The Complete Guide to Company Culture

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This guide to company culture has everything you need to keep employees happy while. The post The Complete Guide to Company Culture appeared first on The Daily Egg. Want to boost employee morale while increasing productivity?

How Your Content Efforts Shape Your Company Culture

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This article talks about what company culture is, how to use content marketing to show off your brand’s story, and how to create the right types of content for your business and audience. The post How Your Content Efforts Shape Your Company Culture appeared first on Predictable Revenue.


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How to Design (and Redesign) the Practices of Company Culture

Andreessen Horowitz

This is an excerpt from ReCulturing: Design Your Company Culture to Connect with Strategy and Purpose for Lasting Success by Melissa Daimler (McGraw Hill, May 2022). The post How to Design (and Redesign) the Practices of Company Culture appeared first on Future.

Katie Burke on company culture: building a better work culture


Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot , is a marketer-turned-culture expert. To her, culture is much more than a blurb in your job description. A strong people strategy can create a noticeable competitive advantage by marrying culture, innovation, leadership, and inclusiveness. While culture is something many companies try to do, getting it right takes a certain finesse. The top 9 mistakes companies make when it comes to culture.

OKR Roundtable: A Candid Discussion about Using Objectives and Key Results to Build Stronger Company Cultures

Speaker: Vetri Vellore, Anna Talerico, and Georgia Parker

Join our esteemed panelists for their candid discussion about what OKRs are at the core, and how applying an OKR framework to your current goal management can help build stronger company cultures.

Lessons From Netflix—Drift’s David Cancel on Building a Strong Company Culture

OpenView Labs

article , David shared five of his favorite books, one of which is No Rules Rules—Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. Related read: Amazon’s Kristin Graham On How to Build, Maintain and Scale a Strong Culture. Want to get ahead?

Building a Values Playbook that Led to a $1.3B Exit with Emery Wells, Co-Founder & CEO @ & VP, Digital Products, Adobe (Pod 558 + Video)


Emery Wells, co-founder of , discusses how to set results-driven company values and why it’s essential to embed those values into every part of the employee lifecycle. Why setting up your culture matters. A healthy organizational culture doesn’t happen by chance.

Top 5 Mistakes Building & Scaling Global Product Teams with Hubspot GM & VP, Products Poorvi Shrivastav (Pod 551 + Video)


For that reason, scaling teams require different leadership chains inside the company. Structure and grow the right team for your company. These 5 lessons come from Poorvi leading cross-functional and cross-geographical teams in different companies at different levels.

My Company’s Revenue Dropped to $0 — and We Thrived with TripActions CEO Ariel Cohen (Video)


Companies that capitalized on these unique circumstances, however, have emerged stronger than ever by innovating new ways to sustain their business. The impact of a crisis can vary across companies, and each presents its own set of distinctive signs and symptoms.

5 Lessons on Building Your Sales Organization for Scale with Podium EVP of Sales, Than Hancock, and Head of West Coast Sales, Carlie Adams (Pod 552 + Video)


What are some of the foundational ways sales leaders can think about building their sales teams as their company continues to expand and grow? Podium has grown from a 1 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) company to doing over 100 million in ARR in their time there. .

4 Ways Marketing Can Contribute to Company Culture

OpenView Labs

At this point, the notion of “company culture” is widely recognized as an effective way to promote retention, increase employee engagement, enhance brand equity and drive overall business growth. No matter your industry, role, or business model, you’ve likely come across the concept of company culture on more than one occasion. Any company traditions. You’ve Defined Your Company’s Culture, Now What? Repurpose Your Culture Documentation.

How Hybrid is Working in Practice…What the Data Shows with Raise Commercial Real Estate CEO Justin Bedecarre and Felipe Gomez, President @ Raise (Pod 537 + Video)


It’s been more than two years since the pandemic interrupted our daily work life, and companies are taking stock and preparing for a return to the workplace. Regardless of whether companies are office-centric or remote-first, all of them will need office space in the post-pandemic phase.

5 Rules to Win When Competition is Everywhere With Atlassian COO Anu Bharadwaj and Boast.AI Co-Founder Lloyed Lobo


However, the companies that adapt and create transformational change tend to survive. It’s critical for a business to adapt when the situation calls for it, especially in response to new customer preferences, evolving technology, cultural movements, etc.

From $0 to $400+M: 10 Mistakes the CEO of ZoomInfo Made on His Journey to IPO with Henry Schuck (Video)


Early in the company’s life, he was more willing to allocate funds to the sales team than to any other department. They eventually acquired companies, but Schuck advocates for acquiring sooner, especially if you are profitable.

How to Build a Super High-Retention Sales Team with Twilio SVP & GM of North America Sales, Alice Katwan


Go through different degrees of separation to vet a candidate, find out their background, and assess if they would be a culture fit or have a successful track record. Be intentional about the culture you want to build.

Hacks For Founders Of High-Growth Startups With DigitalOcean’s CEO Yancey Spruill


Starting with his time as an investment banker and later working in SaaS, Yancey Spruill, CEO at DigitalOcean , watched venture capitalists invest in seemingly strong companies, only to sell them off. If you want to learn how to build your company’s future, ?learn

10 Learning from Off The Record with Pat Grady of Sequoia Capital


He shared 4 examples: Frank Slootman (Chairman & CEO of Snowflake , previously Chairman & CEO of ServiceNow ): dealing with reality and his intellectual honesty, which leads to addressing company issues as they appear. Video: #2 – Building Cultures That Scale.

The Intense Power of a Strong Company Culture

Tomasz Tunguz

Redpoint partnered with 2U at the Series A, and they are now a $2B publicly traded education company that powers online degree programs for Georgetown, USC, Syracuse, Berkeley, and Yale, among others. It was an inspirational moment for me because I observed the intense power of developing strong company culture. I’ve never read the list of core company values or spoken to the executive team about them. Culture is managing at scale.

CMO + CRO = Love: Building Lasting Leadership with Gusto CRO Tolithia Kornweibel


It all starts with you as the leader of the company. Startups might not be ready to hire sales and marketing leaders in the very early stages of their company life, which is entirely normal. However, these companies should still be networking.

Building A $5.6b Company With A Product-Led Flywheel With Postman’s CEO Abhinav Asthana (Pod 528 + Video)


Product-led companies face a long road as they attempt to manifest themselves from having abstract vision to millions in revenue. He also observed that after product-market fit had been achieved, companies would only ever have to worry about marketing and sales.

Marketing to Developers: Why Happy is Our Hack with DigitalOcean’s CMO Carly Brantz (Pod 545 + Video)


As customers become more resistant to marketing, companies need a bulletproof messaging strategy. Carly Brantz, CMO of DigitalOcean, outlines how to grow your business by creating a culture of happiness. And when your customers grow, so too does your company.

Dear SaaStr: What Incentives Actually Incent Employees to Stay?


Q: What incentives work well to attract new employees to a company, and what ultimately makes them want to stay? This really only works for profitable companies, but folks love the idea of profit sharing and will join a start-up that has it. Blog Posts Company Culture Compensation

Building Company Culture, Before It’s Too Late

Mucker Capital

When I was leading my last business, I always knew that company culture was important. With a thousand other things demanding my time, thinking about culture was perpetually on the back burner. The Moment that Culture Becomes Crucial. There’s a delicate balance in thinking about company culture because if the business isn’t working then culture isn’t going to save it. Building Culture Every Day. As part of these, talk about your culture.

4 Ways to Get to $10 Billion by Working Async (Without Burning Out) with Loom CEO Joe Thomas (Pod 531 + Video)


In this special SaaStr Annual presentation, Thomas shares how async communication improves the work experience, enhances company culture, and builds a better business. This method is best for bursty communication and culture-building.

15 Ways to Help Your Sales Team in 2022


Not every prospect, and not every stakeholder at every company, wants a 1-on-1 demo or discussion. Blog Posts Company Culture Company Stage Growth Metrics Resource Type Role / Function Sales Topics2022 — the year we’re now in the New Normal.

Dear SaaStr: How Do You Know When it’s Time to Leave Your Current Company and Move On?


Q: How do you know when it’s time to leave your current company and move on? You joined the company because you thought it was a good fit, that you could grow and make an impact. If you want stability, go join a mature Tech Company growing 15% or more year over year.

How to Build a High-Performing and Data-Driven Inside Sales team at Scale with WalkMe’s VP of Sales, Aliisa Rosenthal (Video)


Your company is then able to achieve faster response times and higher call volumes, leading to higher conversion rates. Companies that have inside sales teams can more accurately predict how much revenue each salesperson is going to generate, thanks to CRM tools.

People, Process, and Product: A Product Leader’s First 90 Days with Notion CPO Madhu Muthukumar (Pod 544 + Video)


When a founder starts a company, they don’t need a product leader. Notion CPO, Madhu Muthukumar, looks back at his experience leading product teams at top SaaS companies to pull insights on the first 90 days of a product leader. Empowering others to build the company.

The Secrets to Scaling a Public Company with a 75% Freelancer Workforce with Upwork’s CEO Hayden Brown (Pod 532 + Video)


At a time when enterprise SaaS is gaining game-changing momentum, it presents a promising opportunity for companies to redefine the rules of work and scale exponentially—by hiring more freelancers. . Misconceptions hold back many companies from creating a freelance-heavy infrastructure. .

Why We Are Never Really Going Back to the Office


Stewart Butterfield threw out an interesting statistic in a recent interview with Fast Company … over 20% of Slack employees have been hired since Covid-19 hit and the shelter order in SF went into place. Blog Posts Company Culture Leadership

Things That Are Different As A More Experienced Entrepreneur


In a small way, a few of those age 10-20 skills I did acquire from starting a tiny software company then were what carried through to whatever success I’ve had. The skills I’ve learned are 90%+ transferrable to this generation of SaaS companies.

5 Reasons to Actually Have Board Meetings


All but the smallest VC firms hold “reserves” for second and even third checks into their portfolio companies. Blog Posts Company Culture LeadershipI held off for 6+ years and 3000+ Quora answers on writing a post on Board Meetings.

15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make


A little while back we put together some of the top sales & marketing mistakes SaaS companies and founders make, especially in the early days. Those companies are way, way too big.

The “Hybrid Office” is Going to Be More Work, Not Less. Time to Start Preparing.


This will be a big culture change when we go back. There are some companies that have made “hotelling” work, but it’s hard. Culture and people ops will be tougher — and you’ll need to invest more here. Blog Posts Company Culture Growth

Scaling Your Startup 10x From $20M to $200M with Sapphire, Lightspeed, TripActions’ CRO, and 6Sense’s CMO (Pod 522 + Video)


When you think of scaling up, many things may come to mind, like hiring, culture, marketing, and sales. Never thinking small and instead made decisions that were bold and audacious for a company of their revenue size. This makes us completely aligned with what the company cares about.

Is This The Beginning of the End of the Bay Area as The Global HQ of SaaS?


In 2013, everyone that could come to the Bay Area to run a SaaS company, did. 80% of public SaaS companies are HQ’d the Bay Area. A great company I am close to that moved its entire team at great cost to SF from Washington D.C. Blog Posts Company Culture

Offices Are Going to Get Smaller After This. Except Maybe for Salesteams.


When I worked at a top tech company during the transition to open floorplans, the real driver wasn’t collaboration. Blog Posts Company Culture