20 Example Travel Websites That Will Get You Moving

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That’s exactly what an effective travel website should make you feel. It should activate the travel bug with vibrant imagery and vivid copy. And while photos can do a lot of the work in inspiring visitors, a travel site can’t accomplish its purpose without great web design. The post 20 Example Travel Websites That Will Get You Moving appeared first on The Daily Egg. Design design travel uxPack your bags. We’re going on vacation!

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How to build a content strategy to replace trade shows and travel

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How prospecting has changed in the absence of trade shows and travel, and how your marketing style needs to shift to fill in the gap. The post How to build a content strategy to replace trade shows and travel appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

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What Will Travel Look Like Next Year?


The post What Will Travel Look Like Next Year? Did you know that the largest evacuation effort of British citizens since Dunkirk happened just over a year ago? Over […]. appeared first on Zuora. Subscribed Weekly / Thoughts from Tien Tzuo

All Aboard For Abroad: Must-Have Travel Apps That Will Make Your Adventures Beyond Amusing

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One reason why you are traveling is maybe for leisure slash pleasure side of things; to unwind or destress. But the thing is when you travel, you want to keep it cool and smooth. Blog Travel Apps

Software Engineer Turned International Traveler


The post Software Engineer Turned International Traveler appeared first on Zuora. by Pilar Pickering, Senior Software Engineer and Sarah Shaffer, Employer Brand Marketing Intern Meet Pilar. Pilar joined Zuora back in […]. Life at Zuora

Investing in Casai

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The nature of travel, especially work travel, is undergoing a seismic change. In the post-COVID future, we may travel less frequently but stay for longer; companies may hire more remotely and workers may travel to their headquarters for extended periods.

Best VPN Services

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Maybe you’re traveling abroad and need to access blocked websites. Maybe you’re working from home now and need more security. Maybe you just want the peace of mind of a private network. You need a VPN service. A good VPN makes sure that your privacy online is protected, while giving you access to websites and […]. The post Best VPN Services appeared first on The Daily Egg. Reviews

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Networking Technology: Subnets & Subnetting

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In a subnet, traffic is able to travel shorter distances without going through unnecessary distances. Internet is becoming a growing necessity in all parts of the world, so it is more efficient when messages travel as quickly as possible.

10 Tips to Avoid SaaS Burnout


Fly Business Class, Stay in Decent Hotels (Once We Travel Again, and Once You Can Afford It). But travel takes its toll. Making travel less literally painful is a high ROI investment, at least after you are at scale and have a few bucks in the bank.

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Making Mountains out of Molehills


In the 1985 sci-fi classic ‘Back to the Future,’ Michael J Fox tests out a time machine built by his eccentric scientist friend and accidentally travels 35 years back in time

The 8 Most Intriguing Marketing Campaigns of 2019

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Travel ads that keep it real, an epic fast food troll, and meet-and-greets that got us in the feels: these were the campaigns we found most thought-provoking in 2019. Marketing

2020 Tourism Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

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The travel and tourism industry has been gaining more and more traction in the past decade. Travelers are going on longer trips to places farther away from home to experience a new part of the world. With this increase in demand and desire for travel, your travel agency needs to up its game and produce better results to secure its place in the industry.

Do CEOs have personal assistants?


Deal with office issues, help with basic functional QA, greet partners, help with travel drama, fix a marketing website, whatever it is. I think a CEO, or at least the founders, should have leverage as soon they can afford it. In both my start-ups, an “assistant” (office+paperwork+EA) was literally the first non-founder+engineering team I hired. It gave us a ton of leverage. Since then, I’ve mostly done without. I think that has been a mistake. View original question on quora.

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How to Nail your Email Marketing Strategy in 2021

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Every day, billions of emails are traveling from inbox to inbox. This traditional tool is vital for all marketers who want to increase their revenue in 2021 and build a strong customer base. Like every marketing strategy, email marketing is a dynamic landscape that changes a lot.

What a 2021 SaaStr Annual IRL Could Look Like


Less Travel. But likely even Q3’21 would be too early for significant international travel. So as crazy as it sounds with Covid cases crossing 200,000 a day in the U.S.,

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Marketing During Coronavirus: 8 Ways SaaS Companies Reacted to the Pandemic


Almost all industries witness decline in revenue because of the coronavirus crisis. And SaaS companies aren’t exceptions. But human nature and the will to move forward help companies even in the hardest times to come up with creative initiatives to spread the word about their companies. We interviewed tens of SaaS companies worldwide to understand what special campaigns they launched or how they tried to help people in general.

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Best Business Credit Cards

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These rewards typically come in the form of cash back, purchase protection, travel perks, membership points, expense management, and more. Making purchases with a business credit card can be extremely rewarding for business owners.

How Venture Capital Has Changed Since Covid-19


Portfolios in many cases were hit hard, with startups in travel, events, fitness, etc. Q: How is Venture Capital difference since Covid-19? At first — and only briefly — things slowed way back.

LaunchPad Lift Spotlight: ElecTrip


During the summer of 2017, ElecTrip co-founder and CEO, Mandeep Patel recognized an opportunity to more efficiently and effectively serve the city-to-city travel needs of large corporate employers. A Road Less Traveled . Long term, ElecTrip is developing the technology and infrastructure to support fully self-driving EV fleets in the regional travel space. .

6 Ways Top Accelerators Have Changed Since Covid Hit


Venue size and travel are no longer issues. Q: How are accelerators managing remote cohorts? I can’t literally answer for an accelerator, but as an investor here’s what I’ve observed: It’s a huge, huge boon for start-ups not based in SF / NYC / etc. No one cares anymore.

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How to Scale a SaaS business: 5 Growth Tips with Jason Lemkin + Algolia


While some of them, like Zoom, have been “COVID beneficiaries”, many companies operating in the travel and hospitality space have taken a hit. “I Travel still exists, and it has rebounded from the lowest points. What can you do to make it better for the folks that are traveling?

Making Trade-Offs In Marketing with Meagen Eisenberg (Video + Transcript)


We are a business travel management and a new model for corporate T&E. We are very much a different model in that we’re one platform where you have your booking travel, your consumer-like interface married to your world class travel agents all in one. We knew immediately we’re in business travel, our travel managers needed our help. ” And in my mind I was thinking, well, we’ve always cared about traveler health and safety.

Salesforce and Workday: ?Yes, Covid-19 is Slowing Us Down. But We Are Still Growing?


” Workday’s travel, hospitality and healthcare segments are down / pushed out. We saw higher than normal deal push-out, particularly in industries most affected, including travel, hospitality, and healthcare.” It can be hard to know what to make of the world today. On the one hand, unemployment is at close at an all-time high, and many businesses are either shut down or crippled.

Late Stage Venture: TripActions

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Today, I am thrilled to announce our newest LSV investment, leading the Series D funding for TripActions, a travel platform for enterprises. In May, a16z announced our inaugural Late Stage Venture (LSV) fund. We led the Series C round … Uncategorized announcements

Best Business Credit Cards

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The best business credit cards offer features like purchase protection, membership rewards, travel insurance, and some even pay you cash. These can come in the form of cash back, points, travel perks, and more. Examples include food, gas, or travel.

Every Annual Attendee Comes to SaaStr Scale in the Fall — For Free


Weeks ago, we began to put in place the toughest health & safety standards in the industry, with everything from thermal scanning, to strict rules around health, to stringent and firm bars on travel, with no exceptions. We are super looking forward to seeing so many of you at 2020 SaaStrAnnual.com. It will be our most organized, most mentor filled, and most unicorn’d Annual ever. It will also be the safest.

Top 50 Speakers to Connect with at #SMMW19

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Entering its seventh year, Social Media Marketing World is among the largest gathering of thousands of marketers and influencers from around the world who travel to San Diego each year to learn business-building ideas. Attending Social Media Marketing World is a must for anyone in the social business space, and is a great environment for […]. The post Top 50 Speakers to Connect with at #SMMW19 appeared first on Nimble Blog. Social Selling

Online Casino Games with the Highest Probability of Winning

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Today, online casino gaming is very popular because it’s more convenient compared to having to dress up and travel to land-based casinos to play. In online casinos, you’ll be able to play your favorite casino games in the comfort of your own home or even when you travel to different places. It is one of the best past time activities for people who are looking for some fun things to do when they are bored.

Is It OK to Fly First Class to Close A Big 7 Figure Deal?


An extra office to make travel easier. Q:As a founder of a series A startup, was it unreasonable for me to use the company’s money for first class tickets? A European company was interested in doing a 7-figure deal with us and I paid $32k for 4 first class tickets. My VC is now mad at me.

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Here’s How Much Your VCs Make


That’s what you’re dividing up among expenses (rent, travel, etc) and salaries. Q: How much does a venture capitalist make? It varies widely. First, are you talking about cash or “carry” (i.e., share of the gains)?

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A Look Ahead to Techstars Startup Weekend in 2020: More Connected than Ever Before


A vertical event is one with a theme specific to a particular industry—like FinTech or Travel—or social or environmental challenge—like Diversity and Inclusion or Sustainability.). As we get ready to ring in 2020, we’re thrilled to announce some exciting new additions to our Techstars Startup Weekend programs. In 2020, we’re focussing on creating truly connected, vertical-focused initiatives. (A

Customers Love to Talk to the CEO. Do More of That Now.


You can do 5x as many customer Zooms now that we can’t travel or even Uber to visit customers. At the recent SaaStr Summit: Bridging the Gap, Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, shared a funny story. He said with work-from-home, he was able to talk to a lot more customers. A lot more.

Should You Visit More Of Your Prospects In Person? Almost Certainly


There is no question traveling takes time, and time away from deals. And the CEO has never traveled for a deal. These deals are worth the time and effort to travel, almost always, unless you are very remote. I remember the first customer I lost due to not showing up in person. They were a Fortune 50 customer. We did a CSAT survey, and every user loved us. The implementation was flawless. There were zero issues. And … we lost them at renewal.

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How SEO Backlinks Are Actually Built

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For example, I was recently chatting with Mike Baker, Director of Marketing at corporate travel site Lola.com. Mike mentioned that his team had recently hired a market research firm to survey corporate travelers, resulting in Lola’s 2019 State of Corporate Travel Report.

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You Need To Zoom With At Least 6 Customers a Week


Something I never really enjoyed, the travel part of visiting customers. One long-term theme at SaaStr is Getting on Jets. But over time I learned two things. First, you learn so much more when you visit customers in person. They tell you things about the product, about what they need, about what they are thinking, that you never get over email or a quick phone call. And second, it built relationships.

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Best WordPress Themes

Neil Patel

7 – Travel Way — The Best WordPress Theme for Travel Bloggers. Travel Way is perfect for travel bloggers and photographers who want to show their locations’ real beauty. Travel Way is also great for travel agencies and portfolios.

A Day in the Life of a VP of Strategic Accounts

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If I am traveling, I usually take a flight between 6:00am–7:30am. As you can imagine my routine changes with travel. . I typically work remote one day a week and for the other 4 days (if not traveling) I arrive in the office at 8:15. . Thursday: Travel Day. My team has key vertical responsibility for strategic accounts in the Midwest and East Coast, so travel is usually a day trip. How do your peers tackle their roles? Structure their days?

3 Ways to Get a Job Quickly

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For example, someone with children will want to work closer to home and would likely prefer a career that doesn’t require constant traveling. There are hundreds of job search tips to consider as you navigate the maze to better employment. Many of which are indeed sound advice. The truth is, however, that everyone has different circumstances that should also be factored into the job search.

July Sales Spotlight


When he is not at his desk, Andrew can be found traveling, hiking, and skiing in Vermont or fishing and paddle boarding in Buzzards Bay. Outside of work, Annie loves hiking, going to the beach, traveling and wine tasting. The end of of the month is always a busy time for every organization. For the team at InsightSquared, it is also much anticipated for another reason: our monthly company lunch.

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Why Covid-19 Has Been Great for SaaS VCs. Or at Least, Their Portfolios.


It’s a bit non-obvious, but let’s take an example of a hypothetical VC portfolio of 10 companies (to keep it simple): 3/10 are “Covid Decimated” in travel, events, etc. Ok we are facing unprecedented times. As much as 33% of the U.S. is underemployed or unemployed, or has given up looking. Our airlines are barely hanging on. Retail is imploding. Schools are closing everywhere. It’s simply terrible and unprecedented. And yet … and yet.