How Your Content Efforts Shape Your Company Culture

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This article talks about what company culture is, how to use content marketing to show off your brand’s story, and how to create the right types of content for your business and audience. The post How Your Content Efforts Shape Your Company Culture appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

People Ops Question: How do we define our company culture?


We attract, retain, develop, and support Techstars employees globally and aim to uphold our culture and values, in a manner that is inclusive to all.” . Q: How do we define our company culture? Get your leadership team in a room and talk about why you started the company: Why did you choose this problem? . Take those values and use them as much as possible in company communications, onboarding, interviewing, and management to create and maintain alignment. .


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Lessons From Netflix—Drift’s David Cancel on Building a Strong Company Culture

OpenView Labs

article , David shared five of his favorite books, one of which is No Rules Rules—Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. Related read: Amazon’s Kristin Graham On How to Build, Maintain and Scale a Strong Culture. Want to get ahead?

Company culture, more than a pool table in the breakroom


Company culture is at the forefront of almost every CEO’s, Recruiter’s and Manager’s mind. Gone are the days where the prospect of an annual pay review will retain top talent, or a beer fridge and pool table in the breakroom constitute a great company culture. How many companies have you worked at where employees didn’t. The post Company culture, more than a pool table in the breakroom appeared first on Saastronauts | The Dedicated SaaS Job Site.

Katie Burke on company culture: building a better work culture


Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot , is a marketer-turned-culture expert. To her, culture is much more than a blurb in your job description. A strong people strategy can create a noticeable competitive advantage by marrying culture, innovation, leadership, and inclusiveness. While culture is something many companies try to do, getting it right takes a certain finesse. The top 9 mistakes companies make when it comes to culture.

Company culture, more than a pool table in the breakroom


Company culture is at the forefront of almost every CEO’s, Recruiter’s and Manager’s mind. Gone are the days where the prospect of an annual pay review will retain top talent, Company Culture Hiring and Recruitment Hiring Recruitment

4 Ways Marketing Can Contribute to Company Culture

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At this point, the notion of “company culture” is widely recognized as an effective way to promote retention, increase employee engagement, enhance brand equity and drive overall business growth. No matter your industry, role, or business model, you’ve likely come across the concept of company culture on more than one occasion. Any company traditions. You’ve Defined Your Company’s Culture, Now What? Repurpose Your Culture Documentation.

A Company Culture that I’m Thankful For


The concept of “Company Culture” is different depending on who you ask. . After my first few weeks, friends in the Boston area started to ask me “what’s the culture like over there?” ” Follow-up questions may revolve around beer kegs, snacks, company softball or curiosity around management-employee communication, goals v. Company Culture shouldn’t be about the company.

The Intense Power of a Strong Company Culture

Tomasz Tunguz

Redpoint partnered with 2U at the Series A, and they are now a $2B publicly traded education company that powers online degree programs for Georgetown, USC, Syracuse, Berkeley, and Yale, among others. It was an inspirational moment for me because I observed the intense power of developing strong company culture. I’ve never read the list of core company values or spoken to the executive team about them. Culture is managing at scale.

SaaStr Classic: Jyoti Bansal of and AppDynamics; Dev Ittycheria of MongoDB (Video + Transcript)


Jyoti Bansal : So first thing Dev is, I know you started as an operator running a startup company, you took it public and then you became a VC and then you became an operator again. And so those depending on the stage of company, those have varying factors.

Building Company Culture, Before It’s Too Late

Mucker Capital

When I was leading my last business, I always knew that company culture was important. With a thousand other things demanding my time, thinking about culture was perpetually on the back burner. The Moment that Culture Becomes Crucial. There’s a delicate balance in thinking about company culture because if the business isn’t working then culture isn’t going to save it. Building Culture Every Day. As part of these, talk about your culture.

Things That Are Different As A More Experienced Entrepreneur


In a small way, a few of those age 10-20 skills I did acquire from starting a tiny software company then were what carried through to whatever success I’ve had. The skills I’ve learned are 90%+ transferrable to this generation of SaaS companies.

5 Reasons to Actually Have Board Meetings


All but the smallest VC firms hold “reserves” for second and even third checks into their portfolio companies. Blog Posts Company Culture LeadershipI held off for 6+ years and 3000+ Quora answers on writing a post on Board Meetings.

15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make


A little while back we put together some of the top sales & marketing mistakes SaaS companies and founders make, especially in the early days. Those companies are way, way too big.

David Barrett, CEO of Expensify: Good Intentions, Bad Advice: How to Keep Your Board Aligned with Your Vision (Video + Transcript)


Expensify started as what was viewed as a horrible idea and turned into a successful company whose product is used by companies big and small. They want to have a big exit for the company. Their emotions aren’t as tied in the company as yours are.

Microsoft: Bosses Are Doing Better Than Their Teams During Work-from-Home


Blog Posts Company CultureThere’s an exercise I’ve quietly done for about 6 months. Every time I talk to a top CEO, founder or VC over a Zoom catch-up, I first ask them, “How are you doing, 1-10? Overall?”

Why We Are Never Really Going Back to the Office


Stewart Butterfield threw out an interesting statistic in a recent interview with Fast Company … over 20% of Slack employees have been hired since Covid-19 hit and the shelter order in SF went into place. Blog Posts Company Culture Leadership

Is This The Beginning of the End of the Bay Area as The Global HQ of SaaS?


In 2013, everyone that could come to the Bay Area to run a SaaS company, did. 80% of public SaaS companies are HQ’d the Bay Area. A great company I am close to that moved its entire team at great cost to SF from Washington D.C. Blog Posts Company Culture

Offices Are Going to Get Smaller After This. Except Maybe for Salesteams.


When I worked at a top tech company during the transition to open floorplans, the real driver wasn’t collaboration. Blog Posts Company Culture

The “Hybrid Office” is Going to Be More Work, Not Less. Time to Start Preparing.


This will be a big culture change when we go back. There are some companies that have made “hotelling” work, but it’s hard. Culture and people ops will be tougher — and you’ll need to invest more here. Blog Posts Company Culture Growth

25% of You in SF Plan to Go Back to The Office Soon, Apparently


Blog Posts Company CultureSo we did a quick informal Twitter poll with 830+ votes, and 25% of you said you’re going back to the office now that San Francisco is allowing non-essential employees to return. If in SF, will you go back to the office now?

37 Tips To Keeping Morale Up


These are challening times, even for SaaS companies doing relatively well. Blog Posts Company CultureShelter is getting tiring for many, its wears on us. Communication gets strained. What's your top tip for keeping morale up on the team? — Jason ?InItTogether?

7 Things as CEO You Can Do Now to Help The Team


Share your cash runway and quantitatively why the company is OK, and going to be OK. Explain to the team, with data, why the company can calmly get through the next 12-18 months, or longer. Talk this Monday and each Monday first about your customers, across the whole company.

As Soon As You Have Your First Real Management Team — It’s Time to Add Redundancy


But if you look at Carta’s report analyzing stock option plans, the median tech employee tenure is less than 2 years and there’s an ~50% chance any given employee will stay for 3 years (yes, those two metrics are confusing to see side-by-side): Things just happen, even in the best cultures and start-ups. Employee NPS numbers, according to the companies that do them, are generally lower than customer NPS numbers.

When The Team Revolts


One day at a company meeting, he snidely called out everyone in the meeting (myself included, but that’s part of your founder job, to suck it up). A senior marketing manager that offended everyone culturally. I think start-up culture is what you make of it.

How You and Team May Feel Around May 15 or So


If you are one of the SaaS companies that is “benefitting” from the current crazy environment, you’re overloaded. If you are one of the SaaS companies that is in one of the hardest-hit categories (travel, events, housing, etc.) Blog Posts Company Culture

Planning For Now & the Future with SendGrid Puppet, and Pledge 1% (Video + Transcript)


We’re going to start by talking a little bit about why and how companies are giving back today during COVID and also how they’re setting aside equity so that they have the resources to tackle tough challenges in the future. We’re incredibly innovative as companies.

The Playbook to Building a Thriving Sales Culture with PatientPop SVP of Sales Justin Welsh (Video + Transcript)


Justin used Sales Culture to grow a successful PatientPop team to 140 employees and 55 million in revenue. It’s an SMB SaaS company in the healthcare technology vertical. My talk today is the playbook to building a thriving sales culture. Culture is not perks and amenities.

SaaStr Podcast #403 with Loom VP of Sales Sam Taylor


Before Quip, Sam spent an incredible 3 years at Dropbox where he was the first enterprise sales rep in the entire company. The company grew from 60 to 1500 people over a three and a half year period. So when I was there in 2010, the company was about 4,000 employees.

SaaStr Podcast #388 with Okta CMO Ryan Carlson


How does Ryan distinguish between the company story vs the product story? Into the show today, and one company that’s blown me away over the last few years is Okta, with their transition to being a public company and all that comes with that movement.

SaaStr Podcast #364 with Figma Head of Sales Kyle Parrish


343: Kyle Parrish is the Head of Sales @ Figma, the company that helps teams create, test and ship better designs from start to finish. At what stage does culture and process really start to break? * What does it take to create a performance led sales culture?

How You Can Help Your Sales Team in 2020


Not every prospects, and not every stakeholder at every company, wants a 1-on-1 demo or discussion. Blog Posts Company Culture Company Stage Growth Metrics Resource Type Role / Function Sales TopicsHopefully you are closing the year out strong.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week: Lessons from the Best in Tech — March 6, 2020


To meet buyers’ high expectations and manage the challenging sales landscape, companies must involve their entire organization in maturing the sales process- including after prospects sign on the dotted line. Microsoft is such a great company, really, and I feel so fortunate to be there.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Tidelift and Cloudflare


333: Bridget Gleason is the Head of Sales and Customer Success @ Tidelift, the company providing managed open source, backed by maintainers. Why does Bridget believe the best starting point for customer success is “company culture and value”?

SaaStr Podcast #372 with 6sense CMO Latané Conant


372: Latané Conant is the Chief Marketing Officer at 6sense, the company that allows you to achieve predictable revenue growth by identifying accounts looking for your solution, prioritize efforts and then engage the right way. So what are we trying to do as a company?

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Lucidchart and Wrike — February 28, 2020


As for Karl, prior to founding the company he spent 6 years at Google in some fascinating roles including Head of Patents, Head of Business Development in China and running Google’s energy investments. How does this requirement change as the company scales?

You’ll Need Everyone Great


Blog Posts Company Culture Growth Hiring LeadershipFor many of us, these are challenging times. This may be of the simplest SaaS posts of all times, with some of the most basic advice, but it’s worth talking about anyway. When things get better — you will need everyone great you have now : You will need every scaled sales rep that hits quota. The leads will keep coming, and growing. Yes, sales cycles may lengthen a lot, and deals slow way down.

The Playbook to Scaling Your Team in Hypergrowth with Flexport CRO Ben Braverman (Video + Transcript)


Hiring senior leaders can set companies up to fail and see how sticking with a current, successful model can be the key to hypergrowth. That was the most over the top entrance that the sales leader for a company that moves boxes around the world has ever gotten.

SaaStr Podcast #377 with Hashicorp CEO Dave McJannet


377: Dave McJannet is the CEO @ Hashicorp, one of the fastest-growing enterprise companies of our time providing consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect and run any infrastructure for any application. I think the beauty of bigger companies,… So, just give a snapshot.

The Cadence: How to Turn Your SaaS Startup into an Army with David Sacks (Video + Transcript)


Rather than having this feeling of disconnected functional areas, everyone in the company knows what to work on. Then, my next company, I founded Yammer as the CEO. But again, we’re talking about the time in a company’s life when they’re expanding from 50 to 500.