Wed.Sep 27, 2023

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How to Recruit Talent for a Startup: Building Your Dream Team

TurnKey Labs

Talent is the cornerstone of success in the world of startups. It’s the driving force that propels innovative ideas into reality, and the foundation upon which thriving companies are built. But in the fierce competition for top talent, startups often face unique challenges.

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Dear SaaStr: What Are The Biggest Problems You Face as a Startup Founder?


Dear SaaStr: What Are The Biggest Problems You Face as a Startup Founder? The list of problems is endless (this is one of the hardest parts of the job), but let me try to order a few of the biggest challenges roughly based on stage: Pre-Revenue: Finding a Truly Great Co-Founder That is Just as Committed as You. Some of us can go the distance as solo founders, and others of us can find a great co-founder, or perhaps a COO … later.


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Selling Smarter, Not Harder: Rethinking the Sales Cycle with L’areal Lipkins

Predictable Revenue

Collin Stewart of the Predictable Revenue Podcast sought answers to pressing questions in an engaging conversation with L’areal Lipkins. The post Selling Smarter, Not Harder: Rethinking the Sales Cycle with L’areal Lipkins appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

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The Latest 2023 Napkin Reveal: What it Takes to Raise Capital with Christoph Janz, General Partner of Point Nine Capital (Video + Podcast)


Given the massive downturn that started 18 months ago, many SaaS founders are nervous about what it takes to raise capital in SaaS in 2023 / 2024. Christoph Janz, General Partner of Point Nine Capital, shares what it takes to raise capital in SaaS, overall investment activity in 2023, and how to develop a convincing AI strategy. The Proverbial Napkin What does it take to raise capital in SaaS in 2023?

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10 Red Flags in Integrated Payment Partnerships: Moving Towards a Mutual Benefit

Navigate the complex world of integrated payment partnerships with this essential guide, a treasure trove of insights for software companies. It unveils ten critical red flags to watch out for, from the dangers of hidden fees to the constraints of restrictive contracts. This guide is crucial for identifying potential pitfalls and aligning with the right partners.

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Product-Led Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Software Companies

User Pilot

Product-led growth is one of the big SaaS buzzwords. Our ultimate guide explores what PLG is, how it differs from different growth strategies, and why product-led growth matters for SaaS businesses. It also looks at different PLG models, how to implement them, and important metrics to track. Finally, we look at a few examples of successful product-led businesses.

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How to Perform an ISO 27001 Risk Assessment


A risk assessment is a critical part of the ISO 27001 process. And for obvious reasons. In order to address and correct the information security risks your organization faces, you first need to identify them. An ISO 27001 risk assessment is an excellent way to systematically and comprehensively identify and evaluate information security risks. ISO 27001 risk management is not just a compliance requirement; it’s a strategic imperative for modern organizations.

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AD Summit 2024

Andreessen Horowitz

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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My First 30 Days at Buffer: What It’s Like To Join the Company in 2023

Buffer Resources

I still get a jolt every time my phone lights up with a notification about an email from my now manager, Hailley Griffis. After weeks on tenterhooks while I went through the application and interview process for my dream job — checking my phone at every available moment for a ‘You’re through to the next round’ email — it’s a tough habit to break.