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How To Build a Great Sales Comp Plan So Your Best Reps Never Leave


It turns out a well-crafted sales and well-designed comp plan does retain sales reps fairly well. Well, if the comp plan is well put together, then: If a sales rep leaves, they sort of have to start all over again earning their bonus, unless they get a draw. And even a draw isn’t perfect.

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Earned Value Management – The Beginner’s Guide

The Daily Egg

The International Space Station originally had a $36.75 billion budget. But when it ended—six years later than planned—the cost had skyrocketed to $105 billion. That’s a 186% hike from its planned value and is essentially a disaster.


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Your #1 Sales Rep Should Be Driving an M8 Convertible By Month 12. (And Not Buying a Panerai Watch.)


I want to spend a few posts and some time on sales comp plans for early-ish stage SaaS companies (up to say $20m in ARR). Because almost all the sales comp plans you are going to read about, and learn about are great — for SaaS companies that are well post-Scale.

Prospect Smarter Using LinkedIn

Predictable Revenue

With over 40 million decision-makers using LinkedIn, the professional networking platform has become one of the best places to prospect. The question is; are you approaching those potential customers correctly? The post Prospect Smarter Using LinkedIn appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

Investing in Reforge

Andreessen Horowitz

The rate of technological change over the last decade has been astounding. We’ve not only seen new companies and industries established, but also entirely new jobs and skills.

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Journal Club: Engineering Living Materials

Andreessen Horowitz

To date, synthetic biology has been mainly focused on reproducing existing compounds and materials with biomanufacturing. Think of engineering yeast to produce anti-malarial drugs, or bacteria producing … The post Journal Club: Engineering Living Materials appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

How to Make a Sponsored Snapchat Filter

Neil Patel

Snapchat advertising has a lot going for it. With 249 million daily active users , you can get your brand in front of a large audience. The level of engagement on the platform is equally massive. Snapchatters open the app more than 30 times on average every day.

PODCAST 148: What Makes a Great Sales Leader with Hunter Madeley

Sales Hacker

If you missed episode 148, check it out here: Lessons Field Sales Can Learn From Inside Sales with Kristin Twining. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. We’re on iTunes. And on Stitcher. Show Agenda and Timestamps. Show Introduction [00:09]. About Hunter Madeley and Vena Solutions [1:42].

DreamHost Review

Neil Patel

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Founded in 1996, DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting services to date. Hosting over 1.5

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SaaS Chart of Accounts

It’s no secret that general ledgers aren’t optimized for SaaS companies. Your QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts is no different. The following Excel template is a sample Chart of Accounts that you can download and customize to fit your business needs.

How to Use Marketing Analytics Tools in 2021


Marketing analytics tools for subscription-based companies can be hard to navigate, but they’re necessary to understand where your revenue comes from. Think of it like this: Why would someone spend $5.5 million on a 30-second Super Bowl ad without understanding how it’ll perform?

How to Bottle Community Lightning Like Datadog

OpenView Labs

Flip through an economics textbook from the 70s and you’d find a very clear explanation for why the world of today could not possibly exist. People are rational, it would argue. They always maximize self-interest. Given two prices, they’ll pay less.

Growth Analytics Tools for SaaS: What to Use in 2021


Understanding growth analytics is essential to long-term business growth. Whether your most pressing concern is churn , cash flow, or effectively pricing your product , data is vital to every important decision a successful team faces.

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Work Comp in the Digital World

SaaS Metrics

Tech is doing more than changing how we live. Change is happening so quickly, many of us feel overwhelmed. Once beloved print newspapers, large department stores, and video rentals seem to have evaporated overnight. Their replacements may be more convenient, but are they better?

Guide to Data Consulting Success: What to Know & Ask Before Your Next Data Project

Whether you're starting a new data initiative or benchmarking a current effort, this guide breaks down how to develop a coherent data strategy, avoid common pitfalls, and work with data consultants to improve business visibility and drive growth.

Stripe vs. Braintree: Which is Right for Your Business?


If your eCommerce business needs an online payment processor, perhaps you're considering Stripe vs. Braintree. Online payment platforms make it possible to send and receive payments.

Who is Generation Alpha, and Why Are They Important to Marketers?

Neil Patel

Every new generation brings new customs, behaviors, and cultural phenomena that shape the world as we know it. Baby boomers brought significant economic influence. Millennials taught us new ways of viewing our socio-political world.

Trujay Added to HubSpot 2021 Partner Advisory Council


HubSpot Adds Trujay to 2021 Partner Advisory Council In a recent news release, Trujay is now a geo-specific addition to HubSpot‘s Partner Advisory Council.

Q&A: Surprising Insights About Customer Health Scores and Its Impact on Recurring Revenue


Think customer health scores are only good for calculating renewal likelihood? Guess again. When based on the right mix of behavioral- and event-based criteria, these leading indicators predict so much more.

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

Just as the tech industry revolves around innovation, so does technical recruiting. To advance their career by attracting top candidates in a competitive landscape, modern recruiters must commit to actively adapting and advancing their hiring strategies. This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.