Thu.Jun 06, 2024

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Turning Executive Networks into Sales Wins with Drew Sechrist

Predictable Revenue

This episode is about the transformative power of building connections, exemplified by a bold, cold email that sparked a pivotal career shift. The post Turning Executive Networks into Sales Wins with Drew Sechrist appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

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How to Choose the Best Accounts Receivable Software for Your Business


Accounts receivable (AR) software is a cornerstone tool in your financial operations in any business. Without a good solution place, your business could face delayed payments, increased errors, and inefficient cash flow management. That’s why choosing the right software is a must. But in a crowded market with numerous options, finding a solution that perfectly fits your needs can be challenging.


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How to Encourage Social Proof on Instagram: Tactics that Work Best for Small Businesses

Buffer Resources

With over ten years of social media expertise, freelance social media consultant Val Razo often hears from small businesses that they lack social proof. In this article, Val explains the importance of social proof and shares tips on how small businesses can encourage social proof on Instagram. At the beginning of my social media marketing career, when I worked in a digital marketing agency and we helped global supplier of cat and dog food Royal Canin establish and maintain an Instagram presence,

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Why Pricing and Packaging Matters More When You’re Launching Your Second Product

Andreessen Horowitz

A strong multiproduct strategy is a cornerstone of a credible growth story for any scaling B2B company. Depending on your goals, new products can deepen the wallet share of your existing customers by focusing on new users or new use cases, or they can expand your TAM by targeting new customers, new geographies, or new verticals. In each case, successfully launching these products means finding product-market fit all over again—but this time, you have a much slimmer margin for error.

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Merchant Insider Report: Payment Insights for Software Leaders

From emerging payment technologies to the importance of intuitive software design, the world of embedded payments is rapidly evolving. How do you stay ahead while serving up what merchants really want in your software offerings? The Merchant Insider report is here to help, offering unique insights into the merchant perspective. It analyzes responses from over 500 merchants in the U.S. and spans key industries, so you can understand the challenges, preferences, and expectations that are shaping s

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Descriptive Analytics vs Predictive Analytics: A Practical Guide


What is descriptive analytics? Descriptive analytics is the process of analyzing historical data to identify patterns and trends. It provides a clear picture of what has happened in the past within a business or organization. By summarizing large datasets, descriptive analytics helps stakeholders make sense of their data and understand the underlying patterns.

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Best Ad Strategies: Running Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Nimble - Sales

Facebook ads offer businesses a powerful tool to connect with their target audience, leveraging precise targeting options and detailed analytics to drive engagement and sales. With over 2.8 billion active users, Facebook provides an unparalleled platform to reach potential customers based on various demographics and interests, allowing for highly personalized and effective ad campaigns.

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How to Analyze Open-Ended Questions in SaaS

User Pilot

Wondering how to analyze open-ended survey questions and extract the actionable insights contained in them? Collecting user feedback is pointless if you have no idea how to analyze it. However, analyzing qualitative data is tricky and goes beyond throwing up frequency graphs. This article explores the dos and don’ts of qualitative feedback analysis.

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How to make customer education your secret sauce for customer-led growth


As SaaS products become more powerful and sophisticated, customer education grows ever more essential to your company’s success. The more complex your product, the more skills your customers need, and they expect the tools to learn them. If you’re not already providing a customer education program, this is the time to start, says Darren O’Connor , director of client advocacy at Absorb Software.

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15 Customer Retention Metrics for SaaS [With Formulas & Examples]

User Pilot

If you’re not retaining customers, you have a problem with your SaaS worth looking into. Your product might not be fulfilling your customers’ wants and needs , and you might need to proactively address any issues to ensure your business succeeds in the long run. To do this, tracking customer retention metrics is essential. These 15 metrics will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and respond or make changes where needed.

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The Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Subscriber Base

Grow your revenue with iolo’s comprehensive guide designed for senior business leaders. Discover effective methods to deliver premium features and monetize your subscriber base for maximum profitability. Gain practical insights and learn new approaches to drive sustainable growth in your business. Download your copy and start expanding your business today!

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5 Google Workspace admin nightmares (and how BetterCloud makes them disappear)


Every Google Workspace admin has been there. You’re tasked with supporting a growing organization, a complex cloud environment, and an ever-increasing list of security concerns. It feels like there’s always something lurking around the corner, ready to turn your day into a disaster. But fear not, weary admin! Here are five common Google Workspace admin nightmares, and how BetterCloud can vanquish them once and for all: Nightmare 1: Visibility vacuum Managing a sprawling Google Worksp

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Paygo’s Adventure: The Tale of Biometric Payments & A French Bulldog


Woof! Hi there, I’m Paygo, the most fintech-savvy French bulldog in the neighborhood. My human, Alex, is always running around with a million things to do, and I’m here to keep things under control. Today, I’ve got a tail-wagging tale about our adventures with AI biometric payments. It’s a sunny Saturday morning, and Alex and I are headed to our favorite coffee shop, Café Conundrum.

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Doubling Down: Peter Berg, Managing Partner at M12


“Doubling Down” is a new SaaStr series where we hear from top B2B SaaS investors on their most recent activities and takes on the current market. In May, we had a great conversation with Karl Alomar, Managing Partner at M13. Check that out here. This week we’re focusing on Peter Berg, Managing Partner at M12! #1. What’s your most recent disclosed investment?

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4 Best Xsolla Competitors in 2024


Xsolla is a merchant of record (MoR) payment provider that serves the video game industry. The platform includes a broad feature set that provides game developers with the infrastructure needed to sell online and accept online payments globally, without having to manage localization, sales tax and VAT, or fraud prevention on their own. That said, Xsolla isn’t a great fit for every video game company who may have specific needs around features, geographic support, or service levels that Xsolla do

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Generative AI Deep Dive: Advancing from Proof of Concept to Production

Speaker: Maher Hanafi, VP of Engineering at Betterworks & Tony Karrer, CTO at Aggregage

Executive leaders and board members are pushing their teams to adopt Generative AI to gain a competitive edge, save money, and otherwise take advantage of the promise of this new era of artificial intelligence. There's no question that it is challenging to figure out where to focus and how to advance when it’s a new field that is evolving everyday. 💡 This new webinar featuring Maher Hanafi, VP of Engineering at Betterworks, will explore a practical framework to transform Generative AI pr