The Complete Guide to Reference Check Questions

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But before you make any final hiring decisions, The post The Complete Guide to Reference Check Questions appeared first on The Daily Egg. Screening potential candidates for open jobs is a crucial part of the hiring process.


How to Do a Reference Check in 60 Seconds


These days folks just … aren’t doing reference checks like they used to. Many folks don’t feel like they can really do reference checks well for someone they think they are poaching from a current role. I see many founders doing no reference checks at all anymore.


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The importance of doing reference checks (2/2)

The Angel VC

This is part two of Jenny's article about the importance of reference checks. Last time we spoke about WHY you should do reference checks and what impact a bad hire can have on your organization. General thoughts on the HOW: If you do reference checks, make sure they are one of the last steps of your recruitment process. The number of reference checks people do varies greatly between 1 to 15 checks per person. guest post jenny reference checks

The importance of doing reference checks (1(2)

The Angel VC

To follow up on the recently posted interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings , I’d love to share my experience about reference checks with you. One of them is to have a strong hiring process in place with its most important asset, you can guess it – reference checks! So why changing that good old practice and do references checks? guest post hiring hr jenny reference checksThis is a guest post by Jenny Buch, who recently joined us as a Talent Manager.

Using Customer Reviews, Advocacy, and Referrals in Your Journey Map

Speaker: Jeremy Boudinet, Marketing Manager, Nextiva

Customer reviews and referrals are invaluable assets to a company--with them, you can build a worthy reputation, attract new customers, and improve your CX. But if you have to beg a customer to give a review or referral, you're doing it wrong. Making a customer want to advocate for your brand takes passion, personalization, and gratitude: all things that can be gracefully elicited throughout the customer journey map. The best customer experiences go beyond the sale. Join Jeremy Boudinet, Marketing Manager of Nextiva, and learn the tools for getting that glowing review.

Word for Microsoft 365 cheat sheet: Ribbon quick reference

IT World

This download accompanies our Word for Microsoft 365 cheat sheet. See that article for detailed information on how to get the most out of Word for Microsoft 365/Office 365 in Windows. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story


The Playbook to Building a Customer Reference Program with Talkdesk SVP of Client Services Gillian Heltai (Video + Transcript)


Learn from Talkdesk SVP of Client Services how to build a Customer Reference Program. Without considerations and principles Customer Reference Programs can falter. I also entered the customer reference program space totally cold. Do we have to do these customer references?

In God we trust, all others bring references

The Angel VC

In both cases I asked how the reference calls went, and in both cases the answer was that they hadn't done any before hiring the candidate. This made me almost angry, especially because the two entrepreneurs are fantastic founders who could have saved themselves from this costly mistake by following a simple rule: Don't hire people without taking references. I won't learn anything new, and the references provided by the candidate will only say great things anyway."

Anatomy of a Reference Check

Tomasz Tunguz

Reference checks are part and parcel of the VC diligence process and most hiring processes. Types of References. I find it’s valuable to speak to references who have worked with the candidate in different roles. Reference Check Outline. At this point, I’m also looking to establish whether referencer will provide a balanced reference. Or other tips on reference checks

Want to Partner Up? Earn Lifetime Revenue for Every Customer You Refer to Unbounce


You earn 20% of the recurring revenue for every person you refer to Unbounce, and keep earning for as long as they remain a customer (it can really add up). “As the best-in-show landing page software on the market, Unbounce makes it SO easy for me to create residual income by recommending and referring clients and other marketers.” As marketers, we all know how powerful word of mouth is.

Underwriting 101: What is Underwriting and Why is it Important?

This Underwriting 101 guide will walk you through all the basics of what is involved in merchant underwriting from collecting merchant information, what the required checks and best practices are to onboarding the new merchant and reduce risk.

How to Ask for a Customer Reference: An Essential Guide


Although the game of customer reference can be a pretty risky venture, you need to know what to do and specifically what not to do. When you play your cards right, there is a golden chance that won’t just add a new customer but also augment relationships with your existing references.

Best Recruiting Software

The Daily Egg

Recruiting software is commonly referred to as an applicant tracking system (ATS). Recruiting software helps businesses, HR departments, hiring managers, and staffing agencies optimize the entire hiring procedure.

46 – SaaS Churn, with Val Geisler

Natalia Luneva

Would you like to join our affiliate program so you can actually earn free months on your bill for referring our products to other people. Today I interview Val Geisler and we talk about the impact of customer churn on your SaaS business.

Churn 78

We All Made Some Bad Hires During The ‘20-‘21 Boom


Many mediocre hires were made to fill slots, reference checks not made, etc. Do reference checks, on and off sheet. Often with zero reference checks or diligence. So maybe it’s time to get back to the Old Ways, with more interviews, more time, and real reference checks.

Dear SaaStr: What Were The Top Pieces of Advice You’re Glad You Ignored?


He has one terrible reference. Yes, but what about the other 3 great references? Dear SaaStr: What Were The Top Pieces of Advice You’re Glad You Ignored? Don’t do any VC investments your first year. Take your time. Sound advice. But would have missed 4 unicorns if I had.

Best Practices for Adding a Product-Led Motion to Sales-Led SaaS


Sales teams are referred to as “the tip of the spear” for good reason. They’re responsible for driving the most important metric in any growth-stage. The post Best Practices for Adding a Product-Led Motion to Sales-Led SaaS appeared first on Chargify.

62 – Scaling SaaS Companies from VC’s View, with Arthur Nobel

Natalia Luneva

In terms of people, one of the things I have seen is usually in the beginning you initially start with “T shaped people” which refers to people with a broad skillset but it is not very deep. On this episode of the podcast, I interview Arthur Nobel and we discuss scaling SaaS companies.

60 – Sales Support for SaaS Companies, with Manuel Hartmann

Natalia Luneva

Which category or characteristics of sales people are you referring to? How he founded Sales playbook. I founded SalesPlaybook after getting frustrated by the lack or absence of sales support for startup founders. What are the major problems founders under $1million ARR have?

How Can You Increase Your Domain Authority and How Long Does It Take?

Neil Patel

Domain authority refers to the quality and quantity of backlinks—links from other reliable websites to your website—that your site has. Netlify: Why Referring Domain Quality Is Important. In 2018, they increased from 78 to 83 with 3,283 referring domains. referring domains.

55 – SaaS Onboarding, with Étienne Garbugli

Natalia Luneva

It is important for you to focus on the must have experience which is commonly referred to as the minimum path to awesome and front load that experience. In this session Étienne and I discuss email onboarding strategies with Product and marketing consultant Étienne Garbugli.

Payment Gateway vs. Payment Service Provider: What’s the Difference?


Many times, the same payments industry function can legitimately be referred to with different terms. If you’re thinking of adding payments to your platform, you have probably heard about the need for payment gateways. But you might also have heard the term payment service provider.

What is the difference between Moment of Truth (MOT) and Moment of Joy (MOJ)?

SaaS Metrics

Moment of truth (MOT) is a concept in marketing that refers to the instant when a customer decides whether or not to buy a product. It can also be referred to as the point of purchase.

What is a Mouse Heatmap? How to Create One, Examples and Tips

The Daily Egg

Otherwise referred to as a mouseflow heatmap, this tool lets you identify the visitor experience, identify roadblocks, and boost conversions for an optimized website. The mouse heatmap may sound like an online tool for rodents, but this type of heatmap is invaluable for B2B digital marketers. — Are you looking to optimize your site for […] The post What is a Mouse Heatmap? How to Create One, Examples and Tips appeared first on The Daily Egg. Conversion

B2B 162

Investing in Axie Infinity

Andreessen Horowitz

Jeff Bezos famously said “your margin is my opportunity,” referring to the way Amazon grew market share by lowering prices and eating into competitor margins.

DAO Entity Features & Entity Selection

Andreessen Horowitz

Reference guides for key decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) entity selection, and features, from Miles Jennings’ & David Kerr’s ongoing series of legal frameworks for DAOs.


Building Trust and Assessing Integrity as You Interview

Andreessen Horowitz

Hopefully, you’ll build trust by way of multiple interviews, references, working sessions, etc. — Establishing trustworthiness early is a fundamental part of the interview process. Nothing else matters if you don’t think you can trust someone.

Building Trust and Assessing Integrity as You Interview

Andreessen Horowitz

Hopefully, you’ll build trust by way of multiple interviews, references, working sessions, etc. — Establishing trustworthiness early is a fundamental part of the interview process. Nothing else matters if you don’t think you can trust someone.

Help Center Software: 5 Steps to Create Self-Service Resources for Customer Support

Groove HQ

My dad is the one you call if you need a reference—mechanic, plumber, attorney. Help center software empowers customers to find answers to their questions. I come from a big family. We all live in the same town, and we all have our roles to play.

How To (Successfully) Source Your First 2 Sales Reps


References Really Do Matter Here — from Customers Too if possible. Sometimes, references are just a Check the Box exercise. If they won’t provide a positive reference — that’s a big flag.

Sales 228

Dear SaaStr: What Are Some Good Strategies To Hire People In The Early Days?


You gotta do reference checks. Q: Dear SaaStr: What Are Some Good Strategies To Hire People In The Early Days? A few basic thoughts … that many still don’t get right: Don’t hire anyone that doesn’t understand their functional area better than you do. They should.

Windows 10 Insider Previews: A guide to the builds

IT World

Microsoft numbers Windows 10 releases using a YY H1/ YY H2 format, with the YY standing for the last two numbers of the year and H1 or H2 referring to the first or second half of the year. Microsoft never sleeps.


Secrets Management Overview and 3 Best Practices to Comprehend

SaaS Metrics

Secrets management refers to the techniques and processes used to handle cryptographic security credentials (secrets), such as encryption, tokens, passwords, APIs, and keys for use in programs, programs, protected accounts, etc.,

3 Surprising SaaS Sales Metrics Startups Need to Track


Some SaaS metrics are pretty ubiquitous: I challenge you to find a SaaS dashboard that doesn't have some kind of passing reference to MRR or Churn.

How to get started with Trint


These include: Highlight is a great way to grab quotes to refer to later. Just click on the marker in the progress bar running beneath the transcript (highlights are also recorded in the progress bar for reference).

AI 130

What excites you about Windows 11? Inquiring minds want to know.

IT World

For reference, Microsoft has put together a website that recaps some of the items it’s excited about. Are you already using Windows 11? If not, are you planning to move to Windows 11 this year?


The Glittering Treasure in Your Genome’s Junk

Andreessen Horowitz

This part of the genome was once referred to as ‘junk DNA,’ which gives you a sense of what many thought of its value. Rick Young is a professor of biology at MIT who studies RNA that is transcribed from the part of the genome that does not code for proteins, known as non-coding DNA.


6 Benefits Of A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

SaaS Metrics

As its name implies, a computerized management system (CMMS) refers to a combination of several maintenance processes—all in one system. It aims to remove manual elements and improve productivity and equipment performance.

Why Apple is building two different smartglasses platforms

IT World

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his company from “Facebook” to “Meta,” then miraculously convinced the media to refer to all of these realities as “the metaverse.” A revolution is coming.

Trends 112

What’s stalling your recurring revenue business?


– Jim Martindale, CEO | NAVINT For many organizations, the need to optimize front and back office operations—a process that we collectively refer to as lead-to-revenue operations—is becoming increasingly more important as companies shift to a recurring revenue model.