Tue.Nov 23, 2021

Copy or Design: What’s More Important to Your Landing Page Success?


If you’re a time-strapped marketer, you probably often ask yourself: “Should I spend more time perfecting the written copy or tweaking the visual design of my landing page?” ” Designing a landing page can be daunting.

The Cutting Edge Techniques for an Impactful Live Event Strategy with Dooly


A lot can happen when it’s a live event. Some things you can prep & plan for, but others … not so much.


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When Should You Upgrade CS Software?


Whether you’re not using a customer success platform yet or you’re using an aging CS tool, there comes a time when you need to upgrade CS software. How do you tell when it’s time to ditch your current system and invest in a CS upgrade?

Founder Confidential: The Highs and Lows of Fundraising with the CEOs of Boast, Coda, Expensify, LaunchDarkly and SaaStr (Podcast #497 and Video)


Featuring 5 prominent Founders – from Boast, Calendly, Coda, LaunchDarkly, and SaaStr – that have achieved scale, at “Founder Confidential” you will hear about the highs and lows of fundraising, working with a VC board, and real talk about what it really is like to be a true Founder.

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Underwriting 101: What Is Underwriting and Why is it Important?

This Underwriting 101 guide will walk you through all the basics of what is involved in merchant underwriting from collecting merchant information, what the required checks and best practices are to onboarding the new merchant and reduce risk.

Ransomware is a threat, even for the smallest of businesses

IT World

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: “My business is too small for a cyber crook to bother with me.” Oh, my friend you are so, so wrong. No company is too big or too small for a ransomware dealer to come knocking at your virtual door.

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Will Windows come to M1 Macs soon?

IT World

If you use Apple Silicon Macs , there’s a slightly improved chance you may soon be able to run a licensed version of Windows on your machines, as an Arm-exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm seems set to expire. Qualcomm has a key. XDA-Developers tells us Qualcomm holds an exclusive arrangement with Microsoft to provide the processors to drive Windows on Arm. That’s why you find Qualcomm’s chips inside Windows for Arm devices, and don’t find processors from anyone else.

Nov 23 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director of Customer Success Location: San Francisco Bay Area, US (On-site) Organization: Gorgias As a Director of Customer Success, you will create and execute scalable strategies to improve customer engagement, CSAT, product usage, and retention.

About Apple Business Essentials, I have questions

IT World

Apple’s newly announced Business Essentials program seems as if it could be a versatile and useful tool for small and midsized businesses (SMBs). It’s easy to see that the interface is derived from Apple Business Manager, the cloud service for larger enterprise IT shops. The latter is often used in concert with one of the enterprise mobility management (EMM) or unified endpoint management (UEM) providers who tap into Apple’s mobile device management platform (MDM).)

3 Metrics That Determine The Value Of Managed IT Partnerships

SaaS Metrics

Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) can be highly beneficial for your business if you want to scale up or remain competitive while trying to achieve a long-term operational flow. The value of partnering with an MSP is already well-known by IT professionals.

Product Sales Training – Transformed for Results

Effective product sales training delivers features, benefits, and sales focused content so reps become strategic advisors and develop unique solutions for informed buyers. On-demand cloud-based training is the preferred solution. Managers and sales reps confirm that in this whitepaper. Download the whitepaper today!

Quantitative Indicators of Product-Market Fit


What 14 startup investors & advisors taught us about chasing (and finding) product-market fit. Insights from Tribe Capital, Founders Factory, Startup Grind, Mighty Capital, GrowthHackers, and more.

Committing To Transformational Leadership In Customer Success: An Interview With Peter Armaly, Oracle’s Sr. Director of Customer Success Enablement

Valuize Consulting

Developing A Transformational Leadership Approach. While Customer Success (CS) is still in its infancy, it has quickly established a new level of maturity and prominence over the last few years.

Can product-market fit be measured?


What 14 startup investors & advisors taught us about chasing (and finding) product-market fit. Insights from Tribe Capital, Founders Factory, Startup Grind, Mighty Capital, GrowthHackers, and more.

How to Run Responsive Display Ad Campaigns

Neil Patel

Getting your products or services in front of the right audience is becoming increasingly more challenging. This is because most businesses are going digital, increasing their reach online, and leveraging paid ads.

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Building Product to Enhance Customer Support: The Key to Customer Retention in an E-commerce Business

Speaker: Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch (Demand & Growth) | Former Product Manager at Bigbasket

Join Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch, as she details the best way to increase customer retention.

7 CRM Automation Mistakes You Need to Stop Making


CRM marketing automation mistakes, while inevitable, can range from simple logic errors to glaring oversights that can ruin your campaign or blemish your credibility. While some slip-ups may make you want to pull out your hair in frustration, others can derail all your campaign efforts.

How to Change Your Username on Social Media

Neil Patel

The username you use on social media sites can either help or hurt your brand. One way to make sure that it helps your efforts is by making sure that the username conveys what you want it to convey. If people are searching for content related to your brand , they should be able to find you with ease.

Data Migration: Wizard vs. Custom Migration Service


Article updated November 19, 2021. Data migration. It’s intimidating, we get it. You decided to make a move to a new CRM, (or maybe you are just getting started with an all-new way to manage your business) either way, moving your data has never been easier.

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How to Use Google’s Advanced Search Operators

Neil Patel

Regardless of which industry you operate in, providing value and gaining visibility has never been more important. With increased competition in the digital space for audiences, you need to employ every tool in your toolbox to outmaneuver your competitors.

5 Myths - and the Truth - About Becoming a Payment Facilitator

The single biggest factor that gets in the way of becoming a payment facilitator is the obfuscation circulating within the industry about what it takes to be a PF. We want to unpack what’s real and what’s not with a deep dive into some of the most common myths.

May You Cyber & Prosper

SaaS Metrics

May you Cyber & Prosper, and reap all the benefits that cyberspace has to offer from a thriving business or the platform to bring your potentially ingenious ideas to the world. May you reap all the other benefits of IoT technologies such as state-of-the-art home security, potentially sensor and AI equipped intelligent. Read more. The post May You Cyber & Prosper first appeared on SaaS Metrics. Blog Cyber & Prosper

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Apple Tax and the Choice Conundrum for Mobile Apps


Freedom has always been the cornerstone of technology. And yet, there is no freedom without choice. During a District Court trial in California in May this year, the judge asked Apple – why not allow users a choice in how they pay for digital goods offered in-app on the App Store? Later in the September […

Welcoming new senior leaders to Intercom

Inside Intercom

I’m excited to welcome three new senior leaders and a new Board Member to Intercom, to help deliver even more breakthrough value to our customers at an exciting moment for the company.

Data Migration: Wizard vs. Custom Migration Service


Article updated November 19, 2021. So you decided to make a move to a new CRM, or maybe you are just getting started with an all-new way to manage your business — either way, moving your data has never been easier. But which is better — self-service or custom/guided data migration?

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong and Effective Value Proposition

Speaker: Robin Zaragoza, Product Coach and CEO of The Product Refinery

Join Robin Zaragoza, product coach and CEO of The Product Refinery, as she shares tips on how to create a powerful Value Proposition that keeps your customer at the heart of your product development process.

An Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty


Faced with the ever-growing offer of products and services, customers are increasingly volatile. Indeed, with a few clicks, a customer can decide to buy a product from another company. For this reason, the issue of customer loyalty turns out to be unavoidable.

What is a Good MRR Expansion Rate?


In this article, you’ll learn what an MRR expansion rate is, how to calculate it, and the expansion growth percentages you need to know. The post What is a Good MRR Expansion Rate? appeared first on Chargify.

Rule-Based Automation Is Out: Intelligent Automation Is In!


Automation in businesses entails optimization. It has cemented its place in the business sector a while back, and now with technological innovation happening at a breath-taking pace, it is taking a step even further. Enter, intelligent automation.

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Top customer success software in the year 2022


The SaaS industry has realized how important Customer Success and user retention are. To achieve long-term growth, customer success teams need the best software that helps them know their customers well and satisfy them.

Transform Your Product Sales Training to Drive More Sales

Virtual selling—and training—is here to stay. As buyers and sellers pivot to a post-pandemic digital landscape, solution-based selling and deep product knowledge is vital to win well-informed buyers. Find out the best practices on how to transform your product sales training to drive more sales.

13 hidden Pixel phone superpowers

IT World

One of the best parts of using a Pixel is the way tasty little specks of Google intelligence get sprinkled all throughout the experience.