5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Machine Efficient While Scaling Headcount

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Decreased revenue per rep, High turnover as you scale headcount. “It’s We made our machine more efficient even as we scaled, grew headcount, and skyrocketed our revenue. Let them invest in their own development by having them spend time each day “working on their game”.

1 Key SaaS Sales Metric to Fine-Tune Sales Productivity


When scaling the business, sales typically averages roughly 30% of revenue, so therefore sales spend is one of the biggest investments a company can make. Shorter sales cycles equate to more sales and greater productivity from invested resources. Sales is the Growth Engine.

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Your Sales Efficiency Will Probably Plummet Toward $10m ARR. Plan For It.


Specialization works — but it’s an up-front investment. But specializing across the sales process will take more headcount.

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We Haven’t Hit Peak SaaS


In 2014, Mixpanel’s Series B pitch deck spelled out the company’s expansion plans over the next two years: 3x sales headcount and rapidly race towards distribution. Double headcount every 6-9 months. In 2016, venture capital investment in SaaS is up to $7B, from $1.5B

Rules to Run Your SaaS Business By

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Well, sometimes investing heavily in the pursuit of growth is the right move for a company, especially in a winner-takes-all market, but at other times, particularly in more mature markets, monetization and profit will likely be the right call.

SaaS Financial Plan 2.0

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If you have a SaaS startup with a higher-touch sales model where revenue growth is largely driven by sales headcount, the plan needs to be modified accordingly. If you make investments into things like servers, computers or office furniture you should add these expenses accordingly.

ChurnZero Named Customer Success Leader in G2 Winter 2020 Report


The new Customer Success Software Momentum Grid from G2 showcases CS solutions with the highest growth trajectory on a product’s user satisfaction, online presence, and employee headcount growth over the last year. ChurnZero Leads Momentum Grid on G2 For Third Season.

Top 5 Must Have FinTech Solutions in 2020


There are a ton of FinTech or RevOps products on the market and you can’t use them all but if your business is growing and you need to keep up without adding a ton of headcount, these are definitely solutions you want to invest in for 2020.

When to Scale Sales for Your SaaS Startup

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When is the right time to increase sales headcount for a SaaS startup? When a SaaS startup decides it’s time to invest in growing the sales team, the typical goals of that investment are three. Each of these units is called the fundamental unit of growth and modeling their costs is critical to ensuring the success of the sales investment too

Your Product Sells Itself. Now Hire Sales.

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Sales now accounts for about 7% of the company’s headcount–a similar share of their workforce as marketing or product management. Among the PLG businesses that have gone public since 2017, sales headcount grew by an average of 45% year-on-year compared to a 33% increase in non-sales headcount.

ChurnZero Leads G2’s Momentum Report for Customer Success Software


The new Customer Success Software Momentum Grid from G2 showcases CS solutions with the highest growth trajectory on a product’s user satisfaction, online presence, and employee headcount growth over the last year.

Mental Models to Help You Grow

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The lesson here is to view your products in terms of S Curves and ensure you’re investing in your next greatest hit. The Horizons Framework is an effective way to categorise projects, which in turn helps with assigning budget, headcount and timelines. The Circle of Competence Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger developed the Circle of Competence to help guide their investment decisions at Berkshire Hathaway.

How Revenue-Based Financing Works and What RBF Providers Care About

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New investment structures are gaining traction in the early-stage SaaS financing market. Bigfoot Capital invests in initial-scale SaaS companies using both RBF and venture debt investment structures. of investment) to be paid back over that term.

ChurnZero Leads Momentum Grid on G2 Crowd For Second Season


The new Customer Success Software Momentum Grid from G2 showcases CS solutions with the highest growth trajectory on a product’s user satisfaction, online presence, and employee headcount growth over the last year.

SaaS FP&A – Are You Up to the Challenge?


SaaS companies tend to have more Finance headcount than traditional, non-Cloud companies. Median Finance headcount in private, growth SaaS companies averaging $25M is 7 Finance executives. We’ve also seen a portion of SaaS FP&A executives coming out of investment banking or investor groups. Heading into the 2020 planning season, SaaS FP&A teams are working to finalize 2020 budgets and planning.

The Sales Enablement Bot I Built at HubSpot

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The less obvious factor is related to my role, and where I invest my time. This is a good use of my time, and where possible, is where I invest it. Candidly, recommendations, coaching and advice are much higher value activities and the right place for me to invest my time.

When is the Right Time for Your SaaS Startup to Train its Sales People?

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When is the right time to invest in sales training? And how much should a business invest? But in reality, it’s much more likely to be willing to spend a quarter or a fifth of the gains, about $40k-50k, to justify the return-on-investment after transaction costs, lost time spent selling, and other factors. At this scale, the economics of sales training are plain to see: less headcount required to attain the same bookings run rate.

How To Structure Your Sales Development Team: The Navy Seal SDR Framework

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Of course, headcount is always a sensitive topic, so start small to show your executives what is possible. If executed right, the headcount is truly an investment. In this article, you’ll learn how to structure your sales development (SDR) team for maximum efficiency and scalability. Sales leaders, read on! The only easy day was yesterday.”. Navy SEALs. This is one of the most famous principles of the U.S. Navy SEALs.

The One Proven Strategy to Move Your Sales Team Performance Bell Curve

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Or extra headcount? In fact, they’re things that any sales leader who has made some minimum initial technology investments can perform. As a sales manager, your success is determined by the success of your reps. But, unfortunately, a lot of reps out there are barely hitting quota.

How to build a billion dollar sales team like Stripe

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Despite the exponential growth they’ve gone through, Stripe have been refreshingly conservative about how quickly they grown the company from a headcount perspective. We are a very engineering-centric company, so 50% of headcount is always going to be on engineering.

OKRs – objectives and key results

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We had a long list of topics that we wanted to discuss, ranging from investment theses to portfolio companies and to a number of projects that we're working on. Last night I returned from a 2-day offsite with the Point Nine team (in Schlepzig, of all places).

Found in translation: How multilingual support helps you scale customer experiences

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How do you ensure a great customer experience globally without adding a ton of headcount? But for those willing to invest in a comprehensive multilingual support strategy, the payoff is huge: improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

After Selling For $580M, Here’s What I Learned About SaaS During My Time At Buildium


At this point Buildium raised $2M from K1 Capital , investing the money primarily in marketing and hiring. What made Buildium so successful with this strategy is the company invested heavily in the professional development of their up-and-comers. By Geoff Roberts 20 min read.

The Playbook to Building a Customer Reference Program with Talkdesk SVP of Client Services Gillian Heltai (Video + Transcript)


We started investing a tremendous amount on the enterprise side. There are a couple of things that we need to consider in thinking about like, okay, I’m now in a position where I know I need to invest, essentially I’m hiring customer marketing.

Insights from Typeform: Leveraging Customer Success to Scale Your Business

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Over this time, our headcount has grown by over 10x, and our revenue has grown by over 60x. While we made the early decision to invest in Customer Success, the structure of the team behind these efforts has evolved over time. Successful customers are happy customers.

The Data Points You Need for an Effective Account Targeting Strategy

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Account-based models focus on a few specific accounts, so you need to invest substantial time and energy to select the right ones. . Selling has changed more in the last 10 years than it has in the previous 100 years, and this is especially true in B2B markets. .

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Everything we’ve learned about scaling sales

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When I started, they had a big growth plan as far as headcount, but they were a little bit looser on processes and cadences and things like that framework I was talking about. We’re just not there yet, so I don’t want to really grow headcount yet.

Subscription60: Wednesday, March 27th


com can expect to be bumped up a class, thanks to a $37 million dollar investment by General Catalyst and Accel. You pay for a CRM to see a boost in that all-important return on investment, right? Hello, my pals.

What's the ROI of your mom?


What’s the return on investment of your mom? And in this article he explains why, and proposes a different approach to thinking about the optimal CSM headcount to help you build a more effective customer success organization. On today’s episode, we’re calculating the ROI of your CSM. Plus, the Product Marketing Alliance drops the Product Marketing Salary Survey. And Sprinklr acquires Nanigans. Your top subscription news. Your mom has an ROI.

CEOs x Coronavirus


We invest in business software companies as they’re scaling through the awkward teenage years of that expansion stage—but they’ve found product-market fit, they’ve found some customers, they’ve got a great product, and they’re really ready to 10x their customer base in their teens.

Key strategies to successfully scale your customer support

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“Automated support can powerfully augment a great customer support team and strategy” From our experience, the upfront time investment that your team puts into Answer Bot by way of answer curation and improvement will more than pay itself back.

The ugly side of growth – how to scale your sales team sustainably

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Hiring is one of the biggest areas of investment in your business, so it’s essential to go to great lengths to recruit (and keep) happy employees. “We’ve got close to 500 employees now, and we have to invest a lot of time to make sure we stay true to that culture.

From first touch to qualified lead: building a sales funnel for live chat

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While it’s true you may need to incrementally add capacity for this new channel, the impact we’ve seen on our conversion rates has more than paid for the additional headcount. Invest in sales conversations, not touches.

There’s more than one path to $100 million

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While this is generally true for most companies, it’s particularly true for SaaS businesses, which invest heavily in product development, sales, and marketing upfront and get payments from customers over a delayed period of time, usually several years. Like a large tanker at cruising speed that cannot quickly take a turn, a startup with a fast-growing headcount and a high burn rate loses some of its ability to quickly react to new information, new insights, or changes in the market.

20 Secrets to Sales Onboarding Success (Worth Up To $2M Annually)

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Invest in a custom grading or coaching form. …Even if you have to reallocate a rep headcount in year one. The key is investing into your new reps. Sales leaders have a bad habit of dumping people into a new job without properly preparing them to succeed.

HubSpot’s Michael Redbord on staying in touch with your customers as you scale

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You should spread those kinds of cuts more evenly and try to then invest in your customers, so you can come out of that downturn a little bit better. Why customer service is worth the investment.

5 lessons learned starting a new team within our sales organization

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” In our case, a resounding “yes” required seeing a positive impact on customer expansion and one big enough to justify the fully-loaded cost for the additional headcount.

Expert Tips from Customer Success Leaders


When they aren’t seeing enough value to increase their investment over time , it can be a red flag. Always be able to show what impact the last dollar you invested had. Likewise, always be ready to demonstrate what the next dollar you invest is capable of.

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Product Management

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These companies have fewer sales reps (or none at all), meaning more resources get invested into product and engineering. They invest heavily in UX as a core element of product management because they recognize it’s critical to build products that users actually want to buy.

Scaling Outside Silicon Valley: Going from $0 to $60M ARR in 4 Years | SaaStr Software Community (Video + Transcript)


They’ve made tons of great investments. The irony of that story is if that firm would’ve invested $1 million into Podium at that time, today it would be worth over $200 million. It’s pretty good, pretty good return on investment so far.