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How to Create a Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

SaaS Metrics

Small businesses often face the challenge of standing out amongst bigger, more established competitors. However, with the right marketing strategy, your small business can not only compete but thrive and grow exponentially. But how does one go about creating a marketing strategy that works for a small business? This blog aims to. Read more The post How to Create a Marketing Strategy for a Small Business first appeared on SaaS Metrics.

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Dear SaaStr: A Big Tech Co Launched a Competitive Product. How Can I Tell How Serious They Are About It?


Dear SaaStr: A Big Tech Co Launched a Competitive Product. How Can I Tell How Serious They Are About It? In SaaS at least, I’ll give you one metric that is fairly reliable: How many dedicated sales professional do they have, just 100% selling the competitive product? If it’s none yet, it’s an experiment. If they’ve just made a “Head of” hire, it’s an experiment, but one that is getting budget.


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How a Successful Website Migration Led to a 20% Increase in Keyword Rankings [Free Template]

The Moz Blog

For those embarking on a website migration, keep in mind the importance of meticulous planning coupled with flexibility and constant communication with stakeholders. This will let your migration unlock new potential and achieve unparalleled growth.

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AI in SaaS: Strategies and Best Practices

How To Buy Saas

Will you be prepared for the SaaS AI revolution? Because it’s in full swing! Companies providing software as a service are under intense pressure to innovate since the global market for cloud services is projected to reach about $680 billion in 2024. More than 70% of SaaS companies are increasing their spending on AI, according to studies. Therefore, it’s not a matter of whether AI will revolutionize your sector; rather, it’s a matter of how you’ll use AI to reinforce you

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Merchant Insider Report: Payment Insights for Software Leaders

From emerging payment technologies to the importance of intuitive software design, the world of embedded payments is rapidly evolving. How do you stay ahead while serving up what merchants really want in your software offerings? The Merchant Insider report is here to help, offering unique insights into the merchant perspective. It analyzes responses from over 500 merchants in the U.S. and spans key industries, so you can understand the challenges, preferences, and expectations that are shaping s

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Capterra 2024 Leader for CRM Value


Teamgate Featured number 1 among Top-Rated CRM Software on Capterra’s Pricing Value Report – 2024 Teamgate is proudly recognized by Capterra in the Capterra Value Report: A Price Comparison Guide for CRM Software, which highlights the top CRM software products for functionality and value-for-money.

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Chargebee’s AI-Powered Leap into Personalized Subscriber Experiences


Elevate your subscription strategy with Chargebee's AI personalization. Turn cancellations into loyalty and drive smart growth.

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6 Customer Communication Pain Points in SaaS + How to Resolve Them

User Pilot

Left unaddressed, customer communication pain points can cause dissatisfaction and eventual churn. This article aims to help you avoid that. We cover: Types of customer pain points. How to identify customer pain points. Six common customer pain points. In-app support strategies to eliminate them. TL;DR Customer communication pain points refer to the problems customers encounter when trying to get help through your support channels.

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5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024: An In-depth Guide for Creators and Businesses

Buffer Resources

I’m willing to bet that Pinterest isn’t the first platform that comes to mind when you think of monetizing your social media presence.  Sure, TikTok , Instagram , and YouTube all offer excellent ways to make money online, but few other platforms have users with the buying intent that Pinterest does.  The main reason people use Pinterest is to shop.

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How to Leverage Customer Insights AI to Grow Your SaaS Product

User Pilot

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing how SaaS product teams work by increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, and most importantly, facilitating data-driven decision-making. In this article, we look at how you can use AI to gain in-depth customer insights and how to leverage them to improve the product. We also share a few tools that can help you harness the power of AI to offer a better customer experience.

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The Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Subscriber Base

Grow your revenue with iolo’s comprehensive guide designed for senior business leaders. Discover effective methods to deliver premium features and monetize your subscriber base for maximum profitability. Gain practical insights and learn new approaches to drive sustainable growth in your business. Download your copy and start expanding your business today!