Thu.Aug 04, 2022

AI is Modeling the Brain to Help Us See, Hear, and Create

Andreessen Horowitz

This is an edited version of a post that originally ran here. Neuroscience and AI have a long, intertwined history. Artificial intelligence pioneers looked to the principles of the organization of the brain as inspiration to make intelligent machines.

AI 77

Alteryx, ZoomInfo Have Blow Out Quarters. Datadog grows 74% at $2B in ARR. Ping Identify Acquired for $2.8 Billion. Don’t Call it a Downturn.


Atleryx, ZoomInfo have blow out quarters today, trade way up. But sure, call it a downturn [link]. — Jason 2022 SaaStr Annual Sep 13-15 Lemkin (@jasonlk) August 3, 2022. So are we in a downturn in SaaS? Certainly, segments are. eCommerce, video, and more are having post-crazy growth hangovers.


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The Complete Guide to Buying an Amazon FBA Business

The Daily Egg

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has proved to be a total game-changer for millions of Amazon sellers. It’s a desirable asset for any. The post The Complete Guide to Buying an Amazon FBA Business appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

Dear SaaStr: What’s The Best Platform to Track My Sales Team, Pipedrive, HubSpot or Salesforce?


Q: What platform is better to track my sales team and measure performance, Pipedrive, HubSpot or Salesforce? On the surface, the best tool likely varies based on the size of your company: Pipedrive is #1 for very small businesses.

Sales 211

How Software Companies Fit into the Payments Revenue Food Chain

As software companies become a larger part of the payments world, they need to decide how far up the payments revenue food chain they want to go. How much can software companies earn from payments? Find out more in this eBook!

Microsoft boosts threat intelligence with new Defender programs

CSO Magazine

Drawing from its acquisition of RiskIQ, Microsoft is releasing Defender External Attack Surface Management and Defender Threat Intelligence

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Speak Softly and Carry a Big Gift: How Strategic Gifting Creates Opportunities

Sales Hacker

When people ask me, “How do I become a more successful salesperson?” many are surprised when I don’t say something like, “Use data to get to know your customer better.”. Instead, my response is always the same: Build better human connections. You can have all the data in the world.

The awkward thing about Android 13

IT World

Android 13 may be one of Google's strangest Android versions yet. And considering the company we're talking about here, my goodness, that's really saying something.

Microsoft bolsters threat intelligence security portfolio with two new products

CSO Magazine

Drawing from its acquisition of RiskIQ, Microsoft is releasing Defender External Attack Surface Management and Defender External Attack Surface Management

iPhone 14: What's the buzz?

IT World

Join Macworld executive editor Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis as they talk about the latest iPhone 14 rumors – everything from anticipated release date to price to design changes. Plus, they'll talk about the features they hope to see in the latest release.

How Becoming a Payment Facilitator Improves Your Merchant’s Experience

Many business-to-business software companies were founded for a single, fundamental purpose: to improve the business solutions. How does becoming a payment facilitator help them achieve this? Find out in this guide!

5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make When Operationalizing Customer Success Technology

Valuize Consulting

Are You Making The Most Of Your Automation Efforts? A recent Gartner survey shows that nearly 60% of organizations are pursuing, on average, 4or more hyper-automation initiatives at the same time ( 2022 ).

Why your company should subscribe to podcasting

IT World

The remote work revolution comes with challenges that have not been remotely solved in most organizations that have made the transition.

The Complete Guide to AliExpress Dropshipping

The Daily Egg

By now, chances are you’ve heard of dropshipping, the ecommerce business model that allows entrepreneurs to run their businesses without ever carrying. The post The Complete Guide to AliExpress Dropshipping appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

Apple’s Stage Manager fluffs lines, extends rehearsal

IT World

Arriving this fall in iPadOS 16, Stage Manager aims to reinvent the iPad interface, bringing the tablet closer to the Mac and making for a more unified and multitasking-friendly environment.

PayOps Fact Sheet

Infinicept's PayOps™ platform helps your business onboard and manage merchants so you can generate payments revenue, control your customer experience, deliver an improved product, and increase valuation.

Growth vs. Profits in SaaS Company Valuations


Is profitability or growth more important to a SaaS company’s valuation in 2022? We looked at the correlation between growth and profits in public SaaS companies to find out. Spoiler alert: it’s still growth. The short answer is growth is still 2.5

Compensation chasms remains for women, minorities — even as salary gaps close

IT World

The gap between what white men are paid and how much women and minorities earn has narrowed over the past few decades. The latest data from the US Census Bureau shows women now make about 82 cents on the dollar compared with their male counterparts.

Best Practices for Adding a Product-Led Motion to Sales-Led SaaS


Sales teams are referred to as “the tip of the spear” for good reason. They’re responsible for driving the most important metric in any growth-stage. The post Best Practices for Adding a Product-Led Motion to Sales-Led SaaS appeared first on Chargify.

Aug 04 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director of Client Success Location: Remote, Illinois, United States Organization: seoClarity As a Director of Client Success, you will direct and manage a world-class team with a focus on training, development, and customer-centric advocacy.

Payments 101 Webinar: Demystifying Payments

Speaker: Tracie Poland and Ted Vandeburg

Payments don’t have to be complicated. Whether you're exploring payments for the first time or figuring out how you might put them to work for you, this webinar recording will help you get started.

Excel Date Sorting Explained: How to Sort by Date, Auto Sort, Sort While Keeping Rows Together, and More…


Excel date sorting is one of the most useful features of MS Excel. Whether you wish to organize your relatives’ birthdays so you can send them a greeting card, organize your weekly budget transactions for the fiscal year, or perhaps keep track of the sales figure every month.

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