Understanding the Benefits of SMS Payments For Transportation

Agile Payments

SMS payments, or “Pay by Text payments”, allow customers to pay for services or goods via a mobile phone text message. The customer typically receives a text prompting them to initiate payment via a website interface or additional text messaging.


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Marketplace startups can simplify otherwise complex, disorganized ecosystems like transportation, hotels, groceries and others, and create wonderful businesses along the way. We have had a long history of making investments in strong marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers.

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Zuora Announces the Launch of Zuora.org


It can democratize access to industries like transportation […]. We believe that the Subscription Economy has the power to benefit everyone. The post Zuora Announces the Launch of Zuora.org appeared first on Zuora. ZEOLife Zuora News

The Next 30 Years of Geopolitics - What Could They Look Like

Tom Tunguz

He starts with an explanation of the importance of transport to trade. A country’s manufacturers benefit from low-cost transport. With all the breaking news every hour, I found myself looking for a longer-term perspective on the world.

The Startup Sectors Most Impacted by the Coronavirus

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If we tally the reductions by category, travel, retail, fitness, real estate, transportation, and recruiting constitute the top 6 categories. Which startup sectors are most affected by coronavirus?

The Housing Market is Killing the American Dream

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When people move to cities, they exchange ideas, lower transportation and production costs, and create new breakthroughs. Forget the automobile or the iPhone. Cities, according to the economist Ed Glaeser, are our greatest invention. Today, that virtuous cycle has been … The post The Housing Market is Killing the American Dream appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. fintech Uncategorized construction tech home ownership housing real estate

Applied Intuition

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We at a16z — and I personally — are excited to partner with Qasar Younis, Peter Ludwig, and the Applied Intuition team to build the first and most advanced software supplier to the global auto and transportation industry. Applied Intuition’s … autonomous cars & drones announcements

How to choose the best electric scooter

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However, electric scooters are considered an excellent means of transportation now a day. An electric scooter is a small vehicle that resembles a bike that is powered by electrical energy. There is no use of fuel or oil for an electric scooter to function.

Lesa Mitchell joins The Heritage Group Accelerator Powered by Techstars to help startups disrupt legacy enterprises


Many industries that aren’t top of mind for most of us but serve our most basic everyday needs – from industrial production, transportation infrastructure and environmental services and safety – all are facing technological disruption and innovation.

LaunchPad Lift Spring Program Kicks Off


Electrip (University of Texas, Austin) – Door to door transportation company scheduling rides at any time in your own Tesla. What elements are necessary for successful college-based entrepreneurship education?

Scott Kraege Joins Techstars as Managing Director of The Heritage Group


Today, I’m excited to announce that I am joining Techstars as Managing Director of The Heritage Group Accelerator, powered by Techstars in Indianapolis.

The sales ops tech stack (Part 1)


There’s a concept in transportation logistics called the “spoke-hub distribution paradigm” which routes are organized as a series of “spokes” that connect outlying points to a central “hub.” Why am I talking about transportation and horrible Boston city planning?

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What is the best marketing automation software?


Do you need to transport 3 kids in your vehicle? Best value for who exactly? What are your use cases? What is your budget? Tell me this: what is the best value vehicle? That question can’t be answered without a lot more information. Do you need to move 2 tons of dirt with your vehicle? […]. The post What is the best marketing automation software? appeared first on Net-Results Marketing Automation. Quora Answers

3 Reasons Why On-Demand Startups Need a CRM

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No matter which industry you come from (transportation, electronics, hospitality, or health care) the current situation clearly states the popularity of on-demand services almost everywhere. One of the surefire ways towards a successful business is catering to the on-demand services. If there is a demand for any particular service, you will surely end up finding […]. The post 3 Reasons Why On-Demand Startups Need a CRM appeared first on Nimble Blog.

The sales ops tech stack


There’s a concept in transportation logistics called the “spoke-hub distribution paradigm” which routes are organized as a series of “spokes” that connect outlying points to a central “hub.” Why am I talking about transportation and horrible Boston city planning?

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Subscription60: Tuesday, February 26th


SoftBank Funds Logistics We read through TechCrunch's transportation weekly and sniffed out this tidbit: SoftBank led a $1 billion dollar funding initiative in Flexport , a full-service air and freight forwarder. Good morning subscription world. Abby here on February 26th, National Spay Day.

To Win in the New Delivery Economy Go to the Cloud – A Guest Commentary in E-Commerce Times

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This means revamping their transportation and logistics systems to meet their customers’ escalating delivery expectations. All you have to do to recognize the changing face of the consumer retail market is pay attention to the growing number of packages piling up on your neighbor’s front step. The explosive growth of the home delivery business also has been influencing the industrial, business-to-business world.

The sales ops tech stack


There’s a concept in transportation logistics called the “spoke-hub distribution paradigm” which routes are organized as a series of “spokes” that connect outlying points to a central “hub.” Why am I talking about transportation and horrible Boston city planning?

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29 Latin American SaaS Superstars


Neoway is targeted to serve a diverse range of industries, including transportation, consumer goods, construction, oil and gas, health and pharmaceuticals, technology, telecoms, banks, and insurance companies and brokers, among others.

The Fastest Growing Areas of Startup Investment in 2015

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In addition, founders have raised capital to transform many of the fundamental industries: transportation, hospitality, lending, health insurance, and banking. Others, like transportation and hospitality, fueled by Uber and AirBnB fundraising efforts, command more than 6% of the billions invested in the last 12 months. Earlier this week, we examined the trends in the major categories of startup investment including eCommerce, Software, Social Networking and Education.

I hate MVPs. So do your customers. Make it SLC instead.

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Although not called SLC, there’s a popular meme in product circles that neatly encapsulates the idea of SLC in a diagram: The Modes of Transportation example from the Spotify product team: A skateboard is a SLC product.

How Your Startup's Sector Affects Your Ability to Raise a Series A

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Search, transportation, finance and analytics startups have the best rates of Series A financing. Uber’s succcess has spawned a handful of similar businesses, driving the transportation category. The average seed stage startup has a 20% chance of raising a Series A according to Crunchbase data for IT startups who raised seed and Series A rounds between 2006 and 2013. But this figure varies significantly sector by sector.

Incremental Innovation is Just As Powerful as Disruption

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The genuine progress in IT from the 1970s up to the 2000s masked the relative stagnation of energy, transportation, space, materials, agriculture and medicine. Significant innovation is occurring in fields like healthcare, transportation and agriculture. Transportation. Peter Thiel and Gary Kasparov wrote in the Financial Times about “Our dangerous illusion of tech progress”.

The Critical Building Blocks of an Enterprise Sales Engine


Here are the competencies that you need in the enterprise AE profile that are not necessarily required in dealing with smaller organizations: The ESP is the person who shows Boeing how they can win $152M more business, at a 3% higher margin through using new supply chain automation technology to reduce transportation costs.

How to build mobile apps that hackers will find difficult to breach


Mobile App Security Tip 3: https Is No Longer A Nice-To-Have All your apps communications must be over secure, encrypted transport protocols, like HTTPS.

A 47 Year Old Prediction Comes True

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From Google investing $100M behind Calico, a life extension research company to Khan Academy which extends high-quality education into the hands of hundreds of millions of people to Twitter which has become the mouthpiece of revolutions and countless others to SpaceX which has dramatically decreased the cost of space transport to Oxford Nanopore which sequences DNA on a chip the size of a USB drive, these products and the comprehensive designers behind them have benefitted mankind tremendously.

18 investors fueling Latin America’s SaaS superstars


The target fields include logistics and transportation, finance, and healthcare. As we showed you in the list of SaaS companies coming out of Latin America, the region has no shortage of SaaS superstars. How did this come about, though?

The new age of travel: buyer, leaser, or subscriber?


Today, we’re eyeing the land dwellers, with two spotlights on the future of vehicular transport. In some North American cities, users can check scooter, bike, car rental, and public transport options on Lyft’s home screen, and it plans to roll out cost and travel time comparisons between transportation modes in the coming weeks. Today, we talk travel. It's no plane or train, but instead a subscription automobile (called Canoo)—we'll tell you all about it.

Who are Asia’s SaaS VCs?


Its investment focus areas include media and tech, telecommunications, financial services, transport, life sciences and more.

Tech Pulse Survey Gauges CEO Response to COVID-19


One CEO wrote, “[t]he vast majority of my employees take public transportation to our downtown office… I’m concerned about the level of risk that we are asking them to take to commute given [that] so many carriers are asymptomatic.

How Many Funnels Does Your Startup's Product Have?

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The second is booking transportation from opening the application to rating a driver’s performance. At its essence, a product is a combination of different funnels bringing the user from one state to another. How many funnels does your startup’s product have? How many are you measuring? How many are you optimizing? Uber’s consumer experience has two funnels. The first is user on boarding: registering a user and collecting their payment information.

Security Update on TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Deprecation


Thus in December, 2015, we first communicated our plans to deprecate Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 We’re determined to help drive better commerce with less risk. One component of doing this is obsessively adhering to the industry’s PCI Security Standards Council.

Navigating subscription in the air


Subscription has made its way to all facets of transportation , and been successful in many. Today, we’re eyeing subscription aviation. Plus, an interview on Product Hunt Radio from the mind of a brand master. And finally, we take a monetization and pricing plunge with Reforge.

Does your cloud application have this 7-pronged defensive line against hackers?


Application security is seldom considered during the ideation phase of web application development - unless the development team has previously been hacked and survived to tell the tale. But it's also true that it's never too late to secure your cloud-based web app.

VC consumer investment trends by sector and stage

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Consumer services investments have boomed because of the growth of smartphones enabling innovation in transportation and the rise of socially enabled services built on Facebook and Twitter’s distribution mechanisms.

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38 Bright Asian SaaS Stars


TradeGecko integrates sales channels, transportation providers and accounting into one so that businesses can stay on top of their game. Companies can easily compare transportation rates and make bookings. When we announced a few weeks ago that we would be bringing our leading SaaS conference to Asia, and running it in Hong Kong, many locals thanked us for choosing the city.

"Old" tactics can still work for SaaS marketing

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

School bus fleet managers in North Carolina regularly attend events hosted by the "North Carolina Pupil Transportation Association." Lots of things about software-as-a-service (SaaS) are new: the business model, the delivery model, the development model.

The Biggest Challenges of Scaling Your B2B SaaS Firm in Europe

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It also has great transportation networks around Europe, entrepreneurial individuals and a favorable tax system, making it a magnet for US and European B2B SaaS companies. Europe is a major target for B2B SaaS firms seeking to scale their businesses internationally.

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The New Market Places

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Transportation Yellow Pages Hailo Uber. One of the most important trends in the Internet at the moment is unbundling. Entrepreneurs are picking apart Craigslist and eBay, vertical by vertical. At the same time, other entrepreneurs have replicated the core functions and features of Facebook and LinkedIn , creating hugely valuable companies. But simply calling this trend unbundling doesn’t do the movement justice, particularly in the transactional web. The trend is more fundamental.

Standing together: How Intercom customers are providing relief during COVID-19

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From empowering teachers who need to move their classrooms online to providing free, safe transportation to healthcare workers to helping doctors remotely monitor their patients’ systems, these companies are doing amazing things.