Customer Support Specialists and Beyond: How to Build (or Join!) the Customer Support Team You Need

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Customer support specialists are the voice of your company when customers have problems. Here’s how to build the customer support team you need. What does it take to build the right customer support team for your business? Customer Support

How customer support can keep up with customer expectations

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On a recent night out in London, Tristan Watson discovered the value of great customer support, when his bag full of electronics, video equipment and personal items was stolen from a pub. Using customer support to drive loyalty, engagement and revenue.

How to ramp up your Customer Support team using Intercom

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As your business grows, having an excellent customer support team who can keep up is critical. Ramping up that support team, however, is easier said than done. Support reps come from diverse and often far from technical backgrounds.

Acquiring SaaS Success: Why Customer Support is Critical for SaaS Companies

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Your Software as a Solution (SaaS) company deserves to have high profits and a host of dedicated customers. In fact, the strength of your customer service is far more important for the success of your SaaS company than you may have considered. When customer service.

PREACH – a framework for perfecting your customer support tone

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This is even more true in a customer support conversation, so getting your company’s tone just right is incredibly important. Once you’ve figured out how you speak to your customers , the next challenge is getting your team aligned for a consistent experience.

Key strategies to successfully scale your customer support

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How do you scale a support organization without breaking the budget or killing the quality of the customer experience? Our belief in a modern support model will never change, but we’ve spent a lot of time iterating on how best to scale our support.

Defining customer support: why it’s key to your long-term success

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Intercom’s mission is to make internet business personal – in an era of online interactions between businesses and customers, that sense of personal connection can be hard to forge and easily lost. As a result, customer support has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years.

Grow with the flow: scaling live chat for personal customer support

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Since IBM coined the term “Help Desk” in the 1970s, customer support has come a long way. We’ve moved from call centers, to ticket-based helpdesks, to increasingly personal types of customer support. Over the past decade, one of the most popular (and personal) support channels has been live chat. However, having live customer conversations doesn’t come without its challenges. Self-service support right inside the Messenger.

The Customer Support Experience of the Future

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A few weeks ago, I had my first customer support experience of the future. Why did it feel so different than a traditional customer support call? The robot understood the context, in contrast to a typical support call with requires several frustrating minutes to get on the same page as a customer service rep: “What is your account number?” Even if that customer service rep was a robot.

How Many Customer Support Reps Do You Need? These 4 Stats Will Tell You Everything.

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For years, our hiring strategy for the HubSpot customer support team was simple. When support reps were overwhelmed with the volume of work, we’d hire another one. This simplistic model of growth worked to get the support team to about 25 people. new customers have 5.0

How to keep KPIs meaningful for your customer support team

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When I first started to work at Intercom as a Customer Support Representative (CSR), KPIs were completely foreign to me. Now, as one of the managers of a global support team that is quickly scaling, I can completely understand not only the necessity but the benefits of tracking KPIs. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. There are many more, and what works best for you will depend on the product or service you offer and the customers you have.

How to ruin customer relationship with bad customer support?

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Customer support is the most important aspect of your business, and neglecting it is the biggest mistake a company can do. Here’s the list of things you should never do, if you want to keep your customers. Use customer support emails that are case specific Picture this.

How to Scale Customer Support and Customer Success at Your Startup


Every SaaS organization needs Customer Support and Customer Success functions. Q: How do you go about adding onboarding specialists and renewal type of functions into the mix with Customer Success as you grow? Does the customer view the CSM in the same way?

Customer Support + Customer Success: Working Together to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Growth


According to data from Forrester Research, almost two-thirds of interactions between a customer and a company take place through the Customer Service department. Customers often turn to Customer Service or Customer Support teams for help throughout the customer journey. From onboarding challenges, to user experience difficulties, to product misfires, the Customer Support or Customer Service agent is often the customer’s “first responder.”.

How to make your customer support stronger with a live chat?

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Years ago you could install any random widget and consider yourself the king of support. According to the Kayako study , 51% of customers are ready to stay with company which provide chat support in real time. This way you make customers’ life easier.

Want your support team to drive revenue? Go real-time

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In a business climate where customer support is often considered a cost center, we’ve seen firsthand that investing in real-time support actually drives revenue and customer satisfaction. Getting real-time support off the ground.

Automation: The Secret to Personalized Customer Service

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Yes, they’re coming from the customer service department as well. Does that mean we’re going to lose all human agents who support customers? The post Automation: The Secret to Personalized Customer Service appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

HubSpot’s Michael Redbord on staying in touch with your customers as you scale

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But as the business becomes more successful – and there are resources to build a support team – additional layers begin to separate executives from their customers. It becomes harder for the folks running things to make time to be inside their customers’ minds.

Customer Testimonials: Where, When, and How to Use Compelling Stories to Build Trust and Credibility

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Customers rely on testimonials to gauge if a product or service is worth taking a leap of faith for. In fact, 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Customer Support

Building help content into your product launch

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But the reality is, for your customer support team, the work has only just begun. New products raise new questions, and having supported countless product launches, I can tell you that your reps are likely dreading the increased volume of mostly repetitive, often simple queries.

Enhance your answers – how to handle frequently asked questions

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Our customers often ask us how they can run an excellent customer support operation. And that’s not the only cost – paying customer support representatives to answer the same questions ad nauseam is an expensive business.

Why your growth depends on taking risks with your hiring strategy

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My own experience is instructive – I joined Intercom as the 6th Customer Support teammate in the Dublin office when we were about 20 as a global team. When the team was tiny and in true start-up mode, we only took on people who we believed right away would be able to succeed with very little support. On our Customer Support team, those criteria look like this: Must haves: Customer focus (prioritize customers above other tasks).

Checklist: Creating a Winning Customer Service Experience for E-commerce Businesses

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We live in an era where shoppers are more knowledgeable, more deeply connected and more demanding than ever before The reality is that merchants must deliver a great customer experience in order to survive. Customer Support

How to collect customer feedback the right way

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There are many reasons an organization seeks out customer feedback. A support team will want to know if they were helpful, while a product team might need help prioritizing what to build next. Whether you’re measuring success, monitoring customer trends or gathering input for a product decision, customer feedback is an essential part of staying competitive and growing your business. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the cadence of customer feedback requests.

Running a help center that retains more customers

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It gives your customers the information they need to break down their learning barriers and hopefully become expert users of your product. If you develop and ship new features as often as we do, it’s vital that your articles help your customers keep up with the changes.

The Little Big Guide to Ecommerce Customer Service

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When it comes to doing business online, ecommerce is among the most challenging industries to be in—and ecommerce customer service is no joke, either. The post The Little Big Guide to Ecommerce Customer Service appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

Customer Success: Your Next Growth Engine

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How customer success can help you retain and acquire customers Lately, I’ve been thinking about the recent times I’ve reached out to any kind of company for support. The post Customer Success: Your Next Growth Engine appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

Driving new revenue: how real-time support improves conversion

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The prevailing view of customer support is that it’s a cost center, and that companies are always looking to lower those costs. At Intercom, we have learned that investing in real-time support, with response times under 5 minutes, can actually turn customer support into a revenue driver. This is a worthy goal for every support organization, including ours. Dilute customer experience – e.g. make it harder to reach support or increase response times.

How to collect customer feedback the right way

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There are many reasons an organization seeks out customer feedback. A support team will want to know if they were helpful, while a product team might need help prioritizing what to build next. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the cadence of customer feedback requests.

What’s behind those churn metrics?

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Why are customers leaving? Customers subscribe, believing it will perform some particular function… but it doesn’t. Learn where the gap is between what customers want and what the solution delivers. But effective support should go beyond a solid help desk.

Churn 130

Announcing three brand new features to help scale your support

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Today we’re launching three huge updates to our Articles and Custom Bots products to help you scale your support with Intercom. These days, great customer support isn’t a nice to have – it’s table stakes. Now Custom Bots can help you resolve customer issues faster.

7 Signs You’re Using the Wrong Help Desk Software

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100,000+ customers trust Big Corp Inc., When it comes to picking software for a customer service […]. Customer SupportWe’ve all heard the hype. The best help desk software.”“Once Once you start using it, you’ll forget about the rest.”“100,000+ so why shouldn’t you?” Well, very few things in life are one-size-fits-all, and help desk software definitely doesn’t make the cut.

The 10 Best Customer Service Tips for 2019

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The best advice on customer service we’ve learned in half a decade of blogging Throughout five years of blogging at Groove, we’ve written about customer service tips a lot ourselves, as well as chatted with other influencers in the industry. Our support blog is full of fascinating stories, case studies, interviews, and tips spread all […]. The post The 10 Best Customer Service Tips for 2019 appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

Defining the Customer Experience Specialist: How CX Managers Can Clarify Roles & Hire for Growth

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The hiring process for customer experience teams is broken. Fixing it comes down to three strategies—for leaders and job seekers alike: Defining the five roles that make customer experience Applying those roles to the metrics within your organization Getting the right people onboard (even if you don’t hire anyone new) I’ve been calling myself a […]. Customer Support

Hello Sydney – a giant leap for Intercom’s remote APAC team

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At Intercom, we are dedicated to offering our unique style of great support to our customers all over the world, all day long. For us to be available whenever our customers need help, we staff a team across multiple time zones that operates practically 24/7 all year round. World class, awesome, human customer support comes first, offices come later. Simultaneously, I’ve watched the APAC customer base increase more than 900%.

“What Does Customer Service Mean To You?”

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“What does customer service mean to you?” ” is one of the most popular questions asked when interviewing support agents. The post “What Does Customer Service Mean To You?” Customer Support

Pivoting from early adopters to mainstream buyers

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If your software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is relatively new to the market and you’ve already managed to bring on a group of early customers, congratulations. Sure, signing on that first group of paying customers probably was tough.

Keeping cool when things heat up: how to support angry customers

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One of the unavoidable realities of working in customer support is responding to customers who are upset or angry. Learning the best ways to handle those situations helps not only satisfy the customer, but also to keep your cool. Before starting in customer support at Intercom, I worked as a bartender in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood. A bad support experience can lead to bad reviews haunting your online presence.

Build your customer relationships around consistency and trust

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It feels like we’re entering a golden age in relationships between customers and businesses. Business owners had a very finite market they could address so every customer and how they perceived the business really mattered. They did their best to build a relationship with new customers, treated good customers well, and endeavored to build an extremely loyal customer base. So what will your relationships with your customers look like in this new/old world?

The art of the follow-up and delightful customer service

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However, there are a few lessons in this simple example of customer service that are valuable for all of us who work in customer support – above all, how it makes us as customers feel about the service we’re paying for.

Winning new SaaS customers may be easier than keeping them

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I talk with a lot of new customers about how and why they bought a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. For customers, it’s just easier to evaluate and buy SaaS solutions. Solutions that are easier for customers to buy are also easier for vendors to sell.

Running a high performance, distributed success team

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Serving your global customers across multiple time zones is much easier when your team is fully distributed. This often required us to work late into the night to serve our customers in the U.S. Your customers will thank you for it.

Swarming vs Tiered Support: Which One Is Right For You?

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Swarming and tiered support are the most popular models for customer service. But how to find out which one’s right for you Whereas some companies adopt their own unique methods for their customer service process, there are two main established models that are widely used and compared — swarming vs tiered support. The traditional tiered support […]. The post Swarming vs Tiered Support: Which One Is Right For You? Customer Support