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Want to Survive the Recession? Focus On These SaaS Metrics

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Surviving and thriving in business regardless of external financial conditions might sound too good to be true. SaaS is a highly competitive industry, and even the top players in the market can have their good fortune reversed if they aren’t constantly vigilant. Software/SaaS SWTL

How SaaS Companies Should Prepare for an IPO

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Wow, an IPO is a massive milestone! It signifies that your company is a clear forerunner in its market and that it’s run and managed effectively. Going public is something a company’s leadership can be incredibly proud of. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

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Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Strategies for SaaS CFOs During a Recession

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For SaaS CFOs, one set of letters eclipses almost all others in importance: FP&A. Financial planning and analysis is the bread and butter of any successful SaaS company. It's vital at all times, but it becomes even more so during a market correction like the one we're currently experiencing.

How to Use SaaS KPIs to Survive a Market Downturn

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Most people are at least somewhat on edge about the economy at the moment, and SaaS companies are also seeing cause for concern. But if you can maintain your sense of focus and prioritize your key performance indicators (KPIs), you should be able to survive or even thrive during the market downturn.

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What Not to Do When Onboarding Your Customer

Speaker: Jamie Bernard, Senior Product Manager and Product Management Practice Lead at Nexient, an NTT Data Company

In this webinar, you will learn principles and practices to simplify your customers' onboarding experience

Fundraising Tips and Best Practices for SaaS CFOs

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Reliably securing funding is an indispensable component of any SaaS CFO's job. And now that the SaaS market has begun to follow suit with the broader economic trouble brewing at the moment, this is more true than ever. Software/SaaS SWTL

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How to Close 80% Faster: What Every SaaS Controller Should Know

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Can you guess three of the most essential words in any SaaS Controller's vocabulary? If you guessed "monthly close cycle," you were right on track. Staying on top of your monthly close is one of the most important aspects of keeping your department running like a well-oiled machine.

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3 Steps to Build Your Revenue Recognition Strategy

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Revenue recognition is at the heart of accounting for SaaS and subscription companies. But it is complicated. However, you can quickly study and optimize your unique version of calculating deferred revenue. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

3 Ways to Cut Your SaaS Close Cycle

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How do the best SaaS CFOs help their companies win their market? By providing data for faster decision making: when to hire, how to invest, where to double down. For this reason, cutting close time should always be a top goal of SaaS companies.

Tips to Boost Net Revenue Retention and Stop Churn in Its Tracks

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If you’re a SaaS finance leader, your churn rate (the number of subscription cancellations you receive over a given period) is one of your most valuable performance SaaS metrics to track and improve. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

How Collecting and Managing the Voice of the Customer Will Strengthen Your Product

Product teams strive to incorporate customers’ needs in everything they build, but this can’t be done without clear strategy, processes, and feedback loops in place. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a robust voice of the customer program.

6 Ways to Build a More Effective SaaS Finance Team

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If they're being honest with themselves, any successful SaaS company will probably admit that their CFO had a large hand in their good fortune. Software/SaaS SWTL

Give Your Executive Team the Metrics They Need to Succeed

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CFOs should use metrics to intelligently shape and inform their strategies regardless of their industry. But when your industry moves at breakneck speeds as it does for SaaS companies, the metrics, and your visibility around them, become more than helpful.

What Makes a Successful IPO: Metrics You Need to Know

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The most significant step for many SaaS companies is going public, and many financial leaders are wondering if they should, how they can, and why it's essential.

How SaaS CFOs Can Spend Intelligently in Rough Markets

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Knowing how to spend effectively in turbulent markets is an art and a science. Accounting software can automate the "scientific" aspects for maximum speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

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Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

In this webinar, Sneha Narahalli, Head of Product at Sephora (Digital, Data & MarTech), will give you an iterative method for identifying and developing Product Market Fit.

Financial Reporting and Forecasting in a Multidimensional World

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Even for seasoned SaaS CFOs that have been in the subscription revenue sector for years, reporting and forecasting can be daunting processes. Not to mention the tight deadlines finance teams frequently operate under. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

How to Build Your SaaS Billing Model

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One of the make-or-break factors in the success of any recurring billing company is the way it selects and implements its product billing model. There are several factors that contribute to the importance of SaaS billing. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

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Building and Forecasting a Usage Billing Business

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Usage-based billing is becoming an increasingly common way for recurring revenue companies to do business with their customers. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

Unlocking Digital Transformation in SaaS Organizations

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SaaS companies are benefiting from digital transformation initiatives as catalysts to improve business performance, achieve scale and continually innovate to grow. More than most, finance leaders at these companies know the value of cloud-native platforms as both a supplier and consumer.

Going Beyond Gut Instinct: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategic In-App Guides

In-app guides are powerful tools for delivering exceptional product experiences, but it’s all too easy to use them improperly or get too carried away. In this eBook, we’ll show you eight essential dos and don’ts for building impactful in-app guides.

The First 90 Days for the New SaaS CFO

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Making the move to CFO is a big, bold move. The CFO holds some of the most critical responsibilities among the C-suite employees at any company. As a SaaS CFO, you'll be expected to carry out core financial tasks such as: Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

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5 Reporting and SaaS Metrics Must-Haves for SaaS Finance

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When it comes to being an effective and efficient SaaS CFO, a fintech automation tool can be one of your best friends. Your company probably uses a communication tool like Slack or Microsoft Teams, right? It enables people to stay organized and accomplish more in smaller increments of time.

Financial Dashboards and Metrics for Software Companies

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If you’re the CFO of a subscription billing company, you want to bring clarity to decisions, understand where to invest, and track cash-flow and SaaS metrics, in the chaos of dynamic, competitive markets.

5 Tips for Building the Ideal FinTech Stack

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The SaaS finance tech stack is one of the most powerful tools for a company's accounting department. Simply put, a fintech stack is the automation that Controllers and their teams use to optimize and streamline your accounting workflow in billing, invoicing, payables, and reconciliations.

Shaping the Future: Product Strategy in the Age of Uncertainty

Speaker: William Haas Evans - Principal Consultant, Product Strategy Practice Lead, Kuroshio Consulting

In this webinar, we'll explore product strategy obstacles and present practices to overcome them while driving clarity and alignment across your executive team.

How SaaS Companies Can Tell Their Story to Investors

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All the more now, Investors want the data that proves you can make your plan. For context, the struggle for investment capital among SaaS companies is always competitive, even under the best economic and investment conditions.

Top Qualities to Look For in Your SaaS Startup’s First CFO

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Bringing on your first CFO can be extremely exciting, and a strong hire can give your business a significant strategic edge. But to make an effective hiring choice, you need to know what to look out for in a great CFO. Software/SaaS Thought leadership CFO Focus SWTL

8 Key Findings from the First Annual FinOps Tech Stack Efficiency Survey Results

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Companies are continually striving to improve their performance and it is important to know how you stack up to your peers. As FinOps takes a bigger role in charting the growth of a SaaS company, what are the benchmarks for what to do, and when?

Establishing a Single Source of Truth for Smart Recurring Revenue Management

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One of the biggest roadblocks encountered by SaaS companies involves a lack of data centralization. An approach that puts all your company’s data in one centralized location across employees and departments is known as a single source of truth (SSOT). Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

The 10 KPIs Every Product Leader Needs to Know

Product teams have access to tons of data these days, but just because you're tracking product metrics doesn't mean you're tracking the right product metrics. In this eBook, we walk through the ten KPIs every product leader should have on their radar.

The Guide to ASC 606/IFRS 15 Compliance for SaaS and Software Companies - A 2022 Refresher

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ASC 606/IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, was the new revenue recognition standard issued by The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Tips to Improve Forecasting Your SaaS Company’s Monthly Recurring Revenue

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When it comes to succeeding as a SaaS CFO, few things will benefit you more than the ability to make effective forecasts. Effective reporting will always be necessary. But you should strive to take responsibility for making accurate, timely, and profitable forecasts too.

4 Priorities During Your First 90 Days as a SaaS CFO

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I f y ou want to take the shot at being a CFO at a SaaS start-up, how do you reduce your risk on picking the right firm and making an impact in your first 90 days? I like to think the way you start is how you finish.

Optimal Efficiency From Anywhere: How To Optimize the SaaS Tech Stack for Accounting Excellence

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The sudden shift to remote work took us all by surprise. Still, for accounting teams in particular, the shock of moving to a work-from-home policy meant much more than just ensuring IT provided extra monitors to employees.

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From Feature Factory to an Outcome-Driven Product Team

Speaker: Matt LeMay - Product Coach and Consultant, Author of Product Management in Practice and Agile for Everybody

In this webinar, internationally recognized product leader Matt LeMay walks through the most common impediments to creating an outcome-focused product team and provides practical and actionable guidance for moving through them quickly and fearlessly.

5 Steps to Build Your Revenue Recognition Strategy

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Revenue recognition is at the heart of accounting for SaaS and subscription companies. But it is complicated. However, you can quickly study and optimize your unique version of calculating deferred revenue. Software/SaaS Thought leadership SWTL

How Do You Manage Cash Flow and Collections in Volatile Times?

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Cash management is critical in this downturn. Investors want a 12 to 18-month runway before you raise again. How can you leverage automation and prevent a cash crunch? Software/SaaS SWTL

SalesHood's CEO Uplevels his SaaS Finance Software & Heads Towards 100% Growth

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Growth puts big demands on the finance team to prove out the revenue model, forecast the future, and manage cash and revenue. Are you able to stay ahead of it? Or is it all-nighters going through spreadsheets line-by-line and taking the whole weekend to do the board deck?

Improve the Month-End Close in Your SaaS Business

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Finance and accounting teams have had to quickly react, changing processes and procedures due to the pandemic. Nowhere has it felt more acute than during the month-end close. Software/SaaS SWTL

Are You Tracking The Right Product KPIs?

We’ve all got loads of data at our fingertips. Which metrics are the most valuable to keep an eye on? In this eBook, we share the top 10 KPIs every product pro should know. Some of them might already be familiar to you, but others will be brand new.