1 Key SaaS Sales Metric to Fine-Tune Sales Productivity


For these reasons, accurately tracking key sales metrics and benchmarking your performance against peers and market leaders is critical to getting the most out of your sales resources. Typical SaaS Sales Metrics. The Key Metric: Average Sales Cycle. Sales is the Growth Engine.

What are the most important metrics for SaaS?


In the early days, there are probably only 5 metrics that really matter: ARR. NPS is A Great Core Metric. The post What are the most important metrics for SaaS? ARR Growth Rate. Burn Rate. Probably, NPS (more here: I Was Wrong. SaaStr ). And maybe … net revenue retention / churn.

SaaS metrics aren't just for investors. You need them, too.


often talk about B2B SaaS metrics from the perspective of what investors want. If you don’t have easy access to the metrics they expect (or, worse, if they’re wrong), your valuation could suffer and that’s the last thing SaaS founders, CEOs and CFOs want to hear. Metrics fill that gap.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #9: Segmentation

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Despite the added work to produce the metrics, there is high value in understanding the different segments. Segmenting your metrics by product usage enables you to measure the correlation between user actions in your product (e.g. Related posts: SaaS Metrics Refresher #4: Expansion.

Benchmarking Slack's S-1: How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up

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Also, we’ll compare metrics to a peer group with similar ACVs. Slack has transformed the way we work. By replacing email with beautiful and simple internal chat, Slack has productized productivity.

A High Growth SaaS Playbook – 12 Metrics to Drive Success

For Entrepreneurs with David Skok

Building for Success Business Model SaaS Metrics Startup Help Growth metrics for SaaS companies SaaS SaaS businessI recently gave a talk at the 2018 SaaStock NYC conference in June. I had two goals I wanted to accomplish, present a simple model to understand SaaS business and to show a simple model of a SaaS business and to show the key levers a CEO can pull to achieve the greatest impact on their business.

The Metrics-driven SaaS Business

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My first serious lesson in the criticality of SaaS metrics was about six years ago when I was unexpectedly stumped in a board of directors meeting. Today we are witnessing the emergence of The Metrics-driven SaaS Business. The SaaS Metrics Mandate. The SaaS Metrics Universe.

Benchmarking Zoom's S-1:How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up

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These metrics are the result of exceptional product market fit. Expect this business to fetch stellar multiples, most likely similar to Atlassian because the revenue, growth rates, sales efficiency and profitability metrics are comparable.

Track This, Not That: 6 Metrics That Matter

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Followers are one example of “vanity metrics.” Which metrics are nothing but flash and which will serve up useful facts to help your business grow? The post Track This, Not That: 6 Metrics That Matter appeared first on Rebilly.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #4: Expansion

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Welcome back to SaaS Metrics Refresher. When it comes to measuring expansion, there’s a single metric that’s usually used: MRR Expansion Rate. As with most SaaS metrics, we always measure expansion rate across a fixed period: What’s a healthy expansion rate?

The SaaS Metrics Maturity Model

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Becoming a Metrics-driven SaaS Business is no easy task. However, the financial rewards of moving beyond standard SaaS financial metrics to SaaS customer success metrics and ultimately to sophisticated predictive analytics are significant.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #2: Recurring Revenue

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Welcome to the second installment of our SaaS Metrics Refresher course. Recurring revenue metrics & analysis. MRR is definitely one of the most important metrics in SaaS, but profit margins are underrated” Andrew Rasmussen ( @a13n ), Canny. SaaS Metrics 2.0:

Driving SaaS Customer Acquisition w/Success Metrics

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As a SaaS business matures, the importance and value of SaaS metrics increase. Most SaaS businesses begin their journey down the SaaS metrics path by tracking recurring revenue in relation to customer acquisition costs. Reducing Acquisition Costs through Metrics.

The Promise of SaaS Customer Success Metrics

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Over the past few years, the SaaS community has gained a solid understanding of SaaS financial metrics, as well as many of the operational principles required to achieve them. The promise of customer success metrics is immense. Driving SaaS Customer Success with Metrics.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #3: Churn

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Welcome to our third installment of SaaS Metrics Refresher. Actionable SaaS Metrics: Customer Churn Rate (ChartMogul) — The Actionable SaaS Metrics series goes beyond measuring and calculating. Related posts: SaaS Metrics Refresher #4: Expansion.

Churn 56

The Metrics-Driven SaaS Business | Ebook

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The SaaS community has gained a solid understanding of SaaS financial metrics, as well as many of the operational principles required to achieve them. We are witnessing the emergence of The Metrics-driven SaaS Business.

The Most Important Customer Success Metrics to Track and How to Improve Them


Customer success metrics are used to discover what kind of customer experience you are really delivering. And with customer success metrics, you can measure whether your efforts are working. Customer Success Metrics Lead to Action. There are three critical areas of the customer experience that can be accurately measured using customer success metrics. Adoption Metrics: Measuring the customer’s use of the product. Let’s take a closer look at each metric.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #5: Customer Lifetime Value

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Welcome to this week's instalment of SaaS Metrics Refresher. This week: the most controversial metric in SaaS, LTV promises so much. It’s a valuable metric for assessing the health of a subscription business and making informed decisions about customer acquisition.

SaaS Actionable Metrics (AARRR): Tracking The SaaS Metrics That Matter Most


One of the most important places to start is by tracking the SaaS metrics that matter most. The simplest and most effective model for this is called Actionable Metrics or AARRR.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #8: Data Literacy

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It's more important than ever to ensure that your whole team is well equipped to work with metrics and data. As I explained in my post the data literacy shortfall : For years, modern businesses have used data and metrics in almost every decision they make.

Benchmarking PagerDuty's S-1:How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up

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Let’s first look at one of the key SaaS metrics: the dollar attention. Comparing the metrics to other world-class companies, we can see that PagerDuty’s metrics are clearly the top decile, and represent another fantastic software IPO

Introducing our SaaS Metrics Refresher course

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Today we're launching an email course enabling anyone in SaaS to get to a baseline level of knowledge on metrics, no matter their level of experience. Here’s what you can look forward to in the coming weeks: Why SaaS Metrics? Related posts: SaaS Metrics Refresher #3: Churn.

The User Adoption Metrics That Matter for Your Customer Success Team


Your user adoption metrics create a silent, unending conversation between your enterprise and your customer. It follows then, that your adoption metrics should reflect this deeper goal and generate insight into customer engagement. As such, the user adoption metrics that matter should address issues such as whether your product or service is helping your customer complete their work more efficiently. Metrics that Matter. Metrics that Matter. Metrics that Matter.

Bluenose Enables the Metrics-driven SaaS Business

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While SaaS financial metrics , such as recurring revenue, acquisition cost, service cost, churn, growth and lifetime value have dramatically increased our understanding of the economics of SaaS businesses, they have proven inadequate for managing them.

What’s behind those churn metrics?

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Churn is bad for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Very bad. But knowing there’s a churn problem is one thing; fixing it is something else. To bring down churn, we need to understand what’s behind the numbers. Why are customers leaving? Different causes will point toward different fixes.

Churn 130

SaaS Metrics Refresher #10: Wrapping it all up

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It's time to look back at the topics covered in our SaaS Metrics Refresher course and pull out some lessons learned. This is our tenth and final outing in the SaaS Metrics Refresher bus. Related posts: SaaS Metrics Refresher #8: Data Literacy.

The metrics behind Spotify’s IPO

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Spotify's recent F-1 filing is packed full of metrics and insights into both consumer subscriptions and the streaming music industry. Spotify’s filing gives us a rare look into the metrics of a large-scale consumer subscription business.

Get Your Reps To Own Their Metrics

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The post Get Your Reps To Own Their Metrics appeared first on Sales Hacker. Choice Partner Rekener Sales Development Sales Management Sales Operations Webinars

SaaS Customer Engagement Metrics That Can’t Be Ignored


In order to do that, you need to use the right SaaS customer engagement metrics. These metrics are practical measures of exactly how much, or how little, your customer is actively engaged with your product at any given time. Key Customer Engagement Metrics. There are four key SaaS customer engagement metrics that will give you insight into how your customer is using your product. The metrics are: Monitoring usage frequency.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #6: Cohort Analysis

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Learn how to identify trends in behavior across the entire customer lifetime with cohorts Before we get started, let’s address the elephant in the room: Cohort analyses aren’t exactly a SaaS metric. SaaS Metrics Refresher #3: Churn.

Measuring Sales Enablement: The Metrics You Need to Assess Success

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Keep reading to learn the metrics you can use to prove your onboarding and training are successful. Unless you’re manually gathering metrics, you don’t have enough data to prove enablement is actually working. The Metrics You Need to Perfectly Assess Sales Enablement.

SaaS Metrics Refresher #7: Revenue Recognition

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SaaS Metrics Refresher #2: Recurring Revenue. Best Practices email course finance saas saas metrics refresherIn this week's lesson, we're tackling the tricky process of converting bookings into revenue — also known as revenue recognition. Repeat after me: cash is not revenue!

We ? vanity metrics ;-)

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Who ever said only startups love vanity metrics? Here's our revenge for all those misleading stats that we have to muddle through almost on a daily basis when startups pitch us! Yesterday I saw this post on the blog of Karlin Ventures.

The Essential SaaS Metrics Glossary


Whether you're trying to grow your business, secure VC funding or simply improve user experience, there are a handful of crucial SaaS performance metrics you should be tracking, day-in and day-out. That's why I've compiled a straightforward glossary of 17 essential SaaS metrics.

Add ChartMogul metrics to Octoboard

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Octoboard’s new ChartMogul integration lets users access their revenue, sales and marketing metrics all in one place. That’s why we make sure to collaborate with partners and customers on syncing key metrics with other systems, like Geckoboard, Visible and Numerics.

Key Revenue Metrics for SaaS companies

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When I talk to SaaS startups and take a look at their metrics, it still happens quite often that some of the numbers aren’t quite clear to me and it takes some time to clarify things. That said, I believe most SaaS companies can focus on a small number of revenue metrics which aren’t overly complicated. So let’s take a look at the most important revenue metrics in SaaS. Since both metrics are interchangeable, it doesn’t matter if you’re tracking MRR or ARR.

SaaS Metrics With Real Examples


SaaS metrics like LTV to CAC ratios are simpler to understand when you see real examples and why they're important. Below we breakdown the metrics of one company and show you metrics for a number of others.

What is MRR Churn? | SaaS Metrics FAQs Part 2

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Since publishing the original SaaS metics blog series and subsequent SaaS Metrics Guide to SaaS Financial Performance , I’ve received numerous inquiries on various details and hidden gotchas in SaaS metrics implementation. SaaS Metrics FAQ #4 | What is MRR Churn?

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Simple Sales Efficiency Metrics for SaaS Leaders

The SaaS CFO

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of SaaS metrics, but in this post, I’ll focus on a couple easy and popular (meaning important) SaaS […]. The post Simple Sales Efficiency Metrics for SaaS Leaders appeared first on The SaaS CFO. I have spent years forecasting software and SaaS company financials. One area of the P&L that receives extra scrutiny from leadership and investors is the sales and marketing area.

Nothing simple about SaaS benchmark metrics

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

There are certainly plenty of surveys and published benchmarks on SaaS metrics that try to provide guidance. There are lots of simple questions about SaaS that don’t have simple answers. Here are a few I hear all the time: How much should I spend on sales and marketing to acquire customers?

David Skok on choosing the right metrics for the right growth stage

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In this one-off episode of SaaS Open Mic recorded at SaaStock Dublin, I talk to the "Godfather" of SaaS metrics, David Skok. ” David was thinking about SaaS metrics before I was even starting out on my career. His industry-defining post, SaaS Metrics 2.0

9 Worst Practices in SaaS Metrics

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9 Horror Worst Practices in SaaS Metrics As mentioned in my last post , I recently did a talk about SaaS metrics and I said I'm going to upload the slides. kpis metrics saas seedcamp software as a service

Data-driven sales: 18 sales KPIs and metrics to grow your revenue faster

Inside Intercom

Sales KPIs versus sales metrics: Is there a difference? Some might argue that there are fine-grained distinctions to be made between KPIs and metrics. You can think about it this way: your KPIs are the key metrics you use to measure sales performance.