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How To Close The Deal With Sales Presentations

Predictable Revenue

AlexAnndra Ontra joins the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss the role of presentations in the outbound sales process and how to use them to close the deal. The post How To Close The Deal With Sales Presentations appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

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WebSummit Presentations

For Entrepreneurs with David Skok

I presented on two topics at WebSummit 2018 in Lisbon on November 6th. The slides and videos of those two presentations can be found below. The videos are provided courtesy of WebSummit: 9 Secrets for Startup Success, A roadmap for B2B Founders Lean Startup taught the world how to find product/market fit, but in the.

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If Times Are Tough — Don’t Hide. Be Present.


As a startup, there are few things more important than Being Present: Your customers need to believe. Be Present. Be Present. Lay low and just “focus” until you can get growth back on track. Stare at that monitor, until you figure it out. It’s natural, but please, don’t do that. They didn’t just buy your product once.

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The Economic Case for Generative AI (presentation)

Andreessen Horowitz

In this keynote presentation from AI Revolution, a16z general partner Martin Casado explains why with generative AI, that’s changing. [0:00] Find more content from our AI Revolution series on To date, a handful of large companies have captured the value created by advances in AI.

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The Essential Guide to Analytic Applications

Embedding dashboards, reports and analytics in your application presents unique opportunities and poses unique challenges. We interviewed 16 experts across business intelligence, UI/UX, security and more to find out what it takes to build an application with analytics at its core.

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Slides From SaaStr 2023 Presentation: The Strategic Use and Abuse of SaaS Metrics


This is a quick post to share the slides from my SaaStr Annual 2023 presentation entitled The Strategic Use and Abuse of SaaS metrics. Kellogg Strategic Use and Abuse of SaaS Metrics from Dave Kellogg The post Slides From SaaStr 2023 Presentation: The Strategic Use and Abuse of SaaS Metrics appeared first on Kellblog.

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Metrics That Matter in 2023: My KiwiSaaS Presentation Slides


Just a quick post to share the slides from the presentation I gave today at the KiwiSaaS conference to discuss the SaaS metrics that matter in 2023 and 2024. The presentation has three sections: First, an introduction which quickly reviews the ways the startup world has changed in the past 6 months.

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Product Design & Customer Experience: An Innovative View on Inclusive Product Development

Speaker: Dan Jenkins - Human Factors & Research Lead – DCA Design International

The presentation will be packed full of real-world examples of great inclusive design (covering household products and digital services), alongside a few more detailed case studies explaining how inclusive design can be embedded successfully in the design process. What ‘inclusive design’ really means.

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Analytics Best Practices: 5 Key Dashboard Design Principles

In this blog, we explore 5 key principles that exist to ensure you create a relevant dashboard that guides and simplifies the user experience, makes it as easy as possible to interpret what is presented no matter its complexity, and increases the adoption of BI.

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Building User-Centric and Responsible Generative AI Products

Speaker: Shyvee Shi - Product Lead and Learning Instructor at LinkedIn

This presentation unveils a comprehensive 7-step framework designed to navigate the complexities of developing, launching, and scaling Generative AI products. In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Generative AI products stand at the cutting edge.

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All Method, No Madness: Guiding Agile Teams Through Research

Speaker: Amanda Stockwell, President of Stockwell Strategy

Join Amanda Stockwell, President of Stockwell Strategy, as she presents common issues agile teams have with incorporating research, and how to solve them. Using the right strategy, your agile team will collect qualitative data, interpret it, and integrate it effectively. In this webinar, she'll make specific suggestions around: Team makeup.

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Service Delivery: When Is the Right Time to Deploy Your AI?

Speaker: Dick Stark and Casey Steenport

During this webinar you will learn how: Service management is meeting up with present requirements and helping us look into the future. Service delivery is supporting the current crisis and identifying opportunities for future improvement. Top key considerations are easing digital transformation with AI.

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Why Distributed Tracing is Essential for Performance and Reliability

Speaker: Daniel "spoons" Spoonhower, CTO and Co-Founder at Lightstep

By the end of this presentation, you’ll understand why distributed tracing is necessary and how it can bring performance and reliability back under control. Understand a distributed system and improve communication among teams. Prioritize engineering work by putting it in the context of end user experience.

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Roadmap Personas: The Best Way to Set Expectations for Teams, Clients, and Leadership

Speaker: Johanna Rothman - Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Learning objectives: How to create a roadmap that helps the team focus on what they need now, while offering a look-ahead to the future How to leverage your product's position on the technology adoption curve to choose the right customer-focused roadmap How to present options in a rolling wave roadmap, especially if your product is novel and not yet (..)

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The 5 Product Discovery Secrets Every PM Should Know

Speaker: Jim Morris, Founder, Product Discovery Group

During this presentation, attendees will hear case studies, examples, and best practices gleaned from Jim's 25 years of using the Product Discovery Cycle. What's more, they can achieve all this while staying aligned to company goals. In this webinar he will discuss: Data interpretation and numerical goal setting.