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Mastering Monetization: Select the Ideal Billing System for Your SaaS Businesses That Target Enterprises

Subscription Flow

In the corporate sector or the business world, there can be two approaches to hunt customers. First, some companies target small businesses and startups. Small companies having limited business needs and requirements are easy to hunt and on board.

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5 Interesting Learnings from Square, er Block, at $16B in Net Revenue


The majority of its revenue is now from Bitcoin transactions, not “traditional” payments and software. Its software and services business is the one with the real operating margins. Its software and services business is the one with the real operating margins. businesses. #4. At least still for now.

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The Top Sectors of Web3 in 2022 by Revenue

Tom Tunguz

With the summer of Defi behind us and a new year for web3, I wondered which categories of web3 startups generate the most revenue. L1s or blockchains, the public databases that record transactions, dominate the revenue share across the top projects producing 78% of revenue. Revenue Share. revenue share but 1.7%

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How to Pitch Your Seed Stage Startup with Y Combinator’s Michael Seibel (Video + Podcast)


If you’re a seed-stage startup, Michael shares the best ways for you to present your company to startup investors. They collect the payment online and take a 15% fee for every booking. Airbnb handles the payments and gets you a guest, and now your rent is covered for the next couple of months. That’s it.

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10 Red Flags in Integrated Payment Partnerships: Moving Towards a Mutual Benefit

Navigate the complex world of integrated payment partnerships with this essential guide, a treasure trove of insights for software companies. A must-read for anyone seeking to bolster their business through smart partnerships. This guide is crucial for identifying potential pitfalls and aligning with the right partners.

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Thanks to Carta, Make, Outreach, SAP, and Worldline for Sponsoring SaaStr Europa 2023!


At SaaStr, our partners are an integral part of our events. Carta is a platform that helps people manage equity, build businesses, and invest in the companies of tomorrow. Make enables individuals, teams, and enterprises across all verticals to create powerful custom solutions that scale their businesses faster than ever.

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Revenue Growth Rate: Definition, Formula & How to Improve it

User Pilot

Tracking revenue on a spreadsheet is easy, but understanding the underlying factors influencing revenue growth rate is a different ball game. As you read on, you will learn: How to properly define revenue growth. Related metrics that impact your revenue and how to use the insights to turn your product into a growth engine.