Sat.Mar 14, 2020 - Fri.Mar 20, 2020

Estimating the Impact of the Coronavirus on Growth

Tom Tunguz

As we readjust to the impacts of the coronavirus, I’ve been asking myself: what is a basic useful model for estimating the growth impact to a software company? Of course, every business should develop a more conservative model, focused primarily on cash management to provide a longer runway.

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47 Insanely Practical Work From Home Tips from Our 100% Remote Team

Groove HQ

Last week, my wife and I decided we needed to stock up and hunker down. We’re washing our hands. We’re social distancing. We’re a bit anxious. But…we’re extremely fortunate. We haven’t lost our jobs. The business hasn’t gone under and we have a roof over our heads. I know it’s crazy right now.

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How Do You Know You Can Trust Your Subscription Metrics?

Chart Mogul

Are you responsible for getting subscription metrics like MRR right? At ChartMogul, we auto-generate subscriptions and metrics from invoices and transactions — we believe this gives you the most trustworthy picture of where your business stands at the moment. I want to tell you why.

Pricing in a Time of Uncertainty

OpenView Labs

COVID-19 is overturning a lot of our basic assumptions about how we live, what we can expect and how we organize our lives. None of us know how this will play out. Is this a short-term dip where things will return to normal by the end of the year? Could be.

Debt Financing Fuels Your Growth - on Your Terms. Zero Dilution.

The landscape of startup financing is changing. Learn why SaaS founders are turning to debt capital options like revenue-based financing.

What The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means For Marketers

Neil Patel

By now you have heard about the Coronavirus. The sad reality is that it is spreading quickly and will continue to spread for a while. Did you know that we are getting roughly 13,000 new cases a day and it’s growing fast ?

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Top 18 SaaS Analytics Tools for 2020 (By Use Case)

The Daily Egg

We’re breaking down the top SaaS analytics tools into 4 key use cases—so you can mix and match the tools that meet your needs. The post Top 18 SaaS Analytics Tools for 2020 (By Use Case) appeared first on The Daily Egg. Analytics Marketing

Now Is The Time to Upgrade Your Discovery Funnel and Process


In talking to dozens of SaaS companies this week and past, it’s clear most of us are seeing a big slowdown in new deals. Not all of us, but most of us. But one thing is still going on outside of the most impacted industries — discovery.

What are the pros and cons of using cartoon characters in SAAS product videos?


Q: What are the pros and cons of using cartoon characters in SAAS product videos? My data here is a little dated, but there is a body of data to suggest “cartoon characters” can make a new product especially appear approachable. Not Bugs Bunny cartoons, but rather friendly, animated graphics.

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Numbers down? 3 steps to deal with stress in sales during the COVID-19 crisis

It's unprecedented: The world is in chaos, and everyone's work situation has changed drastically for the foreseeable future. You're realizing for the first time that working from home isn't what you thought it would be, and your numbers are down. Really down.

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Driving Discovery and Experimentation in your Organization

Speaker: Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk, David Bland, Founder and CEO, Precoil, and Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product LLC

If you want to build what matters, you can't move forward blindly. But to make progress, you can't let things slow to a crawl while you focus resources on gathering data. This is where continuous discovery and experimentation come in. Join Teresa Torres (Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk), David Bland (Founder, Precoil), and Hope Gurion (Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product) in a panel discussion as they cover how - and why - to build a culture of discovery and experimentation in your organization.

What is a Sales Funnel, Examples and How to Create One

The Daily Egg

Each of the sales funnel stages has an impact on consumer behavior. You need to know them intimately. By knowing each step, you can use tactics to improve the number of people that go from one step to the next. This can have a crazy impact on your business.

4 Free Tools to Streamline Your Remote Sales Force


We are living through an unprecedented situation right now, with COVID-19 impacting our lives at every turn. One of the most common and concerning aspects of this for many is how it impacts our day-to-day work situation.

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We Automated SaaStr’s Instagram for 6 Months, Here’s What We Learned.


It’s no secret that SaaStr is a small unit, we’re made up of less than 10 full-time employees. Sometimes having a lean team means that many of us temporarily wear several hats (sometimes all at once). We haven’t ever truly had a dedicated social media manager on our Instagram.

Incredo’s Guide for Remote Teams to Survive Coronavirus


The outbreak of coronavirus brought changes that companies were forced to admit. One of the major changes was that many businesses switched to a remote working system. But not all of them had experienced that approach before and the system might seem much more uncomfortable than it actually is.

The Magic of Intent: Start Knowing The Goals of Your Users

Speaker: Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, Zalando, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher, Zalando

It's important to know your users - what are their preferences, pain points, ultimate goals? With user research and usage data, you can get a great idea of how your users act. The tricky part is, very few users reliably act the same way every time they use your product. Join Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher at Zalando, as they explain how they were able to reach a new level of user understanding - by taking their user research and segmenting their users by point-in-time intent. You'll leave with a strategy to change how your product team, and organization at large, understands your users.

How to do A/B Testing and Improve Your Conversions Quickly

The Daily Egg

If you’re not A/B testing your site, you’re leaving money on the table. The only way to truly evaluate your conversion funnel and marketing campaign is to get data directly from your customers behavior. Guesswork won’t cut it.

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The Secrets to Managing a Remote Sales Team


Sales teams across the country are being forced into remote work situations in response to the COVID-19 crisis. This places many of you into a new and potentially uncomfortable situation. Rest assured, you are more prepared than you think.

How do I deal with “clients from hell”?


Q: How do I deal with “clients from hell”? Hire them a dedicated resource. Hire someone outside your core team to talk to them, hear them, and own their issues. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Sometimes, they just need to be heard. Again. And again. And again.


How to turn 100 LinkedIn profiles into 10 meetings with Tom Abbott

Predictable Revenue

To achieve exponential growth, a consistent source of predictable opportunities is needed. That source is outbound sales. Tom talks about how he sources and closes leads on every salesperson’s favorite social media site, LinkedIn.

Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

Innovation is both a process and an outcome. The best way to begin innovating your products is by innovating your internal process. We'll explore the challenges, solutions, and hands-on techniques for becoming a successful "agent of change" within a well-established product culture. We'll examine the importance of UX and user-centric feature analysis, the adaptation of Agile Methodologies to the creative process, as well as a way to drive successful culture change for setting expectations and winning approvals with cross-functional stakeholders. Innovation and Leadership go hand in hand. Join Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies, as we assess some case studies to see how to lead with a clear strategy well-defined tactics, and an unbiased understanding of the fundamental question: "why are you innovating?"

The 5-Step Guide to Finding the Right Font

The Daily Egg

The font just needs to be “pretty” right? There’s a lot more to it than that. There’s a gross misconception that typography is simply “font choice” and as long as the font looks good, our work is done.


Six Startup Disciplines for Challenging Times

Tom Tunguz

I wrote earlier this week about estimating the impact to growth rates during this challenging time. Speaking with startups, I’ve collected a list of disciplines that are going to become very important in the next period. First, transparent communication. David Sacks wrote Happy Talk versus Hard Talk , which is an excellent post on how to communicate during a crisis. There is no better example than Winston Churchill.

Nick Mehta, CEO Gainsight + Jason Lemkin SaaStr: What We’re Doing Now. And How We Got Through ’08-’09.


NIck Mehta, CEO of Gainsight and I got on a Zoom with almost 1,000 SaaStr folks and talked about what we are seeing now, sales cycles, logo retention, and more. As well as a deep dive on what happened during the last downturn. It ended up I think, a pretty valuable and unique discussion.

5 Tips For Creating A Killer Kickoff Sales Day For Your Business

Predictable Revenue

A sales kickoff is an annual meeting of your company’s sales team. If not done correctly, these meetings can be a pain in the neck. Here are a few ways you can create a fantastic sales kickoff.

Embedding Operational Reports: Everything Product Managers Should Know

Speaker: Dean Yao, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

Businesses are run with analytics - but companies continue to struggle with interpreting, analyzing, and distributing data. Operational reports help get information to the people who need it most, in formats they understand, and in a timeframe that matters. Join the webinar to learn how embedding operational reports can give your users a precisely formatted, ready-to-analyze view of their operational activities. World-class software teams are embedding operational reports to empower end users with interactive data visualizations, detailed information, and highly precise formats that can be shared via email, PDF, print, or online.

The New (Breakout) Growth Formula: Customer Success + Predictive Sales

Sales Hacker

Here’s an important, and often overlooked, fact about B2B sales and marketing: Your customer data holds all the keys you need to grow your business. To succeed, you need to trust the data and step into predictive sales. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though.

Committing to our customers’ success in these challenging times


Dear Totango Community, In these unprecedented times, I wanted to personally reach out to you to express our concern and support for you, your families and your businesses. We at Totango will continue to be here to support you for whatever you need, personal or professional.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Pilot and Doctolib — March 20, 2020


317: Rachel Hepworth is VP of Marketing @ Pilot, the startup that offers the best bookkeeping, tax and CFO services for growing businesses.

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Letter to Customers: Serving the IT Community During COVID-19


Dear BetterCloud customers, As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds, and companies are finding themselves thrust into a distributed workforce, IT is at the forefront of enabling this “new normal.”. And we want you to know: we’re here for you. For almost nine years, we’ve been helping IT.

Your 2-Part Metrics Audit for High-Value Products

Speaker: Sam McAfee, Product Development Consultant, Startup Patterns

You know what they say: what's measured improves. As product managers we're in a golden age of being able to get all sorts of metrics and run all sorts of experiments. But what are your measurements and analytics focused on? Are they really truly objective? Do they contribute to the ultimate vision of your product? And is everybody clear on that vision? Join Sam McAfee, Product Development Consultant, as he takes you through a two-part measurement audit. First, you'll learn how to make sure your measurements actually align with your product strategy. And second, you'll learn how to evaluate your culture of using measurements, so future experiments will more consistently provide high-value results.

Keep Your B2B Sales & Sanity Intact During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Sales Hacker

In sales, it’s normal to deal with slow seasons, bad seasons, and horrible seasons. But none of those compare to the current situation. The COVID-19 outbreak has been hitting the world where it hurts since February, ultimately affecting our lifestyles, our plans, and, naturally, our businesses.

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Reading List for Leaders in Uncertain Times

Andreessen Horowitz

Editor’s note: Here are some of our best pieces on leadership, grit, and managing a startup in times of uncertainty, culled from our past (almost) decade of archives. . On leadership. Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO by Ben Horowitz : From Ben’s classic … The post Reading List for Leaders in Uncertain Times appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. Uncategorized Company Building 101 founder/maker stories on leadership

21 of The Top Product Announcements You Missed at SaaStr Annual


So as you may know, SaaStr Annual had to be rescheduled into SaaStr BiAnnual. Boy, that seems like a long time ago already ??. Fortunately, our friends and partners at Pendo put together a video and summary of 21 product announcements that were scheduled for Annual.

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