Shopatainment: Video Shopping as Entertainment

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And increasingly, I believe we’ll shop as a form of entertainment. … The post Shopatainment: Video Shopping as Entertainment appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. We all shop for different reasons. We shop out of necessity and utility, of course.

16 Minutes on the News #3: Fortnite, Esports, Gaming, & Entertainment

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entertainment gaming new mediums online videoThis is episode #3 of our new show , 16 Minutes , where we quickly cover recent headlines of the week, the a16z way — why they’re in the news; why they matter from our vantage point in tech — … new media news 16 Minutes a16z Bytes apparently all our stuff is 16 (or multiples of 16!)


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The use of SaaS in entertainment

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Blog entertainment iGaming services SaaS systems software Video Gaming industrySoftware as a Service is one of the, if not the most useful addition to the tech industry in the 21st century, arguably saving companies billions of dollars on a yearly basis. However, we’ve grown more comfortable with thinking that SaaS is just Microsoft 365 or our Google Drive without thinking of all the other cloud-based services that corporations use today in order to provide some of the best services.

Sandbox VR - The future of entertainment

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source: Wikimedia Commons. The vast ecosystem of moving pictures that we enjoy today — of television, movies, streaming shows/platforms, YouTube clips, and social media stories — all derived from humble beginnings: In 1878, the British photographer Eadweard Muybridge took a … virtual & augmented reality announcements history

Live Casino basics and entertaining potential

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Online gambling quickly conquered the gaming world and significantly increased its fans. The main reason is probably the creation of live casino games. It is blending all online gaming features and innovations with a classic gaming experience. That way all negative aspects have been excluded and players can fully relax and have a good time.

Brand vs. Subscription: Apple Plus

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… mobile entertainment TV

Investing in Roblox

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In fact, games are not even just “games” any longer, but a form of entertainment — the … The post Investing in Roblox appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. gaming & new media LSV announcements education entertainment gamingGaming has gone from a niche hobby to a massive global industry across all demographics and well beyond outdated, narrow stereotypes of “gamers”.

Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019

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In the world of podcasting, the flywheel is spinning: new technologies including AirPods, connected cars, and smart speakers have made it much easier for consumers to listen to audio content, which in turn creates more revenue and financial opportunity for … new media consumer startups entertainment new mediums

a16z Podcast: For the Billions of Creatives Out There

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But what does it mean, as both a creative and a leader, to “showrun” something, whether a TV show… or a … Uncategorized #dothework entertainment founder/maker/operator stories new mediums on leadership TVThe writer-showrunner is a relatively new phenomenon in TV, as opposed to film, which is still a director-driven enterprise.

Hallucination vs. Vision, Selling Your Art in the Real World: Brian Koppelman Interviews Marc Andreessen

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The full Q&A is transcribed below, but you can also listen to … Uncategorized #longreads entertainment founder/maker/operator stories guest hosts Q&AsEditor’s note: This recent podcast interview of Marc Andreessen was conducted by Brian Koppelman, writer (Rounders, Ocean’s Thirteen, etc.), director, and showrunner (with David Levien) of Billions.

a16z Podcast: Gaming Goes Mainstream

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The company is responsible for some of the … gaming entertainment esports founder/maker/operator stories holiday specials M&A our Summit events Summit 2018Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision Blizzard (a merger he engineered); it’s one of only two video gaming companies in the Fortune 500, and the largest game network in the world.

Shonda Rhimes on How to Create Stories (and Products) People Want

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gaming & new media entertainment founder/maker stories on leadership our Summit events storytelling Summit 2019 TV[simplecast-embed error="src attribute needs to be set"]. Hollywood and Silicon Valley seem so different, but are more alike than we think. What challenges do tech startup founders and other creative founders — like showrunners and executive producers — similarly face?

a16z Podcast: How Many Taps in the Apple (Plus) Tree?

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In this another of … Uncategorized entertainment hallway conversationsWhat does Apple’s recent event — in which a range of new services was announced, from Apple News Plus to Apple TV Plus to the Apple card — mean for the company’s overall strategy and tactics?

16 Minutes on the News #8: Apple Camera, Services; Wearables – Where are We

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entertainment gaming sensors sensors everywhere and. This is episode #8 of our news show , 16 Minutes , where we quickly cover recent headlines of the week, the a16z way — why they’re in the news; why they matter from our vantage point in tech — … AI, machine & deep learning bio mobile new media news 16 Minutes a16z Bytes apparently all our stuff is 16 (or multiples of 16!)

How Does the Casino Industry Use SaaS?

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Aside from offices, Blog casino casino industry entertainment software online casino SaaS SaaS for casinos software Software As A ServiceSoftware as a Service or SaaS is a process of software delivery that permits data to be obtained from any device that has an internet connection or web browser. This process eliminates the need for establishments to install and run applications on their personal computers or in their own data centers.

How 3 Top SaaS Sales Teams Follow up with a High-Ticket Lead


In his spare time, he runs Secret Cave , a site covering obscure entertainment and internet culture This is a guest post from Benjamin Brandall. Benjamin is a content marketer at Process Street , where he writes on startups, SaaS, and workflows.

16 (x2) Things We’re Watching, Listening to, and Playing This Summer

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We’re a culture of readers here at a16z, and have shared lots of what we’re reading already — but we also love entertainment ! And while we’ve sometimes mentioned our favorites on various podcasts or Twitter, here, for the first … Uncategorized apparently all our listicles are 16 (or multiples of 16!) holiday specials

Why Are the Public Markets Strong When Unemployment is Terrible? Answer: The Cloud


Cloud entertainment. Q: Why are investors doing well while unemployment is terrible? Because The Cloud continues to perform well during these crazy times. And the public markets have become … The Cloud. While a little dated, this is my favorite visual representation of the S&P 500. It has become The Cloud: The Cloud was already growing fast. It is, for now, growing even faster during Shelter.

Cloud 194

a16z Podcast: What’s Next in Gaming

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Video game technology has evolved into a global phenomenon that extends far beyond entertainment. In this episode, John Riccitiello, CEO of the game software development company Unity Technologies, is interviewed by a16z general partner Andrew Chen on the rise of … The post a16z Podcast: What’s Next in Gaming appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. cloud computing gaming, social, and new media online communities Uncategorized Summit 2019

How Gaming is Changing the Media Landscape

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Gaming has dominated the entertainment industry, now eclipsing both film and music. As the CEO of the game development company Unity Technologies and the former CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello is at the forefront of a $139 billion industry … The post How Gaming is Changing the Media Landscape appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. cloud computing gaming & new media mobile online communities Summit 2019

Online Gambling Gives You Different Satisfactions in Health site

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And most of the casinos are famous for their live entertainment. You can play games in the casino and these games are gambling types. The casino is generally built near the restaurant, renowned hotel, cruise ships, resorts and in some attractive tourist area.

Most Widely Spread Slot Myths

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These have filtered into modern society and are still the basis of mainstream entertainment. Myths are part of everyone’s culture and they tend to survive through generations. Greek mythology is a great example of how myths and legends have managed to stand the test of time.

How to Utilize Video in Your Sales Funnel to Ramp Up Engagement

Nimble - Sales

Videos aren’t strictly for entertainment purposes — consumers are increasingly turning to video to inform their purchasing decisions. Research from Google has found that 55% of consumers watch online videos to research products while shopping in-store. And more than half have indicated that video has helped them decide which brand or product to buy. What […]. The post How to Utilize Video in Your Sales Funnel to Ramp Up Engagement appeared first on Nimble Blog. Marketing

Top 10 SaaStr Videos of the Week: YCombinator, Hubspot, Amplify Partners, Zendesk, Brex and More!


8 “Anand Sanwal, CB Insights: Don’t Do These 68 Things in Your SaaS Company” Another very entertaining classic with the CEO of CB Insights. #9 What are the 20,000+ SaaStr YouTube viewers watching this week? Let’s take a look! #1

It’s Just Science: Why Stories Are So Powerful in Marketing

Adhere Creative

When we're little, bedtime stories soothe us to sleep; as we get older, we begin to seek out stories for entertainment via movies, books, and shows. “After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman. Stories are woven into our souls from the moment we are born. Sure, they’re amusing and offer a great outlet for relaxation, but their value goes much deeper than that. Stories help us understand how the world works.

The Future of Online Gambling – VR Casinos

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Gambling is one of the most intriguing ways for people to entertain themselves. It has been attracting fans of all nations and religions for decades. After the beginning of the digital revolution, the industry moved online and further increased its popularity and revenues. Nowadays, more and more users prefer gambling sites in order to relax and have some fun. During the last twenty years, a lot of new features and innovative ideas were implemented in order to follow the player’s needs.

SaaSOptics Stories: Meet Mary Chiaffredo


But one thing is for sure: We're a hard-working, talented and entertaining group to meet, and I'm excited to start telling our stories. SaaSOptics team members have incredible stories to tell. From world travels to unique hobbies, there's a lot you probably don't know about the team.

Yes, SEO Is Still Important: 5 Predictions for 2021

OpenView Labs

Useful and entertaining content will always win.” Useful and entertaining content will always win. The only way to beat Google and other competitors in search is to build content that solves a problem or is extremely entertaining.

How to Ensure Safety When Gambling Online

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Technology has changed a lot of things in the lives of many people, especially when it comes to entertainment like casino gaming. Before, people would need to drive or commute going to a casino to gamble and have fun. But today, all you need to do is open your laptop or smartphone and play through online casino sites. Since online gambling was introduced, it has become very popular over the years.

2021 Planning and Global Economic Collapse


Tourism and entertainment are going bankrupt. OK so this I think the first negative or at least “bummer” post I think I’ve ever written on SaaStr in 8 years.

Top Trends in the Online Casino Industry

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There are lots of online casino sites to choose from, such as EasyBet Casino, which offers many fun and entertaining casino games. Since the rise of the online casino industry, it continued to grow and evolve through the years. In the past few decades, it has seen some major advancements, and it has transformed the way people play their favorite casino games today.

The Honest Answers on What’s Next for Events


More investing in networking, entertainment. When COVID hit in January of 2020, it tore through the landscape of B2B + Cloud events, canceling all events that thousands of companies rely on for pipeline and revenue.

Intercom’s 2020 people pivot

Inside Intercom

Whether it’s recreating the small talk in the recruiting process, onboarding through a screen, or entertaining the masses without defaulting to a Zoom quiz, it’s been a year of shared challenges, so here’s what we can learn from the folks who who have steadied the course.

How to Effectively Use Memes in Your Content Marketing

Neil Patel

Memes Entertain Your Audience. Users are most engaged on social media when they’re entertained. You can make memes that simply entertain and relate somehow to your audience. Did you know that archeologists have traced the origin of the meme back to the year 3 B.C. ?

Scale with fellow founders at SaaSociety


On the one hand, it’s highly entertaining whether you’re destroying clay pigeons or the golf course. In what can be rightfully deemed the era of the entrepreneur, we often gravitate towards glorifying founders; their successes and lifestyles. Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that in a lot of cases, the life of the founder is anything but spectacular. Their struggles are often unspoken and largely remain a personal ordeal.

I sold Baremetrics


A year and a half ago, I started entertaining offers. 2020 has turned in to one of the most unusual years of my life, for both the obvious reasons but also for reasons I definitely wasn’t expecting at the start of the year.

15 Ways to Use Voice Tweets

Neil Patel

Entertain Audience. At least 60 percent of social media users want entertaining content, which is why it’s so important to bring your tweets to life.

How Netflix Is Making the Wrong Tradeoffs in the Streaming Market


Netflix is a first mover in subscription entertainment. From the beginning, Netflix solidified their position as the preeminent streaming entertainment service in the market. 12% said on-demand/watch content — “Quality entertainment where and when I want it.”. 14% said it’s the go-to for entertainment — “Netflix is my outlet after a long day. 13% said Netflix is an alternative to cable — “I’ve cut the cord, and it’s my primary entertainment source.”.

Product Bundling 101: Does bundling work? | ProfitWell


Home entertainment systems — There are a staggering number of home entertainment components on the market. This makes putting together the perfect entertainment system stressful for some people.

3 Marketing Tips For Targeting Your Neighborhood in The New Year


Hosting an Event with Food, Drinks and Entertainment. Why not hold an event where you serve food, drinks and entertainment once a month? I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get really irritated when someone comes to knock on my door trying to sell me something that I don’t need. Your question might be, what marketing tips are out there to help you target your neighborhood? And by marketing tips, I don’t mean door-to-door, there are other ways of reaching your neighbors.