How do VCs value startup?


The post How do VCs value startup? There is one common factor, that founders know, but often lose track of in their pitch: every VC, at any stage, is looking for outliers.

Growing a Startup Ecosystem in Louisville, KY


Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and the Louisville Entrepreneurship Acceleration Partnership (LEAP) together announce the launch of the Techstars Startup Ecosystem Development program in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of University of Louisville.

The most exciting Latin American SaaS Startups


We had a closer look at who the young upstarts of Latin America are in search of the most exciting Latin American SaaS startups. With them in mind, we have created our Startup Program , tailored especially for SaaS startups. Articles Lating America SaaS Startups

Startup Community to Local Corporations—Hey, I’m Over Here!


Great startup communities have meaningful connections from every actor in the ecosystem. The problem with the corporation–startup community connection, or lack thereof, is that the value for each actor is many times not obvious. By Chris Heivly, Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars.

The Compare Game For Startup Community Leaders


I find that that the same compare game is weaseling itself back into my soul as I work with startup communities around the world. We have all seen this in the rankings of various startup communities. Building a startup community in your city?

Introducing the SaaStock Asia Startup Program


Christina Villa had a simple launch plan for Cledara: do it at the SaaStock Startup stage on October 16th, 2018. Having applied for the SaaStock Startup Program, she was in a race against time – the platform needed to be functioning by the time she got on the stage to pitch.

Are startup CEOs happy?


The post Are startup CEOs happy? The best start-up CEOs are: driven. unhappy if they are not building. truly enjoy doing great things with their team. are grateful for those on the journey with them. want very happy employees. incredibly proud of the crazy things everyone has pulled off.

Meet Gunars Grundstoks: Startup Digest Curator in Latvia


As an original co-founder and board member of TechHub Riga, the first TechHub expansion from London, I cultivate collaborative spaces for emerging entrepreneurs and tech startups to come together to learn, share, and grow. Why did you decide to start curating Startup Digest?

Mary Grove on the origins of Google for Startups & Startup Weekend


From Google for Startups to Startup Weekend to Rise of the Rest and beyond, Mary Grove is passionate about community-driven change, and helping make it happen. Over 14 years, she went from working on the IPO deal team to starting Google for Startups. Startup Grind.

Setting up for early success as a SaaS startup


On this week’s podcast, we talk with Cristina Vila, Founder of Cledara, which was crowned the Best SaaS Startup of 2018 during SaaStock18 in Dublin last year. . What’s the most important feature of a Best SaaS Startup. SaaS Revolution Show Product Startups

Career Decisions: What To Look For In a Software Startup


So, you’re thinking of taking a job at a startup, but are nervous about the risk, perhaps having trouble telling one from another, and unsure about knowing what’s really important in startup success. Startups are about people.

The Startup Funding & Financing Guide


There are more funding and financing options for startups today than there ever have been before. There’s also been an explosion in debate and transparency about navigating startup funding and financing. Let’s explore the funding and financing options for your startup. Funding Your Startup. For Companies A, B, and C, they all exchanged equity for capital, leveraged debt, and used profits from customers to fund their startup.

Becoming the Partner of Choice for Startups


For the past year, we’ve been promoting—both internally and externally—the concept of QBE becoming the “partner of choice” for startups. The need to collaborate with startups—and the benefits of collaborating—are unquestionable; however, too often we’ve seen partnerships fail and result in disillusionment on both sides. Here are a few of our key learnings for successful collaborations between corporations and startups.

Techstars Expands to Korea to Support Booming Korean Startup Sector


July 9, 2019 – Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and Hillstone Partners, a boutique capital consultancy firm specializing in startup business, announced today the launch of the Techstars Korea Accelerator in partnership with Hillstone Partners.

“I Learn From Startups All The Time”—Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs’ Danielle Cohn Has 4 Rules for Startup Mentors


As she explained, “Really, our team was side by side with the startups the whole time they were in the program.” She and her team met with the 10 startups in the program every week, helping them refine what they were looking for from their other mentors. “We

Techstars and Innovation Leader Reveal Best Practices for Leveraging Startups in Corporate Innovation


Research shows corporations create coherent partnering and investing strategies with startups. Survey research found that large corporations range in their experience and willingness to work with startup entities.

The Two Dimensions of Startup Performance


When it comes to evaluating a startup’s performance, I think there are two key, orthogonal questions that need to be examined: Is the company delivering growth? Growth is the primary driver of value creation in a software startup. state of market, stage of startup).

What are the core management roles in a SaaS startup?


The post What are the core management roles in a SaaS startup? There are plenty of folks to hire, but there’s a basic suite of VPs you’ll need to add on the way from $0.1m to $10m in ARR: Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product and Engineering.

Techstars and Hyundai Card launch Network Engagement Partnership to support Korean Startups


The partnership will support startups within Hyundai Card Studio Black, a premium amenity-driven co-working space located in the Gangnam district in Seoul, to connect startups across the Techstars network with Hyundai Card for potential collaboration opportunities.

“Delivering Meaningful Opportunities to do Good Stuff Together:” Community Leader Spotlight with Pascale Hyboud-Peron


Pascale gets most passionate when talking about ventures that she has seen come out of Techstars Startup Weekend, or that she has been able to help through Venture Centre, such as SeeSpray and CLOser.

Why Excel is a Startup’s Worst Enemy


The post Why Excel is a Startup’s Worst Enemy appeared first on CloudKettle. SaaS Sales and Marketing B2B B2B SaaS excel Saas SaaS sales Salesforce startup killer subscription revenueThis blog post was born out of an off-hand tweet written by our President and Founder.

Is it frowned upon to do more than one accelerator as a startup?


The post Is it frowned upon to do more than one accelerator as a startup? It is, at least by some, viewed as a slight negative sign. But, usually both aren’t Top Tier accelerators.

Troy Henikoff on how #GiveFirst grew the Chicago startup ecosystem


How does a startup ecosystem grow? Troy Henikoff , Managing Director of MATH Ventures and Co-founder of Excelerate Labs, which became Techstars Chicago, remembers the early days of Chicago’s startup ecosystem, and how #GiveFirst helped it grow.

Techstars Alumni Can Apply to the $5 Million 43North Startup Competition for Free


The startup ecosystem in Buffalo, NY is on the rise. Today, Buffalo has more startups than ever, as well as a growing community of enthusiastic startup employees, customers, suppliers, mentors, and storytellers, all supporting this groundswell of entrepreneurial activity—more than Buffalo has seen in generations. All this made Buffalo the perfect city to launch our inaugural Techstars Startup Ecosystem Development Program—and made 43North the perfect partner. .

Startup Founders’ Guide to Software Outsourcing


It’s a big challenge to reach business growth in a time when thousands of startups are founded on a daily basis. There are many reasons why a lot of startups fail: wrong budget management, uncertain business objectives, lack of expertise, etc.

Startup marketing: strategies for year one

Inside Intercom

The most important tasks for any early stage startup are to write code and talk to users. Founding a startup is a lot like this. I didn’t have a perfectly mapped out startup marketing strategy. A lot of startups spend untold time and resources cooking up some fancy marketing matrix when in fact you just need to have lots of real life conversations with like-minded people about their problems, and mutually explore how you can solve them.

Should Your Startup Differentiate On Pricing?

Tom Tunguz

Startups are innovation machines. They identify market opportunities, develop novel products and go out to change the world. Some companies want to change the world in one dimension: a better product or a disruptive go-to-market.

Which startup did you leave too early?


The post Which startup did you leave too early? My own. When we sold EchoSign to Adobe in 2011, we were profitable, doing $1m a month growing ~100% YoY, had 37% usage market share and 31% revenue market share, and the entire market was probably $50m in size.

What successful startups were launched while the founders worked 9 to 5 jobs on the side?


The post What successful startups were launched while the founders worked 9 to 5 jobs on the side? I’m not aware of any huge successes in SaaS that were active side projects while the founders worked at different companies.

Redpoint SaaS Startup Key Metrics Template

Tom Tunguz

Over the last decade or so, I’ve compiled a metrics sheet to summarise a SaaS business. While no living document like this is ever perfect, this is currently the best board-level summary of the overall health of a business I have found. I’m sharing it so that others may benefit and improve it. If you have suggestions, please email me. Redpoint SaaS Metrics Template. The template is broken into six sections: People, Bookings & Revenue, Cash, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success.

Is Salesforce meant for startups or larger companies?


The post Is Salesforce meant for startups or larger companies? Salesforce is meant for, and to benefit, managers. It: Forces and automates workers to input all key customer data. Provides management dashboard-level insights into their pipeline and business. Enables forecasting. Little of this helps reps themselves, and thus little of it really helps tiny start-ups which often have no real management. Not really. But ….

Series A SaaS Startup Benchmarks for 2018

Tom Tunguz

More money enables startups to achieve greater milestones before raising the next round. How far along was the typical SaaS Series A in 2018? The median business was at $1.8M in ARR and growing at 250%.

Diverse Startups Do Better: How To Make Yours More Inclusive At Any Stage


Do you have questions about how to build D&I into your startup?

At what stage should a startup hire a CMO?


The post At what stage should a startup hire a CMO? Roughly, when Demand Gen is no longer the core function of marketing. This also often is the time when you are ready to expand beyond a core small, effective, efficient marketing team.

Lesa Mitchell joins The Heritage Group Accelerator Powered by Techstars to help startups disrupt legacy enterprises


The Heritage Group (THG) and Techstars are working together to help entrepreneurs and startups disrupt these legacy industries through The Heritage Group Accelerator Powered by Techstars located in Indianapolis.

T.A. McCann on how sailing in the America’s Cup is like running a startup


How are sailing and startups alike? tells tales of his sailing adventures—including one harrowing anecdote involving Rupert Murdoch’s finger—and applies the knowledge he gained competing in two America’s Cups to running and growing startups. Edited highlights from the conversation: Sailing as a metaphor for startups: David: If you haven’t read the book, go get Proven Ground. That was some part of us winning that 1992 America’s Cup, and in the startup mode.

The Benefits of and Questions Facing Remote and Distributed Startups

Tom Tunguz

Today, China, Brazil, India, Argentina, France, Ireland, Germany; you name it, there’s a startup with a remote office there. These new models afford startups flexibility in the way they build their companies and the talent pools to farm. In 2013, Scott Berkun authored a book called The Year Without Pants. Scott shared his experience working remotely for Wordpress.

10 Essential Startup Books for SaaS Founders? & CEOs


When faced with a challenge, it's so easy to consult the wisdom of Q&A's and startup blogs , that we're often guilty of neglecting the humble book.

Techstars introduces Techstars Studio to rapidly envision, validate, and launch startups


Techstars Studio Will Create Disruptive New Startups and Help Large Corporations Innovate. Techstars Studio will then spin out new startups and source talent and capital from its worldwide network to run the company.

Want A Shot at $100K? Submissions Are Open For The SaaStr & Ingram Micro Startup Pitch Competition!


Need some extra cash flow to help your startup take it to the next level? We’re excited today to announce the first ever SaaStr Startup Pitch Competition presented by Ingram Micro. This new program invites Founders & CEOs to submit their startup for a shot at a $100K prize.

Financial planning for SaaS startups

The Angel VC

It's a simple plan for an early-stage SaaS startup with a low-touch sales model – a company which markets a SaaS solution via its website, offers a 30 day free trial, gets most of its trial users organically and through online marketing and converts them into paying customer with very little human interaction. Therefore the key drivers of my imaginary startup are organic growth rate, marketing budget and customer acquisition costs, conversion rate, ARPU and churn rate.

Do startups ever have one founder with substantially more equity than the other founder(s)? Does this work?


The post Do startups ever have one founder with substantially more equity than the other founder(s)? My gut was that equal splits were more common than non-equal — but I just looked and I’m wrong. Of the 25+ investments I’ve made, less than half have equal splits.

The #1 startup fundraising mistake every founder makes

Your palms grow sweaty as you think of everything you're doing wrong—the increase in your churn rate last month, your latest PR hiccup, or any of the other million of things that inevitably go wrong running a startup. Hiring and building a great startup team ? fundraising startups