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How to Get 10x Your Operational Efficiency with IT Automation


This post is an excerpt from our guide: “ 10x Your IT Operational Efficiency: A CIO’s Guide to IT Automation.”. While spending may be projected to increase, no one is immune from the ongoing mandate of operational efficiency. Lately, it seems like the only constant for IT is change. Download the Guide.

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How to Improve Operational Efficiency Using Workflow Automation

Agile Payments

How to Improve Operational Efficiency Using Workflow Automation.


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Why The Era of Efficient Growth is Now: The 2023 VC State of the Market with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin (Podcast +Video)


Case study analysis – UiPath & HubSpot UiPath , a leading enterprise automation software company, managed an impressive turnaround by focusing on operational efficiency. They optimized operational efficiency, cut costs, and increased profitability. Just look at ‘s success story.

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Focus on the Fundamentals: How to Scale For Profitability with OMERS Growth Equity Managing Director & Head of Growth Equity Mark Shulgan (Video)


Operational Efficiency: Companies have been expanding their employee base, which can mean they’re spending extra money and not operating efficiently. Finally, as you scale, be mindful that unit economics and efficiency metrics do not meaningfully decline.

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Q&A: Allstate HR exec on the rise of remote work: 'The world is changing….'

IT World

It donated the office furniture to charities, then invested in technology — especially virtual meeting spaces to help employees operate efficiently and inclusively. The company either didn’t renew leases or sold off office space, including its 232-acre, two-million-square-foot Chicago headquarters in November 2021.

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Supercharge customer success with Totango email and calendar integrations


Regardless of your email service provider, these tools allow your customer success teams to see all customer interactions in one place—your Totango platform—without any manual logging, which increases your team’s operational efficiency, improves communication effectiveness, and enhances cross-functional visibility into customer interactions.

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SaaS Contract Management Services

SaaS Metrics

Rapidly growing startups utilize SaaS tools for operational efficiency, yet often stumble into chaotic contract management. Monthly and annual contracts are usually scattered across spreadsheets, receipts, and emails across multiple departments and teams. This is where SaaS contract management software comes in.

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