Reverse Engineer Pipeline to Hit Your Goals


Reverse Engineer Pipeline to Hit Your Goals. Enter: reverse engineering pipeline. From here, based on our pipeline needs, we can reverse engineer how much activity is required to hit goal.

Building a Stellar Engineering Organization


Claire Hough is the VP of Engineering at Apollo and has nearly 20 years leading engineering and development teams at Udemy, Napster, and Netscape. Claire Hough | VP of Engineering @ Apollo. Vijay Gill | SVP of Engineering @ Databricks. Databricks SVP of Engineering.

Building a $100M ARR Sales Team the Second Time Around with WP Engine (Video + Transcript)


I’m the SVP of sales for WP Engine. Then fast forward to WP Engine. I’ve been with WP Engine for the last five-and-a-half years. One of the things that I do at WP Engine I’ve always done is I overembellish that.

The Critical Building Blocks of an Enterprise Sales Engine


In the mid-market and SMB worlds, we can create an activity focused and pipeline coverage oriented ‘reverse engineering’ approach to figure out where we are going to land. Many of you will at some point be faced with a board or executive team who want to get a slice of the juicy enterprise market after experiencing success in the mid-market. This article has some key takeaways on the pre-requisites for success from a sales org profile standpoint.

How engineers can make an impact outside the code editor

Inside Intercom

Product engineers are experts at identifying, understanding and solving problems. Here are the five areas that we encourage product engineers to contribute to as they seek to maximize their impact. It’s important that engineers are given the support to feel comfortable doing this.

How to prepare for engineering interview assignments

Inside Intercom

Interview assignments have become a common component of the hiring process for engineering roles. If you’re interviewing for a job at Intercom, we aim to develop a holistic understanding of the way you think about building product and approach engineering problems. Engineering

Adding Engineering Metrics to the Redpoint SaaS Metrics Template

Tom Tunguz

When I shared the Redpoint SaaS Metrics Template, I wrote about the difficulty I had identifying key engineering metrics. I think these three metrics provide a sense of engineering efforts for boards and executives to discuss. I wish there a way to get a sense of engineering cadence or productivity (similar to AE quota attainment), but that remains elusive.

Investing in Engineering


After joining WePay many years ago I’m now its longest tenured software engineer and I’m proud of the corporate culture I’ve helped develop. Early on, WePay struggled to establish an effective way to grow the engineering team.

Engineering Your Own “Luck”: The 3 Key Rules of Building Globally Distributed Teams with Eventbrite (Video + Transcript)


Come and hear about the typical pitfalls (and how to avoid them) from Pat Poels, an executive with over seven years under his belt leading Eventbrite’s now 300+ strong engineering team that sits across North America, South America, and Europe. And, how does he close engineers?

WePay Engineering and Kubernetes Containerization


The WePay Engineering blog regularly publishes articles about how we use modern technologies to pursue constant improvement in our work. The most recent article focuses on containerization patterns we’ve been experimenting with and using in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

The key to having impact as an engineer? Empathy

Inside Intercom

As product engineers, we like to build things, we like to solve problems, and we also want to have impact, right? From an engineer’s point of view, my work was done, right? Empathy engineering. How do we have maximum impact as engineers?

Why your engineering processes need to solve real problems

Inside Intercom

I came to Intercom from a company with a culture of heavyweight engineering processes. From an engineering perspective, it successfully kept you focused on coding. When I started at Intercom, however, I was surprised at how lightweight the weekly engineering processes felt compared to my previous company. The post Why your engineering processes need to solve real problems appeared first on Inside Intercom.

Making the transition from consultant to product engineer

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Those unfamiliar with what product engineers do could be forgiven for assuming that it’s all broadly the same job. But making the transition from consultant engineer to a product engineer was a revelation – I realized that working as an engineer in client services and working as a product engineer are essentially two completely different jobs, bridged only by the common use of technology. Being a Consultant Engineer.

Embracing the deadline: How engineers benefit from delivery dates

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Are there any new engineering processes that might slow things down? The post Embracing the deadline: How engineers benefit from delivery dates appeared first on Inside Intercom. Engineering deadlines project management

Stripe’s Will Larson on engineering and infrastructure management

Inside Intercom

As a startup scales, the importance of infrastructure engineers simply can’t be overstated. They’re the ones making sure your app is secure, that uptime looks good, and that the rest of your engineering org has the right tools to build features your users need and want. Today he’s leading Foundation Engineering at Stripe. One of my friends who had worked at Digg had moved there, and I went to work on the infrastructure engineering team.

Reddit’s Nick Caldwell on engineering leadership

Inside Intercom

On day one as Reddit’s new VP of Engineering, Nick Caldwell faced a dilemma. He had just spent 13 years at Microsoft, most recently as the head of 300 engineers. At Reddit, he led a team of 35 – none of whom knew how to manage other engineers. Engineering leaders must do 2 things: a) execute and deliver high-quality software on a predictable schedule, and b) have the people skills to attract, retain and develop strong talent. I got into engineering through my father.

Smells like team spirit – what sports and engineering teams have in common

Inside Intercom

We borrow a lot of the words and concepts we use to describe our engineering teams from the world of sports – from huddles and scrums to sprints and even goals, the terminology resonates from the pitch to the office. My time as an engineering manager at Intercom has reinforced for me the parallels between team sports and being part of a successful engineering team. Startups company culture Engineering engineering teams

Rapid response: How we fixed our on call process to avoid engineer burnout

Inside Intercom

On call work like this can be a powerful customer orientated activity that connects engineers to the value customers get from your product. We realized that we had ended up with an on call setup we weren’t proud of, and had a number of critical problems that we wanted to solve, such as: There were too many people on call at any moment in time – our infrastructure wasn’t so large that it required at least five engineers having their weekends disrupted.

Growth Engineer Job Description Cheatsheet

Sylvia Ng

Putting together a job description for a Growth Engineer? The below tidbits are taken from 30+ job descriptions for Growth Engineers, all from tech companies such as Asana, Airbnb, AdRoll, Cybercoders, Mircosoft, UXPin, and Zenefits, to name a few. Engineer first.

Top SEO Guides: Search Engine Optimization Strategies And Tips


Articles in this guide are well researched and implemented Search Engine Optimization strategies! With this guide, you’ll be able to understand how SEO works, what you need to start growing on search engine results and how to keep the process going even with Google algorithm changes.

Break point: Product engineers and the pursuit of speed and safety

Inside Intercom

As engineers, one of the fundamental things we have to learn is the extent to which we can break things – how do we get the right balance between shipping safely and shipping fast? Almost 3 years in as a product engineer here, I have changed my perspective.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Gainsight and WP Engine — September 13, 2019


Ep.264: Allison Pickens is the COO @ Gainsight, the company that provides everything you need to turn your customers into your biggest growth engine. Ep: 265: Matt Schatz is SVP of Sales at WP Engine, responsible for defining and executing the global sales strategy. WP Engine.

Smells like team spirit – what sports and engineering teams have in common

Inside Intercom

We borrow a lot of the words and concepts we use to describe our engineering teams from the world of sports – from huddles and scrums to sprints and even goals, the terminology resonates from the pitch to the office. My time as an engineering manager at Intercom has reinforced for me the parallels between team sports and being part of a successful engineering team. Startups company culture Engineering engineering teams

Going on tour: How we spread engineering knowledge and culture across Intercom

Inside Intercom

Large engineering organizations face a common problem – different teams working on different parts of a product can end up having specific domain knowledge, and even specific cultures, that can lead to silos. What is an engineering tour? How to design an engineering tour.

Reverse Engineering Your Startup’s Success

Tom Tunguz

Working backwards is one of the most important skills founders and startups employ because it’s a technique to reverse engineer success. By identifying goals and constraints we can find reverse engineer solutions within those parameters

Edmond Lau and Jean Hsu on engineering more leaders and better working relationships

Inside Intercom

As up and coming engineers in Silicon Valley, Jean Hsu and Edmond Lau long sought more influence and impact in their respective positions – but they couldn’t shake the feeling of being stuck. Many engineers feel like they must make a jump into management to lead. But as Jean and Edmond will now tell you, following years of engineering leadership at Quip, Quora, Medium and more, that simply isn’t the case. Jean: Especially with engineering teams.

What to expect: Your first few months as an engineer at Intercom

Inside Intercom

I was curious to see how the company ensures that every new engineer has the opportunity to do the best job of their career, and how that would translate to my personal growth and everyday life in Intercom. Making an impact as an engineer. It’s common for a new engineer to undertake simple tasks for their first few weeks in a new job but you won’t find this at Intercom. Achieving impact for our customers that fast is extremely motivating and empowering for a new engineer.

A framework for optimising your Growth Engine

Aaron Beashel

In a recent post on my blog titled 4 stages of growth hacking , I make the point that optimising your Growth Engine is often an overlooked step of the Growth process. Without having an optimised growth engine (particularly an optimised acquisition funnel & a low churn rate ) you will have a very difficult time scaling your growth either because you cannot find profitable channels or your high churn rate means you’ll hit a growth ceiling.

How to create a Growth Engine for your SaaS product

Aaron Beashel

This framework focuses on combining all these different initiatives into a ‘machine’ I like to call a Growth Engine. What is a growth engine? How do I design a growth engine for my SaaS product? How do I build a Growth Engine for my SaaS product?

How One Startup's Engineering Team Cut their Engineering Release Times in Half

Tom Tunguz

When I worked as an engineer, I loved crafting code and feeling the satisfaction of having built something each day. A few quarters ago, the company implemented Joel Spolsky’s Evidence Based Scheduling techniques which enabled Axial’s engineering team to more than halve their release schedule times. Recently, Matt Story, head of engineering at Axial, spoke about the company’s transition.

WePay Engineering: Keeping a service mesh monitored and highly available


We’ve written previously about our engineering team’s efforts in this area, specifically how we use service mesh technologies to manage all the many services. . The WePay engineering blog covers many of the techniques and approaches we use and how we come to choose them.

PODCAST 44: From Sales Engineer at Salesforce to building a $100M company w/ Travis Bryant

Sales Hacker

Travis began his career designing web portals for car dealerships before joining Salesforce as a Sales Engineer. What is a Sales Engineer and how do SEs work together with Account Executives. How to Know if You Need an Account Executive or a Sales Engineer [8:55].

People of WePay: Chris Conrad, VP of Engineering and Product


effective engineering team? When I joined WePay, there was a solid core of talented engineers, but that was not enough to scale up the company. On the engineering side, there are the site operational metrics. I know that happy engineers are much more productive engineers. .

EBITDA Engineering Before Selling a Business


It's important to consider how your EBITDA will impact your valuation. These basic accounting policies can help you get the results you're looking for when it comes time to sell

How To Make Your Engineers More Product Oriented?


Product-oriented engineers are sought after in every organisation. You can think about product oriented engineers as the owner of the product. Product-oriented engineers are like the chefs who cook the food in the kitchen but also serves it to customers as a waitress They are all around teams players, and they don’t just write codes. They work on the back end, but they are also in the frontlines, communicating with the customers.

Engineers are marketeers, too

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

So now that I've climbed out on this limb, let me go even further: In SaaS companies, engineers are marketeers, too. I know that's an oddball idea, mixing engineering and marketing. There's obviously lots of humor in the notion of "engineers as marketeers," but there's truth to it as well. In SaaS companies, engineers and the development team can contribute to successful marketing efforts in at least two ways.

Hope for the best or prepare for the worst? How we manage critical incidents at Intercom

Inside Intercom

We had many experienced engineers who had been part of on call rotations at other companies, we ran basic postmortem exercises and overall our frequency and duration of outages was pretty good for a company of our size. This is usually managed by an experienced engineering leader.

Building “Minicom”: How our engineering interviews illustrate our values

Inside Intercom

The engineering interview presents a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s engineering culture and values to potential new hires. It struck me that most of these interviews were so far removed from the daily routines of a software engineer. Most interviews are so far removed from the daily routines of a software engineer. At the end of the interview I got to demo my creation to a group of engineers that were genuinely excited to see what I built.

How Should You Allocate Your Startup's OpEx between Sales and Engineering?

Tom Tunguz

What fraction of operating expense is spent on sales & marketing, and what fraction of op is spent on engineering? Most businesses spend 2x more on sales & marketing than engineering. Engineering receives about 17% of operating expense for the median SaaS company. At the high end, companies like Atlassian and Castlight have spent more than 40% of their operating expense on engineering. At the very outset of a startup, engineering typically outnumbers sales.

Startup playbook: reverse-engineering Clay Christens’s market disruptions

Tom Tunguz

Instead of reviewing the incumbent’s strategy, I’m going to flip these around to reverse engineer these defenses and build a startup’s playbook for disruption with examples from our portfolio.

How Social Signals Improve Search Engine Rankings

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

In 2010, Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan talked to the guys behind Google and Bing about the impact of social signals on SEO rankings. But, both search engines emphasized that the authority of a person that shared a link tells them whether the link should carry more weight. Simply put, search engines maybe don’t consider social signals when ranking your site, but a quality social link shared by an authoritative resource will be considered credible and may impact your rankings.

WP Engine passes $100M in revenue and secures $250M investment from Silver Lake

A Smart Bear

billion people) visits a customer running on the WP Engine Digital Experience Platform. This moment in WP Engine’s saga is one of those. And everyone else at WP Engine would tell you the same thing. People said there’s no money in hosting. WordPress is just a toy.

Why 2019 Is The Year Of Growth Engineering In SaaS


Over the past few years, we've seen a new role emerging at within scaling startups - the growth engineer. These roles are filled by engineers that roll up to the CMO/COO (not CTO) as part of a growth team. Trend #1: The most effective users of martech are engineers.