Tue.Sep 27, 2022

Ace Customer Experience With a Robust Accounts Receivable Process


“I’ve not received the invoice. How do you expect me to pay?” “My My team has made the payment. Can you check?” “The The payment failed again? It’s frustrating to keep retrying. What’s the issue?” “Can Can you send me the invoice again? I’ll make the payment then.”

Windows 11 22H2 gets a slew of new group policy changes

IT World

Released officially last week , Windows 11 22H2 offers a number of new features and options, though many aren’t yet available — Microsoft will be “dribbling” out changes throughout the coming year.


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Top 5 Tips for Selling Business-to-Business SaaS

SaaS Metrics

The worldwide business software market had a value of $429.59 billion in 2021. By 2030, this value will continue to grow at a CAGR of 11.7%. B2B software will dominate this industry by then. Moreover, enterprise software will see the average spend per employee reach $68.64 by 2022.

A Holistic Approach to Compensation Structuring with Scott Barton

Sales Hacker

In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Scott Barton , VP of Industry Solutions at Varicent. He’s an expert in the sales world, particularly in revenue operations and incentive compensation. Join us for a great conversation about driving the right behaviors within your sales team.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualization Will Never Be Enough

Five years ago, data visualizations were a powerful way to differentiate a software application. Today, free visualizations seem to be everywhere. Two trends are forcing application providers to rethink how they offer analytics in their products.

The Parent’s Guide: How to Write Wills and Estate Planning

SaaS Metrics

Becoming a parent is a major life change. It will inevitably influence everything from your social life to your personal finances. Making a will and estate planning are among the most essential tasks that should be conducted by new parents.

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How To Hire Remote Staff: The SAAS Way

SaaS Metrics

‍If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already got a team of stellar developers who can turn your ideas into a killer SaaS product. But what about when you want to expand? Maybe you want to explore new markets, or broaden the range of services you offer? For that to happen, you’ll.

AdCount Technologies Pvt Ltd, Parent Company Of SupplyNote, Acquires Posify

Entrepreneur - SaaS

The acquisition allows SupplyNote to secure all of Posify's existing clients and further boost the goal of increasing its client base fourfold over the next fiscal year. News and Trends

Best Image Editing Tools to Create Killer Rich Media

Neil Patel

I’m just going to say it: Visual marketing is the wave of the future. There’s no denying the power images have on gaining traffic, shares, and rankings. In fact, if you have at least o ne image on your blog post, you are much more likely to rank on the top page of Google.

Tweak Your Customer Success / Account Management Playbooks for the Enterprise Customers


Every company looks to retain its customers as much as possible. This calls for a highly effective and functioning customer success strategy that focuses on customers and their journeys. Customer success teams need to choose data-driven and intelligent strategies to ensure customers meet their goals.

Defeating the Analysis Paralysis of Building vs. Buying

Speaker: Robert Webber, VP Product Flow Optimization at Construx

Product managers need to consider all alternatives when they decide to build their product. This dilemma plagues us all. Many organizations have been able to establish effective outsourcing models, but there are so many options, from contract labor to offshore employees. Which option creates the greatest value for your organization?