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How to Reduce Customer Churn with Brand Voice Continuity

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Tired of the same ol’ “X proven ways to reduce customer churn”? Conversion copy expert Gillian Singletary suggests a new framework to align copy across all your platforms and use it to instill customer loyalty.

Branded Features: Resist the Temptation


Software startups seem drawn by sirens to brand their features. Hey, Apple does it. Think: Siri, Facetime. Microsoft tries it: Cortana. Starbucks even brands a cup size: Venti. So if they can do it, we should too, right? Wrong [1]. But it’s so cool.

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How to create an enablement team and prove its return on investment

Predictable Revenue

Discovering the ins and outs of building a sales enablement team – from building an enablement org from scratch, to refining processes, to expanding enablement when the time is right. The post How to create an enablement team and prove its return on investment appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

The Fundraising Market Two Quarters into COVID

Tomasz Tunguz

It’s been two quarters since the coronavirus has hit Startupland. And you can see the impact of the shutdown in the numbers. We reviewed the data in May and compared it to the effects of the financial crisis in 2008 on startup fundraising.

5 Tips to Prevent Involuntary Churn in SaaS


Customers churn because they don’t want to use your product anymore, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s this “little” thing called involuntary churn that’ll slowly eat away at your business if you let it go unchecked.

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Let's ban free trials


Today on Recur Now, we're petitioning to ban free trials forever. Okay, not really, but we do make a solid case on why you should switch to the freemium model. Listen wherever you get podcasts: Freemium is your friend. The core difference between freemium and free trials is time.

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Kevin Indig on searching for meaning and the meaning of search

Inside Intercom

Kevin Indig leads SEO & Content Marketing as VP at G2 and mentors startups in Marketing at GermanAccelerator. Previously, he ran SEO at Atlassian and Dailymotion so it’s no surprise that he is widely regarded as one of the foremost voices in the SEO arena.

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7 Customer Marketing Strategies to Increase SaaS Retention


Does your marketing often drop the L-bomb? You know the one: leads. They obsess over building perfect websites, landing pages, forms, content, and call-to-actions to have a modicum of chance to catch a prospect’s eye and attract their interest.

How Can Customer Support Work With Customer Success to Improve Retention


This is a guest blog post by LiveAgent. . What makes a successful business? Most people would say a great product or an aggressive marketing and sales strategy. Even though this is partly true, the reality is that happy customers make successful businesses.

10 Things I Wish My Board and VCs Had Told Me


They say CEO is a lonely job, and I guess in some ways true, but in many ways it’s quite the opposite. If you do it right as a founder, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting to work on Monday. Checking in with the team. Being on a journey together.

5 Winback Email Templates SaaS Customers Can’t Resist


Are you laser-focused on new customer acquisition? Although a mentality of “the more, the merrier” might make sense on the surface, SaaS companies can’t neglect following up with the customers they already have.

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Best Blogging Platforms

The Daily Egg

Ready to start a blog? Whether you’re blogging as a hobby or starting a blog for your business, the benefits of blogging are seemingly endless. It’s an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and build authority in your niche or industry.

How to Improve Sales Forecasting with AI


Most companies miss the mark when it comes to sales forecasting — in more ways than you think. The chronic inaccuracy of sales forecasting is well-documented by SiriusDecisions , noting that nearly 80% of sales organizations miss their mark by more than 10%.

When Even Selling for a Few Billion is Not Enough


We’re approaching the age of 1,000+ Unicorns and despite a global pandemic, this remains The Best of TImes in Cloud and startups in general. But there’s a quiet cautionary tale to just think about.

How to build a personalization at scale playbook

Predictable Revenue

In-the-trenches reps no longer have to choose between scale and personalization. There are tips and tricks to handle both – and get results! The post How to build a personalization at scale playbook appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Best Small Business Loans

The Daily Egg

Need cash for your business? Startups and established companies alike can benefit from a small business loan. There are hundreds of different lenders out there that provide funding to small business owners for a wide range of purposes.

8 Tips to Advance Your Sales Career in Uncertain Times

Sales Hacker

No one could have predicted COVID-19, but the people who can adapt are the ones who will advance their sales careers during this time. With the current state of sales , everything is changing fast. Approximately 50% of B2B companies have reduced their budgets.

The 1 Simple Test to Know if You’ve Hired a Real VP of Product or Customer Success … Or Not


I remember the first time I had a “head of product” in SaaS. I’d known him for many years, and knew he was great … but didn’t really know what help he could give us. I just knew we needed help around $2m-$3m so I asked him to help.

Ten Pearls Of Enterprise Software Startup Wisdom From My Friend Mark Tice


I was talking with my old friend, Mark Tice , the other day and he referred to a startup mistake as, “on his top ten list.” ” Ever the blogger, I replied, “what are the other nine?”

Best Credit Card Processing Companies

The Daily Egg

Every business that accepts credit cards needs to have a processing company to facilitate these transactions. Whether you’re selling online, in-person, over the phone, or on-the-go, businesses across all industries must use a payment processing service.

8 Letters that Can Double Your Income: an Intro to MEDDPICC

Sales Hacker

“ You can double your income with this. This is something my mentor once told me. At the time, I didn’t believe him. But I did what he said. I followed his system, and it changed my life.

A 4 Point Test To Know If You Are Ready to Hire BigCo Folks


It’s easy to say “only hire people with start-up experience.” ” It’s also very tempting to hire folks that have worked at the partners, in the ecosystem that you work in, and at the companies you aspire to be like. And at some point, you have to scale.

5 Foolproof Ways to Extend Your Cash Runway During a Downturn


How can a SaaS business extend its cash runway, plan its runway for the upcoming quarters and avoid pitfalls

16 Minutes on the News #36: Funding Science & Innovation; Remote Work & Future Silicon Valley

Andreessen Horowitz

PODCAST 117: The Tools You Need If You Want to Succeed at Scale with Michael Coscetta

Sales Hacker

Today on the show, we are incredibly excited to have Michael Coscetta. Michael is a member of Revenue Collective, but perhaps most importantly, he’s the chief sales and strategy officer for Compass, that fast-growing real estate behemoth.

SaaStr Podcast #350 with Contentstack Founder & CEO Neha Sampat


350: Neha Sampat is the Founder and CEO @ Contentstack, a modern content management system bringing business and tech teams together to deliver personalised, omnichannel experiences. Atypical in our world, but Neha scaled the business to well over $1M in ARR before raising funding.

Cloud Data Lakes - The Future of Large Scale Data Analysis

Tomasz Tunguz

Cloud Data Lakes are a trend we’ve been excited about for a long time at Redpoint. This modern architecture for data analysis, operational metrics, and machine learning enables companies to process data in new ways.

How are you?


By Ellie Jelic, Zuora Office Manager – Atlanta “How are you?” has never been more of a loaded question than […]. The post How are you? appeared first on Zuora. Life at Zuora

7 Transferable Skills That Will (All But) Guarantee Your Sales Success

Sales Hacker

Moving into sales from another industry is tough. There’s new language to learn, new processes to master, new tools to get comfortable with, and so much more. There are many skills to master to become an expert salesperson, and those skills will change depending on the exact role.

See Who’s Joining Us at SaaStr Enterprise on July 29


We just crossed the 4,000 mark of confirmed SaaS founders and leaders joining us for SaaStr Enterprise on Wednesday, July 29th, for an action-packed day with speakers from the biggest Cloud / SaaS companies on the planet.

The Secret to Strong Leadership is Self-Care

OpenView Labs

Things are intense right now—and they’ve been this way for months. Intense times call for your A-Game leadership. Or, as one of my startup CEO clients said to me last week, “It’s Jedi time.”. How can you show up as the leader you want to be at this time? Protect the asset. You’re the asset.

New Survey Offers Insight Into State of Finance Amid COVID-19


– Full findings will be released in an official report in the coming months. Sign up here to receive the […]. The post New Survey Offers Insight Into State of Finance Amid COVID-19 appeared first on Zuora. Finance

5 Brain Hacks to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Sales, Career & Life Goals

Sales Hacker

The post 5 Brain Hacks to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Sales, Career & Life Goals appeared first on Sales Hacker. Career Development Webinars

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“More Free” Seems To Be Working Well These Days


Q: What is a strategy you have employed as a software company to keep sales up during COVID-19? My favorite strategy looking across my portfolio of investments is not charging customer that right now are struggling.