


Having been involved in a number of SaaS companies over the last decade, we’ve noticed a series of recurring trends where growth is concerned. We recently attended SaaStr Annual with 14,000 other SaaS executives to discuss the latest trends in SaaS. In this piece we go through some of the prevailing trends and ideas within the SaaS industry in 2019, which small, medium and large SaaS companies alike should consider as key focus areas this year.

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The most exciting Latin American SaaS Startups


As we have showcased in previous pieces, there are many reasons to be excited about the Latin American SaaS ecosystem. Not only is the region producing superstar SaaS contenders, but the interest from local and international VCs is increasing. However, our interest goes beyond the current state of SaaS in Latin America. We want to understand the future generation of SaaS leaders and help them grow. Articles Lating America SaaS Startups

What’s a Good Net Retention Rate in SaaS?


Let’s look at some of the top public SaaS companies: Shopify — very SMB: 100%. On the low end for the enterprise SaaS companies, but still basically 120%. The post What’s a Good Net Retention Rate in SaaS? At least 100% net negative churn (i.e.,

4 Competencies of a Successful Sales Team

Speaker: Collin Stewart, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue

As you scale your SaaS business, you want to be armed with all the necessary tools to ensure optimal growth, which ultimately stems from how effective your sales team is. After identifying that you have a great product that the market needs, the next step is to determine if you have the proper messaging, if you are using the correct channels, and if you have the most effective tactics in place. Join Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue Collin Stewart to learn how to use this formula to fast-track your startups’ growth journey.