A New Way to Help Student Entrepreneurs Succeed: Learnings from the inaugural LaunchPad Lift Cohort, part of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars entrepreneurship program


LaunchPad Lift “was the most impactful incubator/entrepreneurship program I have participated in. Together, we help students learn about entrepreneurship, find great mentors, and start successful companies. Entrepreneurship is all about action.

Sushi, passion, and entrepreneurship

Tom Tunguz

Passion is not something you follow. It’s something that will follow you as you put in the hard work to become valuable to the world. Follow a Career Passion? Let It Follow You. In his book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”, Cal Newport, a college classmate, champions the idea that passion lags work, instead of passion inspiring work. It’s the same philosophy embraced by sushi master Jiro, in the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” Jiro should focusses on mastering a practice, making sushi.

Entrepreneurship growth: perception vs reality

Tom Tunguz

The flurry of media activity in entrepreneurship including the spate of new TV shows like X-Factor for tech and Shark Tank, the refocus of the NYTimes and WSJ on technology, and the number of entrepreneurs on mainstream magazine covers gave me the impression that entrepreneurship is on the rise. There’s this idea that we can somehow rely on entrepreneurship to get us out of the job crisis,” said Scott Shane, an economics professor at Case Western Reserve University.

A Fireside Chat on LA’s Tech Scene, Entrepreneurship, and More


The post A Fireside Chat on LA’s Tech Scene, Entrepreneurship, and More appeared first on ReSci Techstars Executive Director Cody Simms & ReSci CEO Jerry Jao sit down to chat on a broad range of topics: Founder’s depression Top Qualities needed as a founder How to transition into an investor What an investor looks for in a startup The truth about.

If You Don’t Like The Road You’re Walking, Start Paving Another One”.

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marketing business mark-growth entrepreneurship productivityChoose Your Own Lead Generation Direction. Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking ».

The Top 5 Leadership Qualities a First-Time Founder Should Practice

Groove HQ

EntrepreneurshipStarting a business is hard.

An Entrepreneur Doesn’t Have To Like Pies To Make Money Off Pies

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business-strategy business-intelligence mark-growth sales entrepreneurshipThey Just Need To See The Value In Selling Pies To People Who Like Pies Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking ».

SaaS Pricing Experts Explain How To Turn Pricing Into Your Biggest Growth Lever In 2018


Entrepreneurship Pricing SaaSThe post SaaS Pricing Experts Explain How To Turn Pricing Into Your Biggest Growth Lever In 2018 appeared first on Chargify Blog.

My 90-day Plan to Build a World Class Network

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writing mark-growth business entrepreneurship self-improvementImagine asking for the insight of the most incredible people in the world… and getting a reply. Continue reading on Marketing And Growth Hacking ».

How to Use Upselling to Increase Customer Happiness, Retention and Revenue

Groove HQ

EntrepreneurshipUpselling doesn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, it can help you make your customers happier. What comes to mind when you think of the word upsell? For many of us, it might bring up images of sleazy salespeople trying to line their pockets by selling us extra stuff we don’t need. And, […]. The post How to Use Upselling to Increase Customer Happiness, Retention and Revenue appeared first on Groove Blog.

10 Learnings Building a Consulting Practice to €150k+ per year

Pierre Lechelle

EntrepreneurshipAbout 4 years ago, I tried to launch a business but failed without grace. The irony is that other entrepreneurs were asking me for advice. I quickly realized that I could help them grow their business. I also realized that I could make a good living out of it.

7 Awesome Entrepreneurs shared their secrets at SaaStock 2017

Pierre Lechelle

Entrepreneurship SaaSAs some of you may know, the largest european SaaS conference happened in Dublin on the week of the 18th of September. If you don’t know about SaaStock, you should definitely check it out. This edition gathered 1 500 people from all over the world.

Why Being Clueless Can Be a Great Thing

Entrepreneur - SaaS

How hiring our first salesperson led me to recognize that cluelessness is at the heart of entrepreneurship. Make More Happen

7 Benefits of Owning An Interactive App for Online Businesses


Entrepreneurship ProductivityThere’s something about a good interactive experience that makes it hard to forget. Not only does it provide a delightful experience to a customer, but it leaves behind a special memory.

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur Different From Others?


After all, many believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to move towards a brighter future; just ask the Elon Musks of the world whose startups later turned into global empires. EntrepreneurshipYou have a great business idea, and you’re ready to bring it to fruition.

Techstars Foundation Accepting 2019 Grant Applications


Techstars is always working to be a leader in inclusive entrepreneurship by improving opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities throughout our global ecosystem.

If I Had to Start All Over Again, I Would…

Neil Patel

Entrepreneurship isn’t as glamorous as most people think. Entrepreneurship looks great and is amazing. Entrepreneurship UncategorizedI started young. At the ripe age of 15 and a half, I started my first online business. Can you guess what it was? It was a job board.

The Best Freelance Sites for Clients and Freelancers


Entrepreneurship Outsourcing ProductivityPeople are looking for ways to make money. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a mom trying to stretch her budget, or someone who needs an outlet for their creativity. A freelance site is just what you need.

Preserving Lives: Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars Spotlight on Lazarus, Tech for Law Enforcement


Highlights of student-led ventures participating in the LaunchPad Lift Cohort , part of the Blackstone LaunchPad® powered by Techstars® entrepreneurship program.

The #1 reason you should start building a list now.

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productivity business email-marketing entrepreneurship mark-growthThe #1 reason you should start building an email list now. Photo by MARVIN TOLENTINO on Unsplash If you’re building an online business and you don’t have an email list, you’re building your castle on a foundation of quicksand.

#SaaS: How to leverage SaaS app stores for your Go-to-Market strategy

Point Nine Land

marketing entrepreneurship saas go-to-marketTest new products, reach new user segments and acquire new customers I covered this topic in more details in “ A landscape of the major SaaS app stores ”, but I believe we’ve entered the “SaaS app stores” era.

What Gordon Ramsay can teach you about email marketing.

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business writing marketing entrepreneurship prodcutivityPhoto by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash Michelin Star Chef Gordon Ramsay is well known for his 35 restaurants worldwide, from London, Las Vegas, Singapore & Dubai.

Importance of Marketing Research to an Organization


Marketing EntrepreneurshipIf you are a marketer and you don’t know market research, then you are missing out one of the most significant aspects in business. As a marketer, it is your accountability to research market for appropriate actions in the company.

Starting a SaaS in Berlin – 3 years in

Chart Mogul

Industry berlin chartmogul entrepreneurship industryI wrote a blog post back in November 2014 about the reasons for choosing Berlin (over London) as the city to launch ChartMogul from. When I wrote the original post I’d only had around three months of living in Berlin to form an opinion.

Keep It Simple Sally: List Building 101

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productivity business mark-growth marketing entrepreneurshipPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash I remember when I first heard the term ‘email list’. I didn’t even know what it was, let alone how to build one.

Two Heads Are Better Than One: Hire A Collaborator

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advertising branding marketing collaboration entrepreneurshipIllustration: Mark Armstrong The best illustrators contribute ideas, not just drawings There was an article titled America’s Top Digital Cities in the December 15–16, 2018 issue of The Wall Street Journal.

Why Being the Loudest Makes You the Weakest

Neil Patel

And that’s what you are doing when it comes to getting marketing and entrepreneurship advice. Life isn’t that bad – entrepreneurship is like a rollercoaster. EntrepreneurshipWhat’s one thing that you are constantly seeing on the web?

Here’s How To Really Remain Relevant In The Ever-Changing Digital Age

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digital-marketing entrepreneur social-media entrepreneurship mark-growthThe 21st century has thus far been defined by a constant and ever-accelerating evolution of the digital world. Particularly in the communication and media space, technology providers continue to innovate.

The Role of Mobile Technology in Accelerating Business Growth


Entrepreneurship Mobile MarktingSmartphones have proliferated into every segment of our existence and over the past couple of years, these pocket computers have become increasingly powerful to a point where they are capable of handling all our basic computing and connectivity needs! However when it comes to the business and industry sector, we mostly find that the usage of mobile devices limited to connectivity and communications only.

Benefits of Using Managed IT Services


Entrepreneurship OutsourcingTo begin with, let's understand what we mean by 'Managed IT service'. This term is referred to independent IT bodies who take care of small and medium size businesses. They are expert IT professionals with vast and varied industry experience and are best at solving all complex IT issues. The best part of these services is that you get to pay for only what you use and therefore it becomes a very cost-effective option for most growing businesses.

Five Things That Bad Storytellers Don’t Do

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marketing entrepreneurship business startup life-lessonsBeing a storyteller is more than words, it’s results. In today’s digital and social media landscape, everyone refers to themselves as a storyteller. It’s become the buzzword du jour.

#SaaS: A Simple Customer Discovery Plan

Point Nine Land

customer-development saas entrepreneurship startupWe are in 2019, an unbelievable number of articles, guides, and other white papers has been written about customer discovery already, and yet, I feel like plenty of early-stage founders could spend much more time talking to potential customers.

How To Measure Your Design Work Using One Method


Entrepreneurship Web DesignI worked in the design area for a long time. There are a couple of interesting things happened in the area. We are from the graphic interface designer to the user experience designer, and then people like to call themselves product designer.

How To Keep It Ethical When You Guest Blog


Entrepreneurship ProductivityWhen you're creating content that will be published on someone else's site, the key to doing it ethically is to make your readers your first priority. Your main goals must be to inform, enlighten, and/or entertain. Yes, guest blogging may also act as an advertisement for your own site, and a link included with your guest post may send some traffic your way.

How This One Little Word Will Change Your Life

Neil Patel

EntrepreneurshipWhen I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I made a huge mistake. And sadly, it took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong. The issue with this mistake is that it isn’t obvious. Not just entrepreneurs, but people, in general, make it for the majority of their lives.

How AI Learning Is Implemented With Electra Virtual


Entrepreneurship ProductivityBefore we move head-on to the very intriguing development, our company is focused on getting word out to the world about what we truly believe to be a worthy investment. A way for you to better your ability to trade wisely and make very informed decisions.

AI 52

A landscape of the major SaaS app stores

Point Nine Land

entrepreneurship saas marketplace-software product50 B2B software marketplaces listed & four observations 50 Shades of SaaS App Stores - Spreadsheet If you’d like to be notified of our next posts you can subscribe to our newsletter.

SMB 60

Can You Believe Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business This Much?

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email mark-growth email-marketing entrepreneurship online-marketingBuilding an email audience using email marketing can be hard… Has trying to do email marketing left you feeling like this?

How AI could impact the B2B software industry in the next decade

Point Nine Land

entrepreneurship saas venture-capital startup ai

AI 65

A gun-toting trigger happy trannie named Kinky Renae.

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marketing entrepreneurship self-improvement advice writingAn email marketing exposé. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Standing in the shower the other night and a line from a song popped into my head. Not just any line though. The kinda line that stops you in your tracks when you first hear it.

How to Use Clickbait Effectively, Genuinely and not like a Dick.

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content-marketing writing marketing branding entrepreneurshipLet's be genuine again.

The Market Isn’t Wrong

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marketing advertising entrepreneurship mark-growth startupJamie Doershuck is a marketing consultant at The Doer Co who helps 6 and 7 figure businesses optimize their conversion rates. You can work with her here. Your Idea Doesn’t Matter?—?Impact

Founder Burnout and the Impact On Your Bottom Line

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mark-growth founders entrepreneurship burnout work-life-balanceWe’ve all seen the headlines: “This CEO Gets Up at 4 AM and Works Out at Lunch” or “How This 22-Year Old Launched a Startup While Working a Full-Time Job.”