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Found on Peter Brown's Ajax Blog : helps you to keep track of online information as it changes. It sends you an instant message whenever any RSS or Atom feed you want to monitor changes. Don't use this for your whole OPML file, or an IM will pop up on your screen every few seconds. A good way to keep an eye on selected feeds that are most important to you though! startups

Two people challenging a $28 billion industry

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eHub did a nice interview with Paul Youlten, the founder of a great project called Yellowikis. Yellowikis, as Paul put it, is "the 10 month old love-child of Yellow Pages and Wikipedia". Putting the Yellow Pages online has been tried before but I don't know if any of those projects really took off. Yellowikis' new approach makes this new attempt really promising.


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A lesson in arithmetics, the German way

The Angel VC

Here's a quick test, taken from real-life here in Germany: One political party wants to increase the VAT from 16% to 18%. Another party wants to keep it where it is. These two parties form a governing coalition. Question: Where do they meet? If you guessed 17%, you're wrong. Right answer: 19%. politics

GYM, the gorilla triplet formerly known as GMY

The Angel VC

Om Malik just coined the acronym GYM for Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (at least I read it at his blog first) and asks if you manage to not mention the GYM for a week. I think it'll be difficult. Given the resources, distribution and yes, innovative power and speed of the Big 3, the key question for most Web 2.0 startups is how they manage to compete with the GYM. BTW, someone called the GYM GMY a year ago already but it seems that acronym didn't catch on. google yahoo

Growth Hacking: The 12 Best Techniques to Boost Conversions

The Daily Egg

Neil Patel co-founded Crazy Egg in 2005. 300,000 websites use Crazy Egg to understand what’s working on their website (with features like. The post Growth Hacking: The 12 Best Techniques to Boost Conversions appeared first on The Daily Egg. Conversion

The Next Wave in Digital Marketing

Adhere Creative

In 2005 , we saw the rise of inbound marketing. Marketing is evolving once again, and with the rise of big data and integrated technology, it’s changing rapidly. Digitial Marketing video production

How to go incognito in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

IT World

Web browser functions like those trace their roots back more than a decade, and the feature — first found in a top browser in 2005 — spread quickly as one copied another, made tweaks and minor improvements. Private browsing. Incognito. Privacy mode.


Even With Just “Pretty Good Growth”, You Can Build a Unicorn After $10m ARR


UiPath actually was founded in 2005!! One of the very firm SaaStr-isms what that while $0-$1m ARR is Impossible, and getting from $1m-$10m ARR is Unlikely … that getting from $10m to $100m ARR is Inevitable. Let’s take a look at a version of that basic math.

5 Interesting Learnings from UiPath at $600,000,000 in ARR


It was founded way back in 2005 as an outsourcing company, then developed Windows software to automate scripts and more, and turned this into a powerhouse for automating complex functions integrating Cloud and on-prem. 2005: Started as a tech outsourcing company.

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Three Mega IPOs That Took A Long, Long Time To Get Big: Squarespace, Procore and UiPath


It was founded in 2005 and took 10 years to get to $1m in ARR!! So three of my personal favorite SaaS companies finally went public, Squarespace, Procore and UiPath.

Why return to the office if you’re just Zooming all day anyway?

IT World

It’s a trend that’s been building since 2005. Many business owners insist that their workers will return to the office soon. Think again. Mega-commercial real estate broker Cushman & Wakefield admits, “ No one is expecting workers to come into the office to primarily answer emails —that and any other heads-down tasks can be done anywhere.” This is not happening, Cushman & Wakefield argues, just because COVID-19 forced businesses to embrace working from home.

IBM puts Power Systems in SAP’s cloud

IT World

That could interest a lot of CIOs: SAP has offered its software on the Power platform since 2005, and ported HANA to the Power architecture in 2015. SAP is now hosting IBM’s latest Power Systems servers in its own data centers, as part of its HANA Enterprise Cloud managed offering.

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Etsy goes cloud native to better scale to seasonal demands

IT World

Etsy was founded in 2005, well into the internet era but long before the explosion of public cloud services. Popular online marketplace Etsy recently completed a two-year migration from 2,000 on-premises servers to Google Cloud.

Automating Financial Operations with a Platform Built for B2B SaaS


Founded in 2005, SkyWire provides the hospitality industry with award-winning point-of-sale (POS), spa and workforce management SaaS solutions. Originally focused on mobile marketing, the company expanded into POS technology and today is one of only two POS companies certified for gaming interfaces. As a quickly growing SaaS business, SkyWire is often making important business decisions and adjustments on the fly, many of which rely on accurate subscription and financial metrics.

A SaaS Founder’s Guide to PR


Will Ferrell SNL Oracle Skit 2005 from Alford Media Services on Vimeo. So as a founder, I was fired by 3 PR firms. In a row. Two actual PR firms, and the third, a solo shop. I was fired for one simple reason: I demanded results. First, I demanded we actually measure PR.

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Three Secrets to a Successful Acquisition


In 2005, eBay spent $2.6 One of the most notorious examples of a post-M&A culture misfit is the 2005 merger of Kansas-based Sprint and Nextel. in 2005), recently acquired TalkIQ, a leader in the artificial intelligence and machine learning, and our shared culture and values have been a key factor to the success of this deal. By Dialpad CEO, Craig Walker, Dialpad Founder, and CEO. An acquisition can make or break your startup.

At Crazy Egg, Every Day Is Work From Home Day

The Daily Egg

Crazy Egg was founded in 2005, and ever since then we’ve built a globally distributed team of super smart, talented, hard-working humans from around the world. Not to sound too hipster, but we’ve been working remotely before it was cool. In celebration of Global Work From Home Day, we’re bringing you behind the scenes of […] The post At Crazy Egg, Every Day Is Work From Home Day appeared first on The Daily Egg. Crazy Egg remote


3 Ways Social Media Continues to Drive Sales in 2015


Social media advertising isn't new ' Facebook ran its first ad in 2005 ' but it has evolved significantly. As the world continues to cater to an ever-growing base of online consumers, it's becoming increasingly important for retailers to explore new ways to use channels like Facebook,…. The post 3 Ways Social Media Continues to Drive Sales in 2015 appeared first on ReSci

5 Interesting Learnings from Olo at $130,000,000 in ARR


It got started in 2005 with a $500k seed round.

Cyber Monday Saas Deals 2021 | Best CM Saas Deals Listed(Massive Discounts)

How To Buy Saas

Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman coined the term, which was first used on November 28, 2005. Cyber Monday Saas Deals 2021: As you know November is flying by and the first cyber Monday discount of the year will be soon here!

UIPath S-1 Analysis: How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up

Tomasz Tunguz

Founded in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania, by Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca, the company now operates more than 60 offices housing nearly 3000 employees. UIPath, leaders in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) category, filed their S-1 last week , revealing an impressive business.

Authentication Encounter: OIDC vs OAuth2


OpenID, developed in 2005, lets authentication services and websites exchange security details in a standardized manner.

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SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders Awards 2019: The Top Ten


YC has funded over 1,900 startups since 2005 including Airbnb, coinbase, Dropbox, Stripe, Flexport, instacart and reddit. Meet SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders of 2019. Our most popular CEO, COO’s and Presidents that spoke at SaaStr Annual 2019. Curious how we came up with this list? We found our most popular speakers by speaker views and likes, session bookmarks and ratings weighing categories more heavily for overall rating than initial interest.

The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


He co-founded Praesto Convergence in 2005 and served as its Managing Director until 2010. Latin America is undergoing a digital transformation, and the SaaS community is exploding as a result. We conducted intensive market research with SaaS practitioners across LatAm to dig into the reasons behind the region’s hypergrowth, and worked with the progressive global VCs who are fuelling the SaaS boom to understand the key players and the scope of the opportunity.

How To Grow Your Startup By Asking Better Questions


When we started Crazy Egg in 2005, it was pretty hard to get new customers without spending money on paid acquisition. Building a company is a lot like trying to predict the future. You’re looking through a crystal ball to see where the market is moving, and how you can adapt your product accordingly. You have limited cash, which means that you only have a finite amount of time and resources to scale your business.

Why CIOs Need a SaaSOps Team


Security firm Risk Based Security (RSB) says that this is the highest volume of exposed records that it has seen since 2005. Believe it or not, CIOs have been discussing how IT can operate as more than a cost center for years.

18 investors fueling Latin America’s SaaS superstars


Founded: 2005. As we showed you in the list of SaaS companies coming out of Latin America, the region has no shortage of SaaS superstars. How did this come about, though? What are the ingredients required to help foster such an ecosystem? A healthy availability of capital is one. We looked at the data and discovered a few vital moments in the funding history of the region.

A Complete Guide to Implementing SAML Authentication in Enterprise SaaS Applications


It was ratified back in 2005. What Is SAML Authentication? SAML stands for Security Assertions Markup Language. Let’s say an organization wishes to authenticate its users without creating IAM roles and communicate assertions between the source and the target in a cloud environment.

A Complete Guide to Implementing SAML Authentication in Enterprise SaaS Applications


It was ratified back in 2005. What Is SAML Authentication? SAML stands for Security Assertions Markup Language. Let’s say an organization wishes to authenticate its users without creating IAM roles and communicate assertions between the source and the target in a cloud environment.

38 Bright Asian SaaS Stars


Launched in 2005 in New York and Guangzhou, Gizwits has become the largest IoT development platform in China, as well as its first PaaS and SaaS platform. Founded : 2005. When we announced a few weeks ago that we would be bringing our leading SaaS conference to Asia, and running it in Hong Kong, many locals thanked us for choosing the city.

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10 Alternative RSS Readers if You Still Miss Google Reader

Neil Patel

Google Trends data shows a massive dropoff since RSS hit its peak back around 2005. Google launched Google Reader in 2005 and quickly built up a loyal following because it was simple, efficient, and free. The mid-aughts to early 2010s were the heyday for RSS feeds like Google Reader.

Just How Far Along Are We In SaaS?

Tomasz Tunguz

in 2005 to $24B in 2015. About 15 years since the creation of the first SaaS companies, public SaaS companies account for 14% of total software revenues generated by public companies, a figure growing at about 17% per year. Over the last ten years, the total amount of revenue generated by software companies has tripled from $53B to $169B, meaning SaaS companies are both taking share and growing the market.

Helping the Enterprise build reliable data products

Point Nine Land

Just to name a few: Splunk (started in 2003, $27bn market cap), Dynatrace (started in 2005, IPO, $12bn market cap), AppDynamics (started in 2008, acq for $3.7b Our investment in Soda Today, our portfolio company Soda announced an 11.5M€ Series A led by our friends at Singular. We’re also disclosing that we led Soda’s seed round 9 months ago alongside Hummingbird and the Data Community Fund (see PR here ).

How I Think About Marketing

Neil Patel

It’s the same reason I got into blogging back in 2005 when others weren’t willing to. I thought I would let you into my mind, so you can see how I think of marketing. The way I strategize to grow my own company.

When Black Friday Comes


Cyber Monday is the brainchild of the US National Retail Federation (NRF), who coined the phrase back in 2005. Cleverly, in 2005 the NRF introduced the term Cyber Monday to the media in advance of Thanksgiving, the subsequently generated hype resulted in a substantial increase in online sales, up by over 25 percent on the previous year. The one good thing about Cyber Monday is that you don’t have to bash people square in the face to get what you want; or what you think you want.

Dropbox, the ultimate Mouse Hunter

The Angel VC

Until 2005 or so, most people used only one or maybe two devices to work with their files: a desktop PC and/or a laptop. I’m late to the party here, I know. Dropbox went public a bit more than a month ago and I’ve finally had a chance to take a close look at the company’s S1. I’ll be sharing a few specific observations from the S1 review, but let’s start with some more general thoughts about the company.

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PODCAST 150: Driving Sales Home: Tips From an Auto Dealership with Michelle Benfer

Sales Hacker

What has changed in sales leadership since 2005 [8:43]. What has changed in sales leadership since 2005 [8:43]. If you missed episode 149 check it out here: What Makes a Great Sales Leader with Hunter Madeley. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. We’re on iTunes. And on Stitcher.

Effective Networking, 40+ Employee Stumble, Start Angel Investing, and more – Mattermark Daily


Mr. Khosrowshahi has been the CEO of Expedia since 2005, building it into the $23 Billion company it is today. The Search is Over. It’s been reported that Uber’s board of directors has picked Dara Khosrowshahi to be its new CEO. You’ve probably read all about this in the major news outlets, but we really recommend Ben Thompson of Stratechery on “ Uber’s New CEO ” From the Operators.

How Niche Communities Are Changing Online Conversations

Neil Patel

Since its creation in June 2005, it’s grown to over 100,000 threads called “subreddits.” What started as a conference in 2005 has turned into one of the largest online niche communities. Social media is a noisy place.

SaaStr Podcast #407 with The Creative Curve Author Allen Gannett: “The Secrets of Market Timing and How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time”


If you think about, go back to 2004, 2005. 407: Trends are fleeting and hard to pin down. Or are they? Learn how you can leverage the science of trends and better understand market behavior. This episode is an excerpt of Allen’s session at SaaStr @ Home 2020. You can view the full video here.