Sun.Jun 06, 2021

The 5 Simple Reasons So Many Companies Are Leaving the SF Bay Area


Q: Why are so many companies leaving Silicon Valley? It’s a combination of factors: We’ve all learned to work as distributed teams now. All of us. And what we’re learning is that not only do many employees want to work and live in cheaper parts of the U.S.

Namecheap Review

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Are you looking for the right hosting to get your website up and running? You may feel overwhelmed with options for hosting, and you are not alone. There is no shortage of providers to choose from when it comes time to nail down hosting for your website.


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Top 10 SaaStr Videos of the Week: YCombinator, G2, Atlassian, Salesloft, Salesforce and More!


There’s so much incredible new content on the SaaStr YouTube Channel and podcast — check it all out here ! And with 20+ sessions from the recent SaaStr Enterprise to dig into alone, as well as an incredible new session with the CEO of Klaviyo. OK — now on to The Top 10.

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InMotion Review

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Is your business growing out of shared hosting? Are you looking to upgrade to VPS hosting? You should definitely consider InMotion Hosting for your VPS web hosting needs. InMotion is a reliable hosting service and one of the oldest veterans in the industry.

Insiders' Guide to Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics are vital for how your users interact and engage with your application. As you explore analytics solutions for your application, see why self-service analytics can prove critical to the adoption and stickiness of your application.

Layoffs Are Less Common Today After Acquisitions. But Here’s When They Happen.


Q: After an acquisition, how long before severance packages are offered due to layoffs/downsizing? Layoffs and downsizing are less common in most tech acquisitions today.

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5 Interesting Learnings with ServiceNow, Palantir, and Snowflake


Making it as a SaaS company is difficult, and successfully selling at the enterprise level seems incredibly daunting. But achieving a billion-dollar ARR with a thriving enterprise customer base isn’t as unattainable as you may imagine.

Danish-speaking Lighting Products Inside Sales


Want this role? Click here to set a time to talk! Our client – a leading and rapidly growing European specialist in lighting products – has a spot open for Danish-speaking lighting Sales Professional.

First Value, Then Price, Then Product


This is a guest post by Steven Forth , Co-Founder at Ibbaka Performance. Given the widespread recognition that value-based pricing drives faster growth and higher returns, why do so few companies apply it?

10 Best Cloud IDEs for Android App Development


The Android app development lifecycle is getting expedited every year. As the market for Android app grows, app developers and their teams are getting busier with every project. There are more apps than ever and more users than ever.

9 Steps to Hosting Your Most Successful Virtual Event

The step-by-step Virtual Event Handbook from Thryv gives you all the tools you need for planning, setting goals, marketing, pricing and – don’t forget this one – event etiquette. Plus, the handy checklist will help you pull it all off without a hitch.