The Top 5 Workshops at SaaStr Scale: Gainsight, Twilio, Freshworks, Vanta, PandaDoc


What were the Top 5 more tactical sessions from the workshops? The post The Top 5 Workshops at SaaStr Scale: Gainsight, Twilio, Freshworks, Vanta, PandaDoc appeared first on SaaStr. SaaStr Scale 2020 was a huge hit, thank you to the 20,000+ that registered or watched our sessions!

We’ve Doubled The Capacity For Most Workshops At Annual


One new element that has proven super popular is a new dedicated wing of just workshops. We’ve taken over the attached Marriot and turned all of its conference rooms into workshops. So, we’ve reconfigured the space from rounds to chairs to essentially double capacity for most workshops. If you saw that a workshop was full, check back into reg now and/or later this week and it likely will be open now. SaaStr Annual 2020 is almost here!! March 10-11-12!!


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Here’s Why SaaStr Annual 2020 is All About the Workshops


If you’re wondering what you should be doing in between sessions or maybe just after breakfast before things really kick off in the main areas, check out these workshops! Workshops are a great way to learn tactical insights in a smaller session. From content marketing to sales, we are lining up a variety of workshops that will have attendees walking away with their notebooks full of good takeaways. What is a workshop?

Workshop: Breaking Down a Real Outbound Prospecting Sequence

Sales Hacker

The post Workshop: Breaking Down a Real Outbound Prospecting Sequence appeared first on Sales Hacker. Sales Development Webinars

Workshop: Breaking Down REAL B2B Sales LinkedIn Profiles

Sales Hacker

The post Workshop: Breaking Down REAL B2B Sales LinkedIn Profiles appeared first on Sales Hacker. Career Development Marquee Outreach Partner Webinars

B2B 58

Objection Handling Workshop with Josh Braun

Sales Hacker

The post Objection Handling Workshop with Josh Braun appeared first on Sales Hacker. Last time Josh Braun joined up with the Sales Hacker community, he shared a framework for making objections feel like water off a duck’s back. This time, we’re taking it up a notch to get to the more advanced stuff, and Josh is sharing even more examples – exactly what you can say to prospects who raise objections in any scenario. We’ll also be taking requests!

Sales 63

These Two Emotional Triggers Can Boost Your Conversions (Workshop)


In this workshop, we tackled those two triggers along with specific examples of how you can put them to work right away. This is going to be a very actionable workshop, so I’m actually going to show you headline formulas that I use. We will get into this a lot more during the next workshops and everything that we talk about. In the previous workshops we talked about the different biases that we have, that our brain has.

Key takeaways from Recur 2019's Pricing & Monetization Workshop


We kicked off this year's event with a Pricing & Monetization Workshop. This article will break down some key workshop takeaways. Our Recur 2019 conference is wrapped, but the journey toward uncovering subscription truth doesn't have to end. We dove deep on what companies are trying to accomplish with monetization. Your pricing is essential for your business because it's the exchange rate on the value you provide.

Workshop: Ask Me Anything About Conversion Optimization


That’s why in this workshop, we focused on answering all your questions about conversion optimization. She’s the awesome addition to get up [inaudible 00:00:26] and she’s helping us out with all these workshops. Plus maybe also getting them to watch different workshops, sending them different articles about these things and showing them how very big brands in the world are doing some of this stuff would help. Who doesn’t want to make more sales?

Workshop: How to use customer surveys to write high-converting copy


The post Workshop: How to use customer surveys to write high-converting copy appeared first on GetUplift. Conversion Optimization customer surveys on-site surveys visitor surveys workshopsDo you want to learn how to uncover the words your visitors need to see before they convert?

Workshop: How to Leverage Competitor Research to Increase Conversions


Now a recording of this session will be available within the next 24 hours.Actually all of our workshops are being uploaded to our blog. So essentially what happens is within 24 hours you can go into the blog and you’ll find all the workshops and all that we’ve already conducted with the video, with a transcript, with the worksheet and all the slides. The post Workshop: How to Leverage Competitor Research to Increase Conversions appeared first on GetUplift.

Here are all the Mentoring Opportunities at SaaStr Annual 2020


Workshops. Workshops are 30-40 minute long sessions where attendees can develop or learn new skills. A typical workshop is broken up into a presentation portion as well as a group discussion or interactive portion. This year we’ve grown this presence, partnering with companies like Greenhouse, Atrium, Women in Revenue and more to bring you a variety of different workshops to attend.

Workshop: Use These 3 Psychological Triggers to Turn Visitors Into Customers


In this workshop, we looked at all three and examined the different ways you can use them to increase conversions. If you haven’t watched the first workshop from February , I advise you to watch that one. We’re going to have a dedicated workshop just about color psychology in a few weeks, but I’ll just say this. The post Workshop: Use These 3 Psychological Triggers to Turn Visitors Into Customers appeared first on GetUplift.

Session Registration is OPEN for SaaStr Scale!! Pick Your Sessions With Okta, Twilio, Google Cloud and More Before They Are Full!


The keynote sessions have no size limit, but the 100+ workshops and smaller sessions are capped around 200 attendees each … and 3,200+ folks have already registered for sessions! A workshop pass is super cheap!

The Most Important Google Analytics Reports You Can Track


If want to discover how to set up your GA so you never have to fear going in again, Or learn what visitor behavior metrics really matter to your bottom line (and how to use and interpret them), Or see how people actually act on your site and use that information to optimize your set-up for conversions, Then this workshop may be just what you’ve been waiting for. And if you want to jump to specific sections, here’s your section guide: A bit about Dana (and this workshop).

3 Steps to Build Better Customer Success Relationships: “The Go-Slow to Go-Fast Approach”


SaaS Success Blog cs cs boost cs improvement cs leaders cs strategy Customer Success leadership training workshopMany well-intentioned CS professionals are so focused on the details of their product or service and are in a rush to get the customer to cover lots of information that they skip the critical relationship-building tasks that form the foundation for a strategic, trusting relationship.

Speaker Submissions are OPEN for SaaStr Scale 2020!!


We’ll also have 100+ roundtables and workshops and much more. We are now taking speaker submissions, so if you want to lean or join a session or workshop, please apply here: The post Speaker Submissions are OPEN for SaaStr Scale 2020!!

The Google Tag Manager Tips You Need in Your Life (Especially if You Want to Increase Conversions)


In this workshop, we’re diving into the top tips, techniques and best practices for using GTM to boost conversions. If you haven’t started using Google Tag Manager yet, you’ll get the foundation you need to do so right after the workshop. Here’s Magda’s wonderful workshop. Before digging into the workshop details, I’m going to tell you a few words about myself.

Optimize Your Website for Conversions with These Social Media Insights


In this workshop, we’ll show you how to specifically use these insights to optimize your website. In this workshop, we have our very own Sophia Dagnon presenting. This workshop is all about using specific data you can gain from social media to optimize your website for conversions. So back in January, all the workshops on Get Uplift were around user research – there were great stuff on running surveys and running customer interviews.

Heatmaps 101: Using Heatmaps to Analyze Your Site (+ Specific Rookie Errors to Avoid)


Making mistakes is not fun, especially when you can avoid them by watching this workshop. When you do voice of customer research, when you are speaking to people, when you’re doing interviews, we have a fantastic workshop on that with Nikki a couple of weeks ago on how to do interviews. Conversion Optimization conversion optimization heatmaps using heatmaps workshopsIf you want to increase conversions on your site, you have to understand what people are doing.

The World Cup, Software Adoption and Customer Success


SaaS Success Blog cs cs leaders cs strategy Customer Success effective workplace leadership software adoption training workshopThe most amazing thing happened after recent World Cup game. The Japanese spectators all cleaned up after themselves in the stadium. Many of them had even brought their own trash bags to make sure that they could leave the place spotless. When have you ever heard of such a thing happening at the sports events you have attended? .

How to Boost Conversions with Cialdini’s 7 Persuasion Principles


In this workshop, we examined Cialdini’s 7 principles of persuasion. As I mentioned in my previous workshop, if we want to increase conversions and grow our business, we have to understand how our audience makes decisions, what influences them, what their real intent is, and their desired outcomes. Basically, you can offer free webinars, resources, ebooks, articles, and workshops, and many other things to help people out.

5,000+ CEOs and Founders Already Coming to SaaStr Scale NEXT WEEK!


We have dozens of core sessions and almost 100 smaller workshops. We’re gearing up for the next big digital mega-event, SaaStr Scale. 20,000+ will watch and attend, and already 5,000 founders and CEOs are already signed up.

Final Call for Speakers for SaaStr Annual 2020 at Home


More mentorship, more networking, more term sheets, more workshops, and more! VCs That Haven’t Spoken Before for Meet-a-VC Sessions and Workshops. Hands-on workshops and content from top CROs, CMOs, CCOs, etc. We’re finalizing everything to welcome 6,000+ to SaaStr Enterprise on July 29 — Join us Here — but after that, we’re all in on getting 50,000+ to 2020 SaaStrAnnual at Home Sep 2-3 !

Quick Ways to Get More High Quality Leads. Right Now.


Today, a digital workshop with lead capture often works well too. Yes, booths and workshops can be expensive. Q: What’s the best way to get more leads right now? There are many “lists” you can buy out there, and most will perform relatively poorly.

5 Best Data-Backed Sales Tips of 2020

Sales Hacker

Join this live workshop to discover all of Gong’s mind-boggling data and use these stellar sales tips to stay ahead of the curve [and the competition].

Data 63

Gear Up — And Sign Up — For SaaStr Scale 2020 on Dec 8-9!!


The core sessions are FREE and we have a very inexpensive workshop pass if you want to be mentored in small sessions by literally dozens of the top revenue and customer professionals in SaaS and Cloud.

10 Awesome New Offerings for Sponsors at 2020 SaaStr Annual!


Sponsor Workshops. So this year, we are allowing Super Gold, Platinum and Diamond sponsors to put on Sponsor Workshop sessions — and we are creating an entire themed, fun Workshop Hall. These workshops are still subject to editorial approval, but can be vendor-specific. If you want to add a Workshop to your sponsorship, let us know!

Cloud 197

We are 14 days away from SaaStr Scale – meet our sponsors!


Grab your seat for their 12:30 PM PST workshop on Scaling with Speed: How to Streamline Your Revenue Operations with Conga. Check out Twilio during their workshop on December 9 at 10:30 AM PST while they discuss Driving Services at Scale.

Mark Your Calendars – Important Dates to Know for SaaStr Annual at Home


September 2 – SaaStr Annual at Home Day 1 – Workshops. We’re just a few weeks away from SaaStr Annual 2020 at Home on September 2-3. Our incredible line-up includes. CEO of Mailchimp. CEO of $20b ZoomInfo. CEO of Stackoverflow. CEO of YCombinator. COO of Github.

The Equality, Inclusion and Balance Guide to 2020 SaaStr Annual!!


This year, the team has put together a detailed guide on some of the key sessions, workshops, events and more that are part of our Equality program. We’re almost there! The biggest and best SaaStr Annual ever — March 10-11-12 in the SF Bay Area. Each year, we work to improve our commitment to putting on one of the most inclusive events in Cloud and SaaS.

Cloud 192

The Countdown to Annual 2020 is on! Check out our Amazing Speakers.


Workshops for hands on learning. SaaStr Annual 2020 is almost here and we’ve got: 200+ speakers. 3 days of packed content. Small group mentoring with Braindates. One on one networking with Brella. Check out our current speaker line-up and if you haven’t yet, be sure to register for sessions. Registering by clicking “save my spot” ensures you’ve got a seat in that session just in case it gets too full. Nobody likes standing in the standby line ??


Join Stewart Butterfield, Michelle Zatyln, Mark Suster + More at SaaStr Bridging-the-Gap Summit on April 22


20+ Workshops and 1-on-1 Sessions on how to scale, manage, and push through now. Inspired by the thousands that turned out to our Bridging the Gap webinar series this week and last with Nick Mehta and Byron Deeter, we’re going to do a full-day virtual event on Bridging the Gap. How to push through these challenging times and come out stronger on the other side. We’ll have: 10,000 +SaaS and Cloud founders + execs.

Cloud 153

Check Out the Latest Speakers for SaaStr Scale!!


Keynote passes are FREE and adding in the 100+ roundtables, workshops and mentorships is super cheap. On December 8, join @Talend #CMO @LaurenV for a roundtable session at @saastr Scale 2020 "The Five Hardest #Marketing Decisions to Make and How to Get Them Right with Talend."

500,000+ Tuned into Our Digital Events in 2020. Here Were The Top 10 Sessions.


We took advantage of being digital to add 100+ workshops and roundtables (which were epic), and brought in the CEOs of Mailchimp, Zoominfo and others from outside SF who are tougher to get to the Bay Area for an IRL Annual. Well 2020 was certainly an interesting year for SaaStr.

Cloud 213

Why Today’s Customers Are Your Company’s Marketers

Nimble - Sales

He is the Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, specializing in marketing strategy and social media workshops for clients and start-ups around the world such as Adidas, Dell, AT&T, the air force, and the […]. Mark Schaefer is a globally recognized blogger, author, speaker, and educator with one of the top marketing blogs in the world.

Evan Rachel Wood Joins Us at 2020 SaaStr Annual!


We’ll have 300+ speakers and workshops. The point of SaaStr Annual is to learn. March 10-11-12 in SF Bay Area. To learn how to scale. Faster, with less stress, and more success. 3,000+ braindates and mentoring sessions. And 1,000+ VCs. Everyone, sharing their mistakes, learnings, and the playbooks to success. But having fun is also important. To meet more people, to process things, and to just make the journey to $100m ARR and beyond a little easier.

Session Registration for 2020 SaaStr Annual Going Live for our Equality, Inclusion and Balance Program Now


If you are part of our Equality, Inclusion and Balance program , you’ll get first access to our 300+ workshops, sessions, panels and mentorship programs. We’re getting close! Our agenda is finished for 2020 SaaStrAnnual March 10-11-12, and it’s epic! The CEOs and CXOs of Box, Zoom, Pagerduty, Squarespace, Coupa, Zapier, Mixmax, Gainsight, Github, Stack Overflow, Figma, Shopify, Dropbox and so many other leaders!!

Mobile 135

The Best SaaS Conferences to Attend in 2021 (Updated Regularly)

OpenView Labs

What to expect: SaaStock brings together SaaS founders, executives, and investors to share their experiences and tactics in a series of practical content sessions and workshops.

Sell More Faster: The Recipe for Startup Sales Success


At Techstars, Amos found that other MDs often asked him to come and do workshops or talk to the startups in their programs about sales issues. He discovered he was getting the same set of questions over and over again, so he started creating workshops and writing blog posts, hoping to scale his ability to share knowledge. . The problem with workshops and blog posts is that they’re too short.