People Ops Question: How do we define our company culture?


We attract, retain, develop, and support Techstars employees globally and aim to uphold our culture and values, in a manner that is inclusive to all.” . Q: How do we define our company culture? Accelerators Resources Company culture People Ops Techstars Talent

Katie Burke on company culture: building a better work culture


Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot , is a marketer-turned-culture expert. To her, culture is much more than a blurb in your job description. A strong people strategy can create a noticeable competitive advantage by marrying culture, innovation, leadership, and inclusiveness.

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4 Ways Marketing Can Contribute to Company Culture

OpenView Labs

At this point, the notion of “company culture” is widely recognized as an effective way to promote retention, increase employee engagement, enhance brand equity and drive overall business growth. Any company traditions. You’ve Defined Your Company’s Culture, Now What?

15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make


A little while back we put together some of the top sales & marketing mistakes SaaS companies and founders make, especially in the early days. Those companies are way, way too big.

Company culture, more than a pool table in the breakroom


Company culture is at the forefront of almost every CEO’s, Recruiter’s and Manager’s mind. Gone are the days where the prospect of an annual pay review will retain top talent, or a beer fridge and pool table in the breakroom constitute a great company culture. How many companies have you worked at where employees didn’t. The post Company culture, more than a pool table in the breakroom appeared first on Saastronauts | The Dedicated SaaS Job Site.

The Intense Power of a Strong Company Culture

Tom Tunguz

Redpoint partnered with 2U at the Series A, and they are now a $2B publicly traded education company that powers online degree programs for Georgetown, USC, Syracuse, Berkeley, and Yale, among others. It was an inspirational moment for me because I observed the intense power of developing strong company culture. I’ve never read the list of core company values or spoken to the executive team about them. Culture is managing at scale.

A Company Culture that I’m Thankful For


The concept of “Company Culture” is different depending on who you ask. . After my first few weeks, friends in the Boston area started to ask me “what’s the culture like over there?” ” Follow-up questions may revolve around beer kegs, snacks, company softball or curiosity around management-employee communication, goals v. Company Culture shouldn’t be about the company.

Is This The Beginning of the End of the Bay Area as The Global HQ of SaaS?


In 2013, everyone that could come to the Bay Area to run a SaaS company, did. 80% of public SaaS companies are HQ’d the Bay Area. A great company I am close to that moved its entire team at great cost to SF from Washington D.C. Blog Posts Company Culture

37 Tips To Keeping Morale Up


These are challening times, even for SaaS companies doing relatively well. Blog Posts Company CultureShelter is getting tiring for many, its wears on us. Communication gets strained. What's your top tip for keeping morale up on the team? — Jason ?InItTogether?

7 Things as CEO You Can Do Now to Help The Team


Share your cash runway and quantitatively why the company is OK, and going to be OK. Explain to the team, with data, why the company can calmly get through the next 12-18 months, or longer. Talk this Monday and each Monday first about your customers, across the whole company.

How You and Team May Feel Around May 15 or So


If you are one of the SaaS companies that is “benefitting” from the current crazy environment, you’re overloaded. If you are one of the SaaS companies that is in one of the hardest-hit categories (travel, events, housing, etc.) Blog Posts Company Culture

Offices Are Going to Get Smaller After This. Except Maybe for Salesteams.


When I worked at a top tech company during the transition to open floorplans, the real driver wasn’t collaboration. Blog Posts Company Culture

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Tidelift and Cloudflare


333: Bridget Gleason is the Head of Sales and Customer Success @ Tidelift, the company providing managed open source, backed by maintainers. Why does Bridget believe the best starting point for customer success is “company culture and value”?

The Playbook to Building a Thriving Sales Culture with PatientPop SVP of Sales Justin Welsh (Video + Transcript)


Justin used Sales Culture to grow a successful PatientPop team to 140 employees and 55 million in revenue. It’s an SMB SaaS company in the healthcare technology vertical. My talk today is the playbook to building a thriving sales culture. Culture is not perks and amenities.

SaaStr Podcast #341 with BetterCloud Founder & CEO David Politis


341: David Politis is the Founder & CEO @ BetterCloud, the company that helps IT discover, manage and secure the digital workplace. People often suggest operators are suited to certain stages of a company lifecycle.

You’ll Need Everyone Great


Blog Posts Company Culture Growth Hiring LeadershipFor many of us, these are challenging times. This may be of the simplest SaaS posts of all times, with some of the most basic advice, but it’s worth talking about anyway. When things get better — you will need everyone great you have now : You will need every scaled sales rep that hits quota. The leads will keep coming, and growing. Yes, sales cycles may lengthen a lot, and deals slow way down.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with PagerDuty and Gusto — April 17, 2020


325: Carolyn Guss is VP of Corporate Marketing @ PagerDuty, the company keeping your digital operations running perfectly with their real-time operations platform. How does PagerDuty gain a sense of company morale at scale? Always a huge source of leads for B2B companies.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week: Lessons from the Best in Tech — March 6, 2020


To meet buyers’ high expectations and manage the challenging sales landscape, companies must involve their entire organization in maturing the sales process- including after prospects sign on the dotted line. Microsoft is such a great company, really, and I feel so fortunate to be there.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Lucidchart and Wrike — February 28, 2020


As for Karl, prior to founding the company he spent 6 years at Google in some fascinating roles including Head of Patents, Head of Business Development in China and running Google’s energy investments. How does this requirement change as the company scales?

The Playbook to Scaling High-Performance Teams with Gusto COO Lexi Reese (Video + Transcript)


But joking aside, I think families and company building and organizations, it’s all tribes. And now think about just in the past 12 months in your company and in the next 12, how many teams will you be on?

A Step by Step Guide to Revenue Growth with Mark Roberge (Video + Transcript)


He provides an in-depth guide to driving revenue growth at your company and what to expect at each stage. When someone says, “How’s your company going?” So some companies follow that, they call me up and like, “Mark, we nailed it.

5 Changes You Can Make >Today< To Grow Faster


It turns out, the week you move them out of the company, the folks that are great and positive will somehow fill the gap, someway. Scaling a SaaS company past say 100 customers, $1m ARR, or even earlier, is as much about making fewer mistakes than it is about going faster, bigger, strong.

Scaling from $1MM to $500MM ARR: 5 Strategies to Drive Your Next Wave of Growth with Intercom (Video + Transcript)


I’m going to share with you my stories in growing and scaling businesses, SaaS companies from one million to 500 million in ARR. So when you first started your company, or when you first joined a company, you probably had a goal in mind.

Q&A with Maria Pergolino, Anthony Kennada, Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin (Video + Transcript)


The panel discussed navigating a future recession, building great office culture, app exhaustion and more. And then, we ripped it out and Aaron went and talked to some of the top SaaS companies from today and added the case studies. The goal is to keep the company successful for that.

The Playbook to Scaling Your Team in Hypergrowth with Flexport CRO Ben Braverman (Video + Transcript)


Hiring senior leaders can set companies up to fail and see how sticking with a current, successful model can be the key to hypergrowth. That was the most over the top entrance that the sales leader for a company that moves boxes around the world has ever gotten.

How You Can Help Your Sales Team in 2020


Not every prospects, and not every stakeholder at every company, wants a 1-on-1 demo or discussion. Blog Posts Company Culture Company Stage Growth Metrics Resource Type Role / Function Sales TopicsHopefully you are closing the year out strong.

7 Lessons Helping Start Pardot, SalesLoft and Calendly (Video + Transcript)


So Pardot, SalesLoft and Calendly, you’re thinking, “How is this random guy from Atlanta 2000 miles away at the starting floor, at the ground floor of three pretty interesting SaaS companies?” And he’s like, “David, I want to start a company.

The Playbook to Building a Customer Reference Program with Talkdesk SVP of Client Services Gillian Heltai (Video + Transcript)


In that time, we became the first ever or the youngest company ever to enter the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the Gardner CCaaS Magic Quadrant. I came from a company where I worked for 10 years. At the very beginning, you’re in your earliest days as a company.

The Top Tough Management Lessons – and Mistakes – from Founding a $3.8 Billion Market Leader (Video + Transcript)


Billion company. Live Ramp, a middleware company that connects marketing applications was acquired by Acxiom in 2014 for $310 million. Wait, are we at just an average B2B software company? The best companies in the future are going to have very, very few people.

“The “Dos & Don’ts” of Building Winning SaaS Companies with G2 Crowd (Video + Transcript)


And I’ve been building SaaS Companies now for 20 years, so that’s a long time. My father was an entrepreneur, but he was building pump companies, very different businesses. Oracle just bought the company, but what is it?” He was investing in internet companies.

The Playbook to Recruiting Your Sales Team with Brex Chief Sales Officer Sam Blond (Video + Transcript)


I wish that I could say I had some silver bullet with regard to strategy or something like that that has really taken the company out from a growth perspective. When I look at joining a company, the primary reason that I join is the people and really the leadership team. It didn’t really matter what the company did. We don’t pay referral bonuses when somebody at the company refers somebody that we ended up hiring.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Airtable and Shopify Plus — October 25, 2019


How does Liat think about aligning both the personal ambitions of the person with the wider objectives of the company? Companies often worry about whether to go horizontal or vertical, how does Liat personally think about this choice?

The Playbook to Hiring Your First VP of Sales and Not Screwing it Up…….with Cassidy Ventures Founder Brendon Cassidy (Video + Transcript)


Learn the dos and don’ts to make the correct hire the first time and not rush into hiring the wrong VP of Sales, which can cost the company months or even years. So I wanted to get the experience of working for a Fortune 500 tech company. But Siebel, Oracle, all these companies.

How to Acquire a $400B World-Class Company by WePay (Video + Transcript)


WePay CEO Bill Clerico and COO Tina Hsiao discuss how the company went from launch to acquisition. WePay is a payments company for platform businesses like marketplaces, crowdfunding sites & small business software. A lot of companies show trillion dollar market sizes.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Chargebee and Glassdoor — November 1, 2019


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: * How Krish made his way into the world of SaaS and came to found one of India’s fastest growing SaaS companies in Chargebee? Second, why does Krish believe it is one of the most important things any company must do? And then we decided to start a company.

Building a Customer-Centric Company: Five Best Practices for Growing to Multi-Digit ARR with Segment and Aloglia (Video + Transcript)


”, the demand engine, the sales team, and I think that one of the things that we think a lot about, is how to make the company customer centric, and how important that is as a principle for growth. When we started, every single person in the company was doing support.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Pleo and Talkdesk — September 4, 2019


Ep 270: Jeppe Rindom is the Founder & CEO @ Pleo, the simple spending solution for your company automating expense reports and simplifying company expenses. Why does Jeppe believe that building for SMB makes it easier to build a great culture internally?

SaaStr Podcast #219: Atlassian President Jay Simons on How to Scale an Open Culture


At Atlassian, openness is core to everything the company does: employees can access most information on Confluence; “open company, no b t” is one of the company’s five values. Atlassians knew the company was going public four months before it filed.

SaaStr Podcast #218: Twilio Founder, Jeff Lawson & SendGrid CEO, Sameer Dholakia on Why Developer First Is A Maturation In The Supply Chain Of Software


Jeff Lawson is the Founder & CEO @ Twilio, the company building the future of communications allowing you to engage customers like never before on voice, SMS, WhatsApp or Video. How did they formulate and approach creating a new set of values with the 2 companies coming together?

From Slooooow Growth to Hypergrowth with Collibra and Insight Partners (Video + Transcript)


How does a startup that launched during the financial crisis in 2008 become a unicorn company in 2019? For Collibra, a cross-organizational data governance platform, the company went from slow growth to hypergrowth. So let’s start with the origin story of the company.