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Going Upmarket and “More Enterprise” is Great. But Don’t Let It Be an Excuse to Hide From Slowing Customer Growth.


So this may seem like a pretty specific post, but it’s a big and real issue I see so, so often these today in SaaS companies at scale, from $20m-$200m+ ARR: They’re reacting to tougher times by going “more enterprise” That can make a lot of sense. But they’re using bigger deals to hide the fact they aren’t growing new customers enough.

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Clouded Judgement 6.7.24 - Bifurcating Budgets

Clouded Judgement

Every week I’ll provide updates on the latest trends in cloud software companies. Follow along to stay up to date! Subscribe now Budgets are Bifurcating Last week I showed some data that highlighted the struggles of software companies. Companies are missing guidance at a historically bad rate, and there wasn’t a clear / obvious answer why.

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The 3 Principles for Building a Multi-Product Roadmap with 1Password CPO Steve Won


Product is the connective tissue of an organization, it’s what drives innovation and the business forward. Today, Steve Won, 1Password’s CPO, walks us through the key three principles for building a successful multi-product roadmap. First Principle: Create a Virtuous Feedback Loop It’s easy to think of product as an ivory tower, telling our teams what should be built, how it should be sold and how it should be packaged.

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7 Mistakes SaaS Businesses Make and How to Solve Them


The margin for error is slim in the fast-paced world of Software as a Service (SaaS). Minor missteps can have significant repercussions with countless competitors vying for the same user base. To ensure your SaaS application stands out and thrives, it's crucial to avoid common pitfalls that can hinder your success. In this blog, we asked Panintelligence CEO Zandra Moore and CTO Ken Miller what they think are some of the most frequent mistakes in SaaS development and offer actionable insights to

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Merchant Insider Report: Payment Insights for Software Leaders

From emerging payment technologies to the importance of intuitive software design, the world of embedded payments is rapidly evolving. How do you stay ahead while serving up what merchants really want in your software offerings? The Merchant Insider report is here to help, offering unique insights into the merchant perspective. It analyzes responses from over 500 merchants in the U.S. and spans key industries, so you can understand the challenges, preferences, and expectations that are shaping s

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The Future of Image Models Is Multimodal

Andreessen Horowitz

In this episode of the AI + a16z podcast, Ideogram CEO Mohammad Norouzi joins a16z General Partner Jennifer Li to share his story of growing up in Iran, helping build influential text-to-image models at Google, and ultimately cofounding and running Ideogram. He also breaks down the differences between transformer models and diffusion models, as well as the transition from researcher to startup CEO.

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Configuring Service Cloud Voice


In our previous post on Service Cloud Voice, we reviewed what this new telephony tool actually does, and how it can be beneficial to organizations. It’s great to know the “why” – but now we want to get into the “how”. How do you actually get started and set up Service Cloud Voice in your […] The post Configuring Service Cloud Voice appeared first on CloudKettle.

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Beyond KPIs: Self-Service Strategic Planning with Benchmarks


Big Data used to hold so much promise, didn’t it? In theory, massive volumes of data points to classify, categorize, study, analyze, and chart should provide Revenue Operations professionals with a plethora of insights that could be used to make better decisions for their customers and company. But so often, Big Data projects never get […] The post Beyond KPIs: Self-Service Strategic Planning with Benchmarks appeared first on Zuora.

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Beyond the Wins: Exploring the Social Aspects of Online Slot Communities

SaaS Metrics

In the realm of online gambling, slot machines have long held a special place. They are not just games of chance; they’re also platforms for social interaction, camaraderie, and community building. While the allure of winning big undoubtedly draws many players to online slots, the social aspects of these virtual spaces often. Read more The post Beyond the Wins: Exploring the Social Aspects of Online Slot Communities first appeared on SaaS Metrics.

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20 Customer Retention Strategies to Drive Up the Numbers in 2024

User Pilot

Looking for customer retention strategies to enhance your product performance in 2024? If so, we've got you covered. Read to learn 20 strategies to help you better satisfy your customer needs and desires, provide an excellent product experience, and retain customers over the long term. Let's dive right in! TL;DR Customer retention is the strategies and tactics used to encourage customers to keep using your product.

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The Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Subscriber Base

Grow your revenue with iolo’s comprehensive guide designed for senior business leaders. Discover effective methods to deliver premium features and monetize your subscriber base for maximum profitability. Gain practical insights and learn new approaches to drive sustainable growth in your business. Download your copy and start expanding your business today!

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24/7 Engagement: Using AI Chatbots To Enhance Fan Accessibility

SaaS Metrics

Maintaining a strong connection with fans is essential for influencers looking to thrive in a competitive field. With the rise of social media and online platforms, fans expect constant engagement and accessibility from their favorite personalities. AI chatbots are an innovative solution that is revolutionizing fan interaction. This article’ll explore how AI.

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Square Subscription Management for Recurring Billing

Subscription Flow

Do you process recurring payments with Square or are you considering this payment gateway for your subscription payments? Perhaps you already use Square for one-off payments and are looking to expand your offering to subscription-based products or services. In any case, if you are looking for a way to collect recurring payments while managing subscriptions effectively, this blog walks you through the Square subscription management solution in detail.