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Episode 2: Stax | Data is the New Oil; ISVs are Payments Companies


[link] Our guest today is Menda Sims, Chief Payments Officer at Stax. Episode 2: Stax | Data is the New Oil. We are going to chat about two main topics today. The first: “data is the new oil,” and the second: “ISVs are payments companies, they just don’t know it yet.”

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Thanks to BEE, ChurnZero, Laika, Quolum, and Stax for Sponsoring SaaStr Annual 2022!


Stax is an industry-leading payments technology provider that is revolutionizing the payments processing experience completely. The all-in-one Stax Platform provides businesses of all sizes the scalable business technology needed to manage financials, payments, invoicing, inventory, sales data, customer data and more.

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Networking is Now OPEN for SaaStr Annual 2021!!


Grow Your Enterprise Value in 30 Days with Suneera Madhani , CEO and Founder @ Stax. How to ensure your Rev Ops team is maximizing value at your company with Pablo Dominguez, Operating Partner @ Insight Partners. A Deep Dive on Account-Based Marketing (ABM ) with Ashley Deibert, CMO @ Piano.

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CFO Tools You Should be Using in 2022


Stax prides itself on being more than just an invoicing platform. Stax’s software allows businesses to accept virtually any payment method through one API, and gives managers the ability to control the onboarding process of customers from start to finish in less than 20 minutes. .