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The Final Speaker List for 2023 SaaStr Europa in London 6-7 June is LIVE!!


Ok we’ve now got the final speaker list locked down for 2023 SaaStr Europa in LONDON on 6-7 June: CEOs, CROs and CXOS : Edith Harbaugh, Executive Chair & Co-founder @ LaunchDarkly Nowi Kallen, Managing Director @ Salesforce Ventures Spencer Kimball, CEO @ Cockroach Labs Joe Thomas, Co-founder and CEO @ Loom Sterling Snow, Former CRO @ Divvy (..)

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Applications for Reforge’s Spring 2022 Cohort are Now Open

Casey Accidental

Product: Product Leadership , Product Strategy , User Insights for Product Decisions , Product Management Foundations , Mastering Product Management , Data for Product Managers (new). Engineering: Scaling Product Delivery , Technical Strategy , Engineering Management (new). Marketing Programs. Growth Marketing.


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Web Summit Rio 2023: Summary of days 2, 3, 4.


The cost of capital has gone up, and digital markets have returned to normal market sizes, leading to a new environment of lower valuations and less money in the market. Responsible tech in an era of hostile tech Rebecca Parsons, CTO (Thoughtworks.) Web Summit Rio, day 3. apareceu primeiro em SaaSholic.

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15 New C-Suite Titles: Hype or Here to Stay?


As businesses and requirements evolved, more titles such as the CMO – chief marketing officer, CTO/CIO – chief technology/information officer, CHRO – chief human resources officer, and CSO – chief sales/business development officer emerged. All thanks to the new people and newer titles emerging in the C-Suite.

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How Intercom helped a bootstrapped SaaS business punch above its weight

Intercom, Inc.

Marketing shouldn’t stop after you bring on a customer. Losing customers is so painful to a bootstrapped SaaS business, so keeping (and upgrading) current customers is hugely important to growth. Moving fast is key, but it can be helpful to test a new feature with a certain segment of users before you roll it out to everyone.

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Building a sales team that can go from $0-$50M (Video + Transcript)


For instance, my first rep from Marketo, he was the first rep at Marketo in New York. The peak of your day starts around 3:00PM because that’s when New York wakes up. Gaetan Gache t: The fact that you’re new is actually becomes a negative. And we were acting as the CTO of Gap and whatever, another title.

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Customer Interviews: The Most Insightful B2B Marketing Technique Marketers Often Ignore

Chart Mogul

Since we’re big fans of customer interviews, and because we didn’t want to make this article too subjective, we’ve also included the perspective of other 8 business owners, marketing managers, and growth marketers that agreed to share their know-how with us. Let’s dig in! Types of customer interviews.