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Built for you: Dynamic Content, granular subscriptions, Surveys upgrades, and more

Intercom, Inc.

Juggle multiple email lists with granular subscription management. Granular subscription allows customers to easily opt out of non-essential communications without missing what’s important to them – putting them in charge of their own personalized experience. Now your support teams can build a bot that focuses on a certain topic (e.g.,

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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up and Using Instagram Subscriptions

Buffer Resources

TikTok has its revamped Creativity Program , YouTube has the YouTube Partner Program , and now, Instagram creators who want to monetize their content directly have the Subscriptions feature. What are subscriptions on Instagram? For example, creator Joy Ofodu created an Instagram subscription to offer exclusive content.


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Why Consumer Subscription Is So Hard, and What to Do About It

Casey Accidental

I was recently on Lenny Rachitksy’s podcast again, and one of the topics we discussed was consumer subscription business. Don’t worry I got more marketplace content on the way as well Shortly after I got into tech, investors started to fall in love with subscription business models, mostly on the B2B side. In short, everything.

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Enhancing Subscription Performance: Your Metric Management Guide

SaaS Metrics

Subscription-based business models have become increasingly popular across a wide range of industries. From streaming services to meal kit deliveries, businesses are leveraging the recurring revenue subscriptions offer. This guide will explore the. This guide will explore the.

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Leveraging Consumption to Drive Growth: The SaaS Expert's Guide to Usage-Based Pricing

Speaker: Igor Stenmark, Andrew Dailey, &Youssef Yaghmour

You’ll hear how you can Harness complex pricing to boost Product-Led Growth (PLG) and customer satisfaction while reducing churn.

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It’s time to ditch software subscriptions


Software firms may have grown addicted to subscriptions, but that doesn’t mean we all need to blindly follow

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SaaS Billing and Subscription Models: Explained


SaaS applications need to be powered with strong onboarding experiences and multiple self-served features, but billing and subscription models are key when it comes to establishing a sustainable growth trajectory. Let’s get familiar with the top SaaS billing and subscription models you can use today for your application.

SaaS 98
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The Ultimate Gartner Report to Driving Growth & Recurring Revenue

In 2023, companies are looking to improve their revenue and drive sustainable growth by scaling their subscription offerings, to increase the rate of growth and resilience by moving from one-time sales to recurring revenue.

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AR Management Playbook - Secrets to Reduce AR Aging and Increase Cash Flow

With this playbook, we’ll show you how to implement an AR management process to handle late payments, subscription renewals, and other recurring billing functions. If you’re like many SaaS startups, billing and payment management is a big challenge.

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Top Fraud and Payment Trends for 2023: What SaaS Pros Need to Know

Fraud is ever changing – especially for merchants that offer online services and subscriptions. This report outlines the most common types of fraud to look out for in 2023 and offers merchant-reported preferred best practices to help minimize fraud losses. In the report, you’ll find: The scale and type of fraud seen in the global marketplace.

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SaaS Payments 101: Roadmap for Monetizing Payments

In our SaaS Payments 101 Guide, you’ll learn: How your payment services revenue can exceed your software subscription revenue. Explore this whitepaper to learn more about the payfac opportunity and why it has never been more important to your software business. Why bringing payments in-house will benefit you and your customers.

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Fuel the Engine of Product Growth with an Impeccable Framing Model

Speaker: Scott Sehlhorst - President, Tyner Blain

Usage by individuals then drives companies to purchase subscriptions or licenses. A product-led company is one that grows through user adoption and word-of-mouth recommendation. For this model to work, your product has to be genuinely desirable to the users you want to engage as the company's engine of growth.