Who are Asia’s SaaS VCs?


The VC firm invests in a wide variety of sectors, including tech, telecommunications, internet, media, education, healthcare, culture, and community. Its investment focus areas include media and tech, telecommunications, financial services, transport, life sciences and more.

2019 Sales Enablement Statistics

Sales Enablement, SaaS and Growth

Financial services (75%), high tech (70%) and telecommunications (67%) have the highest saturation of dedicated sales enablement teams ( Quark ). 2019 is shaping up to be another fine year for those working in and around sales enablement.

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The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


Starting with a degree in Network and Telecommunications, she further delved into engineering and AI. Latin America is undergoing a digital transformation, and the SaaS community is exploding as a result.

Twilio Crossed $1 Billion in ARR Growing 81%. Yes, At $1 Billion.


Yes, Twilio is a service with real telecommunications costs. Twilio recently crossed into the $1 Billion ARR club, if not quite at record growth rates, then fairly close to it. 81% Year-over-Year growth at $1,000,000,000+ in ARR. The $1 Billion+ ARR Club.

Subscription basketball


For the first time since its inception in 2012, the SEI analyzed the impact of subscription businesses by sector, comparing subscription businesses in SaaS, IoT, manufacturing, publishing, media, telecommunications and business services to their respective S&P 500 Industry benchmarks. Today on Recur Now, an NBA team is hopping on the subscription bandwagon. We break down the Cleveland Cavalier's new subscription model with one of our own pricing experts and sports fanatic.

5 Game-Changing Trends Shaping the Future of Sales [New Report]

Sales Hacker

Industries [Retail & Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telecommunications & Media]. Once again, Salesforce presents a strategic look into the rapidly shifting world of sales.

What is product line pricing: definition, examples, and 4 strategies


Telecommunications. Here’s a question that stumps too many young SaaS companies: what’s your pricing strategy? Having a clear answer to this question is imperative to a subscription business’s early success and stability.

2019 Is the Year of Page Speed. Are You Ready?


TELUS, one of Canada’s largest telecommunication companies, committed to improving user experience across their web properties in a series of recent blog posts. Page speed matters. We’ve been hearing it for years, though any one of us would be forgiven for letting it slide.

SaaStr Podcast #218: Twilio Founder, Jeff Lawson & SendGrid CEO, Sameer Dholakia on Why Developer First Is A Maturation In The Supply Chain Of Software


I go into the telecommunications industry, people like carriers and the hardware manufacturers and say, “How do we build up this idea that we have?”

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best VoIP Providers

Sales Hacker

Top-quality telecommunications companies have stepped up to help businesses with the services they need. With so many VoIP options , business may have a hard time choosing the best one.

Rune Madsen on the intersection of user experience and design systems

Inside Intercom

I taught a class called Reinventing Production Tools at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU last semester with a fellow professor, Patrick Hebron, and one thing that we really encourage students to do is to not think about replacing Photoshop, but thinking about much more domain specific tools. More than 50 years ago graphic designers realized that having shared underlying rules when creating a bunch of related objects, a design system, was a smart idea.

PODCAST 01: Walking the Road from Individual Contributor to Management

Sales Hacker

I went to work for a company called Winstar Communications, which was a small local telecommunications company in the midst of the telecom deregulation of 1996. In this inaugural episode of the Sales Hacker podcast, we talk with Kiva Kolstein , Chief Revenue Officer at AlphaSense. . In Today’s Episode: How to map your career from individual contributor to manager. Why you should spend time with and invest in your new hires.

27 Sales Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them Like a Boss!)

Sales Hacker

He is a sales manager in telecommunications. Have you ever “Nailed it!” when interviewing for a sales position? All the stars aligned. Your answers were spot on, and the rapport was effortless. Chances are, you went beyond just “answering questions” if you ended up getting the job.