SaaS Cybersecurity Due Diligence


Now comes the final due diligence, including a cybersecurity review. You employ solid cybersecurity tools and procedures, so you think you are pretty safe. Cybersecurity Due Diligence. Cybersecurity due diligence has been a “good” idea for ten years.

8 simple ways your ecommerce store can avoid the cybersecurity fate of Nutribullet


Tip 1: Conduct a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment Has your business done this in the last 2 years? Cybersecurity risk assessment is a good way to know your current position and where you want to be in terms of security. A cybersecurity risk assessment is about understanding, managing, controlling and mitigating cybersecurity across your organization. Another day, another hack!

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These 3 uncommon cybersecurity questions tell you if a SaaS application is secure


While freemium offers are great for slashing the cost of evaluating a new marketing platform, have you considered the cybersecurity risks that these free trial offers pose to your IP, your data and your business? Why should you care about cybersecurity risks in someone else's SaaS?

Are Remote Workers Leaving a Hole in Your Company’s Cybersecurity?

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However, this can create a sense of insecurity for company leaders since they are unable to easily monitor the cybersecurity of remote employees. Depending on the needs of each business, there are several options for cybersecurity.

10 free things SaaS companies can do to prosper during the COVID-19 pandemic


automated software testing cybersecurity pen testing servicesWhile the world is in panic mode and as we all get used to working from home regularly its important to remember that things will get better.

Does your cloud application have this 7-pronged defensive line against hackers?


Combine the above overarching statistic with these 10 cybersecurity questions that enterprise clients consider when evaluating cloud service providers, you'll quickly realise that you've found the illuminated runway that leads to your cloud sales goals.

10 security questions enterprise customers have about SaaS/cloud software (but won't ask you)


Some of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities may seem trivial to you, but we find them in almost every web application penetration test that we conduct for our clients. In cybersecurity terms account hijacking is best prevented through defence-in-depth measures.

How to build mobile apps that hackers will find difficult to breach


Unfortunately, I find that cybersecurity is an afterthought for most app developers. cybersecurity mobile app security penetration testing penetration testing company

Do You Know How Safe Your Data Is?

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Implement Two-Factor Authentication Cybersecurity statistics say that small businesses are the targets of 43% of cyber attacks, and it’s essential to take all measures possible to ward off potential danger. cybercrime mark-growth security cybersecurity data-security

Data 52

Quora has been hacked, but you can do these 4 things to avoid being breached


million annually to defend against cyber attacks But, it's not only hackers that are interested in your cybersecurity resilience (or lack thereof). So answer this now: can you really afford to keep putting off taking action on your application's cybersecurity resilience?

SaaS Conversations: Building a Culture of Metrics


As Hubspot’s CMO, where Mike was part of the founding team through a successful IPO leading to a $2B valuation, to CMO at Cybereason, an enterprise cybersecurity company, and now CEO at the SaaS travel management vendor,, we looked at how KPIs have evolved from SaaS 2.0

ServiceNow Closed 678 New $1m+ Deals. Just Last Quarter.


For Box, Okta, Cybersecurity, DocuSign/Adobe Sign, Coupa, etc. There are a few magical moments as you go upmarket in SaaS: The first time you close a $1m TCV (total contract value) deal. E.g., $250k a year for 4 years. The first time you close a $1m ACV deal. A $1,000,000 a year deal.

The Top Cloud Stories of the Week: Sophos for $3.82 Billion; More Ransomware; Amazon Takes On Coachella; Hitting The ’20 Plan


Cybersecurity Firm Sophos Jumps on $3.82 We now have over 250,000 (!) subscribers to the SaaStr Cloud Daily on Quora , 9,200,000+ views, and are adding thousands of new followers per week. One benefit from Cloud Daily is our community speaks and upvotes their top stories of the week.

Lola’s Mike Volpe on Pricing to Win in Competitive Markets [Podcast]

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He was part of HubSpot’s founding team, then moved into the world of cybersecurity with Cybereason and is now CEO of, a travel management tool. Mike Volpe is no stranger to competitive markets. In this episode, he explains the relationship between pricing and brand, his perception of freemium and the importance of looking closely at your happiest customers for growth opportunities. ?. Prefer to listen on iTunes? Click here.

VMware builds security unit around Carbon Black tech

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billion buy of cloud-native endpoint-security vendor Carbon Black and in the process created a new security business unit that will target cybersecurity and analytics to protect networked enterprise resources. VMware has wrapped up its $2.1 When VMware announced the acquisition in August , its CEO Pat Gelsinger said he expected Carbon Black technology to be integrated across VMware’s product families such as NSX networking software and vSphere, VMware's flagship virtualization platform.

The Software Startup Sectors Raising the Most Capital in 2017

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Cybersecurity investments are classic hockey stick. Over the last seven years, software startup investing has changed quite a bit. In 2010, classic SaaS was booming, the benefits of a subscription model were finally becoming clear to the public markets and the mass-market. Since then, many other types of software businesses have been created in new categories like agriculture technology and robotics. Which of these markets are growing the fastest for investment dollars?

Infographic: Cyber Security Facts And Stats


Cybersecurity needs to be in a top priority among with employments security awareness training. Cyber-crime is not a joke but a real fact that most companies had or will encounter.

Why online security training is more important than ever for your team

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1 cause of data breaches at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across North America and the UK, with 54% of IT professionals reporting that careless workers were the root cause of cybersecurity incidents. Even though it may cost a bit of money ( gasp) to train employees in cybersecurity, the benefits are far more than worth it. In recent years, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have been a preferred target for cyber attacks. The problem is compounded by several reasons.

How to choose a pen testing company that will deliver you an amazing ROI


This decision will decide just how well protected your users and your brand is going to be from a cybersecurity perspective. Selecting a pen testing company will be one of the most important business decisions you will make.

18 investors fueling Latin America’s SaaS superstars


Areas of particular interest for the VC are logistics, cybersecurity, human capital management, FinTech, healthcare and advertising tech. As we showed you in the list of SaaS companies coming out of Latin America, the region has no shortage of SaaS superstars. How did this come about, though?

Taming SaaS Security Challenges with the Zero Trust Security Model


They must continue to invest in cybersecurity tools and technologies, increase their cybersecurity expertise, and retain cybersecurity talent who can stand up impenetrable cyber defense. This is the first part of our blog series on achieving effective SaaS management using a Zero Trust security model. Stay tuned for parts two and three. Today, the new reality is that network-based security is no longer adequate.

Product Tip Tuesday: How to Automatically Detect & Remediate Misconfigured Box Settings


Yesterday, a cybersecurity firm found that major companies were accidentally exposing sensitive data like bank account and Social Security numbers, passwords, employee lists, and customer data. We are back with another Product Tip Tuesday! In light of recent news that dozens of companies inadvertently leaked sensitive data due to misconfigured Box accounts , we have a special Product Tip Tuesday: Box Edition for you all.

Why I Joined Intello


One of Intello’s engineers worked for the Israeli military’s cybersecurity division! I decided to be a marketer when I was 11 years old. Whenever I tell people that, the response is usually a mix of curiosity and pity. But when you get to know me, it all makes sense.

ChurnZero’s 10 Customer Success Leaders to Watch in 2020


As Chief Customer Success Officer, Lisa will represent the voice of the Forcepoint customer, working cross-functionally to reimagine how leading cybersecurity companies should engage with their customers.

Keep Your B2B Sales & Sanity Intact During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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This new boom has expanded beyond business areas into Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Logistics, Telecommunication, etc. In sales, it’s normal to deal with slow seasons, bad seasons, and horrible seasons. But none of those compare to the current situation.

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What’s the Job Outlook for Customer Success Professionals?


shout out to ChurnZero’s headquarters) is spotlighted as a rising tech hotspot with increased cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence hires. What’s the Job Outlook for Customer Success Professionals?

Sales and Marketing Alignment: 3 T’s for a Clear Path to Success

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Take SailPoint for example, the Texas-based cybersecurity software company that delivers identity governance to enterprises all around the world. Like family dynamics, sales and marketing dynamics can be… Interesting. .

Subscription60: Wednesday, March 27th


With the chronic shortage in cybersecurity skills being compounded by the demand for better compliance, the traditional approach to security isn't scalable, sustainable, or rapid enough anymore. Hello, my pals.

SaaStr Podcast for the Week with Automation Anywhere and Algolia — January 17, 2020


It’s not based on cybersecurity solutions. In most cases it will fall under a larger cybersecurity function, especially in enterprise companies which [inaudible 00:25:27] the CSO.

State of Insider Threats in the Digital Workplace 2019


As the C-suite assumes greater responsibility for cybersecurity and takes a more active role in shaping their companies’ security strategies, they may have a better understanding of this impact.

12 Simple Rules to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates


Cybersecurity is crucial for ecommerce. Would you be frustrated if you discovered that tons of your potential customers are leaving your ecommerce website (and that your conversion rates are in the pits) because of a poor visitor experience?

PODCAST 97: How To Approach Changing Trends In The Global Economy w/ Tameka Vasquez

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This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Tameka Vasquez , AVP of Global Marketing for the High-Tech and Manufacturing division at Genpact. Tameka is a Marketing and Business Development Strategist and educator with nearly a decade of experience in the tech industry.

ChurnZero Named in Northern Virginia Tech Council 2019 Tech 100 Honorees


PFP Cybersecurity. IronNet Cybersecurity. ChurnZero Named in Northern Virginia Tech Council 2019 Tech 100 Honorees. NVTC’s Tech 100 awards celebrate the most innovative technology companies and top tech executives in the region.

State of the Cloud 2019: Europa Edition with Alex Ferrara, Bessemer Venture Partners (Video + Transcript)


Bessemer Venture Partners’ Alex Ferrara takes a look at trends and predictions for the cloud industry in 2019. One of the most popular sessions from SaaStr Annual, this presentation will provides an in-depth look at the cloud computing industry across Europe and globally.

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4 Keys to Success: How CEO Mike Volpe Found Success


Cybereason is a high-end cybersecurity company. If you're looking for someone who knows a thing or two about growing a business, you won't find a better person than Mike Volpe. CMO at HubSpot when it grew to a billion-dollar business, he is now CEO of business travel site Lola.

How Company Reputation Can Be Bolstered Via Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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Further, data breach insurance can keep a business in the black even after a cybersecurity incident, ensuring you can form relationships with customers for the long haul.

PODCAST 51: Approach Sales with Gap Selling w/ Keenan

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If you sell cybersecurity, you may want to ask is it on prem, is it off prem? This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we interview world famous sales expert, consultant, trainer, and thought leader Keenan.

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Growth with a Capital “G”: What It Is and How to Get Started

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This can be especially challenging in some industries, like cybersecurity, which requires complex deployment across multiple endpoints. Everyone is talking about Growth with a capital G these days, but few people fully grasp what that really is. More often than people would like to admit, organizations treat growth like some kind of black box. They know it’s important, but they aren’t exactly sure how it works. At its core, growth is really an experimentation framework.

PODCAST 82: Be Fanatic About Connecting With Your Customer w/ Zvi Guterman

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From software to cybersecurity, CloudShare enables enterprises to replicate complex on-prem IT environments in the cloud for powerful sales demos and proof of concepts, virtual training, sand boxing and support.

How Business Owners Can Use IT Services To Make Their Lives Easier


Managed Security Services This is a higher level of service that deals solely on cybersecurity and in defending a business from targeted security attacks. There are many undeniable benefits of utilizing IT services in running a business.