Gartner: SaaS Will Be Even Bigger Than We Thought in 2022+


Gartner has increased its estimates for global enterprise and IT spend for 2021 and 2022, with Enterprise Software and SaaS the biggest beneficiary, projected to grow a stunning 10.2% in 2022. The post Gartner: SaaS Will Be Even Bigger Than We Thought in 2022+ appeared first on SaaStr.

Shape up your FinOps Before 2022


Shape up your Financial Operations Before 2022. Follow these 4 steps to shape up your Financial Operations before 2022. . The post Shape up your FinOps Before 2022 appeared first on SaaSOptics.


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$117 billion by 2022


Since we’re all about fast growth today, I’ll mention that global revenue for SaaS products is expected to hit $117 billion by 2022, making it one of the fastest-growing verticals. We are back and feeling better than ever , kicking off what we’re hearing is "the year of subscription growth and iteration." We also have 10 must-have features for subscription billing platforms in 2020. Plus, how to price for SaaS success in the new year. Your top subscription news.

Microsoft to raise prices for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 in March 2022


This marks the first "substantive" price increases to Office 365 since it was launched a decade ago

7 Bad SEO Tactics That Won’t Live to See 2022

Neil Patel

A successful SEO strategy is one that works as well today as it will in 2022. What other SEO tactics do you think will die out by the time we hit 2022? The post 7 Bad SEO Tactics That Won’t Live to See 2022 appeared first on Neil Patel. I’ll be honest, most of these bad SEO tactics should be obvious. Yet, I am still surprised at how often I sites use these outdated (and often downright dangerous) SEO strategies.

Global blockchain spending to hit $12.4B by 2022; finance sector leads growth

IT World

The largest chunk of worldwide spending on new blockchain networks – nearly $2.9 billion this year – will come from the financial sector, where banking, securities and investment services, and insurance industries will invest more than $1.1 billion, according to a new IDC report. The research firm also noted that blockchain implementations are moving quickly beyond the pilot and proof-of-concept phase to real-world production systems. Further reading: What is blockchain? The complete guide ].

Salesforce revenue rockets 25%


The company has set its sights on achieving $20 billion revenues by 2022

Windows 11: Just say no

IT World

It will be one thing, say, later this year or in 2022, to buy a new PC with Windows 11. We can be reasonably certain that Windows 11 will run on your new Dell, HP, or Lenovo PC. Maybe some of your drivers and programs won't run, but Windows 11 itself? No problem. But, if you want to update your existing computers, especially those that have a few years on them — that’s another story. It's difficult to know whether any given computer will run Windows 11, which arrives Oct.


Zoom talks up a video-centric workplace

IT World

The 10-year-old company highlighted what it sees as its biggest push: the launch of a cloud-based video contact center in 2022 that “will connect organizations with their customers in new ways," according to Heidi Elmore, head of UCaaS at Zoom.

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How to Migrate from Chartio to Rakam


If you haven’t seen the announcement, Chartio is shutting down on March 1, 2022. It might be frustrating news for those who have been using Chartio for a long time as their BI or analytics solution. You might be wondering what you’ll do now. Don’t worry, we got you covered.


Why Do Some People Consider Venture Capital a “Young Person’s Game”?


Initial distributions from lock-up in 2022, then through 2023. a profit check) in 2022. Because it takes so, so long to make money from it. At least from very early-stage investing. So while not a young person’s game per se, it really helps to start early.

Service Provision in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: How SaaS is Changing the Global Digital Economy

SaaS Metrics

Gartner forecasts that the market will exceed the overall IT services segment trice and reach $331 billion by 2022. The current digital needs of economies are accelerating the dynamics of the global cloud market.

Cloud 52

What Do Salesforce, HubSpot and Elastic All Have in Common? They’re All Accelerating


Salesforce Growth: 2022 $26B (guidance) 2021 $21.25B 2020 $17.1B Hubspot didn't just grow an incredible 41% in Q1'21 to $1.1B in ARR. It accelerated.

Cloud 239

How to Repurpose Video Content Across Sales and Marketing Channels

Adhere Creative

By 2022, online video will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Want a streamlined way to create multiple pieces of content that you can share across various channels? Video is your answer!

5 Interesting Learnings About Zoom at $4B in ARR


Zoom is predicting 42% growth in fiscal 2022. So the last time we caught up with Zoom on the 5 Interesting Learnings series, it had just IPO’d. Boy a lot had changed. Especially Covid. It wasn’t that long ago folks thought Zoom might IPO at a $4 Billion valuation.

Gartner: SaaS Spending Will Grow Another 40% in Next 2 Years Alone


After polling CIOs, Gartner found that total SaaS spend will grow from $100B in 2020 to $140B in 2022: A few interesting implications and learnings: The growth in SaaS buying should give you a +20% a year boost on top of your other sales and marketing efforts.

How did Saleforce got so big as a company?


The core CRM/SFA segment is now growing < 15% a year: Salesforce’s master plan through fiscal 2022 by the numbers | ZDNet. Salesforce was an outlier (as you’d) expect from the #1 largest player in the industry. Look at their growth rate in the early years — even when Cloud was 100x smaller than it is today: Winning Strategies for Scaling Your Sales Team | SaaStr. Today, this type of growth, while crazy, is more common. See, e.g., Zoom, Twilio, Slack, Dropbox, etc.

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Capping New SaaStr Sponsors Going Forward


Partners not in High Standing will need to apply to renew for 2022 Annual. This will have a cascading effect and limit the expo space at 2022 Annual to less than demand.


5 Interesting Learnings from Shopify at $4 Billion in ARR


While Shopify projects slowing growth in 2022 post-Covid, it sure hasn’t show up yet.

SMB 198

Top 25 SaaStr Tweets / Short-Bites of 2020


But if you just go heads down, and keep it up: 2020: $10m 2021: $14m 2022: $20m 2023: $28m 2024: $38m 2025: $53m 2026: $75m 2027: $105m 2028: $148m 2029: $206m 2030: $290m.

A Founder’s Guide on How to Secure Your Company Like a Unicorn


million by 2022.” “There are two types of companies, those that have been hacked and those that have been hacked but don’t know it.” ” .

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Highly Converting Sales Email

Nimble - Sales

billion emails will be sent and received daily by 2022. Such is the prediction of a Radicati Group agency that counted 281.1 billion emails transferred in 2018. Growth rates of this number indicate that email marketing is looking at a significant boost in positions in the nearest future. And despite skeptical attitudes of many […]. The post The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Highly Converting Sales Email appeared first on Nimble Blog. Marketing

Sales 58

Can Deutsche Bank’s PaaS help turn the bank around?

IT World

Now, three years on, those engineers have built Fabric, an internal platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that is already being used by thousands of Deutsche Bank employees to run thousands of applications, all with the aim of running 80 percent of workloads on Fabric by 2022.

Is the Covid Boost in Cloud and SaaS Already Over?


It might be where we expected to be in 2022, or 2025, but we may have gotten there — and see more “traditional” growth going forward. We’ve talked a lot on SaaStr recently on Covid Beneficiaries, the ones given a boost by the crazy times of this year.

Cloud 202

Facebook’s cryptocurrency ratchets up pressure on banks, but has big risks

IT World

Worldwide, blockchain-derived business value is forecast to grow from $9 billion this year to $50 billion in 2022, according to Gartner. Facebook's plans to launch its own cryptocurrency and digital wallet should be a clarion call to commercial banks: if you don't begin to explore blockchain technology, tech companies could eat your lunch. Further reading: Blockchain: The complete guide ].

What a 2021 SaaStr Annual IRL Could Look Like


Our current plan would be to have an event almost entirely outside, and not return indoors until 2022. So as crazy as it sounds with Covid cases crossing 200,000 a day in the U.S., there’s finally a bit of light with a vaccine coming and dramatic improvements around same-day testing.

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ChurnZero Shortlisted for 2021 SaaS Awards


Final SaaS Awards winners will be announced on Tuesday 31 August 2021 and the program will return in Spring 2022. ChurnZero is a finalist in the 2021 SaaS Awards Program in the category of Best SaaS Product for Customer Service/CRM.

SaaStr Podcast 436: The State of the Cloud 2021 with Bessemer Venture Partners


Cloud Predictions for 2022: Unbundling of the Office. The Cloud is expanding and moving forward at a phenomenal rate, so we invited the team at Bessemer Venture Partners back to SaaStr to unveil their latest findings in the 2021 State of the Cloud.

Cloud 165

Password Authentication is Becoming Outdated


It’s no surprise that as per a recent Gartner study, 60% of large organizations and also over 85% of midsize enterprises (MSEs) will be implementing passwordless authentication solutions for over 50% of their use cases by the end of 2022.

B2C 66

79 SaaS Statistics in 2021 That Will Change the Way You Think About SaaS Management


Statista predicts that the worldwide SaaS market size will reach $138 billion by 2022, a significant increase over the $101 billion market size it estimated in 2020. According to Gartner, between 2017 and 2022, SaaS spending is expected to increase 241%.

Cloud 83

Top Factors Impacting the SaaS Business Environment for 2021 – Part One


They are now putting the gas on to catch up and support growth goals in 2021 and 2022. What Are the Most Significant Factors Impacting the Business Environment for Your Company in 2021? It’s not Covid (at least directly). It’s not government regulation.

Driving insane brand equity


Plus, Tien Tzuo considers: Will 2022 be the last year of television as we know it? And back to streaming television: Zuora’ s Tien Tzuo says 2022 could see the end of traditional (broadcast) TV as we know it. So why 2022?

Things That Are Different As A More Experienced Entrepreneur


I know what SaaStr will look like in 2019, 2021 and 2022 at least, and maybe even 2024. Patrick Collision, CEO and co-founder of mammothly successful Stripe, a while back put together a list of things to do from age 10 to 20 to be a successful entrepreneur.

Why is the Stock Market Only Down 15%?

Tomasz Tunguz

If we assume two years of zero dividends, then dividends resume at their 2019 levels in 2022, then the value of the S&P500 is modeled to be 2777, which is just about a 15% decline. Why is the S&P index “only” down about 15%?

EY Announces You Mon Tsang as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Mid-Atlantic Award Finalist


The Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner will then move on to compete for the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in June 2022. . Celebrating the 35th class of unstoppable entrepreneurs who transform Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

3 Ways to Bolster Your Buyer Intent Data for Stronger Sales In 2021

Sales Hacker

Fast-forward to 2020 and over 70 percent of B2B marketers are predicted to use third-party intent data to target prospects or engage groups of buyers by the end of 2022. Investing in buyer intent data is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself — now, more than ever.

Data 97

Why is the Stock Market Only Down 15%?

Tomasz Tunguz

If we assume two years of zero dividends, then dividends resume at their 2019 levels in 2022, then the value of the S&P500 is modeled to be 2777, which is just about a 15% decline. Why is the S&P index “only” down about 15%?

3 Types of Intent Data That Can Change How You Prospect Forever

Sales Hacker

trillion by 2022. Intent data can change how you prospect, manage the sales cycle, and close deals. And the right data can be the difference between success and failure. And while there are many types of intent data, let’s dig into three that you may not have thought about in the past.

Rules of Engagement for Customer Success and Sales: Considerations and Examples


Annual Planning for Customer Success – Discover why now is the perfect time to begin your CS planning for 2022. . Setting rules of engagement saves your team time, money, and energy.

SaaS Growth: Top Strategies and Trends for SaaS Growth


billion by 2022. 28% of IT spending will shift to the cloud by 2022. The SaaS industry is growing fast, but if you want to be one of the companies contributing to that trend, you'll need to know the secrets of successful SaaS businesses.