How Amazon Web Services (AWS) Achieved an $11.5B Run Rate by Working Backwards


In 2006, after Amazon Web Services (AWS) helped pioneer what we now call the cloud, product development changed forever. What once took millions of dollars and a team of engineers to create, a lone developer could suddenly hack together in half an hour.

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Content: More isn’t necessarily better

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

When it comes to content marketing, more isn’t necessarily better. If one blog post per month is good, it doesn’t always follow that two posts will be really good. In fact, it might be worse. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen content marketing work.

SaaS Financial Plan 2.0

The Angel VC

Almost exactly four years ago I published a financial plan template for SaaS startups based on a model that I had created for Zendesk a few years earlier. I received a lot of great feedback on the template and the original post remains one of the most viewed posts on this blog up to this day.

How to use the V2MOM framework to align and inspire your B2B SaaS marketing team

Aaron Beashel

Just a few months into my stint at Campaign Monitor, a new CEO joined to lead the company. That CEO was a guy named Alex Bard.

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There are Only 3 Pricing Strategies for Your Startup

Tom Tunguz

Pricing. Is there any word that confers some whisper of dark arts than pricing? Or any question that instills less confidence than, “How did you derive your pricing strategy?” ” Many times, startups replicate and tune competitors’ pricing strategies. If everyone else prices per seat, then so should we… Is this the right thought process? Madhavan Ramanujam is a pricing expert.

How to Run a Regression Analysis to Forecast the Return on PPC Spending

SaaS Growth Strategy

Early in my career I began working with an early stage, SaaS start-up with only a handful on employees. With a relatively inexpensive product and a very small marketing budget, one of the company's Co-founders had been tasked with testing out some initial customer acquisition strategies.

Insightful Study of 386 SaaS Startup Pricing Pages


Late last year, I combed through the Montclare SaaS 250 — a directory of the biggest SaaS companies in the world — to find common trends in what I thought would be a significant dataset. As it turned out, 80% of the 250 biggest SaaS companies didn’t have a pricing page at all.

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Setting Up Analytics for Your Tech Startup to Scale

Sylvia Ng

I’m a huge fan of Brian Balfour (ex-VP of Growth at Hubspot), who maintains that growth is about process first and tactics second. Tactics change and tactics fail.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign and Money


The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is rapidly approaching. Because this election is so important, we thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at individual campaign contributions for the leading candidates.


Feature Engineering: A Closer Look, Part 2 [RS Labs]


At Retention Science, we want to capture all sorts of variability in customer behavior in order to model behavior such as calculating purchase probability, predicting customer lifetime values, and optimizing which discounts are most appropriate for which customers. Once we acquire the raw data from.

Pitch Deck Templates Won’t Get You Funding, Here’s What You Can Do


When raising money, most founders start by creating a pitch deck. Investors see countless versions of these pitch decks every day. Between cold emails, warm introductions, founders I know and incubators I help, I personally get ten to twenty a day. Every single one of these businesses is unique.

Looking for customers in all the wrong places

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton explained “because that’s where the money is.” Not that marketers are bank robbers, but the same idea applies to finding prospective customers. If you want to get their attention, you need to go where they are.

Building any business is hard

The Angel VC

Judging from the number of Facebook likes and retweets, as well as comments on Twitter and elsewhere, my last post resonated with quite a lot of people.

5 Commerce Tips for Making the Most of This Holiday Season

Stack Commerce

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and having a strong digital commerce strategy is essential. At StackCommerce, we’ve helped hundreds of publisher-owned online shops flourish during the holiday season through our native commerce platform. From preparing unique and exciting inventory to organizing specialized gift shops, we’ve had our hands in it all. Check out our top 5 tips for generating more revenue all winter long, and spreading cheer while you’re at it.

Winning with Data

Tom Tunguz

There’s a new class of company that wield data to create long-term competitive advantage. TheRealReal uses this morning’s sales data to inform this afternoon’s marketing campaigns.

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7 Tips to Make Your Agency Relationships More Productive

SaaS Growth Strategy

I’d say that it’s the norm, rather than the exception, that start-up SaaS companies rely on agencies to help them execute on some aspect of their strategy as they seek initial traction, begin to grow, and scale their business. This is perhaps more true in marketing than within any other part of an organization.

Zero to IPO: Lessons From The Unlikely Story of HubSpot


HubSpot has had a pretty good run. Went from zero to IPO. What's not known is how unlikely the story of our success is. II gave a talk at the 2016 SaaStr Conference hosted by Jason Lemkin.

Process: B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools


B2B SaaS LEADGEN VIA SOCIAL TOOLS B2B SaaS LEADGEN VIA SOCIAL TOOLS B2B SaaS LEADGEN VIA SOCIAL TOOLS T his time around we’ve got something special for you: A free step-by-step guide to B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools. YourSales is a sales outsourcing company for B2B SaaS companies. With a global sales force and heaps of experience in B2B sales for SaaS companies, we help clients solve problems, help companies buy, and work with the sales funnel on a 24-hour basis.

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5 Customer Segmentation Pitfalls to Avoid

Sylvia Ng

So you have customer data, and you’d like to start segmenting it to get serious with your acquisition and retention efforts. That means going beyond what out of the box analytics tools spit out, and doing data crunching of your own. Where do you start?

Video: going frictionless, enabling great customer experiences on platforms


Platform companies thrive by making commerce and connections more convenient for their users. That means they live and die by their ability to reduce the friction those users feel. But how do you do that?

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Feature Engineering: A Closer Look, Part 1 [RS Labs]


In simple terms, feature engineering involves feeding knowledge into a Machine Learning model. As a refresher, a machine learning model is an algorithm that takes features as input and produces as output a prediction or classification. A feature itself is the item that….

The Five Most Critical Mistakes Founders Make When Raising Money


Two tweets about raising money was all it took to get 81 email responses and 53 customer development calls with founders. I haven’t had this big of a reaction to an idea and I’ve done this type of research on product ideas for the last 13 years!

Why Drive-by Marketing Doesn’t Work

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

So you’ve just shipped your new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, and for sure you’re eager to tell the world: get out a press announcement, roll-out a search engine marketing campaign, sign-up for industry events, and whatever else you can think of. Here’s some advice: Slow down.

What does it take to raise capital, in SaaS, in 2016?

The Angel VC

When we invest in a SaaS startup, which almost always happens at the seed stage, the next big milestone on the company’s roadmap is usually a Series A.

3 Nuggets Every SaaS Company Needs to Remember

Aber Law Firm

We represent lots, literally 100s and 100s, of SaaS companies and there are a few nuggets of useful information that we want to share with other SaaS companies when they think about negotiating an enterprise SaaS agreement. Ok, here goes. Setting the Right Expectations.

How Your Startup's Org Chart Changes Your Product

Tom Tunguz

In 1967, Harvard Business Review rejected a paper submitted by Mel Conway. A year later, Conway’s thesis would eventually be dubbed Conway’s Law. Conway graduated from Caltech with a Masters in physics and from Case Western Reserve with PhD in math. He worked on the Pascal compiler among other notable software projects. Over the course of his career, Conway observed a phenomenon. The products software teams created reflected their organizational structure.

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Customer Success-Driven Growth

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Why This New Chatbot Is More Likely To Get You Promoted Than Fired


Confession: For the past several months I've been furiously coding away on a new project as part of HubSpot Labs. It's called GrowthBot. It's a chatbot for marketing and sales people -- and anyone looking to grow a company (like startup folks).

…and then Something Great Happened!!


A NUDGE TO SaaS COMPANIES’ GENUINE SOCIAL SELLING A NUDGE TO SaaS COMPANIES’ GENUINE SOCIAL SELLING A NUDGE TO SaaS COMPANIES’ GENUINE SOCIAL SELLING W e’re consuming all this content that talks about how SaaS companies’ genuine social selling is the future of selling, and how nobody ever has to do any cold calls anymore.

Growth Engineer Job Description Cheatsheet

Sylvia Ng

Putting together a job description for a Growth Engineer? Wondering what others are doing? Save time with this cheat sheet!

Here’s what the emergence of the platform economy means for business


With the emergence of the platform economy, platform companies make up over $3 trillion in firm market capitalization.

eCommerce Marketing goes retro: From clicks to bricks


In our progress-obsessed world, online shopping was supposed to kill the retail store. But after years of buying badly-fitting shirts, touch screens with unexpected features, and didn't-know-they-were-that-color shoes online, consumers want to try something else.

The Best SaaS Articles of 2016 From Around the Web


2016 has been a year where knowledge has become freely available for anyone interested in knowing about all things SaaS. That’s because the people who are working in the SaaS industry or investing in these businesses are sharing much more of the details about all aspects of growing and scaling a SaaS business. Here are key trends from the top articles I’ve shared in my newsletter this year: SaaS is more crowded than ever, but you can still grow fast. It’s all about the customer.

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Competing in a crowded market

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

First a confession. Every once in awhile I get a call from a SaaS company looking for help with their customer acquisition plan, and my first thought is "Are you kidding? The company tells me that they've developed a wonderful solution with a boatload of impressive features.

What we're looking for in SaaS in 2017

The Angel VC

As the year is coming to an end I’d like to share a few thoughts on what we’ll be looking for in the SaaS world in 2017. This is not meant to be an exhaustive enumeration but rather a brief outline of a few big themes that I feel particularly strongly about.

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VSA. Why this is Great for SaaS Companies!

Aber Law Firm

The VSA is a super new group called the Vendor Security Alliance. As soon as I read this article about it Link , I realized it was a great idea for all Software as a Service (SaaS companies) and will help get cloud service contracts signed. And hey, as attorneys that help SaaS companies get SaaS contracts signed, we were very excited. So here is our thinking: What is the VSA?

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The Strategic Shift in Revenue for SaaS Startups as They Scale

Tom Tunguz

As a SaaS startup grows, recurring revenue begins to fuel the company. Not too far into the future, the existing customer base begins to contribute more of the startup’s revenue than new customers and bookings. Each startup will observe this revenue composition transition at a different point in its evolution because it’s a function of growth rate and churn rate. This evolution demands a focus on retention, upsell and cross-sell. Imagine a hypothetical SaaS startup.