Blockchain: Renewing Trust in Charities


We at DECENT are investing in educating communities about the different ways that blockchain can be leveraged to make the world a better place. At this 54-hour event, participants pitched ideas for how to put blockchain to use, from improving infrastructure to bringing more equity into the insurance industry. However, one area we didn’t see discussed was how blockchain can restore trust in charities. . All transactions on blockchain are available to public audit.

Blockchain Architectures for Scaling Applications

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0/ One view in crypto is that a single blockchain (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) will someday emerge victorious and proceed to dominate all use cases. It’s more likely that many networks will emerge as winners in their own … The post Blockchain Architectures for Scaling Applications appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. cryptocurrencies & blockchains DeFi tweetstorms


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How Will Blockchain Affect SaaS

SaaS Metrics

In order to understand how the recent growth of blockchain technology has affected it, it’s best to begin with a couple of definitions. There are some major changes taking place in the world of software as a service.

How QuikNode is Handling Growth in the Blockchain Industry


QuikNode is a Miami-based startup powering blockchain applications with lightning fast Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BSC and xDai nodes. Trusted by top blockchain projects, QuikNode has launched over 3,000 nodes and has been helping advance the blockchain ecosystem since 2018.

Five Open Problems for the Blockchain Computer

Andreessen Horowitz

How fun, challenging, and fulfilling would it have been to work on semiconductors in the … cryptocurrencies & blockchains open source policy security & privacyDo you sometimes wish you had been born in a different decade so you could have worked on the fundamental building blocks of modern computing?

7 Trends in Blockchain Computing

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In a follow-up to one of our most popular podcast episodes that originally aired in April 2017 , a16z crypto general partner Chris Dixon returns to talk with Olaf Carlson-Wee of Polychain Capital in a free-wheeling conversation about the seven … cryptocurrencies & blockchains open source

How to Use Blockchain in Marketing Data Security

Neil Patel

The boom of Bitcoin has made blockchain technology a trending topic. What Is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain technology is a new way to secure your data. How Does Blockchain Work for Data Security? Why Should You Use Blockchain in Marketing Data Security?

a16z Podcast: Voting, Security, and Governance in Blockchains

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Whether in corporations, boardrooms, or political elections, voting is something we see in all kinds of social systems… including blockchains. It’s the natural human tendency for how to organize decisions, and in distributed systems without centralized middlemen, it’s the only … cryptocurrencies & blockchains online communities security & privacy a16z Podcast on-the-road governance hallway conversations

A Green Beret’s Journey to Blockchain and Crypto

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During this time, he saw first-hand that underlying the Syrian refugee crisis, the rise of radical extremism, and other global conflicts … The post A Green Beret’s Journey to Blockchain and Crypto appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. Former U.S.

Towards a Decentralized Storage Network for the Blockchain Computer

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In a previous video , a16z crypto Deal Partner Ali Yahya laid out five open problems for building the blockchain computer. In this video, we double-click on the decentralized storage … cryptocurrencies & blockchains security & privacyOne of those problems is building a decentralized storage network.

Microsoft launches Azure-based blockchain development kit


Another blockchain project has been announced by Microsoft which aims to integrate blockchain and its cloud services

Including "blockchain" in your marketing copy powers willingness to pay


On this episode of the ProfitWell Report, Marcelo Furtado , Co-Founder at Convenia , asks us a brilliant SaaS marketing question: How does having "blockchain" or "crypto" in your marketing impact willingness to pay? In less than a decade, the concepts of the blockchain and cryptocurrency have gone mainstream and permeated throughout our financial markets and a myriad of different products, from IBM's Watson to the "internet of things".

Why blockchain-based voting could threaten democracy

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Public tests of blockchain-based mobile voting are growing. Even as there's been an uptick in pilot projects, security experts warn that blockchain-based mobile voting technology is innately insecure and potentially a danger to democracy through "wholesale fraud" or "manipulation tactics."

a16z Podcast: Five Open Problems Towards Building a Blockchain Computer

Andreessen Horowitz

In this episode, which originally aired on YouTube , a16z crypto partner Ali Yahya talks with Frank Chen about five challenging problems the community is trying to solve right now to enable a new computing platform and a new set … cryptocurrencies & blockchains open source

Salesforce offers blockchain lite to entice users

IT World

Salesforce is now offering select customers blockchain as a permissioned, centrally controlled service, which in some ways runs counter to the basic premise of the technology: that it's an anonymous, distributed network with no central authority. Salesforce is not alone, as numerous vendors have lined up to offer blockchain networks via cloud services. Others control who can join and on which blockchain data can be shared.

6 Ways Blockchain Could Change the Marketing Landscape

Nimble - Sales

Blockchain is the single most disruptive technology in our lifetime. If you’re like most people, you probably associate blockchain with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. That’s a valid connection, but numerous other sectors could utilize blockchain’s capabilities to help meet their goals. Here are six ways blockchain could alter the marketing industry […]. The post 6 Ways Blockchain Could Change the Marketing Landscape appeared first on Nimble Blog.

The Impact of Blockchain on SaaS

Tomasz Tunguz

The blockchain is a technical advance. Blockchain startups have already targeted major buyers of software, from email security products to job marketplaces, from legal products to human resources software. In contrast, blockchain startups are exploring inter-company applications, processes that involve two or more companies. Blockchain companies are striving to identify where this novel technology will dislocate incumbents, dislodge budgets and create massive businesses.

Why hybrid blockchains will dominate ecommerce

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When Facebook launches its cryptocurrency Libra in 2020, it will need a public-facing blockchain network for consumers who purchase items using digital wallets and a private blockchain network for the banks backing the new digital currency. The concept of setting up "hybrid blockchains," where one is public or consumer-facing and the other is permissioned for corporate transcations behind the scenes, is expected to become a mainstay as the business of blockchain matures.

SAP targets counterfeit drugs with blockchain tracker

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SAP has launched a supply chain tracking service based on blockchain that will enable drug wholesalers to authenticate pharmaceutical packaging returned from hospitals and pharmacies. Further reading: What is blockchain?

IBM launches global blockchain-based payments network

IT World

IBM today unveiled Blockchain World Wire , a real-time global payments network based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) for regulated financial firms. The blockchain-based network will offer a new way for near real-time cross-border payment exchange and international settlement. The settlements can be done in five to 10 seconds.) The network is currently able to transfer funds to more than 50 countries using 47 digital coins backed by fiat currencies.

For real estate, blockchain could unshackle investment

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A blockchain industry alliance has released a guide and list of use cases for deploying the technology to enable, among other things, the purchase of fractions of real estate property as digital securities on an open marketplace. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) used its 30-page Real Estate Use Case document to promote blockchain as a more open, transparent and traceable method of transacting in the multi-trillion dollar realty industry.

Amazon goes live with its blockchain managed service

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After nearly a year of testing, Amazon on Tuesday announced the general availability its Amazon Managed Blockchain , a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks. Amazon originally announced the blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) at its AWS re:Invent conference last June, inviting companies to sign up for a pilot of it.

How blockchain may kill the password

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That's the potential blockchain holds for decentralized identity management. Further reading: What is blockchain? Blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) – in combination with digital identity verification – holds the potential to solve online privacy issues that plague everything from consumer sales and bank know-your-customer regulations to employee credentials that allow access to confidential business systems.

SAP targets counterfeit drugs with blockchain tracker

IT World

SAP has launched a supply chain tracking service based on blockchain that will enable drug wholesalers to authenticate pharmaceutical packaging returned from hospitals and pharmacies. Further reading: What is blockchain?

Microsoft touts its first managed blockchain service: JPMorgan’s Quorum

IT World

Microsoft today announced its first Azure-based, managed blockchain platform using JPM's Quorum enterprise-class distributed ledger technology. Since 2015, Microsoft's Azure cloud service has allowed users to install a number of blockchain platforms, including Enterprise Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, and Quorum.

Blockchain craze helps push up related salaries

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Salaries for blockchain developers are up again, with annual pay soaring by more than $4,000 over the past six months for those in the highest bracket. The median annual salary for a blockchain developer is now $132,000, with experienced workers commanding upwards of $176,000 a year when they move to new organizations, according to Janco Associates, a management consulting firm that conducts regular salary surveys and updates its report biannually.

Investing in Helium

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From the start, our core thesis has been that blockchains are a new class of computers. cryptocurrencies & blockchains networking announcements

An Agenda for the Future of the Internet

Andreessen Horowitz

cryptocurrencies & blockchains policy & regulationToday, we’re excited to announce the release of How to Win the Future, a policy agenda for the third generation of the internet.

Kadena launches a hybrid platform to connect public, private blockchains

IT World

Brooklyn-based spinoff Kadena has launched a hybrid blockchain that can scale horizontally, enabling multiple electronic ledgers to talk to each other via smart contracts – and letting users transfer cryptocurrency between the chains. Their hybrid blockchain model looks interesting, mainly because it enables interoperability via smart contracts that run on public chains and talk to/with private chains,” said Avivah Litan, a vice president of research at Gartner.

NFT Virtual Summit: The Videos

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have energized the crypto world in the last six months, bringing new creators, collectors, fans, and participants to the space and spotlighting the underlying blockchain technology. cryptocurrencies & blockchains founder/maker stories

MIT's blockchain-based 'Spider' offers 4X faster cryptocurrency processing

IT World

Industry collaboratives , consortiums and vendors have been working to address the problem with scaling blockchain-based cryptocurrency transactions, both in terms of size and efficiency. If successful, digital currency could rival traditional banking and even make credit cards obsolete, as a person’s bank account and credit would be tied to a public-private key infrastructure they – and not the bank – would control. To read this article in full, please click here

Blockchain-based storage service takes on Amazon AWS, unveils pricing

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A cloud storage service first announced in 2015 that uses the decentralized, peer-to-peer architecture of blockchain to store encrypted data on the computers of users around the globe has unveiled its pricing model and production launch date. Storj Labs , which operates a beta storage service for developers, businesses and consumers, initially launched the Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service in August.

Stablecoins, Stability, and Financial Inclusion

Andreessen Horowitz

cryptocurrencies & blockchains policy & regulation

Trends 102

Investing in OpenSea

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NFTs are blockchain-based records that uniquely represent pieces of media. consumer cryptocurrencies & blockchains marketplaces announcements NFTsWhen you purchase an NFT, it’s yours to control as you see fit, similar to when you buy a physical good.

7 blockchain mistakes and how to avoid them

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Companies are still cautiously dipping their toes into the blockchain trough, hoping to discover where the distributed ledger technology can create efficiencies in their business processes. Based on its research of blockchain implementations, Gartner this week published a guide to the seven most common mistakes companies should avoid.

Investing in Axie Infinity

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cryptocurrencies & blockchains gaming, social, and new media announcementsJeff Bezos famously said “your margin is my opportunity,” referring to the way Amazon grew market share by lowering prices and eating into competitor margins.

From coffee bean to cup: Starbucks brews a blockchain-based supply chain with Microsoft

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Starbucks is working with Microsoft to develop a blockchain-based supply chain tracking system and mobile app that will allow customers to track the supply chain journey of the beans they buy and the coffee they drink. In March, Starbucks announced a " digital transparency plan " that would let it verify their coffee beans as 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. Last year, Starbucks worked with more than 380,000 coffee farms to ensure ethical sourcing.

IBM brings blockchain to Red Hat OpenShift; adds ApacheDB for hybrid cloud customers

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IBM continued its Red Hat and open-source integration work this week by adding Red Hat OpenShift support to its blockchain platform and bringing a Kubernetes Operator for Apache CouchDB along side its hybrid-cloud services offering.

How blockchain can help the coffee industry count beans

IT World

The volatility in coffee has been hard on small-to-medium sized coffee farms in countries where there are few banking options and where growers often get paid prices that don't reflect the market, according to Luis Macias, CEO of blockchain-based supply chain service GrainChain. Historically, wholesale coffee prices have been volatile, fluctuating widely over time. In the past two years, coffee prices have dropped from a high of $1.55 per pound to a low of 87 cents.

What Does AirBnB's 'Shares for Hosts' Idea Imply for Blockchain?

Tomasz Tunguz

And the Blockchain is here. Network effect businesses, those like AirBnB and Facebook, face a theoretical risk from blockchain startups. Blockchain technology incentivizes network participants. If the SEC permits AirBnB and other network-effect companies to reward usage with shares, the SEC may dull the competitive threat from blockchain - especially where there’s an incumbent.