Thu.Jul 04, 2024

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Dear SaaStr: We Are Growing Too Fast to Handle the Workload, but We Can’t Afford to Hire New Employees. Help!


Dear SaaStr: We Are Growing Too Fast to Handle the Workload, but We Can’t Afford to Hire New Employees. What’s wrong with our business model? Nothing. We’ve all been there. Almost all of us, at least. In SaaS, this typically happens somewhere between $3m and $8m in ARR or so … finally, you have enough customers, enough of a mini-brand, enough going on to get the flywheel going … but all of a sudden, it’s too much for the team.

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How to Evaluate Product Performance: Metrics, Analysis & Improvement

User Pilot

It’s no secret that learning how to evaluate product performance is essential for product management. But how can you effectively measure product metrics that can help you reach your goals and increase revenue growth? In this article, we’ll explore some key metrics, analysis techniques, as well as actionable strategies to track and enhance your product performance.

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7 Creators on Threads to Watch (+Lessons to Learn From Their Content)

Buffer Resources

Creating a strong presence on Meta's Threads can seem daunting, but these creators make it look easy. In this article, I share some of my favorite creators on Threads as well as the elements of their content that, in my opinion, make it engaging and effective.  From tech journalists to social media strategists, these creators have mastered connecting with their audience, providing value, and fostering vibrant communities.

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Case study: The CRO strategy that’s helping this B2B tech company scale conversions


+16.3% in overall conversions +72.8% in organic search conversions “GetUplift is one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with. They’re truly partners and an extension of our team. The flexibility and the range of projects we can work on with them is great — it’s a relief to know we have a resource that can support the conversion-focused projects that help drive the business.

Scale 73
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Provide Real Value in Your Applications with Data and Analytics

The complexity of financial data, the need for real-time insight, and the demand for user-friendly visualizations can seem daunting when it comes to analytics - but there is an easier way. With Logi Symphony, we aim to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting into your applications, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

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Ultimate Guide to a Seamless Checkout Experience


If you accept payments online, the checkout is the final touchpoint between your business and a successful sale. It can be frustrating to see a potential customer abandon the checkout process at the last moment, and bringing them back can significantly increase your acquisition costs. Crafting a perfect checkout experience is challenging, but when everything flows smoothly, it becomes the beating heart of your business.

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SaaS Investing Today, And How We Built SaaStr: A Deep Dive with Turpentine Network


Eric Torenbeng brought us on his Turpentine podcast to talk about a bunch of interesting topics: Where SaaS investing is today How SaaStr started, and why How combine venture and media And much more! Intro (00:00:00) Jason Lemkin, founder and CEO of SaaStr Fund, discusses the challenges of scaling a venture firm and his media and event strategies. Evolution of SaaStr Fund (00:01:22) Jason Lemkin is one of the few people who has built a sizable venture fund and a sizable business that complement