Top 50 Speakers to Connect with at #SMMW19

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Entering its seventh year, Social Media Marketing World is among the largest gathering of thousands of marketers and influencers from around the world who travel to San Diego each year to learn business-building ideas. Attending Social Media Marketing World is a must for anyone in the social business space, and is a great environment for […]. The post Top 50 Speakers to Connect with at #SMMW19 appeared first on Nimble Blog. Social Selling

How SEO Backlinks Are Actually Built

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For example, I was recently chatting with Mike Baker, Director of Marketing at corporate travel site Mike mentioned that his team had recently hired a market research firm to survey corporate travelers, resulting in Lola’s 2019 State of Corporate Travel Report.


Lola’s Mike Volpe on Pricing to Win in Competitive Markets [Podcast]

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He was part of HubSpot’s founding team, then moved into the world of cybersecurity with Cybereason and is now CEO of, a travel management tool. Mike Volpe is no stranger to competitive markets. In this episode, he explains the relationship between pricing and brand, his perception of freemium and the importance of looking closely at your happiest customers for growth opportunities. ?. Prefer to listen on iTunes? Click here.

Top 5 Most Innovative Schools in the World

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Its importance is underscored when we look at some of the groundbreaking achievements of humanity such as air flight (aviation), space travel and exploration, vaccine development, quantum computing, etc. One of the crucial fabrics of our modern society is education.

In Celebration of International Women’s Day,We’ve Reserved 500 Tickets for the SaaStr Europa Inclusion Program


This year, in celebration of International Women’s Day , we are launching our SaaStr Europa 2019 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion program. We believe that true innovation depends on hearing from, meeting with, and listening to people with a variety of perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

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SaaStr Europa Didn’t Cannibalize SaaStr Annual (Lesson: You Just Don’t Know)


I.e., would folks “stay home” in Europe and not travel all the way to SF Bay Area? One thing that is interesting at “scale” is you have to be careful about shooting from the hip. You have to start speaking with data.

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SaaSOptics Stories: Meet Mary Chiaffredo


From world travels to unique hobbies, there's a lot you probably don't know about the team. SaaSOptics team members have incredible stories to tell. But one thing is for sure: We're a hard-working, talented and entertaining group to meet, and I'm excited to start telling our stories.

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Lola Raises the Travel Bar (+$37M) Users of travel management site Lola. The funding will be used to double Lola's workforce, amp up their tech to make booking and reporting business travel even simpler and cleaner, and continue to disrupt the $1.6 Hello, my pals.

10 Tough Lessons We Learned Building a Prenicorn Outside of Silicon Valley from (Video + Transcript)


Be willing to travel. I think it’s that willingness to travel that continues keeping us a head of the curve, continues teaching us how to continue building a great business. Honestly, once you get to a certain size, people are willing to travel to see you.

Serving the People First Enterprise

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They include Ring, Rent the Runway, Glossier, Away Travel, UNTUCKit and Sweetgreen. Last year, I talked wrote 1% of Salesforce’s Revenue Makes a Unicorn.

The 40+ Best Apps for Salespeople Who Want to Win

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Travel apps. It’s an online productivity tool for those often finding themselves traveling, in flights, or in online meetings. Traveling is not an excuse to fall behind on your industry news. Best Travel Apps. To win at sales, you need the right tools.

SaaS advice from the past year


Here’s a full list of all those blog posts just in case you needed some light reading if you are travelling over Thanksgiving.

Four key relationships that define the journey from startup to billion-dollar business


Vlad suggests always being on the lookout for people who have traveled the road ahead of you, and strategically align the board with where the company wants to go. By Neha Mirchandani, RingCentral VP of Corporate Marketing. At SaaStr Annual this year, Vlad Shmunis, RingCentral founder and CEO, participated in a fireside chat with Fortune Magazine’s Jonathan Vanian. The topic was: the journey from idea to billion-dollar business.

Scale with fellow founders at SaaSociety


If you are a founder traveling from abroad, SaaSociety provides one more way to experience the beautiful surroundings of São Paulo after SaaStock LatAm. In what can be rightfully deemed the era of the entrepreneur, we often gravitate towards glorifying founders; their successes and lifestyles.

The One Best Metric for Your Startup to Maximize

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Online travel agents and e-commerce companies minimize conversion funnel duration. It’s not engagement. Engagement, (time-on-site, page views, number of sessions per day) is the wrong concept because it doesn’t apply to most products. The best metric is share of habit.

Don't do tradeshows the wrong way

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And you'll surely know it's the wrong way if you've spent thousands on exhibition space, booth set up, shipping and drayage, electrical, carpet, and give-aways, plus the travel expenses for everyone who staffed the booth, and you've attracted no new prospects.

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How Niche Social Networks are Beating Facebook

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For instance, Road Trippers Club is a community built around travellers. It helps connect people fond of Roadtrips and helps them plan, share, network and make the most out of their travelling experience on road.

How Dollar Flight Club achieved a 76.5% trial-to-paid conversion rate


At Dollar Flight Club , we help travelers explore the world’s most alluring destinations on a budget. Most users didn’t want to start a free trial because they weren’t planning to travel in the near term. – Happy Travels, Jesse”. Good luck and happy travels!

What Does AirBnB's 'Shares for Hosts' Idea Imply for Blockchain?

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In 1998, an online travel agency, TravelZoo, tried this. Last week, AirBnB proposed granting their most valuable hosts shares in the company , much like employees. This requires a change in securities law. It’s a novel idea that has a history, promise and some risks. They granted free shares to 700,000 people who signed up to use the service. Administration of these shares proved a headache for the company. Many of those who received the shares were unaware of conversion deadlines.

5 ways your SaaS marketing plan could go wrong

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Whether it’s a free trial, a demo or a video, don’t make them travel down a long and lonely road before they get to an “AHA! The buyer usually travels along a multi-step evaluation and purchase process, and marketing needs to be right alongside them.

How Social Media Is Influencing Purchase Decision

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From how to get more Instagram followers through useful tools such as KENJI to where to eat and what to see when travelling to new places, the social media covers it all. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Social media is all about connecting people in easier ways.

Is a Siloed Sales Model Still the Best? (The #1 Contender Today)

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A more open culture, where information travels unencumbered is more conducive to authentic outcomes. A version of this article was originally authored by Sami Rusani and published on Minutes. The science of selling has a long and dynamic history.

The software customers don’t see

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Trying to change the tires on the bus as it’s traveling 60 miles an hour is tough - but it’s worth the investment. The bus will travel faster. Tech startups write a ton of code. Broadly speaking, most of that code base is customer facing.

It’s a Rough Time to Be a Startup – Here’s What You Can Do About It

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For example, Concur aims to “simplify travel, expense and invoice management for total visibility and greater control,” directly speaking to the finance exec and not the individual who’s actually booking travel and submitting expense reports. SaaS is now ubiquitous.

Why Make A Give First Podcast?


Mary Grove shows the power of Give First at scale, with her adventures in community-driven change, starting Google for Startups and traveling on the Rise of the Rest bus. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the very first podcast from Techstars: the Give First podcast.

Join ChurnZero as an Outbound Marketing Manager


Ability to travel to major target markets within the U.S. Outbound Marketing Manager. Join ChurnZero as a Outbound Marketing Manager. We are a startup located in Arlington, VA. Our fast-growing startup is looking for a forward-thinking Outbound Marketing Manager.

How to Build Effective Sales Compensation Plans for Any Customer Facing Role

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Expenses – The Account Executive will be paid for all travel and lodging expenses related to sales activities within 30 days of being presented with the receipts and a completed and accepted expense reimbursement form. Travel and Lodging.

Talking SaaS, What Makes a Good Pitch?, WeWork and the Letter B, more – Mattermark Daily


” What they do: Visual marketing automation platform for travel and tourism brands. Armchair and real life traveling is highly encouraged! What Makes a Good Pitch?

How Microsoft plans to reinvent business productivity

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Indeed, a time-traveller from 1992 who knew how to use Word 5.5 Microsoft's Office applications haven't changed much over the past 25 years. for DOS or Mac System 7 would have to get used only to the tools moving from vertical menus to the horizontal ribbon. Yes, Microsoft successfully brought Office back to the Mac after years of neglect.

How Microsoft plans to reinvent business productivity

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Indeed, a time-traveller from 1992 who knew how to use Word 5.5 Microsoft's Office applications haven't changed much over the past 25 years. for DOS or Mac System 7 would have to get used only to the tools moving from vertical menus to the horizontal ribbon. Yes, Microsoft successfully brought Office back to the Mac after years of neglect.

Announcing Redpoint’s $16M Series A Investment in Looker

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From a portfolio company which exclusively powers its operations-heavy business on Looker, to a travel company whose sales team adopted the product and became profitable overnight, Looker customers consistently operate their businesses more effectively with Looker.

A Startup’s Guide to Maximizing Last Mover Advantage

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Priceline, “the last online travel agent” was founded in 1997. Bill Gurley wrote a great post outlining how Priceline won the lion’s share of the online travel market by reducing their rake.

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If you don't use open source co-browsing here are some pointers on building your own


Server clusters Because we have a cluster of different servers, we could not control whether some events reached the agents before others, especially events that have more data that take longer to travel through the network.

“Were we at the same place?” Demystifying the power of creating visual content.

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Heard it so often from people who have traveled to the same places as me, that it made me think what is it that is different in the way I see things! [link] Did we go to the same place together? Is it the same place you visited, where I have been?

The Power of Market Places

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Whether in ad tech (Google AdX), real estate (LoopNet, RedFin), accommodation (HomeAway, AirBnB), goods (eBay, etsy), classifieds (Craigslist), taxis (Uber, Hailo), travel ( the GDS systems ), financial services (AxialMarket, Angelist) market places are black holes within ecosystems.

Beginners Guide: What Are Backlinks And How To Build Them Effectively?


Authors bio: Johanes is an SEO content producer, web content writer, and travel blogger. She loves to go on spontaneous travels. When learning SEO, one of the most common words you will hear are incoming links and backlinks. Why is that?

The myth of the generalist

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Startups need teams who can change the tires on the bus as it’s traveling at 60 mph; they need a team of MacGyvers, who combine a little bit of knowledge, a wad of gum(ption) from their pocket and some raw smarts to solve a problem.

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21 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage Customers in 2019


travel with confidence. Away travel. Away, the first-class luggage brand uses a welcome email to describe and share their values and authentic passion for travel.

People of WePay: Jennifer Parker, Chief Revenue Officer


I also love to travel! For me, it is just peaceful to travel – it gives me stress relief. Jennifer Parker, Chief Revenue Officer for WePay.

Meet your first wave speakers for Customer Success Summit 2018


By way of personal interests, she has traveled to all 7 continents and is a passionate member of the TEDx organization in San Francisco. Customer Success Summit brings together the best and brightest minds in Customer Success. Our world-class speaker lineup for 2018 Customer Success Summit will share the impressive business results that customer success best practices should deliver.

SaaS Marketing Tactics: Do Whatever Works

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I always figure the final cost of participating in a large show- counting in travel, entertainment, tchotchkes, shipping & drayage, etc. Like most conventional wisdom, ideas about the "best" way to market software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions make sense for some companies.

A Sales Ops Playground: Dreamforce 2017


I also had an interesting, and probably somewhat unique experience since I traveled with 39 (yes, 39), coworkers. A Sales Ops Playground: Dreamforce 2017. Dreamforce is the conference equivalent of becoming a sales ops professional and learning to use Salesforce for the first time.

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The Next Big Opportunity in Mobile Advertising

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The largest internet ad spend categories, retail, financial, telecom, auto and travel all spend extensively on re-engagement. The typical mobile phone’s home screen is occupied by more than 30 applications. A digital tragedy of the commons, each additional mobile application a user downloads decreases the odds of an average application re-engaging a user. After all, the time spent on mobile isn’t increasing fast enough to cover the marginal application.